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Lana having finished work, I already gathered home, but she didn't want to go there. The house her was waited by an empty boring situation in the company of the TV or computer. The husband left her for not a certain term again, the daughter was taken
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I practically don't remember the father — he left us when I wasn't also seven years old. So all adult life I lived with mother. She belonged to that type of lonely women who didn't wish to go to seed and, probably, secretly, somewhere is very deep in
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The ringing click of slap in the face sounded an echo on all toilet and in my head. I receded from surprise on several steps, looking protruding eyes at Frankie not in forces to pronounce words. "For what?! What, your mother, license?!" — without res
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— To you it is possible? — I asked a voice from already slightly slightly opened door. — Yes, come of course — the man of years 45 at a table — you in what occasion answered? — he took an interest. On a girl's face the disappointment and a certain fe
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Already nearly half a year I don't fool around. Unless only sometimes eyes and that isn't especially dirty. The most interesting that I feel just remarkably. Where sacred business flirtation, and that almost threw. So, generally on work, it is possib
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Preamble: From the moment of the latest events ("autogroup", "the invitation home") there passed 4 years. I left that girl, Oksana long ago. I moved to the apartment. Life was in full swing, there was both constant relationship, and short-term... but
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as always I spoke quickly, but it is legible. Katya still was in captivity of the imaginations, and the sense of words of the girlfriend reached her hardly. — Katya? Hey? Do you listen to me? — the voice from chirping was painted in anxious and a lit
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brightly crimson color! But Alla didn't give it entirely will enjoy the first blowjob since she immediately lifted such boil that to walls became hot, and not just to participants of this action! She covered with a string of obscenities "whore Olga"
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In one of the stories I concerned a subject of the school years, here now I want to continue this direction and to tell one more entertaining history. The last quarter she the shortest by the number of class periods, but the longest on feeling. on th
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You know I've seen a lot of what the world can doAnd it's breakin" my heart in twoBecause I never wanna see you a sad girlDon't be a bad girlBut if you wanna leave, take good careI hope you make a lot of nice friends out thereBut just remember there'
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Kind day, Reader. This story is based on real events of 2014 — 2015. Only names are changed. Enjoy "You know more strong you sleep less or more questions don't allow you to fall asleep." *** November, 2014 the Train of the Domodedovo Airport — moskva
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Sveta met the Shred at an entrance. Houses she usually didn't strain concerning appearance. She considered the most optimum a low-necked top and sports leggings. The girl was hospitable therefore suggested the guest to drink tea. — You excuse for las
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The queen Eleonora slowly recovered. Her body ached, thoughts couldn't gather in a logical chain, and only any fog and feelings as if the nightmare only dreamed her. To her misfortune the nightmare was a reality, and it understood it when warm breath
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Lilin the father and thick wearing spectacles greedy began to devour my body with eyes, and tattooed I began to touch me for boobs. — the Drunk woman to a pizda not the hostess? — he asked me — Not the hostess — I confirmed to him. His fingers got in
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— This is the acquaintance, the aunt Lera from Ukraine, she will live few weeks at us, mother when I having returned from school told I faced in a corridor the plump aunt. She arrived to the doctor, something with nerves there until she lives with us
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The parody — the best form of plagiarism. Very long time ago on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea there lived the old organ-grinder by the name of Carlo. Once Carlo walked in a wide-brimmed hat with a fine street organ on the cities. And music gettin
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The girl can be a devil of debauchery in soul, the Main thing that wasn't a whore on life. This story somewhere year and a half prescription. My husband then worked during a night shift and had to ask for leave a bit earlier — we were going to go to
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Ha the next day on Saturday I woke up and felt what I want cekca — really I have to fuck constantly, the whole days now to sate the desires which fell down many years? I drove to the husband, a he told that he is very much made horney now when I come
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Pregnant Angela didn't lose gram of the lust. Her was 25, the girl in the youngest juice and when we together walked down the street, I saw that her huge stomach doesn't prevent other men to drip saliva at the sight of her bum, legs and boobs at all.
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I don't know how catalepsy looks and that frozen at the same time feel, but my state this day was related to him. In several hours I will have to meet Denis again. I was afraid of it this morning and all the time since that moment as came back home a
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I on the Internet had a friend from Armenia. We with him several times had sex on the Internet correspondence, and were so attracted to each other that he invited me in the summer on a visit. Of course, it would be desirable to learn him in real. And
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This story occurred in far ninetieth years. The beginning of June, 2000, me only 19 years, only that the hassle and vanity connected so by passing examinations ended. Now there are several warm months of rest till the beginning of study on the third
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My name is Ania. I am a blonde. To me twenty with a tiny tail. Slender and very beautiful. I only slammed an entrance door and took off shoes when called a door. I opened a door. The neighbor Andryushka with a huge bouquet of roses was on the thresho
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Sveta's mobile phone loudly rang out... She got it from a handbag... — Yes, yes... No, I can't, I have already plans. Daa? All right, where to go?... All is good, I will be hour through a floor... yes, I go by the taxi as it is — and having developed
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Midnight. Girls began to vanish in this quiet district quite recently, say that the maniac was brought. In female hostel No. 12 the holiday in honor of successful delivery of a session came to an end. Girls sitting in the room discussed someone and a
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Didn't pass also five minutes as under the influence of my uvula Alina muscles strained again. She curved a back, again violently squeezed hips and spilled on me in the next portion of moisture of the highest point of pleasure. Then somehow clumsily
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Duval, returning from hunting, I hurried. He was very alarmed. — If only, if only everything was good, and Anna appeared in the hut — he thought, frowning. — Never I will forgive myself that left its one! Today in the forest he found others — not the
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I am happy! After day of silence when I couldn't find any peace, without knowing as to think, suffering waiting for Gospodin's decision — He came! Today Gospodin encouraged me — I have a chance, there was one more test, but so far I can't start him.
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The first weeks of life with the husband the admiral-submariner beat out Lyuska from a habitual track. Got used to noisy whirl of rear life, she couldn't adapt to a new role of the wife of the submariner in any way. The new husband though had an admi
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— You are more best here that tell: where did get to our mega-ебарь, and? — my friend on the next student's wine party asked me. And here is how it is worth answering it? To tell that fell in love? Will ridicule. Yes I also meanwhile am not confident
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... Morning met us by sunshine and they woke me. I opened eyes and the first that saw before himself, Sashkin the gentle tummy covered with the remains of the cum which dried up in a night and his sleeping dick. My head was based upon his hip which a
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01.03. 07lenka told that Yurasik looks for girlfriends for two business partner foreigners. I told that will well pay. I told that supergirls, and hired — a full garbage are necessary. I long didn't agree, but Lenka persuaded. Here on an old age of y
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This day I left the car on the parking and went to the subway. Ne in vain as it appeared. Returning in the evening from work, having wearily stretched on sitting, I anticipated as I will return to the cozy warm apartment on Griboyedov. Having plunged
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Unusually hot St. Petersburg summer of 2007 was in full swing. Outside July, temperature in the afternoon — for thirty, the school is more or less successfully graduated, examinations on department of chemistry behind. It was, probably, the most care
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— What happened? — Anna scaredly opened eyes, was with amazement looked at Serge. — Where do you drag me? — It is time to get up, the darling — he smiled, carrying her somewhere. — Well, but... Where do we go? I am not dressed — she wasn't appeased.
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Having been tired of noisy city life Olga decided to go to the native country for about two weeks. Her was for forty, more precisely already 43... Family life turned into the quiet bog, without strong emotions and adventures. Children was two, but ch
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The fucked to a limit rigidly, lowered and humiliated, fooled around with a lot of guys, tired Yulya sat on a floor. Legs at her small shivered, stretched a vagina so that inside cooled, on slender suntanned hips the dried-up cum spread. What would b
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... Morning met us by sunshine and they woke me. I opened eyes and the first that saw before himself, Sashkin the gentle tummy covered with the remains of the cum which dried up in a night and his sleeping dick. My head was based upon his hip which a
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Dear friends, thanks for the words of support, I am very glad that the previous story was pleasant to you. In the previous story it to be told as for the first time I was had in a mouth, and paid... the first step in life of the prostitute! In this s
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Installation of the operating system took no more than 45 minutes. All this time I sat at a teacher's table, watched process, and represented intense work. The mathematics teacher, Elena Nikolaevna, span about the stand, doing some marks opposite to
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Night Stockholm shone fires. Katerina wandered in the old city. Coherent the third day didn't contact. It is dangerous to it to return to hotel or somewhere where she can be identified. Frankly speaking, the Old city too not that place where would co
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The crane was defeated against short, but persistent fight. My undershirt densely twisted with wet fabric a body, become wet so the become heavy fabric of shorts aspired down, following the natural law — the law of universal gravitation. And on skin
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When we from Sashkaya woke up in the morning, wasn't at home Olga any more. On a table we saw a note of the following contents: "Boys, my dear! I to the city to the gynecologist (just in case), and then for work. Don't indulge without me there till t
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— Uuuuu ууууу — she groaned — please prekratitee pozh-zh-zh-zha-a-aluyst — she groaned while the huge hairy dick of the old drunk uncle Tolik mercilessly hollowed ee an anal — umalya I I ю you — she continued to groan, under the slapping sounds of hi
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Nice days of June began. Weather stood remarkable. The sun shone, every day it became hotter. The school at which Masha studied became empty. Almost all already managed to hand over all the debts and began preparation for entrance examinations in ins
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Preface of the author: This fanfic on the phantom of the game Mass Effect continues history begun in the story "Games in Spies". Initially he didn't think as erotic and the only, rather short, frank scene isn't his end in itself and serves only for a
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As reviews of the story were rather positive, decided to lay out one more. Besides composed together with the friend. After the meeting of investors of the company, Victoria Sergeyevna with a heavy sigh fell by a chair. — My God when it ends? that in
local singles East Alamosa
Olya wasn't tired to strike us. Now, having a rest from sex, she suddenly asked Sashka: — San! And why you don't fuck him but only he you? Itself you don't want or mine - the impudent person doesn't give? Sashka hesitated and didn't find what the bes
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— Tomorrow everything happens! — beat with an alarm in my head, forcing lips to part involuntarily in a pleased smile. Somehow промаявшись night, in the morning I cheerful gallop slid a ladder and was caught by the father. — Gather, we go to the city
dating 50 year old man Repto San Jose
Boulders, naked bodies, the gone pants or as the world began to change around me. When on the street July, the heat melts asphalt, and the side job for the summer comes to the end at three o'clock in the afternoon, the only place where pulls in your
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— To Vebk switch off! — I, but where there, Katka jerked so that heels began to sparkle tried to warn. Still! Natashka got where that tickets for tomorrow's concert and invited her. Natashki's call found us when Katka, having mounted the webcam on mo
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Lower and lower described is thought up by me and my girl. Wrote out of boredom as at the moment we live in the different cities. It is a series from 4 stories. In the room the light is turned off and curtains are drawn, but on all room candles are p
dating over 40 Uler
My bewitched bi - the girlfriend Malya (Malvina Georgiyevna), having read my stories too I decided to pour out to a shower — I came ko to me recently and says: "Janka, you so sexually describe everything, I want to become famous for the adventures to
dating 55+ University Hospital
Anna was woken by her own dream. Serge, elegant, irresistible, such what she for the first time saw him dreamed her, there was only he not in a close cabin of the ship, and on a balcony from which the wonderful view opened. He silently looked at her
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Ee passed the thirtieth anniversary so as also all other days. As also all last 12 years, she spent the whole day in the small room. She was here, without seeing and without hearing what occurs outside, and already began to doubt that is there that o
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I ask, you don't judge strictly, it is the first story.P. S. Composed together with the friend, and each of us included a part of the life in this text. The standard night round, the nurse goes on chambers. in chamber number 2 the lonely patient who
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To the uncle Kostya we went on Saturday, since morning. In the evening on Friday, the father, having come from work, I pulled out a wine bottle, I opened, having released a sweetish smell of the South. Mother right there put glasses, but I refused. I
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All this occurred in fact. The wife at me the low, nice blonde with a short hairstyle like "page", call Margarita. It is impossible to tell that thin, she all such smooth, soft, smooth bends of a body, and an invariable charming mild smile, as at "Gi
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I already told that having been left without partner in a cybersex, moved off in searches new in Network... Also I came on an erotic chat. My emergence didn't remain unnoticed — it appears, there announce everyone entered. At once to me greetings and
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Lyuska passed in admiralsha exactly five years. In day of her birth when at her home smoke stood a yoke from noisy fun walking, to her blessed fatty there was a blow. He suddenly turned pale, was bent and crashed down on a floor. Guests rushed to him