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23golos — the only thing that remained at her from last life. She communicated only gestures, avoiding the noisy companies. She found the announcement of o courses for persons interested to learn language of deaf-mutes. "The world in which it is poss
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Lena wasn't painted therefore that the client loved natural. It long faced a mirror and brushed the hair. Were let hair down and softly fell on the parties. Na the beige jacket without brassiere was it and the black short skirt is higher than a knee.
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In one of stories which I spread earlier I told about that period in my life which is connected with accommodation in a boarding school. It is one more such history. There was it not to me, and to my messmates, during this period, when I was absent i
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There was a time when I was a good girl: the approximate daughter, the best schoolgirl in a class... At a word sex, modestly I looked down and I reddened. With the man not that to oversleep, I couldn't start talking: I bleated something to myself und
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Yes, this my adventure had far-reaching consequences, after all not for nothing the prime minister held the position, at the end of the week she made the statement for toughening of policy in the field of erst. Allegedly protects large corporations f
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Dear readers! The description of development of one of non-standard types of sexuality — a fetishistic transvestizm is offered to your attention. I won't analyze the reason of his emergence, they can be different. But I will try to describe human lif
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There passed month. Larisa never during this time met the Owner. Between them there was only a thin thread of SMS messages and correspondence on the website in the evenings when the Owner had time. The matter is that Larisa got sick. The disease was
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— And what now to do? — Well - and-and. Trouble. We with the wife in perplexity faced the charred remains of the wooden bridge. The small river the Slob completely justified with the look the name given her, and in this situation was an absolute obst
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Dear readers! I didn't plan continuation of this story, but the earnest requests of one reader made the business! I wrote continuation! Especially for Aygerim and her girlfriends... Zakhripev Alma terminated, my dick forced her dense vaginal muscles
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Skazka-bl, it no other than the history which really occurred in life, but also terribly changed, complemented with imagination and libertinism of the author... Ilyich Having received the instruction the senior lieutenant Vladislav Kabanov in a tempe
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My phone overstrained, but I couldn't come off to answer the husband though there was a terrible wish. I knew that he worries, was late... After a while I answered that I am at the girlfriend Angela now and I will be at home soon. I arrived at night,
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What to do in the summer in the dusty city to the sixteen-year-old goof? No, generally occupations of course can be found. It is possible to go to the friend, to chat about that, about this. It is possible just to wander on streets staring at passers
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For motives of the story "The Husband Offered It", at the reader's request) ______________________________________________________________Íaêoíeц-òo! Today Friday, and I so rejoice it not therefore that she is followed by days off. On Monday nice whi
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history in a genre of "Hard sex" of 2001. New author's edition in a genre "Fiery intim" 2010. "Oh, as the crack is fine that it divides a bottom! To what her inclinations are strong... Both in fear, and in doubt, I get through through her, and there,
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The 1.5 inch tubing went on the country road, in a body five guys dressed in some similarity of special clothes with primordially Russian persons sat and one Russian girl dressed in a light sundress, the trifle plump at one view of her it became clea
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And here again summer, the sun, girls in miniskirts and cut-offs. So there is a wish to get acquainted, have with someone from these girls sex, again to get a relationship. But I have to go again again to it. Now it is my man, and I am his boy for a
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— Devil! Devil! Devil! Swearing, I nervously drummed fingers on the embroidered cloth covering a graceful carved table. The cloth was covered by intricate drawings: riders with onions pursuing the running-up deer, black hunters with copies for the ru
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I removed her exactly at the beginning of May, at opening of some photo exhibition. Zoya the personality very in the city known because drives some city public organization. During fourchette acquaintance it became clear that she is a widow, quite re
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Such slight dizziness was at that moment, but I wanted to continue as if the puppet of the instincts... as if that there was a dream of my dream embodying my intimate desire, one behind another, and it forced to plunge more and more deeply, without h
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Caroline gradually recovered. The first desire was to slap Claus ringing face, but such act, to put it mildly, silly in this situation would look. Still without opening eyes, she tried to collect the thoughts and to decide how to arrive further. Now
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Action time — the long-term future. Planet Orchid. My name — Sergey, I work in one of large construction companies. Generally we are engaged in construction of private houses. Though, it not absolutely truly sounds, our houses don't build, and grow u
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The gynecologist Maria Nikolaevna was truly a magnificent woman. She was high and slender. Thin camp and abrupt hips. The high breast of the third size always attracted to itself men's views. And the angelic and mild look of brown eyes demented the m
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16 hours from the woman's life. "I dance with you in my fantastic snakhstranny dance which doesn't have the name. On my eyelashes the tear began to tremble: This tango of love and foxtrot of parting..." Trying not to wake the husband, Maria slipped o
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The taxi was lucky Anna in the center of the city on a buffet reception in a case of opening of an exhibition of the next underground artist. There was a nasty November rain, cold, opposite freeze. Evening promised to be extremely boring, but one of
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The woman lying nearby not just irritated, she caused sharp hatred, rage, desire to strangle a pillow at once to finish both snore, and a smell from a mouth. "My God, thirty years! Thirty years I live with this toad! It is inconceivable!" This though
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Elena tried not to give out an involuntary mimicry as the boy — the translator strongly irritates her. He pulled pauses, often squoze the word "certain", giving thereby approximateness of the translation. "We are ready to give you certain guarantees
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Already there passed eight months, since that moment as Alyona became a slave at Madam Irina. For all this time Madam stuffed the slave with hormones and different medicines with what the slave didn't even know, earlier Alyona weighed about 60 kilogr
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Partly the invented story... names, are changed. Preface. I as usual... "emotional nature!!!" pancake... I didn't constrain the emotions! Teaches me, my Owner learns, but learns to see badly, that is I badly study... he learns that WELL, on buttocks
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Since then our relationship with little girls cardinally changed. At teenage age all this seems very important, all these views, kisses gestures and hints — all not just like that. We began to have regular sex with Sveta, and both of us knew it. Mari
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The beginning здесь:Вика refused to believe own eyes. No, no! It couldn't happen in any way! The garbage container witness marks at the check point was devstvenno empty. In the morning she left a "saving"
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Background — Well, really... the first every two months... — melancholically I in a whisper told myself under a nose, looking, at an open door of the two-storeyed house which was from me in 50 meters. I quickened the pace and hurried to look at the n
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On Friday evening I met friends and, having discussed further plans, understood that today nothing is planned, especially the most part of our company that evening didn't gather. Therefore we decided to gather another time. All began to disperse also
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Hello all! I decided to publish the first story as I decided to try with the guy. I never wrote stories therefore I write simply, without stylistics, a prosaic part, lyrical digressions, etc. Just I decided to publish a series of stories what everyth
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In age-old times there lived the great and kind sultan Shakhraman. He ruled, being guided by laws, nobody in his country was offended therefore I loved him and respected the people. With neighbors Shakhraman lived in the world, having passed for the
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To admire men at you in the nature: The line of movements from a hip, Shoes sharp-nosed on fashion, the Hairpin — an elegant needle. With lycra stockings on lovely sight: Cool fit, black color, Gloss, azhurnost — umopomrachenye, there is no Arrow — m
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— Mothers, I will tell honestly, you are the most beautiful and sexy woman on all planet! She obviously reddened, I thought that I in vain told it. Mother silently approached me and embraced me. The situation was very romantic and touching, but besid
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We lived with mother together. I never had a father. He left mother at institute when she still the pregnant woman was me. We lived in the small country town. Mother worked as the therapist in local policlinic. Our city though was Russian and was in
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Hello, my name is Runaway Orst Grinyov, me 23 and I work in service of regulation of time, post No. 3,121. The post represents the small three-storied base which is in a point S relativistic systems of our planet. In our century already nobody is fon
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Doprygalasya ran to Vitalik nearly an every day when he came from occupations, except days off when my family was at home. It is necessary to recognize, the small blackmailer, without suspecting that, I made for me big I put-woke the woman in full se
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In the beginning small derogation from what is expected usually in such rasskazika. It is probably my first and last opus on this subject. My work assumes a lot of free time at the long nights — I am a security guard. Well and with boredom sometimes
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Doprygalasya ran to Vitalik nearly an every day when he came from occupations, except days off when my family was at home. It is necessary to recognize, the small blackmailer, without suspecting that, I made for me big I put-woke the woman in full se
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On a New Year's korporativchik on December 28 I arrived from the acquaintance Mila. Mila was red, fat ass and clever. Sat at a table the person ten and inertly thumped. Mila told that the company to her isn't pleasant and rose to me in office by the
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November morning 2008 was filled with new paints, solar, weather stood warm on the street as it isn't strange, and there was no wish to go outside and go at all to the hostel as, having woken up in the morning thoughts began to visit me not really pl
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Hello. To admit honestly, I didn't expect at all that my previous story to be pleasant to such large number of people. To me the set of messages from grateful readers who, actually, asked to fill their minds with pictures from my life represented in
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Anna sat at a window in a dark small room. Light almost didn't get into a weak-sighted window. The flame burning in the iron furnace was the only considerable light source and heat. Despite his heat in the room there was a dampness, from cracks in wa
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The man and the woman sit at a table in Cafe. Nobody hears their talk, nobody sees them. — it is gloomy and sad to me and even dances of spheres amuse me. — Then let's play my mister. — A that we will play my dear. — You to be pleasant to be called i
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Not in we wash style... not in mine temeposlaniyevsyaky time when it isn't slept at night, you Remember one and always — your warm, gentle hands That caressed me without shame. I play upon heartstrings and nerves, And playing, I dement. Every time wh
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Internet all this miracle! Alyona rejoiced as the child to the new computer. He was more powerful, and the Internet on is mute didn't hang at all. She with pleasure went to the website where she had many old and new friends. She adored communicating,
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This time Sergey put on slowly. There was no place to hurry actually. Remembering as he froze last night, Sergey took with himself the Tolstoyan, two packs of cigarettes and a bottle of beer. This time will prevent him to wait for nothing to the spou
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It the most boring presentation existed... Playing occasionally a glass with the champagne remains in a hand, Vika he is lazy I examined attendees, amusing myself with the assumptions which of women she with pleasure would drag in a bed and someone f
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Once, I paid to you a visit. But houses nobody appeared: in the apartment there was only a cat. It was strange, there were nine o'clock in the evening. But it didn't confuse me at all. I thought that you, once again, left to Masha, or to Roma, and yo
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My name is Nikolay (Nick), and I am 24 years old. I was born in the seaside city which name I don't want to mention. Once, returning, home through the park, I met three charming girls. They invited me to themselves what I agreed to. Soon we went by t
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This story will seem to someone invented. Simple imagination. But I assure you that you just lack courage to carry out it. And after reading of this story, probably, you reconsider priorities. All this story occurred last summer. I then was 22 years
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You never learn... There passed several days from the last meeting with Zhenechka. At us all it was good. My relations with friends were improved. I had very loaded schedule. I had to miss trainings more often to see Zhenya therefore my sports result
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I nervously shook under whiffs of a cool morning breeze, expecting the car that I have to come for me. The acquaintance of BMW on whom I was thrown to the 8th residential district of my city by my strange intermediary from Art of cafe began to stop b
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Forty-year-old blue-eyed, ample bodied, with hair curls the blonde of polkovniyets Marya Nikolaevna Kopalskaya with interest examined the daughter's neck sitting opposite at a table and blowing on hot coffee. — did You hold up a neck to this goof Bor
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Part 2 — Tell me, Klava, to you, seems, the right, the Intrigue on temper, A as family? — No, I for foundations, Family,-svyatoye. Only us three: My husband, son and I. No with you it is possible, you careful? Everything is simple and slozhnosegodnya
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In this story it is told also to my first girl. To her my life was empty. In itself I am a person ordinary. I didn't look for any adventures. I just wanted to decorate the grayish life with bright paints. Since young years I began to be engaged in fi
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To Olga was nineteen, and she still was a virgin. Hormones behaved violently in her body, but still there was no daredevil who would fuck her not only in the dirty imaginations. Olga wanted sex, dreamed of the man who will want her and will spread on
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Previous parts: Hennessy for three, Apple pie, Women's Day "Unconscious is set of the suppressed, forgotten memoirs about which the subject knows nothing and which sometimes всплываютв to a symptom form. It means that all forces, desires, feelings wh