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quick flirt Structure
The car came around on the territory of the private house. Anton removed a strut from my knees and put on on me a collar with a lead. "Listen carefully to me, today you will execute orders of all someone is in this house. I don't want that you talked
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This story happened to our heroine when she was 18 years old, and for the birthday her parents sent to school of love. "To you it will be good there and it is very instructive and it is useful, then we will be able to marry you to the worthy person.
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All this story and its further consequences happened only thanks to silly accident. Then I studied in the 10th class someone remembers himself at that age knows that the teenager's thoughts at that time are entirely turned only on sex, so was also wi
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Early in the morning I was woken by feelings what I didn't test for a long time in the mornings. The warm soft palm sneaked on my hips, trying to reach panties. To give myself that I don't sleep, I didn't gather, and, kind of in a dream spread legs m
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Katya went by office part of club, clinking heels. She was nineteen years old and she went to work — she danced a gou-goa dances at parties. Hobby, a heap of attention which the girl loved and I perceived as due paid not especially much, but. And in
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Аай, you want build foreign paradise... ©Мне from my first day at the university the teacher on — to English was pleasant, it was the tall young girl with very awfully nice person, a slim figure and an average breast size. Her face... it was almost i
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Night, gale-force wind, Scraps of clouds, moon... And you, are similar to a graceful shadow, you Are sadly by the window. I look as zavorozhyonny, without daring to take away a look, the Picture beauty captivated... And further not to find a rhyme. I
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Arkady and Vera lived in one yard and were familiar from the childhood. We are familiar, domestic neighbors are as usual familiar. Know as someone is called to someone how many years someone where lives, but at the same time friends weren't and in ge
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As many stories about accidental sex with unfamiliar people I heard! It is a lot of! But never I believed in their plausibility, I also couldn't present that it in general is possible. I couldn't present until itself I didn't taste all chic of it. I
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(The original name — Batgirl vs Titman; The Author — Brummie) CHAPTER 1 — IT WASH Gorodkomissar police Gotham City, James Gordon, cleared the throat and approached the microphone. For the loud announcement the square in front of the mayor's office bu
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We met him in club, in the stranger for me and for him the city. Funny, but in the hometown we didn't see each other long ago — after leaving school there passed 11 years, and we for these years met five times. Once long kissed in a secluded corner,
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Anton seated me on back sitting of the car, exactly on the center. And with obvious delight I stopped establishing a strut between my knees. "There now, my whore is packed" he told, latching the lock on a strut. I smiled, he right there seized me by
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All hi. I hope weren't tired to wait yet, didn't lose faith? What with me was? Affairs yes of a disease. Generally everything is difficult and unequal. I continue publications of the Dar-Proklyatye series. — Come on — I lowered a hand on the kitty —
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Next day we with Masha behaved so, as if between us nothing occurred. At least so it seemed externally. We with her sat on a bench so far mummies walked the children on attractions, ate ice cream and lovely communicated. In the same evening I took he
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Took place two weeks since that night, two most uncertain weeks in Sveta's life. She sometimes even thought, something there was only a dream that she drank superfluous and all this seemed to her in intoxicated nonsense, but right there these thought
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KAMAZ a fuel truck went without stopping hours seven-eight. The motor it is tired out I roared, throwing up black, smelly smoke from an exhaust pipe, but I worked accurately, setting a multiton large object in motion. Bright orange coloring of the ca
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The next morning she woke up from the fact that to her it was wet and it is cool. She looked down and saw that her improvised diaper with a plug yellow and wet. She began to cry. Her whimpers woke the Owner who very much was angry from the fact that
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— You — a small group of stupid, brainless kretinov! It is really so difficult to put a dropper? You 5 people crowd there! And really not one of you, didn't listen to a lecture in University instead of podrachivat on a back school desk?! Dump that I
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3 o'clock in the morning. End of July. Warmly, but damp. Here knock in a window. He. I open. at first he just is silent, I pay. When he understood that to me it is painful that I was tired of this indifference, he strong embraced me. I felt heat of h
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Everything began with the fact that after the 9th class my friend Oleg went to study to England, we somehow kept in contact, he long persuaded me to arrive to him, and here, 2 years later I collected the thoughts and decided to fly to him to few week
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What mm a good dream already absolutely light, it is necessary to get up. Oh I not at home and absolutely naked with what adult man shame!!! What was yesterday. As I could! I always for kilometer bypassed boys, a here TAKOE. I showed EVERYTHING to hi
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I moved to this house in the spring. My not big business revenue allowed to fulfill, at last, an old dream, about the spacious new apartment. Search, registration, repair, moving — behind. Someone isn't familiar with this sweet minute when everything
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I settled somehow in the summer on a bread-baking complex. I went then to high school and there was a wish to earn additionally a little on vacation. I had a responsible position — the assistant to the storekeeper. With this storekeeper I also had ve
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There was a middle of summer, on the street of heat, all bathe, have a rest, and I sat in a corridor of the accident ward is new — the constructed hospital, I was directed from a military registration and enlistment office, to inspection there. I in
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The next morning began with a usual question of the wife. — Darling, what you would like as a gift for the coming birthday? It is impossible to tell that I didn't think of it in advance. Therefore the answer was born quickly enough. — I very much wou
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Larisa waited for this day two weeks. I waited and was afraid. She tried to be obedient, so it seemed to her. Phone conversations didn't allow to touch, didn't replace personal contact. She wanted to see, feel, be afraid... and it was only necessary
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My name is Mikhail, I from St. Petersburg. Last year I entered the university, at school was closed, but here from the first day it was necessary to be at the best. It was still warm, though there came the fall all girls were very beautiful, but one
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This fragment is an episode from NC-21 FRPG on Dragon Age (behind the link I ask in a private message). At this concrete episode there is a krossgenderny after game, that is the young man wins back the female character (in this case Isabella), and th
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The remained week of vacation flew by very quickly. All this time Gleb thought that he made that ill-fated evening when his student came for offset. The picture of an event constantly emerged before eyes: uncombed Katya sits on a floor and he masturb
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My name is Ania. I will tell the story. At that time we lived in the city of Ennsk on Ennaya Street in a panel high-rise building on the 7th floor in the three-room apartment. We are I, mother, the father and my younger brother. I then still studied
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When we woke up, looked at the watch. We had 4 more hours. Not to waste time in vain we quickly have breakfast and went together to a shower. Were easily rinsed, at the same time kissing each other and caressing buttocks fingers. Were fast wiped, dri
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In the autumn afternoon, studying already on the second course, I hurried home, seeking to be in time to have dinner in "window" between couples. For some reason that day to me it is very bright, in all details my summer meetings with the mother's gi
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— Someone flies? — Alamarana! — Reolakhayi's den allows landing. — Though dragons in this world had no natural enemies, and drakon of war ceased many centuries back — old traditions were observed steadily. Halard landed and went to a cave where the s
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The 19-year-old student of the second year by the name of Masha became my first woman. We got acquainted with her in the summer when we together worked at attractions. I then was 16 years old, and very terribly there was a wish for sex. She constantl
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On the street there was a fall and as ill luck would have it in their house turned off heating. Ania, having put on a terry dressing gown, I sat in a chair, having drawn in legs under myself and muffling up in a plaid. — As it isn't lucky! She though
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Introductory the slovodanny story is directed one plot more therefore intimate stages are present here, but don't take the leading position, the main idea will be built not on them. I hope that it will find the reader. To Prologvsa occurred too sudde
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Having closed a door of office Inna started to hurry home, rejoicing to the forthcoming holiday. They with her girlfriend Masha planned to get out somewhere to the sea for a long time, but due to the lack of money and time constantly postponed a trip
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After lessons the teacher asked me to come to the principal what I most of all also was afraid of. Having appeared will of his door, I was indecisively knocked in her and having slightly slightly opened, asked: — Sergey Gennadyevich, it is possible t
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The bow from mahogany last time shot up up, hanged over a violin, and after smoothly fell by strings. They published lingering melodious groan and music became silent. On the hall approving grumble and a modest applause swept. — Thanks, the Lord, for
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We are I, Andrey, and Lena, married couple. I am 30 years old, height is 180 cm, a dense constitution, the nice man. Lena is 25 years old, slightly below me, not the thin person and not the fatty, possesses very seductive womanly shapes of a body. A
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Today He came to her into the room and with satisfaction the had a rest and freshened up look noted her. He cast away a blanket, she lay having bent and with a languishing look looked at him. He felt desire. Handcuffs clicked, and she was released fr
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Little Olezhka asked the father: — What the most tasty in life? Female pussy — that answered. Then the son asked the same question to mother. And that answered: "A men's pussy" — And the father said that women's — the son objected. — He just doesn't
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Somehow time dry and hot I letomvstretit a magnificent gazelle. In a dress of light-violet color. As saw – at once I was stupefied. Small growth, with round buttocks, the Waist is thin, and the breast is white. On the platform I went playful pokhodko
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Inna Andreevna. I left in marriage still being a student. They reckoned with the husband as the most beautiful couple of all institute. I gave birth to the child, I brought up him. By this time the husband grew fat and grew lazy. To that he was not t
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The train, on surprise, softly started and a landscape behind a window is lazy was replaced. I rasslablenno leaned back on a back of a sofa and included the book. The distant road and the good book — it is magnificent! I had a compartment on two, but
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Yulya dialed the mobile phone number of Alexey which was known only by relatives and the checked people among whom there was also Yulya. Having in brief explained a situation the girl began to wait for Sergey who in 30 minutes she had on a threshold.
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My beloved returned from the resort, one spent a vacation in Turkey. Together it didn't turn out, at work I had unexpected problems and we, having consulted, decided that let though it one will enjoy the sun and the sea among our dank St. Petersburg
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I don't know from where he knew that I am "not an ordinary" girl. But for some reason I was fully confident that so. Memory vaguely prompted to me that I him where already saw that, but couldn't remember where. To understand that I not absolutely the
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Word from the author: At numerous requests I assigned a considerable part to Anastasia and Victor (story "Three Days of Olga") in the story. I hope that it will be pleasant to you to meet these characters again and to learn about them something new.
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Katya came across this announcement accidentally. "We guarantee an orgasm with any man". Katya had problems with an orgasm with the husband. Katya didn't trust similar announcements, but for fun sent the application. And very much I was surprised whe
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Leeeeeeenka. 16 years, the schoolgirl of the last class, the honors pupil who graduated school as a result with a silver medal. The sportswoman, the first grade in run on average distances. Height is slightly over 170 centimeters, not thin and not th
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Hi, my reader. There was at me desire to tell about itself. It is possible to perceive this series of stories as the diary, but only concerning sex. I understand that long representations are interesting not to all so impatient readers can quite miss
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That year we went with the father to have a rest to the Crimea, in the Pike perch. It is necessary to tell that before we went three years in a row to Turkey, and it slightly bothered. Besides the father changed the car, and with money at us it wasn'
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— Occupation is ended, we will meet at the following lesson — Victoria Vladimirovna said, standing at a board. Pupils rose and began to pack the things. Victoria observed as they pack textbooks, but actually she looked only at him. On Pasha Domov. Pa
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New year was met with Lenka and Boris. Lenka is my closest friend, and Boris — her husband. Long-windedness. Not only to fuck on the party there is nobody, but even to flirt — Lorca a wolf looks if I with Genka begin to coquet. Everything changed whe
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I in air night saw a rigid porn. It were sound two-three X. As people worked! Easily and fervently. Radiantly four persons shone. How many force in measured accurate movements! How many power, pressure and passion, fire! I noticed: loading is given t
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In a tent four guys sat and played cards. They heard as I came, and turned the heads in my party. Views literally felt me, and I especially sharply felt the nakedness. — Hi, children. — Hi, if you don't joke — the healthy guy is responsible for all —
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In the winter of 666 from the basis of Rome, (87 g to), on the ends of bloody Allied war and a coup of Sula the eternal city tired of street fights, from fratricidal civil strifes afforded a holiday and fun. Gney Oktavy and Luzy Cornelius Zinna were
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This story occurred when I studied in the 10th class. At the beginning of the second chetvera (that is in November) to us the new schoolgirl came to a class. It was the pretty girl of sixteen years, the brown-haired woman, called her Ania. All boys p
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The short holiday was wonderful: Lada went home with gifts, having pleased parents, the truth stayed at home not for long. Here any more held nothing her and didn't attract; the real life for it was near Andrey and on the stage. Weathers of the begin