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The video which is hard given to Lada in every respect was shot and sent for installation, and the group gathered for the southern tours. The girl with disgusting feelings of the made offense packed things under a restless eye of Andrey: — What distu
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... The man silently took a bath and quietly left, having left the captive bitterly to sob and shout... Time as if stopped for Dasha who quietly lay on the crumpled things, trembling all over. Her head was empty from thoughts, and internal cold shrou
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Hello! My name is Katya, this story happened to me when I was 18 years old. Then I by youth married in a hurry. From him I gave birth to Alyona. When Alyona was 3 years old, he left me, and right there I repeatedly married. I gave birth to Nastya. Wh
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In the morning, I was woken very much early. To eat distances. Then put on a raincoat a naked body and went outside three together to go to competitions. We got the Owner into the car and went to competitions. We went not long, to the country. In the
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I am a passionate person, I am a voluptuous, my favourite color red, color of passion, beauty, blood and excitement... My main passion, female beauty and its manifestations is. I am not a ladies' man and not a dog, I am a gourmet to which it is allow
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This story предназнчен to fans, and also and to fans of the collection of books, S. T. A. L. K. E. R.Prolog series. Zone... The puzzle which appeared in the twentieth century. About her nobody heard on the continent, except special points, but also t
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I continued to live at Anna Viktorovna, went to work, life flowed the turn and of course sometimes Anna Viktorovna entered a role of my Madam, an I became ee the slave and carried out all ee dirty whims. As I loved these sweet moments. Sometimes it s
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Larisa missed. Days off came to an end, household chores were made, even the next series of favourite series, and that ended, for work tomorrow. And time only the 6th evenings. Larisa painfully invented what herself to borrow — to draw nails, to wate
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Having hasty cleaned up and having made toilet, Andrey was met the beloved who is slightly tired with household chores and the table which is romantically laid by delicacies for two. Having presented the girl with a bouquet, the guy carried her to th
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I specially for Fayu forced to tear off the look from me, from my knob in trousers that below the taxi driver and costs near the car and as driven looks at our balcony. Well, approximately and the manager in the sex shop looked this afternoon when I
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Lada was proved in the capital, having bought the apartment on the outskirts: it was necessary to save for more prestigious still, and reliability wanted to her just in case. They carried out the come velvet season in the sea European resort. She had
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My name is Marina. I am 17 years old. I am a brunette, hair are slightly lower than shoulders. Not high growth, breast 2 sizes, but excellent bottom. It happened so that I went with others class to Germany. There went only 17 people from whom the 11t
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The senior research associate and the teacher of college of informatics and computer facilities Oleg Konstantinovich was too young for the rank. To him and 30 wasn't. But among crowd of students who behaved in a youth disco as if tomorrow will never
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— Well, Sokolova what you are silent? I listen to you, tell. Katya Sokolova, the most fashionable and popular girl at faculty, was beautiful and charming. She knew about it and was very well able to take the advantages. — Yes why, Gleb Nikolaevich? I
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... In two months of work with Pai, Georgy mastered technology of desirable massage. All was rather simple. For incomplete half an hour, the massage movements almost not different from usual Thai massage, the client brought to a condition of self-for
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For the first time for many days, including sad, it was pleasant and convenient to it with this the desired girl long ago. And even the fact that she accepted it not at once arranged R. M. which isn't loving readily available ways. And the fact that
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Infrequently they were visited by Maxim, even occasionally remaining to spend the night. He was one so far, joking that he looks for the suitable girl nurse for himself. They with Lada had equal friendly relationship, appear, he didn't take offense a
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Yesterday he received the message from her on the website. To be tomorrow (t. e. already today) by 11 in the evening under her house. Ne to be late. To warn when leaves. To write that under a door. Today everything began as usually. She met on the st
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There was this story one and a half years ago. We were on vacation in the Crimea. I wash small to it then there were 4 years and the wife's sister with the husband and the child. She is 34 years old growth 1, 6 weights of kilograms probably 48 — 50 l
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Everything happened to those in the summer when I graduated from school. Somehow time, soon after final, I paid a visit to one companion. He told that he got a pack of passwords to the paid pornwebsites and can allow me to look at them in exchange fo
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Hello. I want to share with you the recent adventure! I will begin with the fact that we with the husband live in marriage more than 10 years and our family life as well as at many quiet and without special disagreements. With sex problems at us don'
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Marina smiled and rapaciously looked at me: — Elizabeth Pavlovna, has to tell you — you have the best ass — Marina Aleksandrovna, diligently continuing to pound my bum, a hand fell below and below. Never would think that women will be able to make ho
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When I entered the institute, I thought that new life, far from the hometown, parents and old friends begins. I wanted to begin the life anew, to become such what I always dreamed to become. But from the beginning of the first semester I understood t
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Lana celebrated the 19 anniversary in the best night club of the native town. To order a table and to prepare everything, they with the best friend were in club, still before the people began to stay. Walking accurately from a hip, detached looking a
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Somewhere at seven in the morning. I wake up because that someone calls and ragnevanno shouts behind a door, however my morning quite often so begins. Here, as according to the scenario, phone begins to ring, I get him, on the screen my most hated co
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I almost didn't close eyes until my favourite poblyadushka as couldn't digest at once all that occurred in one day in several hours though it was long planned by me fell down, and I up to the end couldn't believe that I happened on my eyes. I will re
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This case happened to me a floor a year ago. I only was 18 years old and I was a student of one of prestigious University. We celebrated the termination of the first course of University and decided to descend in the visitor an amusement park. We alr
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This story occurred when I was 21 years old. I from the childhood took dancing classes, I gave preferences to fast and passionate dances, such as point, the tango, etc. And here I participated in a dancing competition. My partner was just stunning, b
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I approached as it was told to the necessary address. I looked round, a house circle. I got phone — I found her in the list of contacts. She forbade to call under fear of a full ignore. Only to write sms. One SMS of o the fact that arrived. "I on the
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I sat and watched TV. I will leave from here soon, I will go to other city. Of course, it is a pity to leave friends, but it is necessary to sacrifice something. I had 2 more months of summer to enter there the institute. Or year after school can hav
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Announced landing to the train. The passengers standing on the platform hastily got into the cars. Maxim with two bags in hands went after Alyona. He was like thunder. Terrible thoughts overcame Max. Suddenly Alenka's fellow travelers on a compartmen
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I went along the street and peered at windows in which light already burned. It was still not too dark, but lamps already lit streets. To the people on streets was a little, first day off, secondly not crowded places. Soon I reached the address speci
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Good night! I present to your attention a new series of stories "Master of Horrors". All stories of a cycle aren't connected among themselves in any way and they can be read absolutely in any sequence. Today I would like to tell you history of one li
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Lada cried all night long. She remembered all these headline stories of the oligarchs who took away children from the wives deprived of civil rights who didn't manage to be protected. She even saw some of them on parties. The smart unfortunate women
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I groaned, coiled, but holding a glass one hand, the second Nikolay Petrovich held my head, without allowing to release a dick from a mouth. He allowed to make it only when milked dry all cum to a last straw from my dick. I continued to suck, without
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Show must go on, my dear readers: * In the morning she woke the Mister blowjob. He treated her initiative very favourably. Having fed it to satiety with the cum, He used her mouth as a toilet again. It wasn't unpleasant to her any more, she with desi
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Small preface. Friends! I decided to continue the narration about Denis and Alina's relationship. I strongly recommend to read the first two parts to avoid everyones a neponyatok. I pay attention that it not the description of a homosexual relationsh
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In spite of the fact that I as it is told, "goof" on life, I always studied at school on "perfectly". I was from those someone the school with pride sent to city (and not only) the Olympic Games, and I them safely won first place in them, in passing
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There passed several days since that moment as we have a good time with Marina Valeryevna, and for me simply Marina. This day everything went as usual. It was disaccustomed and together crowd of friends I went to an exit from school. — Hey — the secu
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The main heroine of this story, call Anastasius. A month ago she was 18 years old. She had an ideal body to which any girl could envy. The third size of a breast, elastic sexual buttocks, charming waist, smart legs, brilliant hair of black color and
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Nicholas and Raul couldn't remain long in the city — next day they put out to sea to take away the barge somewhere in Florida. Nicholas gave me a little money for the hotel accommodation and in general for the first days. — And there already look — h
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Millions of small needles pierced in her lungs with each breath fire tearing apart a breast. The body like a helpless rag hardly obeyed it threatening to leave finally from under control. The finishing line of the racetrack already loomed ahead. With
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... What do I remember the first distinctly? Chambers of the priestess. As I don't strain, everything breaks up to separate fragments before. That moment when she took away me to herself, remains more or less distinct, but everything that was earlier
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Good afternoon. My name is Marina and I want to tell you the story which happened to me a few years ago... I then was 19 years old... Summer... Sun... Beauty... I went along the street in slightly transparent blouse through which the beautiful black
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In the bathroom Denis and Alina were engaged in a usual thing: began to wash each other. They often took a shower together. Slowly, they soaped bodies gel. The wet and slippery body of Alina looked very sexually. Denis gently soaped a dick and Alina'
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***** Every day it became more obvious that my communication with Victoria develops into a relationship of two partners where everyone catches the high, derives the pleasure and feels the sexual satisfaction... I didn't give up yet, and in every poss
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04.01.13 I Decided to keep the intimate diary. Игорюша, though the sonny of the rich daddy, in the computer zero. I will sometimes re-read, to remember the past. I will spread every month here on at the same time. I created the folder, the
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I went to a holiday in one of the town in the south. One. I like to go by an excursion. And here at one excursion my place turned out near the man of years 40 high, strong, sports. We lovely stirred all road and when sightseeing he behaved is constra
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Hi everyone! Didn't expect that my first story "We Are Married Couple" will find so many responses! Very flatterly! Thanks to all for pleasant words which inspired me to continue the narration about my family life. Here only history read by you will
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— Э, Natasha! You have to get up before my dick... My first day at Arsen — he began with these words, I don't know why, sleeps on high pillows, almost reclining, and my place is lower, so that the person was at the level of a groin, and the first tha
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Thin blouse, slowly slipping, I bared her shoulder Wind burned skin as if fire. His hands, big and strong, held her by a waist. Somewhere, absolutely close, waves rolled on sand. From the head in what-to wonderful way, all thoughts disappeared. He lo
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For Victor the door slammed. — There now and all! Now I won't see him week. — tears gathered in the eyes, but I quickly got it together having remembered Larisa. Before appearance at work there was an hour more and I decided to make toilet after yest
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And after that hot and rough sex with the wife, we decided to discuss everything once again. And in the evening behind a glass of good wine all weighed pros and cons. Result of this conversation it became ringing to Roma and Alyona with the invitatio
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Today returning from work, slowly wandering on dark streets... Even I didn't notice how it appeared in the park. Having stopped, I closed eyes, listening to silence... Having felt terrible fear, having caught itself on a thought: and what if someone
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Caroline Forbes lay on a large bed of mahogany. On the girl there was a light blue dress, the most modest which was in her clothes. Light curls in a disorder were scattered on a pillow. Hands were strong tied to a bed back, and kind of desperately sh
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The building of the railway station looked more than sadly. A porch with the tile which fell off in places. A door with the peeled-off paint. Windows not washed several months, and it is possible, as years. Walls with inscriptions of various subject,
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It is known that over time at all people the relation to various aspects of life can cardinally change that fully belongs also to her sexual party. If for example in youth the woman wanted sex with more mature man and it was simple to make it, then o
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Lisa went to the bus stop without feeling earth legs at all. If now somebody calls to her or greeted, she for certain wouldn't notice it... "If only he didn't wake up now — she thought — if only I didn't wake up... And if he catches up with me?! As I
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There passed week from that memorable night. The princess never remembered the son, didn't ask where he. She behaved as usual, constantly being near the queen. Gradually the queen calmed down, hoping that all this was only a bad dream which ended now
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There were I at the new dacha not often, usually it were days off and that every other time. But the mother-in-law with the father-in-law - Svetlana Viktorovna with the husband Nikolay Vasilyevich, there practically lived, by and large, that still to