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On hours eight-thirty, I gather for work. I take a shower, I leave the bathroom in a dressing gown, I have breakfast, I put on trousers and a fresh shirt, I button it in front of the mirror, I collect the papers and the laptop in a briefcase. Sometim
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The Roman was 43 years old from which he spent more than 10 years in marriage with the wife Marina who was four years younger than him. Marina looked very sexually and attractively in the years and business here not only in the good heredity which pr
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There was snow, snowflakes were slowly turned in air as if didn't want lays down on the earth which wasn't chilled hay. It watched the first snowfall, standing on a deserted stop, already slightly darkened though was not late, the sky was very gloomy
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- Your majesty, your majesty, what is with you? Your majesty, great padishah, yours... - from where from darkness voices reached me. I opened eyes, and glaring bright light for several seconds blinded me. - It opened eyes, you saw, he regained consci
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The girl sat on the crossed legs and looked in the monitor. On the flat screen the high dark-haired guy fucked Yulya about a shop in the city park. The girl smiled when strangers got into the shot, Yulya had very amusing look. When the file ended, th
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- Wow! I would loosen this glade! Other three guys from a campaign looked where Kostya specified. Slightly ahead from the country road on the small footpath going to the field the young girl in an unpretentious colorful dressing gown turned. The girl
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- With girls if don't obey, you can on more strictly. There will be problems – call me, - Antonina Vasilyevna, having lowered glass, I distributed the last instructions from the car. Galya listened carefully and nodded. It is the first time when to t
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Luxuriating in the luxurious marble basin, I with pleasure remembered last night and gentle whisper of Kagami in the morning: - my master, I will dream of one night with you. Хм, the shaitan of a pobera, and it is pleasant to feel like god of sex for
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When Mark opened a door, Katya, the senior sister of Lidiya was on the threshold. — Lida is absent — Mark — she at a conference told. Didn't you unless call up? Katya negatively shook the head. Her long horse person was extended even stronger. Withou
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In the room which is poorly lit with the ascending beams of the sun smelled of sex and lust. It was the place for love. Two bound naked bodies on kurpacha, were a graphic evidence to it. Around the crumpled clothes rolled. (Kurpach – east national bl
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Next day, having got up early, I went practically each hour to a mailbox to manage to take away a parcel until God forbid it is seen by parents. The buttocks already probably healed and from yesterday's not so strongly ached a bit. The mailbox was qu
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This day I left the next girl and, of course, she spoiled to me mood the shouts, and then and entreaties. IT entered the moment when I argued on a relationship with these loud creations. Sun. The blonde with the poured hair and blue eyes. The figure
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At 6 in the evening phone calls: - Hallo. - Listen, Marin, I found a cool vegetable marrow here. Do you want, we descend we will be delayed? – I hear a voice of the best girlfriend - And that! When? - In eight. - OK! Then be enough the handle and wri
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Hi I Maxim I want to tell you about the life, of course all moments of my life will be connected with a m sensuality all this story invented;) I began the life in the simple village in the city of Saratov. As soon as I was born my grandmother died an
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"At last! In a week or about that there will arrive mother! It is saved! As I missed her. Never would think that I so will lack her. And I began to hate mother for the fact that she gave me for Karen. However, I am not excited also now, but here it i
one night friend TharptownДаша medical sister. Part 3: New to a nastavnikzdravstvuyta Good mine. Thanks for expect
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Whether you believe in friendship between the man and the woman? I didn't believe in it and I am, more precisely, all my previous experience of communication with men of different age, religions and weight categories it was relentless: there are no m
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My name is Ania, I am pretty nice brunette; low, but with rather impressive forms and plus to everything also with remarkable charm, always I enjoyed popularity at guys. Recently I met the prince to whom I presented virginity. I love him more life an
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The movie came to an end. The shaken girl buried in a pillow. Here solution of her misfortunes! It isn't the lewd female rushing on men, its such was made, having broken her real essence. The ampere-second. drank waters, poured her. – It is drug? I w
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O, you — the touchy person, banished me, Squealed: "Leave away, hateful!". In a revenge I swore, without sparing forces, O you to think juicy and lovely. I remembered you eight days, seven nocheys mornings, at work, in a bed. I spent week, without cl
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East business thin … This story from real life, occurred she in the capital of solar Uzbekistan, Tashkent. A prolog … - the Father! Why I have to marry this girl? I will find to myself the bride! – Anwar told. - My son! You had plenty of time to find
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Quite recently I still met the girl by the name of Karina, a relationship was remarkable, but pancake I want a whoring, I want to thrust the dick into a throat of the girl and to see as she chokes with him if someone doesn't know, chokes means to try
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The events described in the story happened quite recently. I will begin the story with the fact that I am 30 years old, I am a brunette, the rest I think each of you will finish thinking itself, I can only tell that men are lost in contemplation of m
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When a relationship with the wife was at the critical end of the resources – scandals became a commonplace, objections on each my word became at her a habit, thanks, that I provide her and I care for her any. Everything was perceived as due as, she a
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There was an evening, approached by the night, In one apartment musty, there Were evening some, Skanks Mashka with Katka, That Mashka as the man was, And a jaw of a kvadratn, And with a hoarse voice she, all in tin Was dissolute, is similar To Super-
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Hi, my name is Denis Falkon, I am 28 years old and I one of 300 million people on this planet who are interested in sex with animals, and I have sex with the dog. But at first how it began. My brother Kevin (32), the sister Kirstin (29) and me was gr
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The phase of violent excitement at the girl passed quicker, and she with alarm waited until he takes breath. She listened to heavy breath of the unfamiliar and becoming dangerous man whom she considered that she knew more than 1.5 years. These persis
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Spring. Inga with mother in clinic, disturbing, wait at a door with the inscription "Oncologist", the Ampere-second. talks to the familiar doctor there. There is an Ampere-second. and the nurse, she conducts the grown old mother in laboratory at once
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The lying thought Ampere-second. observed a scenic view: the bent thin girl with rhythmically shivering boobies and the sticking-out darkened nipples, with inspiration having thrown back the head and leaning on his knees the hands which are taken awa
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Shortly before departure the chief warned Inga that in the evening they have supper with his acquaintance having a rest in the nearby hotel. In the evening at restaurant he acquainted her with the vigorous suntanned healthy fellow with the young comp
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This story occurred so me in my Day of the birth. Though I am a guy, but my appearance reminds women's. Hair black to shoulders, a slender figure. I even at school had a nickname "girl Vika" instead of my name Victor. I somehow reconciled to it. Time
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20 years of living together. New year more often than sex with the husband? It is necessary to change something! What at us today? Ah yes. 200 years to the Borodino battle. Coincidence and only. I will stay a few Napoleon. I will prepare the plan. I
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I woke up, stretched mm … as it is good – Saturday only 2 couples and those from eleven. And the most important today on April 18 – at me is a birthday. 20 years. Weather is warm, almost summer. Day will be roast, and it so just won't end. I went to
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- Happy birthday, darling. Irina opened eyes and smiled. Exactly 40 years ago in one of the first December days she was born. - I brought you coffee – Igor smiled. - Thanks, native. The woman sat down on beds and took in hand a cup with coffee. Today
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To Svetochka it wasn't believed that it happens to her, occurs not in a dream and that it in general could happen. From time to time leaving catalepsy, she began to listen again to the words of the businessman sitting before her who it is very simple
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Meetings took place more or less regularly: 1-3 times a week. Long they weren't, no more than 1.5-2.5 hours. After work, during it, sometimes during week-end when Denis visited chess club, or Svetochka left as though on business. The apartment was em
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History happened in about three months, after a case on the beach. Zaur, after that case, appeared at us few times, but anything special in them wasn't. Ordinary meetings three together which was before much, coming to an end with a fucking of my wif
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Life zigzags. And from prison – don't renounce a bag! Popular wisdom. Don't judge and won't be judged! Sacred writing. Chapter 1. East view of things. Having passed to the huge apartment, Olga noted abundance of crystal, carpets, and other personal b
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Meetings weren't frequent, but are systematic: 1-2 times a week, are more often than times. As well as the girl made to herself a promise, she was quiet, built, charming, well-groomed, say, the ideal mistress. The chief appreciated it and praised her
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The woman on Mercedes surprisingly well was guided in the elite cottage settlement. However, I understood it then, but then didn't pay attention. She took me to gate of the Kristinkiny house. There, behind a fencing, the red car of the brunette, and
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- Yul, went home. Nearly two hours we sit, - Max once again tried to finish the girl. - Wait a little more. - Yes what to wait for that? Recognize that lost also all. Not on money argued! - All! - the girl sharply jumped on legs, having left the guy
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Ruslan snatched on her as only they were included into number. Inna screamed from surprise and tried to escape from his embraces, but he strong held her by a waist and tried to kiss on a neck. — Give though at first we will close doors — Inna whisper
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Meetings took place more or less regularly: 1-3 times a week. Long they weren't, no more than 1.5-2.5 hours. After work, during it, sometimes during week-end when Denis visited chess club, or Svetochka left as though on business. The apartment was em
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It was my second visit of Thailand. As well as for the first time, I decided to stop in the most cheerful and democratic place – in Pattaya. And as I traveled without wife again, still of house I determined by obligatory point for visit for myself sa
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Inga, the 24-year-old secretary of trading company, came to work not in the spirit of: the bad dream of unclear and erotic contents – zoophilia and similar rubbish dreamed her. Her guy Igor as could calmed her by phone when habitually I called her to
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Pancake to what it is persuasive! This new instructor... At his order all color of the gym – young creations which and stick to our macho. And it as ill luck would have it sticks out near me, probably feels that it inexpressibly enrages me! It appear
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My parents all the time in traveling. They are archeologists. Therefore we almost all the time some houses at us only the woman works with the brother prepares removes and leaves. So we do that we want the house. Everything would be good if we were o
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- Yes now, I ran up. So I will also go - I thought slowly sobering. - I with pleasure, but the sister wait for me. I told her that I all for an hour will leave. Orhan murmured something in the language and landed me at department store. Having bought
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"What happens to me?!" — here the main issue which was asked to itself by Shana Hellfayer-Bladbleyd sitting in the carriage. "After that case in the forest... Gods, this Cain I understood everything! How he tried not to notice... Oh! It is so humilia
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My preparations for an evening meeting with Bulat most of all resembled the espionage detective story. Having made the way home, and, having stood under a door, listening to be convinced that there are no parents the house, I slipped to myself. I gat
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This story occurred in the ordinary small Russian town. The bad ecology, the broken roads, the population generally works for kopeks, drinks, or in general the unemployed. And here in one of such "unsuccessful" families the boy in the mid-nineties wa
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This story is written based on records of my diary of fifteen-year prescription. The events described in I am mute, however, without fiction shadow. Only the description is sustained in more literary style. In the mid-nineties the last century, I was
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With the swamp Prolognad the sun brightly shone. Frogs, rejoicing to pleasant summer day, perekvakivalis o than-to the. Water, on the usage, vozlegal on a trunk of the tumbled-down oak, also I sunbathed. Resolutely nothing occurred, a long-windedness
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Where carried him, already grows dark, and the novice didn't appear. Having become agitated, the woman decided to leave in the city to look for the useless servant. In the market she met the fighting girlfriends — one northern amazon (northerners wer
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The account was 4:0. The men's national team lost to women's again. In indignation I was enough a fist on a table and, having rubbed the hurt extremity, changed the channel. Now just showed the last news. - Even more often there are cases when not th
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This story is devoted to Akize Invers's demonolog. Having passed small, but very picturesque garden I at last left to the house. The lodge had a wide open verandah almost like in the Japanese houses, in case of bad weather it was only closed complete
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Outside the window promptly darkened, but the man didn't hurry to turn on the light. He sat in a chair, having leaned on an armrest and having put a chin on the hand compressed in a fist. He glanced for hours. Without fifteen eight - soon she has to
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From the author. It is a small fantastic story, about the young guy whose life was changed upside down after he... however, read)) ***– In my opinion, is nonsense! – Oleg was unshakable. – Even you shouldn't poke. In the same plac
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These three days of steel for me the longest. Anything special for these days didn't occur, everything went on old. Bathing, fire, discos, alcohol, obligatory attribute of any disco - alcohol. What to do to teenagers, in several thousand kilometers f
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I woke up in a feminine way happy. The buttocks groaned from a yesterday's rastrakh, and rested against my hip cost Bulat. Funny, I don't even remember how we reached a bed yesterday! I stretched half-asleep, embraced the guy more conveniently, and s