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Sensual fantaziiavtor: Shadow of Besstydstva1. A bacchanalia in метроИгорь, the young man of 20 years graduating the institute this year sat, having stared in the monitor screen as if the foolish. Thoughts didn't go to the head. Fingers so never hang
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The acting persons: Ded Moroz, Santa Claus, Kolotun-babay, Snegurochke, thirty three wives and very young handsome man. In Great Ustyug, it without reaching the Urals if to curtail on the left, once upon a time there was a grandfather Moroz. The old
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Olga surely moved along the corridor, slightly haughtily looking at the fussing employees. Work was humming with might and main. Doors of the majority of offices were flung open, weather stood stuffy, and conditioners ordinary workers weren't provide
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I badly remember the next two days. After the events described in the first story I became similar to the zombie – could only eat and not to think of anything. All thoughts disappeared at me from the head. All but one. That in which I imagined our ne
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… I too emotionally answered yesterday you... and today... Today I am very quiet. Most likely it because of medicines. In soul there is nothing – either pain, or rage, anything... only emptiness. And again she, angry sticky and cold, emptiness... The
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After the difficult working day I took seat in a favourite chair and was wrapped up with a blanket. In the apartment it was warm, but there was a wish for a simple cosiness. I included some series and I enjoyed hot coffee. The plot of the movie was v
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It is difficult to tell how everything so developed. I met this person 3 years, at the same time having felt the strongest and thrilling feelings of which I am only capable. Then we left, but continued to communicate, at the same time periodically me
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— Here so. Do you hold, successfully settled? — the father asked the younger son. They just three together turned the resisting girl on a stomach, broke hands for a back and seated Petter on her that held. — Here also saddled a horse. Ha, it wasn't d
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I always didn't cease, perhaps, and selfishly, but, nevertheless, the position, let in the beginning and in combination, his personal secretary is suggested to rejoice to the fact that to my wife, after only two weeks of time of her work in accounts
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Camilla had year to pension. In the last pre-retirement holiday she went to have a rest to the Black Sea. The woman was lonely, unsociable and one went usually. Here, in French Black Sea riviera her adventures which changed subsequently all her life
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All hi. Me Alexey and lately happens to me, something strange. What I will try to splash out on the sheet of paper. So we will begin. I am 29 years old, I an average constitution, of average height and with a mean. So to speak gold core of the averag
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After Bald terminated, and, grinning, I left, I sat on a lap and observed how Vitya is fucked in a mouth by the Biker. But long I hadn't to observe it as after a while the Muscleman returned and присунув to me in a mouth I forced to suck. He caressed
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Anna woke up enough early. Behind a window the sun already shone. Birds sang. The woman stretched. Having got up from a bed, I descended in a toilet. There was a wish to drink. No how to go down it was necessary to make one thing. Anna opened the cas
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Mmmm, what sweet pussy Nastya had, just a class to lick her there was a continuous pleasure...-Let's exchange the darling, the wife offered - getting down from my dick, - He at you cool licks - enough and slowly Nastenka made a purring sound. To me t
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Having woken up in the morning, Natasha long couldn't believe that events of yesterday took place to be. All it seemed a bad dream which there is a wish to forget somewhat quicker. Having cast away a blanket, the girl sat down on beds. Yesterday she
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She was called Natasha. She was the deputy director of firm therefore, at work I looked rather strictly: shoes on a small heel, a skirt are slightly higher than a knee, a soft blouse. But, as soon as the working day came to an end, she turned from "g
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This story began long ago. Once in the winter, during vacation, I came to new school to an interview. I was never a silly girl therefore accepted me quickly. But leaving now my new school, I saw the nice young man near a table of protection, on a loo
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Abakar called the apartment. The elderly, corpulent woman with the typical face of the townswoman opened. Despite age, she obviously watched the appearance, was in densely fitting trousers, is made up and curled. By sight about sixty were it. – Somet
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Everything occurred suddenly. Generally at first everything went very well, but suddenly turned over in a flash. I work for one person. His name is Oleg. He keeps several night clubs in our city. I work as the administrator in one of them. I watch or
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Hi everyone! The first story, judging by responses, was pleasant to quite much, and Sasha returns to pages of this fine website again! At numerous requests of readers, in the second part the tins level was significantly raised. Well or it is bad to j
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"Today we will have a really good time" - Svetka began to pull down a tight dress through the head up – "Damn! Help, the dress got stuck". I approached the girlfriend, her dress, damp from a heat, didn't wish to be pulled together up a back as she co
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How many went on about "others loaf" and a mouth, razinuty on him, and everything is itching to! And though it would bring someone happiness! So not, some troubles and feeling of deep dissatisfaction... Nastya went to an appointment and argued. At he
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It is the third and the story last (today) on medical subject at which I directly was present. Of course, as well as any other woman, in 35 years of such juicy cases on this subject it will be gained tens. My spouse not an exception. But she didn't l
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Okh these business trips in tmutarakansk. Hotel — the barrack, behind a board morozyaka, the main thing — works for two days, a should stick out till Friday — the schedule of planes, you understand. A in "hotele" a system corridor, conveniences in th
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I lost buttocks. In spite of the fact that it was pleasant to the husband when I opened his buttocks, he held up me it extremely seldom. However, as well as I to him. I very much was afraid if I often give to the husband in a back hole – it will stre
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I definitely don't know when everything began. He impudently entered my life, without leaving me option. At first I just began to notice often in crowd one man. He didn't do attempts to approach, just unexpectedly appeared in the same place where als
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Having taken a walk, we went home in the evening. Having come running home first of all, I took a shower, having put on a night dress and panties, I went to the bedroom. Lying in a bed, I remembered all what happened to me, remembering I gradually ca
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Genka Skvortsov, the strong forty-year-old bum, came back to Moscow from the South where went with the company same as, – outcast, on the wanderer's affairs. In the capital he usually lived in the Region of Maryina Roshcha, in new buildings. He arriv
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It was the memorable year. The majority examination and preparation for him interested, and I considering himself the beauty, the clear head and just sexy girl not too took a steam bath about it. Most of all I interested a question of a loss of virgi
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She opened a door. I entered. I behind her. The twilight of a corridor, only a dim sconce were lit by space around. At an entrance, slightly behind, the second slave was kneeling. Whore number two. He executed everything as it was ordered. I was knee
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From where your confusion? Though, probably, from your party is to what to be confused … you sit, and near you there is your man with standing as the bell tower, the dick covered with your juice. and it waves almost at the level of your person when I
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In the summer I was come to visit by the acquaintance on correspondence the musician from the far village into which he was so cruelly driven by life. Actually, he decided to stop at me especially as for years of correspondence we had excellent relat
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Dear readers. In my opinion not to examination (very much I hurried, it is visible) the second part was laid out without initial paragraphs. I hurry to correct this annoying error and I spread them now. I created to myself her separate mail when I se
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Noise of the tram irritated. The mood after a lunch was to hell and therefore instead of going home, Ania went to the center. Yes, on the minibus, on a habit. In spite of the fact that already to the rights the second year and the crossover she chose
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We met the pasha with the friend Sasha in cafe where we sat and drank beer. The high man with a full stomach, the baldish head and a friendly smile, sat down by us, and it turned out that it Sashin the chief who that-to noted with friends. No friends
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After the case described in the story "Surprise" in life, our with Ira, of nothing changed. More precisely almost anything. Everything was as before. Sometimes she was late at work – some reports, someone treated. Sometimes not strongly drunk came un
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So I will begin. I am 29 years old and I am quite ordinary young man. Of average height, a dense constitution with unusual color of eyes. With the outlook which by the way very often disturbed me in private life. All at as all people, I got acquainte
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It wasn't similar to a game any more. I lay a back on a grass and panted. Hands were reliably held behind Sashk's head, by one of my friends. On each leg two others sat, Mikh and Zhenyok. I almost couldn't move. My shirt with a short sleeve was highl
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The girl in a light blue sundress carefully slightly opened a creaking door of the stable and glanced inside. Of course, no horses here existed long ago, the building was used not for designated purpose for a long time. Stalls and feeding troughs dis
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The summer in summer camp resembled all previous - all according to the schedule and is in advance planned. Despite it I liked to spend vacation at a camp. Would be in general super if to swim more in the small river, to cancel a quiet time and a rel
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Anastasia, quietly clinking sharp heels, I paced along the corridor schools. Ten steps, turn by hundred eighty degrees, ten steps, turn. Occasionally the woman darted a troubled look at a graceful ladies' watch and "Psychologist" looked askance at a
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In the morning, we with the girlfriend gathered for passing an examination. It was already warm and I put on a short short skirt with a new blouse, and Svetka still ran on the apartment in black panties, caressed a white summer dress, at the same tim
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"Just some horror! This war develops for us worse than ever! At first news that the Empire, having secured with support of creatures from Demoniya who is in another dimension overcame the invincible empress of the seas queen Cassandra. They say, she
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History is based on real events. Names of heroes are changed. There was it last summer. Four boys caught fish on the bank of a pond. Artyom is the high dark-haired guy of 185 cm of growth broad-shouldered with haughty character, his two friends Kiril
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Vika sat on a sofa in the living room and with concentration prepared for the forthcoming hard conversation. The young woman, twenty nine years, the brunette with slightly curling long hair she was very beautiful and knew about it. The truth a full b
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Behind a window there was cloudy weather again, Andrey already forgot when the last time saw the sun, an already approached summer the end. There passed nearly a month, but nothing special occurred and Andrey began even to miss the red knave. The you
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Somehow in the morning I was going to go to work. Having kissed the wife who finished some report, I left the house I got into the car and suddenly phone rang out. The girl from the station of those of service of a car called to remind that I am writ
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1: "What is actually carried in trucks …" *** He was always very handsome man. Girls adored him and in intimate life there were no problems … But he wanted a variety … can even perversions to some extent. And he went for the answer in the Internet. H
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The third day began with the fact that a heap to the people stopped by in the car again. I managed to get up and put on, and Anyuta lay naked under a blanket, among the passengers who are scurrying about to and fro. She didn't know where there are he
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That day I came home very tired, and I just wanted to have a rest at home. But the wife Marina and her girlfriend Irina as this day there arrived my old friend of Anatoly wanted to overset my plans and they suggested me to go to the country, to fry a
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5. Having woken up, Phebe with pleasure stretched. What happiness, today day off! It is a pity only that there is no mother. Today she has a change. But Dan doesn't work. So … Between Phebe's legs it is sweet заныло in an anticipation. Yes, it is qui
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From the author: I welcome you, dear readers. I am glad to offer you the fourth work, perhaps, the most unusual of all. Not for nothing I noted her category "Strangenesses" - me she and most still it seems a little strange. It not continuation of the
dating 45+ Schellville
6. At that time, while Sley and Gamal got away through a window, the entrance door quietly opened and in a corridor there was Dan. And after him nine huge Blacks age from 28 to 35 years entered. Someone in jeans, someone in baggy trousers, someone in
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She is the elfin princess. Half-blooded. Elminiel. Among people there is just an Ale. Why among people? Too many woods in the native world didn't accept the half-blooded. Unlike Elfs Elminiel was living and direct. And in front and behind she had eno
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The interrupted holiday to 35 years Irina, is more right Irina Petrovna, so she was validly called at work of the colleague, I managed to achieve much – the position of the deputy chief of department of solid firm guaranteed her career development an
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The fourth day of captivity. The queen Cassandra with pleasure jumps on the dick of the enemy military leader who subdued her. The warrior gave up before all-consuming desire which became for her already habitual. She didn't know now whether poison h
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And again the speech will go o those far Soviet times. Having given the debt to the Homeland in ranks of the Soviet army, I returned home to the small regional town. At once I was arranged for work, but and too there was no wish to give up the hobby.
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Hi dear reader. It is the first story written by me so the request strongly strictly not to judge. This story happened to me at one student's party. Me, the first-year student and my fellow student Vitya, our girls invited to celebrate the day of rad
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My announcement was called "Paz, 23 years, for the first time", and in the text was told that I have a place and desire to devote to it all night long. I didn't begin to mention the masochistic bents, but in a rush of excitement added: "Your dick wil
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Sasha tensely stared in the monitor sitting in kitchen while Masha remembered the words of the classic: "22 bulls in pants run across the field of idle." For one of them at the moment there was nothing except soccer, and for the second - nothing exce