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Vika the beauty the first-year student, sat in a compartment and looked out of the window on the moving-away platform. She couldn't wait when she arrives to the friends and when again study begins, and those cheerful days on which she managed to miss
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Description: "From the childhood I grew not at it as all. Constantly I was closed, I didn't want to talk to anybody. In the childhood I was driven to different psychologists, and then ceased, having noted several councils. For example, to walk more.
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Actions happen in the fictional country which never and anywhere existed. The main characters and intermediate faces, as well as all events described in the story are a fruit of imagination of the author – no more. I ask to consider all coincidence m
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In 16 years, Mark was very nice guy, his growth was 165 cm, the weight of 55 kg, the person was very cute and for this reason the boy had great success with little girls, but Mark dreamed of another. As in one youth magazine he saw the announcement t
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I stood behind the scenes and looked at the stage shipped in darkness. I was captured by nervousness and fear. — Nothing — I calmed myself — it always before a premiere. No the fear didn't leave anywhere, it held my ball sack in a cold fist. — Sudden
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Sometimes Olga Vladimirovna suddenly began to tell me about the former relationship with the student Masha. Whether to tease me, whether just because the situation reminded her something from the past. And each history made horney me to insanity. — O
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History is absolutely real. There passed a lot of time from the moment of writing of my first story under the name "my opening", it is not my natural laziness, just in my life nothing such occurred (and it is so a pity), occurred … until recently. I
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… The call rang out, the lesson of geography ended. At teachers the meeting therefore pupils after the fourth lesson were allowed to go home … – Korablev had to begin, be late for a couple of minutes, - Evgenia Sergeyevna told. She waited until other
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Maybe it is worth leaving? Why in general I was declared here? So I thought, standing at an old wooden wall. Once there was a Small university gym, but as far as I knew, it five as was used years by nobody. Here I was brought only by piece of paper.
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Spring … Light time awakenings and restoration. It is time when in air appear a smell of the blossoming flowers when after a long break rains when the light sun again brightly shines the plants which are waking up after long hibernation begin to wash
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For the first time, after long-term absence of each other yes the foreseeable horizon, we happened upon them - went together by the minibus. And though special reasons for joy it seems weren't, however and quarrels per se serious weren't. Tried to ge
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I hurry home after work. Today Friday, day of the rent. I pay the owner of the apartment, Gerry, two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I carefully observe the contract – and, besides, I need really very to pay a rent exactly today. By the way, m
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Roma sat in the Mercedes and, having closed eyes, listened to music. On a windshield with deaf knock heavy rain drops fell. There was a Friday, the working day came to an end. Suddenly the door of the car was opened, and the guy flopped on a front ch
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This story still proceeds, and only God knows how many still I will be near him, or he near me. He has tremendous perfume when the distance between us decreases the head begins to be turned from aroma. He is my friend, just a friend, careful, smiling
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My name is Ania. I am twenty three years old. Acquaintances often call me the real Russian beauty. They have on that bases without any humour – I have a beautiful Slavic face with chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and a figure which men just adore. I with
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(lane. with English.) Akh why I in general agreed to it? Moe heart fights so quickly that I think — it can blow up! I never decided to go completely bared below a waist, but today my turn beyond borders of the hostel. Allow me to tell you as I got to
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Periodically I was visited by desire to meet men, them I, as well as you, got acquainted on the Internet, on the websites. It passed as a rule during the working day. The office in which there are I my colleague is in the end of the building where wi
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Saturday, and I go on a long hangar warehouse. After all it is bad that I got sick that day when the department was decided to be sent to a business trip. In the room with two tables, with four chairs and blank walls without windows, in a far corner
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Houses at Yulya me first of all forced to undress, then handed rags, the vacuum cleaner and sent to tide up. Girls took seat near a computer and began to drink someone beer and someone wine and to watch some erotic animated cartoons. I wanted to cry
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We lay in the beds weakened and tired nearby: Olga Vladimirovna — on a back, and I a row, on one side, admiring her long hair swept on pillows. Lines of her face and the line of a body bewitched me — a velvet skin, a pole on a neck and beautiful cont
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Sasha sat in the apartment and thought. How didn't he guess at once? This little girl... Just threw him in shock when he saw her in the apartment at Roma. In the head the picture emerged again: a wide white bed and on her the girl. Her hands of a zak
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The decision was made absolutely spontaneously! Under knock of wheels of the railway express Rita remembered events of the last days. They spent together much time: walked, went together to have dinner and supper, watched film... And she already didn
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Somewhere, черз half an hour, Madam left a bathtub. On her the long red dressing gown was put on. The slave sat naked where it was ordered. Madam of the village of NP sofa. - Tell what new is in the world? - the hostess told, having begun to comb hai
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That evening I needed to exhaust as at the end of the working day the chief reported that my affairs are bad. The client with whom I worked the last two weeks refused the contract, quite foggy having explained the reasons. The chief, of course, decid
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I will tell you a strange story about that as I from the guy turned into a pretty female and over time became the queen of the most successful and dissolute whores chippies of the city, from those which walk with the dick between legs. Names surnames
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I lay on the bed just fucked in all holes. The bum burned and itched. In a mouth there was a taste of a cum … But all the same I was happy with an event, let I also imagined the first man in a different way. I thought that we with him will have an un
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The story is written at the reader's request. All names of characters are changed. The story turned out chaotic, is written to short time and under a certain mood. The sent plot was changed, but the customer changes remained dovolenya strongly, softl
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Though a subject quite hackneyed, but the case was and from a song you won't throw out a word. To us with the spouse then was years on thirty. We from Poland went and the spouse suddenly asked to come to her relatives to the remote village, at the Be
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I never liked conferences and business meetings, but, am afraid, in modern conditions they are inevitable. Long speeches about sales, interesting, as stories about growth of a grass; collecting foolish brochures and advertizing leaves of the companie
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For those someone didn't read the previous stories of this epic trilogy I remind that as a result of a casual experiment I appeared in the distant future, namely in 2212. Having found out that people completely studied mechanisms of management of tim
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(The small poem from student's life. DAS - the house of the graduate student and trainee in Moscow in Cheryomushki, MSU hostel). There is over Moscow the sun, Beams grabbing curtains. I looked out of a window - From a white concrete time. I breathe o
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(I strongly recommend to read at first the first part of the story) Irishka timidly, but with passion sparks in eyes I began to break off motley paper. I decided not to disturb her and to descend to smoke to cool down a little. - I will return soon.
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I lived in ordinary family... The father drank eternally and walked on the left, and mother suffered all this and refused gets divorced. I said: - He is your father!!! But I saw as she suffered!!!... But she divorced. Recently... I found replacement.
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Next awakening. Catherine woke up from the fact that some parts of the body, and so tired and sick, began to give certain signals. The reason as, it seems, I could understand Pond, I was that someone decided to touch it in a dream. Why all body so hu
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The first love came to me to the depth of summer. To me then was sixteen, and this age fitted me as any another: gentle regular features, long light brown hair, slim flexible figure and long fine-molded legs. Rest at the grandmother with the grandfat
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Heute habe ich ihn noch ein Mal in einem Traum gesehen. Niemand weiss wie schwer es für mich daran zu denken, und verstehen dass es keine Chancen gibt. MeineSeeleist totalverödet … … On the flat screen of the laptop his beautiful, digital face which
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All hi. Once long ago I was called Masha, but now I – only a ball sack. I was cheerful and quite nice little girl. I had all as at all. But it happened that in a class because of one my rash offense at first treated me strange, and gradually, under p
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She goes on the boulevard osennemuv the refined white coat. Vo vzgyadakh greedy bathes, luxuriates. They excite with ee as if wine. And all look at it with admiration, Unique want to possess. There is a lot of them — those someone are ready to tempta
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We overslept in the forenoon. Threw off to our bitch sms: "we wait in half an hour at restaurant!", then went to have a dinner. Elena came without delay, freshened up and obviously diligently smartened up. During a lunch we enjoyed the power, sending
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For about a minute Ksenya remembered all incident. So, yesterday she got acquainted with the guy who, however, was quite already adult uncle, then spent with him night, and now this uncle called her in marriage. Gradually she began to realize all non
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How many years already argue on a subject whether friendship between the man and the woman is possible, or anyway someone from them will want sex at some point... Personally I from the experience can tell - don't believe in these fairy tales about fr
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This story about four girlfriends who decided to spend at last time for the sea without the young people (someone had them), and just to be delayed together: Inna, Tamara, Katya, Sveta and her elder brother Maxim whom girls were forced to take with t
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The next morning Inna set for herself the accurate object - to forget about an event of yesterday evening. She got the most favourite bathing suit-bodi, he was a little small, and from above also is slightly transparent therefore he a fine breast of
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After the birth of the second child of the spouse I was anxious with the figure. I suggested her to go to fitness classes. She long looked for where to go and at last chose small club where her many employees went. The spouse willingly told me that t
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My friend decided to marry and call all the friends to celebrate this remarkable event. The place was chosen very successfully: in Moscow area, absolutely nearby, but, at the same time, the nature was remarkable. A beautiful pond in the forest, singi
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Janka approached to the door, thinking about what to talk to Romka. Without having thought up anything, I decided what should be improvised. She slightly opened a door, and lost a speech power. In the room there were two - her acquaintance, Romka Bul
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Roma sat in the Mercedes and, having closed eyes, listened to music. On a windshield with deaf knock heavy rain drops fell. There was a Friday, the working day came to an end. Suddenly the door of the car was opened, and the guy flopped on a front ch
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Yulya sat in coffee shop with a cup of herbal tea on a small beige chair and waited for the girlfriend schoolmate. I sat, all in the thoughts. Out of them she was brought by a strange stare of the man sitting opposite. It was the tall man of years of
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Having come home after the beach adventures I threw the clothes smelling of a cum in washing, a from above threw with what-to old fatherly shirt. I looked at myself in a mirror — because of the size of my breast, it was clasped only on a stomach, pul
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Half-naked Tatyana Viktorovna accommodated on a chair, got up on knees, was developed to me by the back, and leaned the elbows about a back. Her jacket rolled on a book pile nearby, the brassiere was lowered a little, and slightly propped up her brea
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I am Andrey. I am 23 years old. I went to the Far East to the former colleague on army last summer. Walking on the city waiting for the termination of the working day to drink a beer with Kirill, I came into summer cafe. Having taken Stella's small b
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Terrestrial women couldn't sustain the power of his passion. But She was special. With her he could do all the focuses. In her sort there were highest beings therefore, her organism had property to self-repair. But the demon didn't want to disclose h
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It is difficult to tell how everything began. On the other side of strangenesses in me is enough so I am not surprised with at all addictions. Nevertheless, at already age of reason, during viewing of a pornography, I liked to look as fuck guys tranc
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I am Andrey. I am 23 years old. I went to the Far East to the former colleague on army last summer. Walking on the city waiting for the termination of the working day to drink a beer with Kirill, I came into summer cafe. Having taken Stella's small b
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The whore understood that she doesn't control a situation any more that she played. There was no day when the guys who are made horney to a limit wouldn't stick to her. All situation began to remind just hunting of young hungry males for a techny fem
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At last I reached to St. Petersburg. At the station I was met by Irishka the student of the first course of teacher training college, my tiny slender thin, very sexy girl of 163 cm in height and weighing 42 kg, with a beautiful face, an elastic breas
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Our games in "cards" continued approximately half of year. Unfortunately to meet often at us didn't leave … Mishin mother didn't let him anywhere, girls had occupations or they just didn't want (as we with Mischa suspected, they had them monthly), an
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Here and I decided to share the story with all of you. I will begin from the very beginning. Already at teenage age I began to show interest in sex, watched a porn movies, etc. The guy I high, slender, beautiful as speak to me little girls. In a word
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Kirill sat in a big easy chair and watched closely the action happening before him. Ania – his girl – with a black mask for a dream in the eyes and a plastic spherical gag in a mouth powerlessly hung on the chain which chained her hands to a ceiling.
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She stood, having bent and having moved apart legs and, teasing me with a tip of a pink uvula, moved an ass from the party to the party and from above-down. — Nuu, that you, darling! Sui already! Admiring her ass, I nearly forgot why she jumped off.