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"The father, mother, behead me, I can't suffer from this pain any more... "I screamed and all woke up in sticky sweat. My God, again this dream haunts me. Passed already nearly half a year since we with the wife buried our five-year-old daughter. The
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Once very long time ago, so long ago, that I already also forgot that it was actually, but not in the fairy tale when I had no family yet. Also there were no two of my daughters. Here when I about myself thought out something, I always called myself
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... It was pleasant to Alain's chief. He with obvious sympathy asked it - that she finished where worked. His eyes felt her figure, in a voice the purring intonations were heard. Good-natured fat man. At once I offered a konyachka "for effective coop
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"No, she because of it won't lose such place. Let he does with her everything that wants, she will tell nothing to owners, his parents. It is unknown how the hostess will treat it. She can not believe that everything that now occurs, is his initiativ
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Before leaving of guests Zhanna greased their anuses with special structure as their back holes were just deprived of virginity, and they should be developed and developed still and therefore - to protect. - Phil, listen now that we should turn in te
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We have with Yulya a wonderful family. We together 17 years. We have already almost adult daughter who almost always lives in our second apartment, having left us to enjoy full-fledged life. My Yulya very much loves sex, and it isn't important with s
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... And when got into the elevator, I hoped that will catch up and will stop and when left an entrance - several times I looked back... Naive... I wandered about streets, even almost without thinking of anything, I considered houses, trees, admired t
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original conversation from a chat (pvt) 3:23:28 AM El Misti: I already in private03:23:36 Anastasia __ Cat _: Viizhu =) 3:23:53 AM El Misti: how many years to you milaya03:24:03 Anastasia __ Cat _: To me.... well =) 17 there isn't enough.... In total
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If slightly to blink short-sighted eyes, then it is possible to see time on the electronic clock. The half-seventh the sun already shines, making the way in a shchelochka between curtains. "Tonkovata of a zanavesochka, it is advisable to buy grow sto
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Johnny didn't understand why he arrived to this house. Just since morning Jett came and told that this evening he, Ug and Mark are going to carry out in the house at one acquaintance. There will be four girls and they lack one guy. John has to become
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Every summer I had a rest at the dacha in the Odintsovo district. On the one hand - it is crowded, a giving circle, but there is also rather extensive grove and two ponds, and across the field, gradually too built up by dachas - the station of the el
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I wanted to drag him in a bed for a long time and today such case was presented. He as usual didn't notice me and took away an accidental look. All day at me ached between legs, I want it, and I will receive it. I decided and approached to it. - Hi,
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This story on the drunk was told by one nowadays high-ranking official from the category of the presidential nomenclature. His majestic muzzle quite often flashes in the TV, reflecting gloomy care of our food abundance. It is difficult believed that
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Silk!. The massive steel door slammed, and Clark appeared in a trap. The damned old man Simmons managed to press the button and to bar a way to flight. However … Clark grinned, looking at the body of the director of Simmons and Sons concern spread ne
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Strong cross-country you sent a ball in the field of near line again. Yes, blows were excellent, but, apparently, not they helped you to smash me a set behind a set. I hardly could concentrate on a ball during reception, and dullly shot own giving in
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I stood behind an oak door which covered an entrance to the nursery.... She lay on a snow-white carpet with long and madly soft pile, appear, that her gentle rozovenky little body just about will roll in him.... By sight no more, a light-golubenkaya
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Already being exhausted from infinite caress, I asked him to take pity and enter me Nothing without having told, gesture of the conjurer he got from where-to from the clothes scattered around condom and one dexterous movement fitted him the unit pour
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Having arrived home Ulyana was locked in the room. Here hour she sat and tried to analyse a situation in which it appeared. It was thought by her badly. The heap of different thoughts was at the tip of the tongue and everything was as if in fog. She
one night friend Haileyville
He got acquainted with Davydova's Tick in holiday house. She was filosofiny, graduated from faculty of philology of MSU and worked at Institute of philosophy of Academy of Sciences now. They appeared at one table. Acquaintance continued in Moscow. Th
65+ dating Witter
That day I left school a bit earlier because felt unwell. My sister worked in hospital, and I called her. She told that I went home and laid down to have a rest, she will take care of everything. I drank houses to tea and already wanted to change clo
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The call of phone pulled out me from a semi-sleepiness as a shot. Unexpectedly and persistently. I got up from a sofa where lay and listened to music, on the verge of a dream and reality. I approached a table and I took the call. - Hallo. - Hi! I ret
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She: Already I took off pants. So just you can't lie down? He: The elastic band presses. And yes why we will just lie? Let's enjoy. She: Leave me alone. Every time same. Only also you know. He: All right, all right, don't become angry. We will just l
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There was a wedding. The obvious Mongoloid (Anatoli Ten-Pak) was a groom; the bride (Lyudmila Kirovskaya) had blue eyes and white curls. At first there was an internationalism. Subsequently were differentiated: at the left, it is generally noisy and
dating 50 year old man Saint Rosa
It became unimaginably boring to live, and, by the way, the fine sunny weather adds despondency. To Ha Street there came the spring, the summer approaches, birds silly women absolutely went crazy, and in life nothing occurs. Eh, melancholy! I thumb t
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Harry ran down a corridor after Ron who was far quicker Harry. They waited for this moment so long. They stopped to consult the map and at once rushed off further. - We have to be in time before she makes it, - Ron told. Harry already knew that they
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In the bus there were not a lot of people as I assumed at first. I made the way on the most back seat and decided to take a nap: the path was coming not close. Only I closed eyes and was going to taste the most sweet dream as I through smezhenny eyel
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Today he got up early. He walked on familiar Twenty first, his thought had head far in the clouds. Having turned on already familiar street with the treasured two-storeyed White House, he corrected the suit and walked further. He didn't even notice t
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The other day in the gym of one of the Moscow schools there took place competitions, unusual so far for Russia. Athletes competed in such strange type of karate as Win-Dao-Jan. So what? - Do you ask, - And here sex? And while this style, along with m
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In the morning I woke up, looked at the wife sleeping nearby and understood that other family life began absolutely. Here I also achieved what I wanted — yesterday my wife became a whore. She moved apart the legs before other man, laid down under him
mingle dating Collamer Ya - the young woman. Not so young, as in twenty years to fuck as rabbits and to consider how many times turned out. I just at that age when pleasure brings not quantity, but process any more. I lost virginity in 15 years, then there
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Jump..... Your body flew by me, pierced in a blue smooth surface of water and was dissolved in the depth of the pool. The waves which are calming down after such splash caused in me inflow of desire. I is captivated I observed how your silhouette swi
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(based on the story of the same name of A.P. Chekhov) the Outdoor adviser Semyon Petrovich Podtykin examined himself from legs to the head in a mirror, poured out for greater effect on a bald head a quarter of a bottle of spirits, wrapped up the silk
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The lump - tears was driven to a throat. Everything contracted from pain, and the only place where it was possible to hide, there was a bathtub. Having closed a door, she threw off from herself clothes and stepped into a cold bottom of a bathtub. Hav
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- And what then art? - To speak about art, it is necessary to remove first of all for itself the following postulate, an axiom. Art - is that other as ascertaining of some facts and actions having esthetic value for a certain period of time. That is
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The cool of summer evening, gentle music of the nature, candle draw in detail strange figures on walls... At last I one, with you, with thoughts of you... My body absorbs the water drops which remained after a shower, I naked lie on a very broad bed
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Harry stood and looked at the tiny, but slender daughter who lay before him naked, widely moving apart the pink vulvar lips. She played with the nipples, turning them between fingers and nails. Then I tightened knees to a breast, opening the small br
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I will can't understand as the Czech princess Libushe feels in the next world. In due time, in the ninth century, it, according to the legend, standing on the hill and beholding gradually Vltava murmuring under legs, I foretold that soon on this plac
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Why did he leave so for a long time? Now I sit here, on a shop in the dark about even not mine familiar, and the acquaintance of my acquaintances. I see that he nothing. From his thin body smells of drugs, he is younger than me, he has no experience,
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This story happened to me five years ago. We with friends went hiking. There was us a person 10 - 6 men and 4 women. I had to sleep in a tent with Vadim, but he got sick and didn't arrive to the station. I already decided that I will sleep one, but i
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I suspected o remarkable property of water long ago — calm. Ne I will press in questions of contemplation of the movement of water - it is the whole philosophy. I very much like now participation of water in a relationship of people. Information and
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Irina Vladimirovna with pleasure walked on the evening beach, enjoying a fresh breeze, motley crowd of vacationers, listening attentively to the Russian and Ukrainian speech. Pleasant thoughts slowly floated in consciousness of the young teacher of R
one night friend De Armanville
Flight came to an end, and I again indignantly came back to a morning conversation. David refused to fly, for the reason that... World Cup! It that - the reason? Well, of course, I the newcomer - me and to be answerable. Too to me, business trip. "A
dating 50 plus Loop
Shadow. Legend Ishumeriya. Beginning 3000 BC. Enklav, the governor of the city of Eriduk, climbed emerald steps of the palace to the luxurious bedchamber. There he was expected by divine young Frereri. Lord Enklav worried as it was their first marria
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He liked to caress my body language... he always did it gently and accurately, kind of being afraid to hurt me. He always began with an ear lobe, perfectly knowing that from one touch, on my back goosebumps began to run and the head was turned. Furth
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In a black whirlpool a stolitsystolpnik the Angel is uplifted (O. Mandelstam) Each time when Marina came to St. Petersburg, she went at first along the route chosen by her long ago. The subway took out her from Baltiysky Railway station on Vosstaniya
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I wish health, companions readers! All the perversion, subsequent to these words, was written by Me, it is love_girl, and with edition of the text I was helped by Lesovik. We can check out all your responses on soap. If you want to co
dating in your 30s W Brookfield
I like to go to church. I hated earlier, and now I love. On Sunday morning I get up in high spirits, I don't luxuriate, as usual, he is lazy stretching, and I bend down, having crossed hands I undertake a hem, and one movement through the head I thro
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- Mrs. Redgrave! — Lady Sviting was inclined so low that her pearl beads nearly got to sauce. — You, has to be, you can't find any peace from one thought to meet your husband? Louise Redgrave secretly sighed. Memories of the husband — the bore Edward
dating 60+ Fort Bragg Military
I know a little that someone have no children what torture is. Well which of not parents knows what the first days of kcal at the baby represents greenish weight what just born child is ready to shootings in the horror film or that shout from them it
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The heavy jeep ironed the highway, flat to the horizon. Morning from time to time begins to drizzle the rain in a second developing into heavy rain, and in a minute the windshield reminds of a past only rare, hardly noticeable drops. They are three.
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The magnetic field what force it wouldn't be, couldn't affect abilities of a chifta to communication. So that Andrey how many I wasn't surprised when the portable device of communication hidden in a corner of a niche Vita's voice recovered and was he
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Andrey's wife, the Iranian, arrived to Riga all a few years ago, hardly speaking in Russian, in a year not only in Russian, but ipo-Latvian began to speak absolutely fluently, without accent. Chertznayet, just mad will power at the person! I came to
meet singles near me Dahlia
To weld a noodles bag business simple. Shreds habitually makes bricks and sets fire to three tablets of dry fuel. The benefit - I stocked up in time... Some car threw off the whole bag. Probably, till summer will be enough. Here in general everything
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Once upon a time there was a spider, not the spider, but huge such, shaggy and greedy female spider is more faithful. Also she had a good time the fact that she caught in network of people. Different people: cheerful and boring, big and small, rich a
dating 45+ Diplomat Plaza
GARY BRANDNERNIZKIYE, black clouds erased stars from the sky over Man. Logs of the old farmer house squeaked. Mathew Crichton lay in the house under a sheet, damp from sweat, and swore on the mosquito singing in the dark over his nose. On a bedside t
chat and date Jard De Guamani
... I then worked in regional consultation. Gynecologist, by itself. Why I went to study as the gynecologist? And you don't understand that! Well, of course, to watch and touch women there. But then that I already also saw enough and natrogatsya to t
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The sweat droplets which appeared on her breast reflected sparks of the log smoldering in a fireplace as thousands of mirrors. The silence of this mysterious and really magic night was broken from time to time by her shrill groans which are calming d
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She was kneeling. Before the moved apart knees of the adored Hozyain. Her Owner sat on this chair absolutely naked as if the tsar for whom there are no bans. His pose was weakened and even negligent. He with interest looked down on the obsequious suc
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There was a usual morning of the usual working day... This morning what didn't differ from a chain of a set of the same usual days in... As always the doors of the elevator were opened with a deaf sound on the necessary floor. She went out of the ele
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On the street already darkened. Passersby, muffling up more densely in the clothes came back home. I sat in cafe at a window and waited for you. To be honest, that at me already at one thought of your emergence became close in trousers... We told eac