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The ringing silence... Cool wind... open window... the curtain fights for the life... wind tries to pull out it from a den.... From a shelter, habitual for her.... Tries to break her from rings............. Silences.... Nothing can break it... I seem
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Kind day, unfamiliar readers. Even I don't know what to begin the story with. From one party, I don't want to chafe soul at all and to remember o all that so me happened in this year a with another, I need just to be uttered. Therefore obediently I a
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MICHAEL GARRETTVPERVYE in the history of "Rolling Stones" came to the city, and Jack Hollend was going to exploit a supergroup visit. He stood in front of the mirror, turning the head here and there, throwing up a chin, trying to smile in all thirty
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He opened the door of the apartment, and we entered. Why he, actually, has to be limity? Yes he it is simple how all of us, I was bothered to live in smelly nine-storey buildings with reptiles in kitchens and walls, gray from decay. Therefore bought
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- The loser does massage! And the loser - as always - She is an eternal gambling dvoyechnitsa. The husband with the friend laugh in an anticipation of tender long fingers and strong palms on the backs. The husband is extended as a seal on the sun, on
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I admit, to me those stories including which aren't invented are a little surprising where boys by hook or by crook try to peep for little girls, and little girls - for boys. Probably, if they were brought up as me with the sister, then and unhealthy
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I extremely liked the young neighbor living on our floor. Since that moment when I for the first time got acquainted with her, she woke up in me feeling bigger, than just sympathy. This feeling of passion who was fated to be realized. Once, returning
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Venus and Serena waited for this evening as the children invited to birthday. In circles of lesbians celebrities legends of Martina Navratilova's parties went, and this promised to be special. Many famous tennis-players with a world name were invited
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In the parking it was empty. Yury clicked the lighter, getting a light a cigarette. - It is time to give up to you alcohol, the old man, - addressed he Sergey. - You have only a look at yourself, oh my God. - Let's leave all these unnecessary words,
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(EROS (it is written, as a result of own experience) 06.07.2001) Feeling, the feeling arose. It wasn't such as earlier, in them the animal who wanted one - an orgasm woke up. The nature, the beginning, such beginning arose only between them, it calle
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I am an artist. Female nature - concerns. But the man in me was always stronger than the artist. Now I draw on this nature. If you only knew how it is fine: under your hands the female body blossoms and discloses the true beauty. It is sure, only the
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There was a warm evening. Having walked down the street they came to her to the apartment. Something was special this day, and both of them realized that today something has to occur. He knew that his beautiful, sunny girl is still innocent, but neve
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The young girl on a name Aleksandra carried all day pre-election leaflets on houses in hope to earn though what-to money. She any more not time was hinted that the girl with such expressive appearance should have no financial problems. The speech, of
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City splinters, like thoughts, are hammered into zemlyuchtoba to be buried in her not navechnostra of a wrong move imprinted in a pamyatiya the caution back so scrapes also a knowledge davitnevozmozhnost that will be in budushchempridat meaning of li
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I accidentally found these leaves in a table of our audience to someone they could belong — I don't know, but seemed curious. "I don't sleep again this night and I write in the ispovedalnik. My lover is engaged in a pornography. My lover writes mean
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My correspondence with the 17th summer girl on smstebe is pleasant to suck a dick? - No, though if I am strongly horney... yes. Do you like to swallow of a cum? - I should make it for you. It is pleasant to you? - All this because of my chubby lips.
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Women, as we know, are auditory.... She felt not very well. Since the morning ears strainedly hooted as if the smoked bee took her head for airfield and again requested landing. From where did this misfortune undertake? The calendar card which only c
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Halloween always was in our house the most favourite holiday. My mother every time tried to make for me and my elder brother the best suits. We never bought them, and all sewed the hands. Mother spent long hours, composing unique images and embodying
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Yesterday I on a visit had a very old friend. He is 36 years old, he is married, and the wife is more senior than him for 5 years. We drank beer and he as usual told about that as he adores the wife. She is a brunette with the raised vegetation, and
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Good morning charm how it was fallen down? you all night long so nestled, groaned and even once screamed among night... what dreamed you the baby? I take gently a hand on the velvety hair which got off in a night, I press you all strong and gently to
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JEFF DZHELBMAYK Crawford cast four drunk beer bottles in the grill bar toilet urinal "The Virginia cedar". Inspecting a dimly lit room, I noticed the inscription made lipstick over a mirror which lasted along sinks. "Sucks Syuz", - the inscription sa
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Was hot and boringly. Polinka vegetated all day at the corner of Sretenka and Sretensky Deadlock near shoe shop, inertly trading in books from a tray, - now she curtailed the trade. There was some long-haired guy, thrust to carry out. In a dead end s
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The cabin of the elevator was made with taste, there was both a mirror and a soft convenient sofa and comfortably light from above fell... It went in the elevator, and it was boring for it one. It was strongly horney and didn't recognize itself today
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My chief sat in the living room with full got down eyes on a sofa and did a look that ee interests ee the smartphone, thus drops distorted the image in a look transparent linzochek. I brushed away tears, I included the mode "mirror", "I dressed" an o
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He went to the beautiful big house which constantly visited within the last several years, but now at his heart there was no that joyful feeling of an anticipation of pleasant evening. He only felt fatigue and hopelessness. Probably, once this magnif
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Sex dangerous piece. In process of growing it becomes an idol and you serve him looking for everything new and new forms of sophisticated satisfaction of the lust. Sometimes thoughts seem terrible, but this that someone is a man - a male actually. An
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Karmazin lay on a bed. There was no wish to get up. Already several times he moved the body, but the low winter Sun found him through a crack between the old faded curtains. - No, there is no wish to get up positively! - he said loudly. - What? Did y
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- Please, help me. Today second day of a booze. For delirium tremens perhaps rather early... And never was it at me. I lie at home on a sofa. In the one-room hole. I know, on a table slightly started vodka bottle nearby. I feel that it is time to hel
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We with you, slowly, go on what - that to a public garden, having joined hands. Around trees and high bushes rustle with foliage. And, suddenly, I realize that all this the dream, and at me arises desire to play pranks. In a dream even what you won't
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There was a wonderful summer evening. Black clouds tightened the sky; I began to pokrapyvat a rain: And nevertheless for it evening was wonderful. He went but Twenty First Street, to him was on everything to spit. Just he received dismissal. Just two
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What is the fairy tale? Where does the reality come to an end and this world amazing and incomprehensible begins? You can never learn it, and you can... But not all at once. Someone is created for family life and eternal fidelity to one - darling. Bu
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Earlier everything was normal. When she became slightly more, you took away her, is more faithful than her a part. And my Soul became easier. - As it in the people is told... "At heart felt better". I with such pleasure gave you IT, gave... And from
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Already the rooster shouted, not to leave any more, now to wait for the first beam. Ridiculously told, huh? The first beam, the first - it is the last. And in the room it is dark still, quietly so, and you breathe quietly... would listen and would lo
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To my Deniska... Happiness. What can make the person happy? There will be exactly so many Otvetov how many people will hear this question, and all of them will be different. Some consider that for happiness they would have enough money, others are ea
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That night I so also couldn't fall asleep, the face of my tyrant, his farewell grin was always on the mind. To me it was frankly terrible, it seemed that just about he will rush into the room and again everything will repeat. Next morning I was incre
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From twenty five meter heights of "Big wheel" the park was looked through especially well. And not only park. All old city lay clearly. Dmitriyev attentively examined the economy entrusted to him... whether the joke, is more than thirty hectares of o
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When they left restaurant, there was already real southern night. Crossed brightly lit square in front of department store, passed meters two hundred on the main avenue resort small towns and began to climb the spiral staircase stuck to a white wall.
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This evening as always it was lonely and boring, besides on mentality pressed four walls and the screen of the monitor which became to the family to tears. Except the iron friend and the intellectual Internet in my sexual life more was nobody already
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You rush on equal as a mirror, the route. The car is obedient and the slightest reacts to everyone, even, desire of the driver. You derive pleasure from speed, from warm dry wind which rushes into open windows, from the music sounding in salon. But h
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The feast hooted the second day. The May Day walked over the country! Of course, demonstrations weren't now, but announcers on the TV set though with curve smiles, but tell everything how the country celebrates a favourite holiday. And where they, bi
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Iyun1 June. Expensive diary, at last I graduated from school! Passed long twelve years!!! Now to me eighteen, and feeling such as if anew I was born!!! Mike invited me to go tonight with him to the lake, I wait, I won't wait when he comes for me. He
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Part one: "Carries away us to the magic country" the Girl stood in a stream of the sunlight which was breaking through a window. Admiring the naked body which is reflected to the utmost in a mirror she touched the elastic boobies. Small, but very sen
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Already again Victor passed through the gate which were lop-sided from time. The second year he monthly passed through them to reach labor exchange. The profession of the electronics engineer became unnecessary in this city for a long time. In empty
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"The horror and fate pursued the person from time immemorial". AA. - A. On "to Deny god - to deny to sebyaotritsat a devil - недооцениватьсебя". M. Lapshin. A prolog.B a brown raincoat with fragmentary sleeves, voluptuous cavalryman's walk, early in
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In my life there were a lot of things... Meanness, unfaithfulness, tears and just treachery... This and many other things... Before I came to the present... I am pleasant to much, many ask a photo for memory, a bigger quantity shakes from me phone...
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Ne I know precisely when and what it began with. Probably from the fact that looking through a porn on the Internet once accidentally I came across the website of swingers. Especially I was struck by one Moscow family couple where the husband invited
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"Well for a three, Manet, well sell...", the filthy drunkard, nearly улегшись on a counter of rural snack bar with truly Ukrainian name "tearfully begged Mr? I", that is "dream"... And strict Manya as a knife on heart and soul of the debauchee cut of
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I take you on hands and I turn. I turn... Mad turns, the heads are turned, we fall by the earth as fallen angels... To kiss, kiss. No! At first to caress. Hands are let go in gentle dance. Dance, slightly shaking fingers on each bend. There is a neck
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We met her at the end of November, 1999 in Moscow. We will call her Arina. For some reason I passed in the car near to/t the Urals. I went from parents, this day to me pulled out two teeth. The mood was awful. I worked then in shop, affairs already w
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Call to a door..... I know that it You.... You as always are late for about 10 minutes. We saw each other only yesterday, but desire of meetings is so big that it resembles a disease more. I try to make each our meeting unforgettable. It seems to me,
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Head PERVAYADNEVNIK PHILIPP MENSFILDATAM, where silence, there pain; where music, there often pain is distributed; where absence, there pain. And sometimes everything merges together even if darling is near, and this pain as a veil before eyes, hardl
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To go to shop where Lana worked, was already late, and Samoletov went directly to hotel where she lived. Having curtailed from the seventeenth highway which is at the same time and the main street of the town on the eighth southern, he saw the name "
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That this strange, reminding a feverish fever, excitement could mean? With big surprise he listened to himself, watching the girl of average height who stiffened before high in human growth, a mirror. Years to her by sight 18, she has voluminous hair
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Somehow time in one of especially hot summer days when, apparently, hot air waves dense waves and even wind doesn't give relief. I sat on a visit at the girlfriend Anastasia. We escaped from a heat in her old private house, talked, drank cold red win
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They swore again. Again these unclear reproaches and indifference. Yes, indifference, she wants to leave from it. Why she doesn't understand how he loves her that she one is necessary to him for the rest of life. He is ready for everything for the sa
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He saw its the first. Yes she should be noticed... Bright letters of her messages were distinctly allocated on the black screen of the monitor. "Girl"... - flew at him in the head. Of course, girl. Unless the man could choose to himself such fine nic
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Having woken up early in the morning, I watched how solar light slowly but surely made the way on a scarlet sheet to her small leg, accurately on fingers it continued the way all higher. I decided to do that-zhe most, only lips. Here I kiss ee finger
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About love it is written perhaps already so many that and not to read to me for all life, however as it is unique in this world of people and there is a wish to express as if it really occurs for the first time in this world. Love... Kindness... Tend
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Amazingly, but by results of the sociological researches conducted at schools, a third of senior pupils persistently dream to become prostitutes. And it is future mothers of Russia. The first in the classic of Ry became to sixteen years one of the mo
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My name is Anna. To me 21 years. I work as the cashier in grocery store. Salary at me not really big, but it is possible to live. I write this story, hoping to earn from it a little. This story about one fantastic episode of my life. He is taken from