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It is ridiculous to sit at the computer and to hollow on keys, gathering any nonsense. It is even more ridiculous to pull before it white socks and to sit at the computer in pants and socks. But much more everything the fact that nearby the woman lie
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It was the dream, otherwise I missed the happiness, missed that gold sparkle which flashes and can instantly go out in our, such short lives!!! I went early in the morning to the sea when the sun ascends and the nature, disclosing the forces, wakes u
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For quite some time now, I opened for myself the world of a cybersex. I heard from girlfriends about it much and as they communicate on the Internet as they are made horney by such communication and that it is possible to masturbate directly at the m
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I remember one remarkable plot from the violent biography. I somersault in a bed with one muzhchinka. Nice, charming, under a blanket is able much. That the most remarkable, there is no set of dribbling stereotypes. We understand both that now we wil
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Her sink was wet and friable, after merge. Semen flowed out from it outside, beautifully gleaming against the background of a failure of her hole expanded now, gaping. Highly raised clitoris, seemed to me a corner of my obstacle, a cozy back street i
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Morning!!! It is time to get up!!!... having stretched she got up from a bed, day promised to be good. in a window the sun shone... today there was a wish to look beautiful and attractive. the mask of the boy was thrown off. she put on silk stockings
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How many? Forty more minutes? Blyayayay! Metal plate fly. well it was necessary to get so. Truly - "would know прикуп, would live in Sochi". Just as in a joke: I bought two aces on a miserable amount... A game went well just super... Silly it turned
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Can you unexpectedly feel affection for the person absolutely unfamiliar to you? About two years I went in the minibus with one girl. The first time sat opposite to her. I tried not to look openly at unfamiliar girls, at me a strong look, ee noticed
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I was ready to terminate. This whore whom I removed for only hundred twenty rubles though didn't leave a mouth, but knew the business. She with undisguised pleasure, hissing, sniffing, and giving smacking kiss, I sucked my for a long time not washed
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It was interesting, more precisely she didn't understand what he was because she had no experience of communication with people of his age. But he so amused her children's vanity, so ennobled in own eyes and to tell honestly in her outside world noth
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January 7. Marinka brought the cartridge with the pornofilm. Somehow I didn't see any earlier, erotic looked and more than once, and here that the real porno - there was no it. Therefore the cartridge I at it a visor, promised to give tomorrow. I set
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\"he, of course, loves me, and I, undoubtedly, it is the most best in everything, except as in a bed. \" That in her I am quite monotonous, boring and uninteresting. And that he categorically hasn't enough of it. We left. The words told them as it ap
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Chapter 7. EVERYDAY LIFE of the DONOR AND RETURN TO ORDINARY LIFE. Days stretched behind days! And generally my young organism can be told without serious consequences it was involved in a rhythm of active sexual life. In a week of regular eruptions
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Chapter 6. A LITTLE ABOUT ITSELF I O NEW acquaintance.Ya lay on the rug, half-asleep, having closed eyes, enjoying the luxury and laziness which is pleasantly spreading on all body. After active water exercises, the prostate which is made horney by e
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Chapter 5. LETTER. All night long I provorochatsya in a heavy bessonye... From time to time to me ranks of the blurred from fat, tolstopuzy women choosing according to the catalog of the candidate for conception were dreamed... Then - an assembly of
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Chapter 4. BEGINNING of TESTS. I woke up with the first beams of the morning summer sun, it is perfect in great mood which gradually began to fall as I remembered yesterday's events.... The first that it was necessary to manage – to facilitate a blad
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Chapter 3. The FIRST DAY IN SANATORIUM. Climbing facade steps I opened a massive door and got in the building which for these days will have to become my house and a peculiar dungeon at the same time. Registration of arrived took no more than 15 minu
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Chapter 2. ON THE WAY. Early in the morning I was already ready to a trip, said goodbye to the parents living in the next entrance left them flat keys – and waved to the station where in an hour I had to go towards to the events concerning imaginatio
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After those days which I spent with Dasha I called her. She suggested me to repeat our sex. Apparently, she liked the first time, yes and me too. Agreed to meet her in cafe. I sat at a table and waited for the girl. Nervously sipping orange juice fro
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Chapter 1. UNEXPECTED OFFER. My name is Alexander Konoplev and I want to tell you the story which happened to me recently and left the mass of unusual impressions. That it became more clear, at first I will a little tell about myself: This year to me
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PREFACE: Dear readers! Before continuing, I would like to explain some motives of creation of this story imagination. As usual it was done by the master of the short story Sergey Donatovich Dovlatov in due time, I asked to myself a question: - "And f
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PREFACE: Dear readers! Everything that here is described - is a fruit of my imagination. Actually there is neither exemplary Kirovski of a military registration and enlistment office, nor the ensigns serving there, nor majors. All images - collective
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As after all this life is fine! I am only 23 years old and since the next Monday, I am hired in one of prestigious firms! At last I find financial independence which lack strongly got me recently. The impossibility to spend for the pleasures deprived
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I was going to open a porn the website and to pomasturbirovat directly at work. As suddenly, it isn't clear why, instead of well familiar interface, to me two strange windows, correspondence of some Russian teledirector with the American of the Russi
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We live with the husband in marriage by the little more than 2 years, before registration knew each other at most a few months. It is pleasant to remember all that we with him did in the first half of year of our living together. Sex was everywhere,
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Dear Natasha, that magnificent summer evening when I met you on a ball at the emperor, I understood that I all life wanted to an imetzhen, same fine, as well as you. I looked Navas all evening, without coming off for a minute, peered at your slightes
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She listened to his voice... His deep velvety voice bewitched her, plunging into viscous, painful luxury... It told: "Present that I am near, you at me on a lap, I slowly undo your dressing gown... Beru fingers the left nipple, I clamp him between fi
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Sky, sky, atmosphere … I was stunned by the sky, And strong солнцемПросто there is a wish … to fight with this … To clasp it with legs, to Twirl, then – to leave … Let flies a lotoshny sphere … (We will be content small …) Too hot (I laugh) – Burnt t
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How does our sexuality arise? At what moment of people does begin an oshchushch ть in itself aspiration not just to finger a pussy because it is pleasant, and to imagine something absolutely certain at this moment, related personally – what leaves th
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In such image Sabrina Nikolaevna worked about half a year, she further so work, she liked to sport, on prosecutor's office, without t-shirt tempting visitors and to be fucked with the chief when he tells. No in the last time of ee thoughts began to t
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Do you know as I do it? Usually I begin with the fact that I begin to watch an easy sensuality or to read stories. I love this feeling of excitement. I do it specially. I know, than all will end. During reading or viewing I don't touch myself. But wh
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Quite recently I opened for myself the bathroom. No, you at all not that thought - of course, I took a bath daily and not one time, but. Here only, recently washing away the pussy, I accidentally shifted the switch on a shower watering can and water
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Myshkinapreduprezhdeny Bliadus candiduslolita: in the text there is unprintable vyrazheniyaprivetstvy you, the dearest reader. What prolongs us life? Of course, laughter and strong feelings. In each back street of our great and mighty Homeland there
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She likes to do blowjob, it understood it as soon as she darted not decently the glance at his trousers. Trousers looked usually, are zipped also a button on a belt a leather belt – but her eyes just flashed a bright sparkle when she inclined the hea
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On the night park, having joined hands, couple of teenagers walked. Night was warm, and only sometimes rushes blew into a small wind. In air there was a pleasant flower aroma. Lit the street a little dimly the shining lamps. The girl took under the g
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Sitting on a back seat, Ekaterina through tinted glass of the car examined the pine pine forest which is flying by by. She distinctly heard breath of Karim and driver, and from it there was a wish problevatsya, be cleaned yourself from any traces of
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He was a professional bachelor of the Soviet period. Red Zhiguli — "kopek" of surely Italian assembly which it touched every year to the last small screw in the garage with a hole and "a corner for rest" dug directly under a garage, was the whole mac
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What has to be the wife? The wife has to develop all the openings from the very beginning of family life. For what? In 3-5 years there will come the moment when she any more so does sexually not attract the husband. But he won't begin to divorce her
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We go to a compartment of the train and we are some. Hands I press your body to myself and we kiss, very passionately and gently, one hand I released your breast and I caress her nipple, my uvula studies your mouth getting all deeper, but to you a uv
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I had a rest this year at the sea. So it turned out that the husband came for a week later and I decided to play pranks a little. In the first evening, sitting in bar, the man approached me invited to dance. I densely nestled on him a breast and in a
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Lena indecisively came into small hotel little shop and was surprised to abundance of various things which I was regiments are filled. There were also brightly painted cats, scarfs with a national Egyptian ornament, some elaborate vases and gorshkiza
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- Hear, the granny... She raised eyes. In five steps from her there was slightly drunk and impudently grinning youth. He held a knife in hand. Tens of thoughts in a flash rushed at it in the head. One in the forest... maniac... this will kill... what
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Hello, my name is Elena Anatolyevna. In the life I didn't tell about this case to either girlfriends, or paper. Now the husband died, children live life, to me 71 years were executed. All the life I worked as the doctor in office of urology, so, that
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I went in the direction of the hall and as soon as I opened a door, I was stunned, in the room there was a twilight in spite of the fact that there were seven o'clock in the morning. Windows were curtained off by dark dense curtains, in the room in d
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- There was it on the second year after the wedding. We live in one city with the husband's parents, the truth separately. Celebrated 55 years of the mother-in-law, everything was as always. Then the husband went to a night shift, and home I and my o
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Summer - great time for all entertainments, especially when you passed examinations at school and loads nothing you. We with friends finished the eighth class of usual Soviet school, there was 1986, the summer was quite hot and we whole spent days on
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Attention! This text entirely is also completely devoted to subject Femdoma. I ask those to someone this subject is unacceptable or unpleasant, it is simple to close it. With the wife we met on the soil of love to non-standard sex. Both she, and I fo
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Brandon House, N Ort-Hollywood, SShAPREDISLOVIE the Heroine of this book, Margareta Gertrude Tselle MacLeod who became history under the name of Mata Hari was born in 1876 in the small Dutch town of Leyvarden in family of the businessman of middle-in
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I am almost confident that my words in any of you won't meet a serious response. Maybe so far from the ideas which there lives our century would be more correct not to state judgment. However, I not forces to resist to temptation and nevertheless I w
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Part 1ALEShA. For the eighth day of a campaign I understood that I can't go further. Despite all cares of children, flu I did the dirty deed. The tractor all-terrain vehicle, the mechanic-driver whom I was, be at one carrying out also all other oblig
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Chapter 3. The MONASTERY a Week later - I spent almost all this time in a bed with high temperature - I appeared in the monastery. Everything that happened to me in the house of the uncle pervert, remained in my memory as a bad dream. The new situati
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Froska quietly entered a bath and in indecision stopped. The barin lay on a bench on a stomach, and two maids - Natashka and Malashka - too naked, stood from sides, in turn fiercely whipped brooms on the heated crimson-pink back shining from sweat. T
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Chapter 8. SECRET НАСЛАЖДЕНИЯПариж, 19... In the beginning I liked the atmosphere in the house of madam Desiree; people of average prosperity were her clients generally. As she with pride assured me, she has exclusively delicate taste in all that con
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... At first he took off from her a coat and began to pull together a blouse. - No, Alan, too cold... Ho he couldn't master desire any more. Having palmed off under her a hand, he undid a brassiere and removed him, having accurately let shoulder-stra