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... Delwig's death was scary sign of the fact that the last part of prediction of the German began to come true. Then I didn't understand it yet, but now everything appears considerable and complete. The ring dropped during the wedding, and an extinc
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Chapter 10. METAMORPHOSES БАЯДЕРЫПариж, 1914. Now I often visit the editor-in-chief of the influential newspaper "Zhurnal Du of a Midi" Paul Olivier in his office.' I am forced to do it because he seldom appears in my mansion in Neyi. And, eventually
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Chapter 9. СИМПТОМЫПариж, 19... I am not capable to resist to this terrible, wild desire to undress before men whom I often don't know at all. When I one, break clothes from the body, usually in front of the mirror, and voluptuously I admire the nake
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I arrived to Florida again. I remembered how I derived pleasure from same-sex sex in time of my work in massage salon. Na this time I appeared with other purposes here. I wanted to fuck to steam - the three of Americans. I knew about their sexual fre
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Dear readers! For the first time I submit to your judgement not of the hands business, and the chosen fragments from classics historical literatures. Believe what any of stories, presented to categories "Execution", "Lesbians" and even "Ultraboundary
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Chapter 7. My ASCENSION To СЛАВЕПариж, 19... I began many diaries, with the same ease cut them short, but any them they aren't such important as this. It will be the diary of the actress, it will embody impressions Mata Hari. Where did she disappear,
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Chapter 2. SINFUL PASSIONS Awfully when you are taken unawares at the most inappropriate moment, and it is twice awful if such person as the uncle Gerard became the witness of your shame. Some considered it the embodiment of devotion, others - the in
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Chapter 6. ST. PETERSBURG my husband considered such way of getting of money very convenient and therefore I was forced to be given several times to anyone that, speaking to Maleod's words, to help him to bear a financial burden. Once he literally fo
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Chapter 12. "YOU WILL SEE BEAUTIFUL DEATH" Paris, 1914. The prison doctor Bizar working in women's prison Seong-Lazare where before execution of a sentence Mata Hari contained and from where she was taken away on an execution, reported the following:
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Chapter 11. СУДПариж, 1914. Before the French military court pronounced the death sentence to the woman that was an unprecedented case even for wartime, Mata Hari charge of espionage was brought to the world famous dancer. It wasn't so simple to clea
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MARCUS VAN HELLERTHE HOUSE OF BORGIAGREENLEAF CLASSIC, SAN DIEGO, Usapredisloviyeudivitelnaya history of family of Borgia in Rome of Renaissance is interesting first of all as a research of dark sides of human life. Attributed them various sins, sacr
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Chapter 5. KALISZ By order of the husband I went to Kalisz. According to his instructions, I reported about the arrival by a short note. Any more skilled woman would understand at once how I was accepted that it precisely knew why I came and that my
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Recently the person of years of forty, by the name of Vaska, known as Krasny served in brothel of one of the Volga region cities. Prozvshtsa it was given him for his bright red hair and the fat person of color of crude meat. Thick-lipped, with large
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MARCUS VAN HELLERTHE HOUSE OF BORGIAGREENLEAF CLASSIC, SAN DIEGO, Usaglava 16B to underground prison flared the big fire helping people to be warmed with this crude stone mousetrap. Cesare reclined on a couch, diligently working on a chicken leg. On
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I want to share the history. I am 21 years old, and I already don't study anywhere. At me long, almost to a waist, the hair painted golden color, it is green-serye eyes and chubby, as at Anzhelina Jolie of a lip. I have very thin waist and a breast s
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Chapter 4. MARRIAGE NIGHT Nimegen, 1904. I. honestly say that happiness of my marriage disappeared while the father kissed me bluntly after a wedding lunch. Or rather, my sufferings began soon after this parental kiss. These sufferings were direct re
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Bernvil on May 4, 1959. Precious Cat, you can congratulate me in many respects! There arrived Bob, everything is settled, everything is clear. We will celebrate a wedding together with you! As it is healthy! Cool? Consider with John when it is more b
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Stories "about it" and about my best drugekol Chemodanov - absolutely immoral small. Kolya Chemodanovkak it was sung in one criminal song: I in the childhood was an approximate boy, the Obedient son and the excellent student. My family was proud of m
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The people living in network constantly find each other on these or those websites. You aren't surprised any more, having seen a familiar physiognomy on the next resource. The questionnaire of the person can sometimes hang for years in your contacts.
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Tan.1 … … …. Three friends stood on a porch of grocery store. There was everything: port wine bottle, even two curd cakes, good mood. But where? On asphalt and all other city world the nasty autumn rain tapped … To go to an entrance – early: will be
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The time is closer to a grave, the more often thoughts turn in the past, the more often covers grief that something could be made not so, something … But, on the other hand, if what would make in a different way, then would regret now that made so? …
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I was invited to work. From that town where I lived, to the place of my future work was, on the seashore, kilometers thirty. And I, without having understood up to the end a situation, without having coordinated the rush with owners, I get on the ste
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The FIRST NIGHT. - Went? – he when time already came to three o'clock in the morning told. - And how guests? – slightly confusedly she looked at him, being frightened by the forthcoming moment. - Guests? Yes to them any more not to us, - he grinned,
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Sex which dreamed me with the ex-girlfriend. Good afternoon I want to tell you an interesting story, after all I write 1 й time so if that not so to a sruz you don't snub. Well and so my history is that the dream in which I had sex with the ex-girlfr
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Once upon a time there were man yes the woman also they had a daughter, the maid young. She went to harrow a kitchen garden; I harrowed, I harrowed, only and called her in a log hut pancakes are. She went, and a horse with everything, with a harrow l
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Ne let's you meet god on the way future directors! (the deciphered inscription on a crying wall) the Scenario reminded notes from the crazy house: the initial text is printed on the printer, will cross out a simple pencil, over a pencil paste of blue
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The hunter on the wood went, went-went and killed nothing, dug nuts and gnaws to himself. The grandfather the wood goblin comes across to him towards: - Give, - says, - nutlets. He gave him a bullet. Here the wood goblin gnawed it - gnawed, won't cop
dating in your 50s Blandon
From a cycle "Strawberry glades" In family Vanka was not the tsarevitch, but some fucking disaster. The miracle it was born! The mouth also got this miracle from the early childhood everything in the kingdom moving. Brothers as brothers means. Two. L
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The spring came, blood was played at a hare. Though he by force is also bad and to run cuts and a way at him valiant. He went on the wood and took in head to come to a fox. Approaches a lisitsyny small hut, and the fox for that time sat on the furnac
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The beginning of the fairy tale is unknown... The woman began to catch a woodpecker both I caught, and put under a sieve. There arrived home a man, the hostess meets him. - Well, wife, - he says, - on the road misfortune happened to me. - Well, husba
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"Fries" Vanka Dunka in banke he can't understand, As at her, in a lokhanka, there Is no highlight again!... also I grew, in a garden paradise, a rod fine. It produced the most fragrant and most sweet clusters of grapes. God of that rod didn't order t
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The Cossack, at his bull shank and still був the son Gritsko is alive був sob. Gritsko ходыв in a step for vivtsyam. From дид with the woman змовляються: - I am old! The occasional office to us to marry Gritsk. - The yak to marry, to marry so! - sent
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In at one time argued among themselves пи... and an ass, and such made noise that take out Saints! Pi... say to an ass yes: - You, the creep, were silent more better! You know that to me the good guest goes every night, and during that time you only
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There was a man, he had a pig and she brought twelve pigs; he locked her in a shed, and the shed was weaved from brushwood. Here the next day the man went to look at pigs, counted - there is no one. For the third day there is no one again. - Someone
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On tiptoe, the squirrel went down a ladder. Moths were slaughtered in the face of, rustling with wings. Faugh, as frightened! The little squirrel wrapped up a huge tail around the fragile figure and pressed it both pads to a breast as if a teddy bear
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Preface: "What life? What death? A way from a non-existence to eternity" to Paula, black from clotted blood and corpses which already began to decay with white spots of frames of my last victims. The field where thousands of women, girls, Elfs and al
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— What with robbery of savings bank was solved? — Business is entrusted to Fools — What else "fools"? — the general for the first time tore off eyes from the folder lying before him and terribly looked at the speaker over points. — So at us between t
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The naughty sun played with tops of these fine trees. Their long dark trunks of a bizzare shape rose to heaven, intertwining among themselves. All this wood was filled with aroma which demented me. I slowly walked through these wonderful woods, touch
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She prepared for hunting. Ahead, through a grass, the herd of zebras - striped horses of Africa was seen. Her body was selected as if the compressed spring, the tense bowstring. Still the instant, and a spring will be straightened, hunting will be su
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Once upon a time there was an old woman, at her there was a daughter - the big sloven; what will undertake, everything at her from hands falls, time Came - there was a fool, married off her and took for himself in marriage, lived with her year and mo
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The princess chose the house at random and entered. At once from an entrance the big hall began. A centaur I could stand quietly in the room and not touch by the ceiling head. "Can quite be", - it was thought by her, - "as the person sitting on me wo
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The beginning of the fairy tale is unknown... Also doesn't know what to do to it. Yes then it was decided (man), I seized the wife in an armful and tumbled down her on a strip, she shouts, and the man says: - Be silent! Yes all the. I lifted up her a
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The barin came to a holiday to a mass, costs and prays to god; suddenly an otkudova I undertake-became ahead of his man, and this son of a bitch sinned, so nabzdet that it isn't possible to breathe freely. - Eka rascal! As навонял, - the barin thinks
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Once upon a time there was a man he also seeded turnip. Time turnip comes to tear, and it didn't keep up; here he from disappointment also told: - That the devil pobrat you! And itself I left the field. There passes month, the wife also says: - Go in
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Nearly a week passed from that first time when hatred in my look so brought down the passing girl that she literally squeezed into the meeting halfway guy in a long sweater. I became the witness of words of apology confused smiles, reciprocal "all ok
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Once upon a time there were general and the bishop, it happened to be him on a conversation. The general of the bishop began to ask: - The Your Eminence, we are sinful people, we can't without sin live, not etyet and how you suffer, in all life don't
dating over 60 Minonk
It was difficult for me to live. No, I don't mean a food/water/roof over the head. I had all this though I ate generally small rodents - mice, rabbits... I was simply not capable to kill strong production which would give me the red nutritious meat.
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Hands are tied. Legs too. Wadded head. A body as as if in zero gravity. Ira gradually came herself and slowly began to feel the body. Chyi-to hot hands — men's, rough, slightly damp, touch breast ee, squeeze nipples. The body of ee is naked completel
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The cheerful old man lived in one village. He had two daughters - good maidens. Their girlfriends knew, and were accustomed to them to agree on posedki. And the old man himself was to maids varnish, always at night as soon as they fall asleep, and wi
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The legend on the great king Droche that the spirit of the soldiers before fight great lifted, and I received a victory, having made a sexual revolution, and the people to which I was grateful for it, having placed him a monument on the central squar
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Once upon a time there was a man with the wife, waited for summer, came жнитво, they began to go in the field yes to reap. Every morning the man's woman will wake a bit earlier; he will go to the field, and the woman will stay at home, hundred-pitas
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In some kingdom once upon a time there was a nobleman, he had a daughter - the beauty. She went for a walk somehow, and the footman follows her behind and thinks: - What dexterous piece! Nothing, seem, I didn't wish in light, only to fulfill its at l
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In some kingdom, in some state (and in other words, in the mother Russia) once upon a time there was such person - Ivan. He lived in poverty enough, worked in a bench - helped the salesman. And every Sunday, well and on holidays, of course, I drank b
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One old man had a son, the adult man, at another the daughter - the maid on a time. Also they conceived to marry them. - Well, Ivanushka! - the father speaks. - I want to marry you to the neighbour's daughter, meet with her yes talk ladny yes more te
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In some kingdom, in some state once upon a time there were three brothers of the peasant. Squabbled between themselves and began to share. Divided a manor not equally, seniors got much, and it was necessary to the third in lot a little. All of them t
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There was-lived a young mistress, visited at her footmen much, and all seemed to her obscene, and she banished them from herself. Here one good fellow also told: - Let me go, to her I will be employed! It came to be employed. - Look, smart guy, - the
meet women near me Red River Army Depot
The man banished from the house of a lascivious cat to the forest. And in this forest once upon a time there was a fox and such bl...d! All I rolled with wolves yes bears. She met a cat, got to talking about that, about this. The fox also says: - You
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Two maids got to talking about boundaries of. - As you - and I, the girl, in marriage won't go! - And that for bondage to go! We are not domonical. - And saw, the girl, that strument with what we are tried? - I saw. - Well - I am fat? - Ah, the girl,
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Having found out from the girl where to bring ee, the driver decided to get acquainted with the nice passenger, hoping to brighten up a trip. — I am called Vladimir Viktorovich, but for you it is possible just Vova — his charming smile was pleasant t
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This legend-tylgund was told in a far snow-covered yurta in the north of Sakhalin one night. The taiga is extensive and many-sided, inhabited by a great number of living beings. Also she leads the life, other than the person, under the laws. The pers