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That night wise men of the city of wizards and sorcerers of Luksur in which, according to stories by witnesses, buildings soared in air night turned a day light of thousands of fires, and it was possible to meet the beings walking the streets of Atla
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The box was ALMOST cubic. In a form and also according to contents. It was the box for tin tell-tales, from yellow cardboard, with the decayed sticker. And what can be interesting in an old foolish box? Yes anything. I didn't see ANYTHING interesting
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As I also promised here you and continuation. After I went with these guys to them home, for some reason one of them didn't come with us and was developed and left. I remained alone with the second tyrant (Sasha). He got a wine bottle, put candles. A
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There was 1963. Someone there, in the West had noble speeches of black King, hippie, Kennedy's smile and the myth about free love, at someone here in the union Bela Akhmadullina, universal hobby for corn and the first astronaut as the answer. And thi
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Videodr. (Sasha + Ksyusha good girls, - it you will never forget.) In the evening, on Tuesday 2058 I came back home from work. Having fed a cat, (as, in due time it cost to me a heap money I, I preferred to derive pleasure itself), I also have supper
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Business was so. I sat on the Internet and mentally o of own bisexuality argued. I had it periodic: I wanted to fuck with representatives of the floor, isn't present. Even looking through a porn, I envied to men, women. There was a wish for what-to s
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6 главаБыло whether already absolutely late, whether still very much early. Telegin sat on an open terrace of elite night restaurant and looked at the star sky, thinking of the future. Not that it seemed to him absolutely desolate, can even on the co
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I lay on a huge bed in a captain's cabin, having a rest from … Not заню, from what. Just I lay, luxuriating on satin linen, enjoying relative purity. To replace sheets there was nothing – it turned out that the captain forced them to erase only befor
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Chapter 7-With Irina everything be all right? Strange, but Alex was interested in a condition of the doll who was injured in accident, as if she was the living woman. However, in communication with them, even very close, he often just forgot that he
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Alex felt guilty. Telegin that derived physical pleasure, but at heart was disgusting. As if he an ordinary animal who used vulnerability of the innocent woman. As far as Elena was innocent and as far as she was a real woman, Telegin didn't think at
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What can the normal heterosexual man think, having seen the girl in a bed with other girl? Correctly, he could think that just it seemed to him. Especially as Zhenya and Snezhana managed to slip on some clothes and now innocently clapped eyes, confus
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11 glavaruki of the stout aging man convulsively squeezed and again lowered full boobies of charming east beauty of tender age. By sight full age, but in too time of absolutely young. A mane of a dark voluminous hair, a face in a passion flush, big,
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Ray was a gray and steel dragon, brawny, with a set of outgrowths: knobs, plates from chitin and short horns on a body. His head got married two curved horns directed up and fanlike membranes on the lower jaw. And still Ray had shining green eyes ….
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Miracles (Puppeteers) – 2chto only do men to catch the woman: devastate the purse, break hearts, make other reckless acts. However for receiving quite carnal pleasures it is possible just to press a button now. Dolls have no problems, nothing hurts,
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2 главаПо to the high-speed motorway from St. Petersburg to Moscow capacious "Nissan Almera" rushed. The sedan was driven by the charming young blonde. Her fair long hair was slightly lower than a shoulder, the long bang fell down on a forehead, clos
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!*************************************************************** All as you and asked the Master, we fly to Korusant. - The good fellow Asoka, and now we will continue your training.
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Nachaloprivet. Me call Katharine, I am 33 years old. I am married five years to the excellent guy. To Zlatan 35. He got me after two unsuccessful marriages, a Zlatan to me had a reputation for the first dog in the city — the town at us small, all on
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!****************************************************************Оби-Ван slowly went to Luminara's cabin and Bariss and tried to foresee reaction of the Master Unduli. Here Kenobi fa
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- Sergey Anatolyevich, what should I do? Probably - I lost the gift. - You are sure? - Most likely, for certain... And Alex told the mentor the attack details at restaurant and its consequences. This conversation between Telegin and Shevchenko took p
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Felution … Starkiller at last found the purpose. The master Shaak Ti – one of the last representatives of the Award of Jedis. Now she stood on the edge of an abyss and expected Galen's action. Starkiller had an order though there was no wish to carry
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!***************************************************************Чёрный a hawk … Passenger apartments … Bastila sat and waited so far he will come. The dark Lord Sitkhov who wasn't kn
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!***************************************************************Крейсер Nepobodimy flies on the planet Rilot with humanitarian aid, onboard the ship there are two Masters of the Jedi
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!***************************************************************Миссия and Zaalbar went on the lower Taris's collector. - Well here Zee also stinks. - Arrrkhkhkhkh. - I understand th
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All rights for characters belong their to the first правообладателям!***************************************************************Реван, the former sovereign Sitkhov, and now the ordinary girl Jedi, wearily fell by a dry brown stone in a cave of th
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Evgenia couldn't find rest. At first in alarm I waited for Alex and when he, at last, was, I couldn't even show displeasure long absence of the young man. Why? She didn't understand it. It seems it was also not pleasant to her that Alex left a weddin
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All rights for characters belong to their first owners! To Nab. After the next Missie Asoka, Obi-Wan and Anakin received a small holiday. And now young Dzhedayka went on premises. She heard кикие foreign sounds in the room of the Master, the iron doo
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Rattatak … The planet Asazhzh Ventress, more precisely in the cellar of fortress I was in her fortress Ob - Van Kenobi, he was taken prisoner to dark Dzhedayka during fight for Dzhabiim. And here the door in a vault opened, 4 droids of confederation
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In the room it was dark. Through óкнa, sliding in a floor, conducting in a garden I blew into wind because of what thin curtains constantly flew up up. To Na Street it was quite warm, nesmotrya for late time. He rushed about on a bed, trying to fall
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In one small fantastic country there lived a girl in a small lodge with a straw roof and round windows, she had a garden in which florets grew. The girl had light gray hair to shoulders, chubby pink sponges, big green eyes with long dark eyelashes, s
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Sit on a hillock, suck cradles, produce Smoke, sing the song. Not to us brothers in the steppe to grieve Ljubo, to us brothers of maids to fuck Ljubo. The one that is more senior, moustaches to ears the Fan of dumplings and sour Russian cabbage soup,
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At last they remained some. Neuro – the city, of course, beautiful, with white marble and high towers of magicians, but nevertheless noisy … And here in the country, where the low whisper of trees attracts lonely travelers where there are almost no p
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Denis was scared and dumbfounded. Alex without losing I jumped up seconds to Sofie who is still lying backwards and I gave a hand to her ear to find the treasured button which is carefully hidden under imitation leather for mechanical switching off o
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The next morning Kai woke up and he wanted to fuck her again until she slept he was attached behind and began to caress her back, and the dick thrust then into her bum, Gerda woke up and wanted to shout from pain, but at her it didn't turn out, t. to
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In the big city there lived two poor children. They weren't a brother and the sister, but loved each other as the brother and the sister. Their parents lived in closets under a roof in two neighboring houses. At them was on a big wooden box in which
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All enemies were prostrate, and bank freight is saved but to the Spiderman and Black Koshka had no time for rest. Not far from them police sirens began to sound, and it meant that it is time to be taken up. Heroes got on one of the next houses and mo
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But soon to Gerda bothered to masturbate, and she wanted to feel Kai again, she lacked with him communication and she remembered what he was before splinters got to him. She loved Kai, and he often dreamed her, but where he where he got to, often I a
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Snow queen 4 Lewd prince. Gerda walked further through the woods, and she met two boys, they came back from fishing. Someone you are the girl and from where you, "I am Gerda" she answered, "And I look for the friend Kai". "And what does he look like?
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Gerda went further on the carriage, her road lay through the dark where robbers lived. And when the carriage drove to the dark, whistle was heard, the carriage was attacked by robbers, the driver ran away, and Gerda remained to sit in the carriage. H
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* * * Na we wash a stomach two lay lesbiyanochki and amicably persuaded to get up a symbol of my courage. — Akh what you pleasant — the First addressed it — you always such such firm — Still long and thick — was confirmed by the Second, without losin
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On a reindeer of Gerd appeared on the North Pole, there it was very cold but, without regard to cold and a blizzard, she continued to look for him. Forces abandoned her, she wanted to sleep, but she resisted, she was moved by love to Kai. And when sh
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Some moments from this story can cause in you inexplicable feeling of a deja vu. Probable cause: You read the first story. Be impudent, energetic, to be such - means to live. Brave heart and readiness to risk win against carefully prepared plan nine
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There passed one month. To Elena it became worse and worse each time. She didn't want to say to Alex that she is fatally sick. She suffered from pain. She all the time was terribly hurt by the head, she felt sick, went no matter what, blood flowed fr
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Birthday of Elena came. She woke up indifferently. - Hi Elena - Good morning Mister - How did you sleep? - It is very good - Wait for me here. I will return soon - Well the Owner. Alex left the room. It remained to sit one on a cold floor. Her little
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Zheleznov missed. And I missed frankly. Nikolay Nikolaevich wasn't pleased any more by the noisy company which continued a party in his country mansion. The sizes of luxurious "dacha" allowed to accept not only crowd of cheerful guests, but the whole
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Prototype 2byla dark dead of night. In the sky bright stars, and the beautiful full moon were visible. There was midnight. - Stand on the place rubbish!! - the man on the defenseless girl in shackles cried out. Lexy woke up in the car at the stranger
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I open eyes. Where I? Here it is so dark. I see nothing. The head hurts. I get up with great difficulty. I understand that I am in the big dense forest. Magic dark. I got on the territory of snakes. There lives future king of all snakes Eric. They sa
dating in your 30s Nye
She ran in a biology office. Brendan towards to her. They ran to each other and suddenly BAH!!! They faced foreheads, and all her textbooks fell to a floor. Brendan helped her to bring together them. She thanked him and they dispersed. She couldn't f
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PROTOTYPE-1-Kto such Prototypes? It beings externally very similar to the person, those someone eats blood and flesh of people and animal, someone tells those with the dead, reads mind and operates people, elements of the nature. You are immortal, st
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Introduction:Всем привет!Меня call Tishk (I won't enter a real name) nice to meet you. I very long time didn't decide to write the stories on this website (I learned about this website absolutely not long ago), And just told the (already former) girl
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I am a thing of the mister. Now I lie, nude and connected, in a luggage carrier, the gag ball (lips still remember touch of fingers of mister), in a bottom — an anal stopper is inserted into my mouth, the vagina burns from exciting means with which t
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PROTOTYPE-2Алик-МашаДерек-МузаБогдан-ЮляКассий-ЭликаАлекс-ЕленаКейси-ЛиндсиНик-ТришТерри-СтеллаЭрик-РоксиКевин-ФлораУ each guy there were already slaves, and I won't describe history of everyone, the main heroes of this story are Alex and Elena. But
muslim dating Four Buttes
PROTOTYPE-3tak passed 2 months. Elena became the real whore of the Gospodin who hollowed her nearly an every day. Sometimes Elena was a little girl, and having looked at her, there was a wish to kill itself for the fact that you hurt her. But sometim
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At the request of the readers, I in detail painted with him the head about weeks of slavery Alex at Elena. So there passed week. After that Alex disappeared. It wasn't month. Elena missed Him, asked God that He returned somewhat quicker, whole and sa
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KriStina/Sky *** I open eyes. Why the head so hurts? Where I? Darkly. Night. I lie on a soft bed though it was for some reason supposed that it will be the cold cellar. I try to get up, but I understand that I am bound hand and foot. I try to get out
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Blum was the princess of the planet of Dominoes. Fairy and keeper of fire of a dragon. The greatest force among all fairies. But it was so young and inexperienced that couldn't use the force correctly. In her 16 years she liked to dream, to walk near
singles near me Lake Angelus
They are strong, they are quick, They inspire fear and risky the shape seems to acquaintances, But their essence is unfamiliar. Eyes burn as two topazes, Passions a rush, animal roar. Their silhouette captivates at once, As over a wave a lunar patch
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Blum was a virgin clean and innocent and therefore she not really wanted to give her to prince Elissou. She didn't even know what is sex. But the expert was Alice in it. There came evening and Alice with Blum waited for it. One of them was glad, and
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I will wake up from the same terrible force That pulls a wolf on an edge in a full moon Where the cross of the thrown grave Where madness attacks people groans. I will rush through fields and coppices Until in bushes I fail suddenly without silyta th
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Very long time ago once upon a time there were boy and the girl by the name of Edmon and Pilika. Their parents were neighbors in the house and the best friends. Also they worked together on business. Children were very rich, and they had very happy c
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Snow mountains... so beautifully. She such majestic, proud. They conceal in themselves many secrets and secrets about which, probably never learns mankind. Nature. Having appeared in such place, any would admire the nature of rocks. Honestly: group o