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While Christina was absent, Eldar all this time descended from mind with jealousy. In his brain inflamed from lust and suspicion of incorrectness ee the most mad details of ee of fall were born. "Well she can't conduct so long with him negotiations!
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From the author: 1. This porn - stories according to the saga "Twilight".2. Several chapters are planned. Precisely more than five. 3. Placement on other websites is forbidden. Edward Cullen came back from next bloody "hunting". He moved at the maxim
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I am called Nikolay. Now I am 25 years old. I am married to the beautiful woman on a name Anna Anechka, Anyuta Vysokaya (178 cm) the brown-eyed brown-haired woman with the third size and a flat tummy. She very much likes to put on beautifully and fra
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The train from A in C, in transit through BB September month I went to Moscow on affairs, for quite long term — three weeks. Almost I spent all working hours in the Internet - conversations with Tanya, an evening — in exchanges of sms. And as it is i
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When the door before me opened, I felt myself as at once at home. Though on the business I spent here enough a lot of time when parents lifted this complex on legs. There was an elite hotel, Spa the center, restaurant, night club and other entertainm
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She got used to go on all fours. She had no other exit. Ee the shortened hands could be only ee front legs now when she crept on the back yard Dzhesiki. Now he seemed to her more. Maybe it was because of the fact that ee a face wasn't raised higher t
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All names, images, names, circumstances, descriptions and other details of the narration given in this story are entirely and completely the author's fiction. Any coincidence to reality is pure accident. ATTENTION! At the story there is SUBSTANDARD L
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— Do you mean the Muslim? — cold I took an interest, throwing ee the estimating look from legs to the head — And at that the Muslim who is deeply believing of a therefore before marriage @-@ and in general the virgin. — Yes, everything is right. — un
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Small experiment on a subject of VIRTRPG. As that I was fond and here I undersigned. Ne I know whether it is worth continuing this experiment or it is more best to hide him under a cloth. As that story in this part is absent sex — only the descriptio
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Many years I dreamed of it and by thirty years opened a volcano of emotions, unprecedented to it, which can present sex three together. I will begin with non-standard of a situation therefore as sex with two men at me happened to the husband and the
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I am called Ling, I am 19 years old and I suggest you to learn a few o to myself. I study on the second course of the university, I live in the two-room apartment which was bought to me by parents, after successfully ended first course, I have no guy
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> 10:09 "Hello! Maybe somehow we will meet, potrakhayemsya? You don't think, I don't complain of a lack of sex of my life, I have enough women, but only with you I could embody my strange imaginations and it is pleasant to you, I know that!"> 12:11>
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"A crumb the son to mother came, and the baby asked: — What is well and what it is bad?" I was already going to go long ago to her, but everything somehow didn't turn out A me simply vyperli in a holiday to the current of one day here. And what I nee
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I was tired to be your whim Accused of everything by you. I am weighed terrible dikostyyubezyskhodnoy love of the patient. Between us all — a perversion, we Guzzle the friend's friend, we drag on a bottom. You tell — I your rescue. From what? From yo
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The head of Xiiizabel jumped up in a bed. Nesmotrya on the closed windows, disturbing howl of thousands of recovered loudspeakers broke to the bedroom, forcing heart to contract for inexplicable fear. The ancient system of the notification which is o
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In Moscow I wasn't year. Household problems, the ordinary and daily occurrence What to tell, yes I and for this time had no woman. No, I regularly examined in the monitor screen Cherry cherry from "The Upper Floor", a casting of Pierre Voudmana, the
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I presented myself in sex to roles of the girl long ago. Always it seemed to me that the girl gets more pleasure, than the man. Up to 20 years I was an ordinary guy. I met girls, I was engaged in sex, all as at people. A after me began to visit stran
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Light, I returned from the gym after usual. It was fresh, but tired. I couldn't but admire ee a myself and results of work on myself. Roundish hips, the big breast which is densely sitting in a black sports top and of course of the priest Close leggi
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In the next time having yawned on couple I looked at Ksyusha. Ta diligently I typed the message on phone. — Let's be winded from here? — I pushed ee. — Second. — What you scribble there? — I tried to glance through a hand. — Look — and it deployed ko
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The chamber of local hospital gave me memoirs from the childhood. External purity was through impregnated with awfully unpleasant smell of all medical. A as is known all that treats — it is useful, a means terribly not pleasantly. The only plus in we
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I noticed ee still from a distance. I well remembered light green ee color of a bathing suit and couldn't be mistaken. I wasn't mistaken in such affairs. I watched her some time, watched how she swims and dives. I, of course, paid special attention t
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Trip in "Anywhere" We went on the route literally in a rain wall, all plans for rest from Friday to morning of Monday fell directly on our eyes, the humming sound of the engine of KamAZ knocked down all in a helpless sonvdrug as in what — that the mo
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She was an actress and, even for kulisamiigrala a role, an a viewer was яВ to soul its mysterious were reconciled a lie and istinaaleksandr switched off the receiver, and wearily leaned back on a car chair back. Behind a window twilight was condensed
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I got down from a massage table. The secretary, as I already knew, he is called Sergey, familiarly I slapped me in a bum. I didn't take offense: after two rough orgasms, I all still stayed in a condition of euphoria. — I said — the maid that it is ne
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Swept up the road absolutely. The snow which set in since evening covered everything around with a half-meter blanket through which highway contours were hardly looked through. To garage gate namelo a long, slanting snowdrift. — Yes, here no one car
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Wheel couples of car of the passenger train beat off rhythmical fraction. I stood in the platform having leaned the suitcase against a wall and with the increasing impatience waited for arrival of the train on the station where Ira had to meet me. Ir
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I caught ee on the first floor, at the schedule. It, having seen me, I reddened and I tried to leave. — Ne so quickly — I blocked it the road. — Didn't forget our arrangement? — No — she stretched — but I have no free money now — Forget about money —
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Pyotr, listening to the feelings, slowly pulling out a dildoe from the vagina, it seemed to him that to this procedure there will be no end At last the dildo was taken, rinsed with water and put on a bathing table a sink closed sleigh. The man floppe
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In the secluded town, under blockages of listings and outdated documentation, in the lower box of a written table at work, the envelope is stored, an in him are four photos. Four women who left the brightest trace in my life. And for some reason they
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It isn't a shame to me, no. I am drunk again, Ne with a potion, for carnal joy. On my eyes I understood — not one. With unloved, with boredom, weakness. Well abuse me though shout though beat. A shiver from rage, a knife behind a bosom. Do you want f
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Well here, now I am a student, farewell school, hello institute! At last I will be able to move to the city from our remote place now. It seems all things are packed, forgot nothing. I go along deserted streets of the settlement on bus station though
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The city pulses in an anticipation of output evening. The closer to the center, the stronger. The crowd plies along all avenue. In air tension stiffens, it is felt almost at the physical level. I feel horney vibrations skin, but today they cause near
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It for you, V. G. My wife gathered for an appointment. Having jumped out of the bathing room, wrapped in a towel and with a polyethylene hat for a shower on the head, she hasty ran to the bedroom, to a linen shkafuda, you all correctly understood, I
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We went out of the car before hotel. I looked at him with a long look, knowing that I provinilasyon laughed: — What such fateful? Number in which everything already became the family. He threw a man purse on a bedside table in the hall. — Well, here
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I watched how Tatyana Grigoryevna bathes, or Tanya as I called ee about myself. Water so seductively flew down at it from hair, the sun otbleskivalo on a wet figure, outlining cambers of a breast and a triangle in the bottom of a stomach. I floated c
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We lay nearby. To me it wasn't fallen down. Yet — nearly concerning me, Olga lay nearby. I saw absolutely distinctly — the sun still shone — ee slightly pink ear on which the curl of hair went down. It was almost impossible to restrain. I felt that m
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All hi, I am called Ania. Still what-to 5 months ago, I also couldn't present that so everything-to that I will describe now will occur me. I will shortly tell o to myself. I am 31 years old, I am married 2 years. A relationship with the husband was
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So left that I live the last several years in the territory of one of the countries of the near abroad. Often it is necessary to be dragged on various bureaucratic instances, in that number and in Embassy of Russia. There I don't like to go especiall
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The man threw off on a floor from himself a wet jacket. — there Is someone-nibud houses? You are well! To me to wait a rain! — but the answer didn't follow. In the third room, the uninvited and hungry guest found an old fireplace, an in the cellar, i
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Anton didn't understand the relation of people to things. They threw out slightly outdated and bought new. The guy understood long ago that externally beautiful thing, can be full shit inside. Fabulously expensive gadgets most of various spare parts
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Promptly developing relationship with Pavel Vladimirovich couldn't but frighten. The man, high, dark-haired, so light eyes, without characteristic marks and absolutely imperceptible so the parties, the uncle. He lives couple floors above me. He has a
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This story is based on real events, and all actions described in it and details are almost not distorted by art fiction.Ax, this disturbing first meeting! As many time they scrolled ee in the imagination, representing various ee options. The sleepyhe
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Having washed, we went to the bedroom. It was very stuffy, and we decided not to put on. We sat on a bed, drank the begun wine and talked on different subjects. Through kakoye-to time our day walk and the drunk wine gave o to themselves the nobility
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Shock of the fair curling hair, the third size under a black sports undershirt, short black shorts, intense muscles of legs in high black army boots. "Ne I understand why people it is so strained treat sex, it just pleasure" — she smiles. I pull toge
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Business was in the summer, in the middle of June. The trip for the boundary turned up, an of the international passport wasn't. Also the photo was necessary for me urgently. I there-syuda, they as to spite — everything is busy with a, closed. I foun
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which-to of the, I think. Therefore that so everything was prepared and secret A rats is everywhere, from brothel to the temple. Menya and Cat took on a corner of Kingsroud and Fridomdrayv where we waited for the informant on business Well, however,
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We sat at an entrance, played cards. Us was five: I, Svetka, Irinka-mushketer, Yurik and Max. We with Max ran behind a port wine bottle to the next booth. Little girls drank on an equal basis with us, but, clear business, hooked on them stronger. The
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Hi, dear cousin! This letter very much of la lettre intime, I will write on en français that servants if read, understood nothing. Were recently treated in guests at Parfeny, a fine table, glasses drained several time, everything was very decently so
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Tutoring of one younger schoolgirl, I left her literally exhausted by this little monster, wants to remember nothing, in the head, as at mummy, some hairstyles, cosmetics, rags. I forced me to show one time what brassiere at me and I asked whether I
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To me now 42 years, Long Ago, wanted, will lay out the adventures on paper, but as that not reshalasya not high average growth, slightly full, but not thick, a breast 3 — 4 size, buttocks big round slightly raised. Probably, I will begin with that mo
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I am called Marin, I am 36 years old, not model, only a meter sixty, but with a big breast of the fourth size Ya is married 14 years, the daughter is seven years old. Everything began three years ago with what to me was reduced at work. And I tried t
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Today the next day off, lying I admire the shchelochku, more precisely what became with it, got the next objects in the sex shop and tested. HE was PLEASANT. No all on an order bought several different vacuum pomp and began to try. Na the screen of t
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This story is based on real events, and all actions described in it and details are almost not distorted by art fiction. There was a spring good day, smelled of a juicy fresh grass, hardly blossomed lilies and recently passed rain. No all it didn't p
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Hi, I am called Ruslan, I am 21 years old. A sort I from the Caucasus. I study 4 years in Moscow, I remove 2 x the room apartment with fellow students. We are all age-mates, Sasha, Dima, Vitya. All we study as physicians, I and Dima urologists, a Sas
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I am called Ling, I am 19 years old and I suggest you to learn a few o to myself. I study on the second course of the university, I live in the two-room apartment which was bought to me by parents, after successfully ended first course, I have no guy
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There was this story long ago, more than ten years ago when I used a mamba only for search of partners in time of distant trips. *** Ta the trip to Moscow was what-to bad. I idled more, than was engaged in affairs. Therefore that (second most importa
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Andrey entered the room with a precious and favourite burden on hands: Olga so also didn't come to consciousness. He carefully put ee on a bed, and covered with an easy cover. Then I turned to close behind itself a door as suddenly I heard the silent
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The hands shivering for nervousness I pressed the button of the on-door speakerphone and for a minute hanged, admiring as he is undressed as he greets parents, passes to my room. I began to fuss, I dragged tea, sandwiches, I closed behind myself a do
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Prolog. Do you present yourself a behavioural portrait of the bitch? Yes? So here add to it a body of hundred sixty five centimeters in height, brightly-ryzhiye the hair falling below shoulders. A nice medium-sized face with the chubby calling lips,
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I was 18 years old when my heart was for the first time broken. Having suffered much, I decided not to tie a relationship from now on not to be upset. No I couldn't refuse pleasure and to the favourite body, those more that desire those years read of