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4zareksya that I promised, but unless it is possible so just to disown here from such temperamental woman as Zoya. And already through couple of days I looked forward to a call or SMS from her (we agreed that it is undesirable to first to call me her
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Grigory — my close friend. Perhaps, the closest! We grew in one yard and there passed all stages of friendship: from street fights and football fights to drives in mentovku and KGB, from smoking and boozes before dismantling with criminal and priblat
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When I begin to write memoirs, phrases are farther: "I was born in family of the poor petroleum producer" — at me nothing turns out. F. G. Ranevskayaoni stood on a balcony, bared, excited, after sex, with a glass of wine in hands. She examined vicini
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History based on real events. Names and the chronological sequence of events aren't changed. A part 1elena Nikolaevna quickly went across the enterprise territory, pressing to the breast which is hardly fitted by a jacket the chubby folder with docum
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Standing under the handle with girls who several minutes ago, spilling sweat, rammed me as the hungry men who weren't seeing the woman of years ten I couldn't believe the eyes. The little girl with the angelic person, worked as the machine the head,
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It happened this about ten years ago when to me only knocked eighteen and I studied up in the last class of the most ordinary provincial school. Then I was thin, constraining "botanist" who couldn't brag of either leader qualities, or physical force.
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The beautiful woman sits in a chair, on her black shoes, stockings, panties are shorts and a corset, on a face a dense evening make-up. This is my wife Lena. In the last time she began to dominate in our intimate life, doing so that she in a bed main
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"As magnificent life is good!" — Victor Mikhaylovich thought, driving up to own country house on luxury Bentley. Only three months ago he was unimportant professor of poor department. Everything changed when what-to mad morons decided to take bank. V
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Lera there was a zebra. Low, in a body, she put on black-and-white striped stockings on braces, the black varnished shoes on a hairpin and became the person to a pier glass, curving a back and bulging the roundish chubby back. I took her behind, obse
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— Yes, let's be engaged now, he told the satellite, sharply opening a door and doing a fast step outside. The following that he felt — deaf soft blow by all body, an in a second saw the girl lying on the earth. She fell back on hands, having faced hi
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We mature family couple, me 35, to the wife is 32 years. We travel much, a Thailand is our favourite place. After a breakfast, the wife wanted on to go for oil massage, the benefit the salon was literally in 50 m from hotel. I only for such campaigns
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These two girls had everything. Money, beautiful trinkets, on the apartment in the center of the capital, the foreign car, popularity and reputation in certain circles. No they had to earn all it then and blood, a more precisely — a breast, a mouth,
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Sasha had last day, before arrival of mother. And he decided to carry out it together with friends. He called Vit, having invited him to himself. And while Vitya gathered and went to him, decided to appear before him in all beauty. I made a beautiful
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Short maintenance of the previous two parts: The vein was Anka, the clear head and the beauty. A little bit arrogant and whimsical. And here, will of destinies, it gets to Hell. Where fast explained to it how it is necessary to behave correctly and w
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At last, the car stopped. Sallie had no concept how many time they went, she even got off so accounts how many at her was orgasms. She just lay, completely exhausted, having reconciled to destiny, almost without consciousness. The girl felt as she wa
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There passed a little time, and Eldar and Christina's life entered a habitual track. Passions gradually settled, sometimes flashing sweet echoes of that painful night when their love hung on a hair. When the mighty call of flesh densely based on pass
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— Everything is ready? — The doctor in a white dressing gown looked at me and was obviously nervous. The hand shivered and adjoined to the red button which it was clearly visible. — Yes! Devices in norm, we are ready to send it! — The answer was accu
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I stand on knees in a sexual suit of the female - cats and I wait for the Owner. In the general-to, from a cat at me only decorative ears on the head and a tail with a stopper in an anus, the rest — banal improvisation more better to emphasize my del
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To me was 18 when I for the first time found myself in it. I lived only with mother, so as the father left us long ago. Mother was at work long therefore at what-to moment I all decided to try to open a locker with her lower linen. And what I saw to
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I ask forgiveness for involuntary associations from readers with names Raisa and Zinaida because the appearance of heroines of this story is far from trends of modern fashion and figures anoreksichnykh top models, yes and they pass in a notebook unde
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Sallie damned herself for the fact that she stopped in this place, for the fact that went out of the car, for the fact that in general I stopped by in this town. It was necessary to continue to go on 72oy to the federal route to Shampeyna, then on 57
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In those days off I with the wife had a rest on the nature. Small river, forest, shish kebab yes fishing. With the wife at me good relations, we live as it is told, soul in soul. Ne we quarrel, there is mutual understanding No here with sex not very
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This meeting had to will end long ago. No there was the tenth hour, a they now all couldn't have a good long talk in any way. Business in the beginning, the conversation obviously slid to that edge on which it was terrible to her to enter. Vo pause t
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Of course, his wife stuck to the duke. He dug in an office in what-to boring papers, and, having entered, all such beautiful, with an ideal make-up, with a hairstyle, in the emerald dress which is flowing down to a floor, it was twisted: the duke, bi
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Prolog. Earth. future. — the new party Came. — I told a voice behind a back of the senior laboratory assistant. — How many them? — Twenty as ordered. Ten girls to twenty two and ten guys to twenty five. All healthy and lonely, is interesting M - mark
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Under the most beautiful tail pavlinaskryvayetsya the most usual chicken ass. So that there is less pathos, the Lord.F. G. Ranevskaya — In an hour I will come around, be gotovtyazhelo having sighed, the slave, began to gather. Ne he loved this promen
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3C of that time Zoya began "to disturb" quite often me on any trifles, but as and it is necessary, so all consequences following from me: both in a mouth and on ee a body and on ee clothes, only not in her! Through couple of days, after a case with a
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All day I didn't find to myself the place. I thought to find a way to run away, but I was stopped by o thoughts to the sister. Yes to that where I will go? I went to the room and itself didn't notice how I fell asleep. The slap on buttocks woke me. —
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Long working change approached the end. The factory checkpoint extorted crowd of the people, different age, mainly men's floor from the interior. Tired, sweaty men flocked on the wide road to the next tram stop. Among them there was also Ivan Petrovi
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In an hour of night Ajka called. — How affairs? — Normally, how you? — All ok, we dance, music a class! The voice is happy, language is a little braided. The wife obviously exceeded the usual norm in two drinks. Noise of a disco is muffled, she proba
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In student's group there was not so many many students as in the others, and the majority was made by girls. It, of course, I couldn't but please young people, there is no here girls, of course. Though, however, students and students between themselv
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Nobody saw anything, but all heard. At first all partitions moaned-zagudeli, quietly, but so unpleasantly vibrating that woke up even most zasoni. Then sharply and loudly slapped as as if 130 meter kosmoyakhta the class "Mercury" I was a champagne bo
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I got up in the morning, I cleaned teeth, and I went in guests to the girlfriend with whom we together studied earlier. I left the house about ten hours of morning, on the street there was fine August weather. Na to me there were light flats, a ridic
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(The story contains illustrations of the author) .malo to someone has to be in life "lowered" by own second half. I am the little, but among them. And at me is what to tell into this account. Business is that I allowed an oversight, a big miscalculat
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When I studied on the 4th course, one large oil and gas company decided to hold at us in University an is scientific-praktichesky conference. A commonplace, but these promised good monetary prizes and promised preferences to prize-winners at receptio
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What devil is created what devil!? I densely nestle on a door jamb, trying not to breathe. Through slightly slightly opened door to my look the remarkable view of all events in the room opens. Hands of the unfamiliar guy slide according to Natasha Sm
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There was the second day of Easter. The head hurt from yesterday's drunk. Tanyukha rushed on the apartment and I muttered that that in an alcohol occasion (the wife one word). Where that under a sofa mobile was broken off. I lay and stupidly stuck in
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The beautiful, naked dark-haired girl slowly fell by a chair. I carried out by a palm on an accurate stripe of black pubic hair, on the pink, invitingly opened sexual sponges, I carried out by language on the lips which are made up by scarlet lip lip
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Weather was fine, mood excellent, money in a pocket — is enough. What else is necessary for full happiness? Correctly to pull on red and thick the pretty girl. It is told — made. The MK newspaper, the section "Leisure", the announcement "Nice student
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Waitresses carried champagne: to guests, grooms, the Japanese drummers — all had to celebrate a defloration. Got also to brides. That they could drink, I allowed them to sit down on the Piglet, and now admired the boobies which are freely lying over
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To me was 18 when I for the first time found myself in it. I lived only with mother, so as the father left us long ago. Mother was at work long therefore at what-to moment I all decided to try to open a locker with her lower linen. And what I saw to
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— No, you only look what charm — my wife rejoiced, business touching the rounded tummy of the girlfriend — Ne boys, an already even on approach managed grow up. Toshik for someone we wait? — already she was interested at ee of the husband, responsibl
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All hi. This story is completely fictional. Any coincidence is considered accidental. To estimate to you. Pleasant reading. It was in the 11th class. My day already passed the births also to me as time 18 years were executed. The first quarter at sch
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To my beloved wife Yulya, with nezhnostyyuodnazhdy Yulya returned to the city, after two years of absence. For me everything began so a call of one very fussy lady who, even having forgotten to greet, here blurted out in a tube: — Yulya in the city!
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Kind morning what can be finer, than wake up with the favourite person nearby and luxuriate in his embraces absolutely a few? Probably, only morning sex. Present you lie in a bed, under a warm blanket and still you doze, the bright summer sun only, o
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Middle of August. I go on black asphalt from which steam after a recent warm rain proceeds. My language plays in a mouth with a ball of pink chewing gum. Tips of fingers on legs I feel damp porous as chocolate, asphalt. Leather thongs of new white sa
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To my ZHENYA YULYA WITH BOUNDLESS TENDERNESS *** The whole day poured a rain. He flew in billions of tiny parachutists from the dark, clouded by gray cotton wool sky, and fell on empty small streets. Trees seemed old men with the hung moustaches. I s
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Recently, having read your stories, I decided to write what happened so by me when I was still absolutely innocent. In 18 years I had long yellow hair, a beautiful press and elastic buttocks. Many guys ran for me, but whether it is possible to trust
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I 22 summer slender guy with chubby lips, long hair and slender, am a little devchachyey a figure, on a name of Rohm. I like to put on as got and I in it prikide sometimes me am confused with the maid. History began with the fact that on one of meeti
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Panteleymon Petrovich, elderly, but still the strong man, having leaned the elbows on a kitchen table, I got up from a stool and, slightly rocking, I left in a corridor. I passed along ragged walls, by the old rusty bicycle hanging on a wall, and I o
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The wedding feast approached the culmination. In the huge hall of restaurant capable to contain at once five weddings, dipped fires; LED illumination was slowly poured by all flowers of a chemical rainbow, creating trembling mood of expectation of a
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— Oscar! — by a weak voice Leyla called it and opened eyes. The husband sat nearby on a small color sofa and lit up a fragrant hookah. — M-mm? Leyla got up from a sofa on which I overslept all night, shook hair and, having covered a naked breast with
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I hate pikaperov. They cause in me the contempt and disgust mixed with pity. For those someone don't know "pikapery" are such youth - losers who go to special courses of "pickup" that is transferred to our mighty as "renting of women". They pay what-
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Black bewitching night, bright light of lamps and I, slowly and quietly, walking on the night city. This night there were too a lot of things, what time and forever changed me. I am 23 years old. I have a guy and till this evening I was "rather innoc
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Ring the on-door speakerphone. I know that it she. She came to tell me that between us everything is terminated. Yesterday in the evening she called me and told that she wants to meet. Our relationship came into the deadlock, she told. Really? We nee
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I am called Olya and to me absolutely 34 years knocked recently. Ne 18, but I try to look always well, I have in view of always is made up, at a hairstyle, an epilation, manicure and a pedicure (always even in the winter). Well and of course as all d
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Ivan woke up in a close room. I sat down on beds, trying to grope stupnyam the slippers. In poludreme it badly worked well, but a cold floor quickly helped to dump a dream veil. Monotonous walls of the room pressed the dullness. This pathetic similar
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I am often asked: really to you so all women it was fine, really you even back number wouldn't refuse from any of them, really them them you perceived everyone as the best? Usually I answer "yes, with the most insignificant exceptions". Here about su
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I will tell A about one case from my life now. Everything occurred spontaneously, but till this time I can't forget the incident. I was then in one of the regional centers of other area. I had to find to myself the room on couple of days. To the owne
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Ten minutes till the beginning of a session extended in awkward phrases. The hall was thin, on extremely measure on a row behind us was nobody. I glanced at it trying to consider each detail of ee of the face, hands, clothes. Thoughts habitually isol