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In 4 days after my blowjob at an entrance, I was called by Seryozha. I suggested to descend in a bath to have a rest. Naturally I couldn't refuse. All this time I thought of Sergey. He liked me or not? He told someone or not? Of course, I told the ma
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I left restaurant and, having raised the head up, gathered full lungs of fresh, already winter air. Never would think that after 5 years training of law to me should work as the waitress. But nevertheless, the interview nothing to complain took place
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I want to tell the story. Business was when I lived with the former spouse in one of the cities of the Kalinigradsky region. We lived in a two-room flat, one room was the son, but he already almost constantly lived at the wife's parents since he went
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— And you are the truth the profligate? It is difficult to answer such question. Yes and no. Yes — because I am a girl without prejudices. I like to live so that days were remembered for a long time. To create madnesses, to be mad and reckless. To li
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Slow gait shaking hips Katya came into the room and sat down on a sofa near Andrey, a small short black dress gave the chance to estimate her figure, and beautiful Katerina a breast, practically fell out outside. — You what so — couldn't formulate up
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It is written in collaboration with kipishperelet to Dominican Republic took 12 hours. We flew all night long and landed only early in the morning. I transferred so long road normally and even I endured one small adventure. And all thanks to mother.
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I will tell a real story from the life. Having read up it up to the end, some of you will consider me the last swine. And, probably, will be right. I can only tell that I am not sorry about anything and now, many years later after the events describe
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"It seems, began to work" — I thought, standing at a mirror. My bottom was rounded, an a waist and shoulders became thinner. The breast increased a little and began to stick out, nipples also became more and stuck out in the different parties. The ra
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ГиперТРАХОЗ "At you, the darling, гипертрихоз!" The aunt the doctor in hospital told. Only it probably гиперТРАХОЗ! To me all isn't enough man and a little! Well, you will think, my legs are hairy, And moustaches ear over an upper lip! But love me si
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There was a fall. October only just came into the own, but already managed to paint trees in the signature colors. Having given a cool to morning hours, but still I couldn't win heat at day and wind, and the last, pleasing people with the shrouding h
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I hurry to share with you the strange story which happened to me the other day. It can seem to someone too improbable, but what to do? What happened, happened. Let's get acquainted. I am Alyona, the blonde of twenty five years old, the muzhny wife. F
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The road from Vladimir to Taganrog was presented to me more pleasantly and easier, than on the contrary. After all, home, to the warm sea. Thousand versts by new car not a hook. But nevertheless more than 1200 kilometers driving absolutely alone are
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You came to me on a visit, absolutely precisely representing, what will be farther. You knew that I am not interested in your soul, your inner world. I don't need usual sex. I am a supporter of coercion. You agreed to my conditions in advance: I do w
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Whether I like to suck? Not especially I understand why it so interests you, well it is fine. My answer: yes. I like to suck a penis. Moreover — I adore doing it! I am violently delivered from one thought of what I do. And it is even more best — wher
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Hi everything. Actually I am a guy. I am 21 years old. But my name is Yulia. (this my artificial name, and began to call so me after history which will be described below). After the termination of college I long looked for work, by training I am an
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*** I will smear lips, I will correct a breast. I will go to a long, cheerful way. You in vain with me were krut-Pust yesterday whores horses fuck you! I will put on a satin brassiere. There will be one lucky soon. Him I will be for a century a joy —
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This evening became a milestone in our intimate life. We lived with the wife sixteen years and sex lost for us former appeal and became ordinary execution of matrimonial duties. Some time I still tried to bring in it something new, to experiment some
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All hi. My name is Alyona. I am 23 years old, work as the web designer in one rather big company on development of the websites. And, in general, all this is unimportant. How do I look? To tell the truth, as the most ordinary little girl, what countl
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Having entered the room, Lisa shortly threw: "Put on!" It is clear, today she has a mood on my buttocks. Will fuck. interestingly, with sado or simply? I got out from under a blanket and got into a dresser. I got the women's linen and I began to put
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Ania, having seen it, I dodged, I spread legs as it is possible more widely, gracefully I caved in. But long so I couldn't keep — I fell back. However I didn't stop trying. At me moved in trousers, but itself remained бездвижен. Something in it is wh
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Nyyufort — the small town in Young Dakota. Dirty, poor, hungry, as well as dozens of others. The town was founded in 1845 by ten families from East Anglia. These desperate people put all on a trip one way, they transported with themselves all the sav
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Morning was awful. The head hurt, just forces weren't. The dyne lay and remembered yesterday. Day as day. At work in bank all was as usual, and in the evening at the end of the working day caused it is barefoot and told that because of financial cris
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Something persistently ringed, but I had no time even to look back. And what I could make when are busy, well are very busy, both hands of One I squeezed the guest's breast, and the second persistently tried to get through under an elastic band of he
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My name is Nastya. I am a student of technological HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, the honors pupil, a sporsmenka and just nice girl. I am on friendly terms with two classmates who can also be characterized exclusively positively. From guys we avoid, a
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− we Will go, here it isn't terrible at all, − I called loud horney whisper Alyn's girlfriend. A face I didn't divide her enthusiasm for ancient half-ruined buildings at all I wasn't eager to explore from within the mansion of a Gothic type which the
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Sometimes circumstances develop not in your advantage at all though, can it develop all differently, can was more boringly, well history doesn't suffer a subjunctive mood! Generally, after a strange and playful stopper, I went to work. Panties on me
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My history — the history of exchange of bodies. A condition of the return exchange and return to my darling is that I should be given to the 333rd men. Also doubtful pluses are in my family way — in a spell it is put, first, that now each counter man
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ПРЕДИСЛОВИЕПоток consciousnesses, the spelling of the author can be corrected! My first story so bricks not to throw! The fantasy from the category of instant transformations, and underground markets of slaves for rich perverts won't be here! This su
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ГиперТРАХОЗ "At you, the darling, гипертрихоз!" The aunt the doctor in hospital told. Only it probably гиперТРАХОЗ! To me all isn't enough man and a little! Well, you will think, my legs are hairy, And moustaches ear over an upper lip! But love me si
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It was in those old times of the end of the fiftieth of last century when the road Vladivostok — Nakhodka was country with holes and potholes, there were no bridges over small small rivers through which cars were towed by the tractor, a people in tra
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After leaving school I went to study to other city, and after that didn't see a class. No, there were, of course, couple of friends with whom relations were maintained, one studied with me in one city, and with the second — all school stayed behind o
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The importunate sound mobile painfully cut hearing. The head broke up. "My God, what is the time? Where I?" Daniel almost remembered nothing. The last whether more not less clear reminiscence was about the brown-haired woman in bar — then a total fai
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Head of I.Pautina. Here also the first course of study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION is ended! To study on the budgetary basis — always big test. To such pupils of the requirement is always higher, than to students for a fee. From us you won't rece
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INTRODUCTION: In advance ask, strictly not to judge for mistakes and construction. It is my the first, probably and the last, experience, in writing of big stories. In advance I am grateful to all. PART 2: A holiday we with Andrey already which year
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I understood that it is that chance which it is necessary to catch. Having asked her, I so plainly also didn't understand what she in fact wants to learn. Having begun to explain to her as it is correct to do blowjob, I suddenly, caught myself on a t
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Recently Alice was eighteen years old, but she still remained a virgin. But it didn't mean at all that she didn't want sex. She madly wanted sex. But only there was nobody to be engaged in it. Having cast away the bothered book aside, she lifted up a
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Very often vital circumstances change our nature. Our views of habitual things, our beliefs, and sometimes they just destroy us from within. Probably, something similar happened also to me. My name is Tatyana, I am a radical Muscovite, the loving wif
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Yesterday to me Christ's age was executed, and I stay in virginity to this day. Unlike girls, it is impossible to define male virginity. Yes and no at her such name. Courage? It is unlikely. Here it doesn't approach. Maturation isn't characterized at
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Every Friday after work I go to the pool to swim for a while and have a rest. There are practically no people at this time therefore nobody usually disturbs me. At the pool there is a trainer-rescuer and the nurse for safety, good lighting, shower, c
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1 We live with the husband, Vlad, three years, and gradually our sex began to seem to us fresh. There was a wish both for something new. And he not once began to say with me about group sex. But I at first laughed the matter off, didn't agree, and th
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I flew home in the raised mood, speshiv to share with favourite joyful news. Having risen on the elevator by the 14th floor, I opened a key a door and shouted from a threshold — I was accepted! — I congratulate, darling! — at doors of the room there
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I was 7 years old when mother bought white huge bows to send me to school. I had a beautiful school form: a black accurate dress to knees with white cuffs and a collar, a so a snow-white apron. And I waited for this day with such impatience as if it
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I closed a door a key. Lena to see off me didn't leave. Near the elevator the call trill was distributed. — Yes, Vital. Did you approach? — No, still didn't even reach MKAD. There is an accident. Stopper. I call to warn that about an hour more — Then
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But all the time I asked myself the same question. From where did the idea with a sauna come? Everything turned out spontaneously or, speaking language of military, it was in advance planned action. Actually, as it strange doesn't sound, we adult six
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The story is written at the request of the reader. It is still a story about my ex-wife Dasha. History about which I want to tell occurred in the summer, at the beginning of July, there was Saturday. My wife that day had to meet the schoolmates. Thes
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Of course she returned, and even quicker, than I assumed. I thought, will begin to resist new desires, to run away from a problem and, having only understood what can make nothing now, will come running, arising upon continuation. The marine anticipa
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By scientists it isn't proved yet, but I am sure that in DNA of any men's individual of the human race — there is the getter-hunter's gene. I don't take Pi into any account, we will be tolerant and we will call them, "Representatives of LGBT of commu
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My jaws incredibly ached, lips already lost sensitivity and noticeably swelled up and most likely I already wiped gentle mucous in lips till it bleeds. As in a mouth the saltish smack began to be felt. Besides already strongly the neck hurt and knees
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To me thirty seven. Meter ninety, ten extra kilos, brunette. I direct the financial direction of large holding. And I was stuck. There is no everything at work excellent. Projects are created, closed. Money is earned. I am appreciated, noted, awarded
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April (333) 1 Something was not so I opened eyes, trying to understand strange feelings and feeling of inexplicable alarm And here in my head the voice sounded. Well, at last! I thought that you will never wake up! I began to panic, having nearly cri
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Kolya understood long ago that to be a gigolo, it just for him. He is pleasant to part more naive girls who trust in love, on money. In exchange, of course, he gives them what from him is required — good impetuous sex. Kolya knows the business well.
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Having sat down on a bathtub side Katya appeared exactly opposite to me. Light fell so that to me it was very well visible her delightful pussy covered with a down of light volosik is visible. She sat on the edge of a bathtub, having a little moved a
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The Arctic cold ran on Liouba's hand, rearing hairs and cooling blood. Lips grew dumb and words were sealed as a bottle a stopper. — Preparations go the full course, the fire flares in a brazier, meat to pine, I will go, I will greet men — Vadim told
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Outside the window there was a November. Fall, unclear this year. In October piled snow that all motorists ran to change rubber. It is good that at me summer I prattled, it was necessary to change at the end of September. And here November left dry d
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A little later we sat on a sofa and watched TV. Quiet family Friday evening. Yes. Family. About the future didn't speak, as well as about what occurred. As though there was no this destructive passion of all hour before. Ania will arrive tomorrow, du
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My history — the history of exchange of bodies. A condition of the return exchange and return to my darling is that I should be given 333-t to men. Also doubtful pluses are in my family way — in a spell it is put, first, that now each counter man wil
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My name is Vika — I am 19 years old, the slender blonde. Recently I got acquainted with the cool guy the Roman. He was such strong, beefy and I felt near him the little girl. We with him walked, went to the cinema. We had a mad sex — it knew how to g
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— Nastyukh! And you remember, we went to a zoo, and you from a tiger hid at me behind a bottom, and? I always wide had a bottom, and it isn't visible to a tiger And you remember, I threw up you? As a rocket, here so — вжух, вжух! How does time fly, t
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— Well and, statement — easily agreed Marina. — Only you know, in each joke there is a share of a joke and in each porno there is the piece the truths — and, sometimes, quite big and black. Girlfriends amicably laughed loudly. Outside the window alre
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— Good morning, darling! — I whispered, embracing my young wife, kissing her on a neck and inhaling a smell of a body, warm from a dream. Caressing her on a back through a translucent nightgown, lowering a hand on elastic, smooth buttocks, rememberin