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— I am cold — the young man complained. — we Will go to me? — Uguoni met about a month. The young couple very lovely looked together. The dark brown-haired woman with green eyes is Alice, and Blondin with blue eyes — Mischa. Having come into the hous
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This story is entirely devoted Lida and Sanya, to our best friends. Once in the middle of July they were invited to our wedding (full anonymity). On strange, and maybe not absolutely, to combination of circumstances they were the witness and the witn
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Arrival of flight from Kiev was announced exactly at 17:15. It was not long flight, as in one song of the Neangely group Kiev - Moskvaocherednoy a holiday. I should have replaced urgently a situation, for some time to stop writing novels and to parti
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There is no more romantic place on the earth than the Crimea. The majority of romantic adventures for some reason occurs in this part of the globe. I want to share with the history which happened in one of sanatoria on the coast. I will begin a littl
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And you happened to sit sometime in the condemned cell? It is sure that isn't present. And I had enough. It was long ago long ago. In the early seventies last century. I was sentenced to execution for the fact that I killed two bastards attempting up
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The FIRST PICTURE — Egorov Bypassed us — Vasya told, twisting a wheel. — Not, well someone could think? Two-one! — But at us everything is honest — Byyut answered, having collapsed on sitting. — Without doctors and insemination. — Honestly, unfair th
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Suddenly I heard steps. I turned back. It was Frank. His well-muscled body made horney me. Frank was in swimming trunks. His dick stood. It was visible. I, without thinking twice, ran up to him. I kissed him on a mouth, having hung at him on necks as
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I am Alex Fas, I everything have a successful young guy, the car, the apartment, quite good work, a cheerful and rich life. With girls too a full order, I love very much well-groomed beautiful girls, with them I am always tougher, all of them love th
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— You undertake to tell the truth and only the truth, and nothing except the truth! — The unknown type of weapon was sent to the woman's breast — professors of the Enshtunsky university — or die as a dog! At me is on this permission. Speak! The woman
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"Others soul darkness, but osvetivy we can correct a lot of things" Moloch. From the author. I don't know how so it turned out. It is not my subject, but heroes behaved as a poveliya I sat on a sofa, absolutely naked, and she, having bent sideways, c
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History is absolutely real. I am a guy of 28 years. To my wife 27. We stayed with friends somehow. During the day of the girl drank wine. By the evening already well raskumarit mine. I the first went to sleep. I laid down and all I couldn't fall asle
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I came back home before usual. Surprisingly, the entrance door was open. On my wife not probably. Having glanced to the room, I saw the following picture: my brother who lived on - to the neighbourhood sat absolutely naked in a chair, and holding the
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The starprobe vehicle stopped, the attraction disappeared. There was a zero gravity. — What does it mean? Our ship broke? — the seeker of Earth asked. — Absolutely not — his companion answered, swimming up to him — we arrived to a reference point. —
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Our firm quite long already looked for the new General director to someone it is a position didn't offer in firm, all refused also I in that number, but I didn't want superfluous responsibility and to me it wasn't bad in present positions of the Fina
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Stacey began the story. — I regained consciousness in the room with two three-storyed beds. Us was six — 3 boys and three girls. All naked and awfully confused. I was covered with hands from insatiable views, other girls also kept watchfully. But the
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We are on private evening in the closed club. The hall small, is poured the muffled light everywhere, small tables surround deep soft leather sofas. Couples and lonely people sit at tables generally, but also the companies from 3 — 4 people meet. Our
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— This card — I explained Nol — all my travel with your ancestors in search of Earth for the last 8 centuries. She was connected to the on-board computer, and all gym of the spaceship was filled with the card. In the center there was a planet of the
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My elder sister Roza married recently. We are with her stair-steppers and are very amicable. I, naturally, went to her to a wedding, even without suspecting in what adventure my short travel will pour out. But about everything in stages. We with Roza
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I read the magazine. I saw nothing around. But I could hear. Also I heard rustle. I turned back. Clara Tom's driver was on the threshold. I lay naked on a bed. He approached me. I sat down on a bed. Also I began to caress me on legs and a stomach. Fr
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In the morning I woke up in good mood. My naked wife and daughter slept nearby, they lovely snuffled and looked pacified. I quietly got up not to disturb them and approached a window. So early in the morning in the yard there were few people. Only un
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I continued to move with measured steps towards the beach. On sofas along sidewalks, laying and directly on a grass life boiled. Girls in various dresses kissed guys, held up them buttocks, shouting from pain and pleasure and that the most important,
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On the street midnight, in musty bar there is nobody, except Marge and Mo. "No, Mo, don't even think, it won't be! It is opposite to me" — I sprinkled Marge, hating all in Mo: his curve face, a body, the smell of smelly fish which was eternally proce
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My God, what she is beautiful! She walks upstairs and her figure step by step comes up before me. Hair of darkly chestnut color, wavy and falling her on shoulders carelessly tousled mane. Eyes brown with a golden reflection, cunning, clever, getting
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— And you know, Eduard — rushing into my room, despite of an inscription: "The private territory", the governor of thirty trillions Worlds told — to rule such huge kingdom absolutely hard task! — Fathers, and you weren't taught what to rush on others
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She entered the hall, absolutely dark and silent as if anybody there is no house the Question whether he sleeps, disappeared itself when she turned to close a door, a behind together with an air wave fell upon a back blow floggerom. Then she was seiz
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At last I reached the beach on which young beauties threw a ball through a grid, and guys stood nearby and looked at their jumping-up breasts and naked buttocks which continually are looking out from under dresses. On the beach was to very many peopl
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The story is written at the request of the reader. It is another story about my ex-wife Dasha. Occurred in two years after the events described in the story "Dasha". We went with friends neighbors to a shish kebab, it was already the tradition. Every
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Already a month I live in the city of T-ske. Very foul small town! The brothel costs a corner, is indecent having opened wide a carved porch, looks at Big Pochtamskaya in fifty very narrow windows. In the evening here apple will have no place to fall
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As everything is simple in this world. Even it is too simple. Simply and nasty c! The tragic mystery of appearance of Eugénie for me became as clear as day. She, of course, was an illegitimate daughter of the cocotte, the demimondaine, in other words
singles near me Wendel
Найя looked at me and the tender smile began to shine on her face. — He knows nothing, truly at all, the girlfriend? — Doesn't know and doesn't remember! The girlfriend of my future wife was dressed in a short checkered short skirt and a blouse with
one night friend Pierron
Spent the whole next day of Gold at home, having affected the patient. Men didn't ask her any question, only the husband asked whether not to buy drugs. Aimlessly she turned on the mansion, studied a view from windows, is unseeing watched TV, tried t
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Here so she got into such situation when she irrespective of herself became the wife of eight Black natives, and still there were also I, the lawful husband, her ninth man who was out of work in sex as entering her пиздень, smashed brothers, I didn't
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*** Money — it is good. Money — that's great! But as not easy there is their zarabotatsmena came to an end, and I went to the last circle. Still one or two hours, I will drive Fiat into depot and on side. On the street already darkened, it is sure, m
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I hate to go by the subway. You won't call it a phobia. More likely, an innocent whim of the spoiled person of the fair sex. Occasionally nevertheless I go, but not more often than it is necessary. That day I for some reason in the subway didn't want
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The apartment occupied all top floor of the house. The call lost on different roulades in all her corners. The red spark over a door blinked and the metal voice said: "Enter". At the same time the electronic lock clicked, the door was slightly slight
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Taming kobylok. Head 1.*************************************************************ÂAЖÍO!!! It is the alternative world of Naruto. Kushina and Minato are alive here, work in Anbu Konokhi and him on twenty five. Vo time of battle with Lisom they used
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You burned me ognyomsvoy deep, gentle eyes. I asked in a whisper about him, And I again as I in the first razzalitsya by paint, and рукаТвоя am easy as gentle silk, Slipped down from far away. Oh yes you are a good judge of it!. I can't extort groan,
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Evening, on hours of an arrow the sex of the twelfth, St. Petersburg, one of skyscrapers on the outskirts knocked. She sat at a table, with the included night lamp, and glanced over the erotic websites. Time without sex is so tiresome, and she looked
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Predisloviyes of the moment of the end of events of the first part of the story there passed about a week. The most interesting occurred just later this term, but also for these days there was a lot of pleasant and cheerful. As I in principle don't r
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— And we will stroke Goshenka now, we will kiss him. We will treat him. He is such sweet! Tasty such. Get up Goshenka, get up darling until your owner of spitgeorgiya rejected the dream remains, I slightly opened one eye. The sweet picture was presen
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I woke up from a pleasant tickling. The nice girl in a green bathing suit caressed a tip of my penis a uvula. When she saw that I woke up, her face was lit up by a genuine smile. She took my dick in a mouth and began to move the blond head gently. I
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Just imagine earlier I моглаК towards to rush to be given you without prichinya — as if in the first Razna light it wasn't finer than the man. Just imagine as blood boiled! What passions stormed on a bed! Bodies merged ours again and vnov on walls of
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Prologtyazhelye times Some problems came. Here again the director of studies from school called. The bear did a lot of mischief again. I fought and broke a window in a corridor. After fourteen absolutely with him didn't become a slad. All right, thou
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The small disorder reigned in the apartment for which Georgy almost repaid a debt. The lack of furniture was compensated by the cardboard boxes which are unpacked here and there. Over which, directly on a wall hangers with the clothes hanged on them
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The smiling driver, as, it appeared, called Stepan. The guy readily agreed to take Georgy in the ill-fated restaurant, and then home. On the road, behind a conversation, Stepan stated a guess that Gosha got on credit to "bandits" and now pays them in
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After the last meeting there passed a lot of time. I nearly hated myself, but at heart recognized that I want the neighbor and I will hardly be able to forget sometime the feelings during sex with him. I loaded myself with work and even during the ho
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Note: all participants of this lovely story for the moment of the described actions reached majority long ago and just so play. Well, rolevukhi and all it))) — you Represent, your Yulka so me didn't greet again! — I heard a loud voice of our neighbor
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Chapter 1Bo all is guilty vodka. To the fortuneteller don't go. And kind of differently the playful uvula of the wife appeared at me in a mouth when other language had my dick on a visit absolutely? However, about everything in stages. The rehearsal
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Having come into a tent where the slaughter began, mistresses erased from themselves blood, put on and went to a way. They went all day, was decided not to leave to the road, and moved through a forest thicket. After long way they came across the sma
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I am Victor. Guy of twenty two years. Student of economics department. I graduated from the university, having passed perfectly well examinations. And here our group went to the wood to note the termination. Stocked up with food and binge. Went to th
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On May 8 2014gmy went to congratulate veterans. After an official part drank for health of our heroes a little, and solved this case to continue in office. Just wanted to drink a beer, but beer without vodka money to burn. Bought still a vodka box fl
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— Well that, Goshenka — the creditor took an interest — when you bring a money? A watch tiktanut, tomorrow protsentiki will run, and in a month, I you suchiya потрох, will roll up in asphalt! — I promise no later than posttomorrow's — I bent a violen
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On a plot of the poem "Rush to the Sea of the Electric Train" I Met somehow on the Internet the peppered verse. Spoke about the poet — the guy from dashing. That either Yevtushenko, or someone wrote another, But there was one assessment — a masterful
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I, of course, don't mind when his friends examine me as if they had no sex more than a year. As "lick lips" at each meeting, looking at my breast. And as at every opportunity try to spot to me under a skirt. I even not against they kiss me at a meeti
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Olga's awakening was given pleasant. Its perfect in the perfection, the well-groomed body in a night has a rest. The entertainments preceding sound sleep rendered most that on is, favorable influence. The regained consciousness beauty is fine and fre
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So, stories are written according to my own biography to year prescription. Now I have, unfortunately, not so many pleasures in respect of sex so I willingly narrate about those trembling events of my life that happened for about a year back. To the
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Such apartments, it was fashionable to call now: "Studio". Two floors were occupied by such studio. Rooms kind of were, but without front wall with doors. In different places of the room were, tables, TVs, sofas, wash basins and toilets. Silly heap o
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Expensive Editorial office! I am called by Elika, to me in general kakoe has this value how many to me years and I have the best girlfriend her call Chloé. In general it is our nicknames. I was dragged here to her in guests, we with her hung in the A
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Working as the correspondent at television, our film crew quite often came out to the place of events. One such incident shook me. There was it in the winter, during ice. Road accident. The young beautiful woman struck and kill the old woman at the c
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— Well that, Goshenka — the creditor took an interest — when you bring a money? A watch tiktanut, tomorrow protsentiki will run, and in a month, I you suchiya потрох, will roll up in asphalt! — I promise no later than posttomorrow's — I bent a violen