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I sat. Saw cocktails. I danced. I had fun. Guys touched me. And I to it rejoiced. Even I accompanied them. Prior to the beginning of a lottery there was a half an hour more. There was nothing to do. And then I passed to the bathroom to cast. I entere
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— A dream Dreams Dreams are speech scraps, around all mutno. — Wake up, wake up well, here it is so more best. Before me again you. The best nurse in the world. — It is time to take medicines. Did you so strange sleep what dreamed you? — It seems to
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So left that at the birth I was a boy but in certain age, began to seem to me that it is wrong and having lived life without having tried out as the girl, will be just crime for my inner world. Not that I don't like girls, just I was disappointed in
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I woke up. Again same ceiling. You are absent nearby. The grief rolled on me a wave. I had to see you. I waited for you. All my life developed in expectation of our short meetings. It became intolerable. Solar patches of light from a window moved on
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CHAPTER 1, the missile defense of WIVES — it is Also not a shame to you? — Egorov asked, examining a transparent wall of a customs area. — In such good condition to dump the good girlfriend. And still the intelligent person with the higher education.
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The last day in Hogwarts came to an end. Was already late enough, pupils gradually dispersed on bedrooms, switching off desk lamps. — Dynes, why you don't go to sleep? — one guy asked Diana. The girl sat in a chair and read the book. On her there was
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We were is fascinating are in love. Days and nights rushed as a dream, we couldn't the friend without friend. Vanished for day in the apartment, found minutes in the most loaded days. So there were weeks, and we got used to each other. Knew many habi
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Magnificent Konda in the western part of Manhattan overlooking Hudson. Today I had to spend the night at David — the man on whom I go crazy, but the wild party of which never I met. We only kissed two times. And both times he asked me to make it. I d
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Midday. The main Hall of Hogwarts rolled in bright sunlight. Students will come for a lunch soon. — we have no more than five minutes before all come here — he whispered to her on an ear. The girl nodded, they pulled out sticks and an invisible cloak
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— Harry! At last — Fred and George approached Harry who entered the living room. — we will go, we want to show you the new invention. It is sure, it will be pleasant to you — one of twins told, and they led Harry to a distant table. Fred laid out fro
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Here the muse will grab by a throat — write also about this! Why, why — not kolyshet, write also all! I caused emission from long-term memory in quick events approximately devyatitiletney prescription, and desire to share them with readers. So, forwa
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This moment of sweet luxury so wanted to be prolonged. No gradually vague concern forced me to rise from a damp sheet. I sat down on beds a back to Alex. First, it was unclear where Vika got to and when she returns. A secondly husband. At o thought h
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She was beautiful, the beautiful and sports constitution, beautiful big eyes and a face very much drew attention of men. And her black curly hair emphasized her creative nature. It has a surprising sense of humour, she laughs all the time, infecting
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Strange occurences.12 маяСегодня the brassiere in the place where cups are sewed the friend with a druzhka burst in front. And at work, as ill luck would have it, a blockage and for a second not to leave. It was necessary to take off a brassiere and
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16 Iyunyapriglasil me the schoolmate in a sauna with friends. But say that newcomers in their bathing collective have to be naked. Well I didn't want to offend anybody. Well also I undressed. And most it is a shame so. Well I try to show no sign. To
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— And you know, it is almost always clear that the person just had a sex. From him smells of a cum. Or smells indoors where potrakhatsya just — reflects aloud. We spend together the whole day again. — Very often, when I still lived in halls at Univer
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We spoke about it from time to time, and it is impossible to tell that we were limited only to a conversation. I few times suggested the friends to join us, but everything came to an end at an acquaintance stage. Forty-year-old self-assured men sudde
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What is done with me by this man? He dements me one look. He appeared in my life when to me was 12, an idol, the first and my last love. We are inaccessible also the most desired. Soon a meeting of old friends, all of us are athletes, he is more seni
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— As you you same my wife — continued to be indignant Andrukha. — money is necessary to You or not? — I asked him. He was silent. — she very much is pleasant to Me, I can't do anything with myself. I know that you will damn me after that and we, alre
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The last day in Hogwarts came to an end. Was already late enough, pupils gradually dispersed on bedrooms, switching off desk lamps. — Dynes, why you don't go to sleep? — one guy asked Diana. The girl sat in a chair and read the book. On her there was
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My work is connected with long business trips. Once I had to live in the remote village, near large construction. To save on hotel, I lodged at the private trader in the wooden house. On the first floor there lived owners, on the second — I. For the
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Nathanael sighed and opened eyes, looking around. Alas, the picture didn't change — he was all in the same office room filled with tens if not in hundreds of absolutely identical clerks. Everything in ideally ironed shirts shining whiteness, with the
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Expensive Editorial office! I am called by Elika, to me in general kakoe has this value how many to me years and I have the best girlfriend her call Chloé. In general it is our nicknames. I was dragged here to her in guests, we with her hung in the A
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"You remember how all to a nachinalosvsa was for the first time and vnovno the odnaa purpose in joy and in a grief, And the one someone weren't afraid business didn't throw, that will find the happiness". A prolog — the First mistress? In fifty? You
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Dim yellow light gently shrouded all room which smelled of a pine and an eucalyptus. The mark in the thermometer was up to standard of 100 degrees Celsius. On the top and lower shelves men lay and talked about everything. — Listen Andrukha who you ar
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— The woman Matrona, and how maids at socialism were tried to persuade? — As tried to persuade yes the same as always. Walked, there everyones gave presents, danced. And home will go to see off, kiss climbs. You already go and you are thrilled. — the
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— The woman Matrona, tell the fairy tale. — Katka, all as you won't be appeased! Would go more better for dances, there guys will tell such "fairy tales" to you, you don't smogt a leg to reduce. — it is interesting to Me how you tell So inside it bec
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He sat in a chair with a high back blindly, scratching a sharp-clawed hand the forehead topped with horns. Directly on a wooden floor at his legs covered with dense black wool the naked girl sat and, faithfully looking in his indifferent person, dili
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At once I apologize that from me wait for other stories, but they should be written with an invention long, and here the new ideas ask outside. As always I will tell — someone doesn't love my feather — don't read. What is a nymphomania? The descripti
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Lyokha left for several days on affairs. I assumed that during this time it is possible to improve relations with the wife somehow. What did I want? For a start — sex. I tried to look after her, but she behaved easy, not especially paying to me atten
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In some kingdom in the faraway state once upon a time there was an ordinary country girl Arina. There was she the skilled worker what light didn't see before. Everything what she undertook, in her hands was argued yes got on. Everything at her turned
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After leaving school I, as well as it is necessary to the diligent schoolgirl, I entered to rather prestigious capital UNIVERSITY. I always well studied, was an example for imitation (at least, so teachers spoke about me). At the same time I can tell
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Igor passed and stepped through Anna, and then put two disks on a table. Having bent down, I kissed still the shuddering Anna and I told: "Farewell, Erudite Whore number five", I threw twirls at her nose and, having taken away two rubber dicks from a
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To the village team O "Connell didn't meet anybody, except peacefully grazed tapirs and cheerful monkeys. To the middle of the third day they came to the glade filled with wooden houses and small grounds. Here only several dozens of people lived: the
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I sat in a cabin and waited for him. Non-russian, ugly, thick, but it would seem absolutely not anxious, he at last had to take away me from here. The damned cafe pressed on nerves, and I turned away. I terribly wanted a bit, but time to go wasn't an
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We got acquainted with Andrukha at school. (Especially for Then studied together in technical school, then at institute. It is possible to tell that we were friends for all times. But lately I didn't see him because we lived too far from
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Very light room. Walls are draped with some soft material, warm and gleaming. Mirror floor. In the center of the room the girl sits. Example of pleasant femininity. The gentle, attracting bends and lines. Light skin without uniform defect and without
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Strange occurences.12 маяСегодня the brassiere in the place where cups are sewed the friend with a druzhka burst in front. And at work, as ill luck would have it, a blockage and for a second not to leave. It was necessary to take off a brassiere and
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She didn't wait for him today though it had to be always ready to his arrival. On her there were jeans, a t-shirt and, the most inadmissible, underwear. He promptly approached her, she looked down and felt that thoughts of what will occur in the near
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Eldarposledny time with Chris something occurred. She was great mood, became just intolerable. I couldn't understand the reason of it in any way. I both asked it, and thought what can at work some problems, or something can at her parents occurred. B
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— It is sure? — Tiger asked — from what you took? — Look at legs, a brake! — Claude hemmed, having slightly pulled a chin towards a rack. — And what? Legs as leg. More precisely even just otpadny legs! What it? — Just watch vnimatelnodeviyets of late
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It happened when I worked as an escort in small cafe at one of federal highways. These cafes of the girl often combine work of the waitress with providing sexual services for money. So also I did. At this work I held on 3 months. Ordinary long-distan
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In such intense situation some more days flew by. In the evenings we had supper, watched TV, all it seemed purely and uprightly. The wife, it seems, calmed down, I didn't notice campaigns to the bedroom to Lyokha in the evenings any more. But some mo
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Olga was woken by a gentle kiss in an edge of lips. Squinting, during the first moments she tried to understand where she is and why she lies in a bed in jeans and an undershirt. Uvidev Aleksandra, the brain began to gain steam. Memories of yesterday
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The commander virgin avtoroty the major Kiselyov slept in number of hotel of state farm of Chapayev tight. Day was difficult. His company hardly coped with export of grain from the combines working on cleaning of a harvest at state farm fields. The h
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Arwen regained consciousness from wild pain. Probably, on the eve of her strongly knocked on the head. She looked back and saw that she is chained to a wall. Somewhere rough voices of orks were heard. The day before Sauron lord of darkness won a vict
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Genre: Get, Romantic, Flaff, PWP, Povpreduprezhdeniya: description of a heterosexual relationship, petting, masturbatsiyaglava 1. Companion Senovostrana promptly I approached the tenth anniversary of revolution. The amateur circus where I went, sudde
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I long wandered about streets and came home in about three hours. The wife was already at home. — Hi, Seryozha, and you where were? — with a cheap smile she asked. — I Walked on the city — I answered without mood. — I here pie baked apple. Here it is
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Birthday of the good girlfriend of my wife, we noted in tavern. After good binge I was keen on playing billiards. The wife, though is a little, but after all drank. The company was selected ill-matched, there were many strangers though it very few pe
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How to keep the body safe and sound, and, at the same time, not to leave it decrepit and shapeless by an old age? In my head the thought already settled that sport and daily occupations — the only way to be somehow in good shape. Today I can't live w
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History happened to me a few years ago. My name is Sergey. I am 35 years old. I have a wife beauty, is 5 years younger than me, call her Tan. Growth 1, 70, breast 2 sizes, generally, beauty. We lived in the small town. I was married 5 years already b
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I warn!!! To people with unstable mentality, to pregnant women and children to read this text, categorically contraindicated!!! Very long time ago I was accepted in a madhouse. No, it was not the simple madhouse. There people who can't be let out to
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Once in the spring we handed over a session and decided to celebrate this event at me, with the fellow student, Vovka who in a year was transferred to our group of an akadem before. We sat, drank and stirred happy with the handed-over session. Having
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In the morning the teacher of elementary grades Elena Borisovna was found in the city park. She sat on a bench almost naked, with a hard gag from the panties in a mouth, the tights tied in the eyes atop fixed. From clothes on it there were only black
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I want will share history which happened to me quite recently with readers. Shortly about: the 38th the summer brown-haired woman, nice-looking, with undistinguished front forms, but astounding buttocks and strong legs. Still yet not deprived of lewd
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I overslept the first and second rooster, with the third, Natashka woke me. Marya wasn't near any more, probably I went to collect to a table.Natashka embraced me, I nestled and, touching and jerking off the sticking-out dick, I climbed on me, sat do
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Do you think, alchemists were engaged in the invention of gold from lead? It is a widespread mistake and delusion! These men of science, starpyorchesky character, were engaged in search of a love elixir. Casanova famous to all thoroughly studied the
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The silence was broken by an open door of the bedroom where some minutes ago my wife was fucked by one of my best friends. I sat in the bedroom, our with Tanya. I heard steps towards the bathroom and the closed latch. The shower joined. In 5 minutes
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You invited me to take a walk!!! I drove for me by the car and we went to take a walk and to play pranks a little. Having arrived, we went out of the car and went more deeply to the forest, having passed meters hundred, you began to touch me for a bo
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History happened to me a few years ago. My name is Sergey. I am 35 years old. I have a wife beauty, is 5 years younger than me, call her Tan. Growth 1, 70, breast 2 sizes, generally, beauty. We lived in the small town. I was married 5 years already b