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Hello my dear readers. Because of the university it was impossible to write stories... time wasn't. I couldn't pass this story. This part will be the last. In the second part the name "Two Katya" will correspond to the text. And there will also be tw
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The dark-violet lightning flashed in the night sky, having cut the clouds curling black smoke and for a moment having lit the gloomy lock towering at top of the very tall rock at which bottom waves lapped. From outside the majestic building seemed ab
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Fog fell by the sleeping city. Grew dark. Became cold. Podjebalo. Very well, so podjebat. The city fell down, and the Mityok didn't fall down. I fucked the Mityok Marinka. The Mityok is a burning brunette, 25 years. Growth at him 164 cm, the weight 7
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СинопсисВ the long-term future the mankind was expected by not the lightest days. The nuclear winter which captured the globe forced the remained people to rally in several cities protected from radiation by recent and difficult devices in production
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I graduated from the university with honors. I found work in one company on production of underwear by the manager. Belonged to my duties: to study contracts, to find pluses and minuses in these contracts, to report about it to the director, to make
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Igor went to Institute. The institute was "prestigious", is at it children of rich parents studied. Na the senior courses many went so the mobile phones, many in institute were given a ride by personal drivers. Igor had no father, his mother gave bir
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Lena is the thin, low woman, ordinary office worker. She isn't a beauty, but is quite lovely and attractive. Has very much complex concerning long distance between the slender thin hips. She considers that from it her legs seem curve. But it not so,
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Morning of the next day was "as in the best houses of London". A table by the principle "buffet". It appears, yesterday in packages there was also quite exotic culinary delicacy. And in my clothes there was a clip for a tie inlaid with something ther
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This story the excellent author of venima has a wild plagiarism, and is continuation of the history begun, but for some reason not continued by the above-mentioned author in some degree. A series very much was pleasant to me and I periodically for my
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I knew night club "Crane". Sometimes in this club I had a rest with friends. In club it there were no drugs. Rules were followed as the owner didn't need problems with the law. I didn't know the owner, and here the managing director who was attractiv
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Everything began with what I changed the girl. The situation is banal and familiar? Well... Well... Here only my girl was the hereditary witch in goodness knows what generation, her ancestors in the female line were burned on inquisition fires. I wou
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Couple of words from the author: in the story real people are described, but all events are the author's fiction, though have something in common partially with the real facts. — Fig. Cruds! — angrily about herself Yulya thought. However, she told no
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We raised the nice boy, thanks to the fact that the lover tried in my wife. He was healthy and nice, called him Slava in honor of the lover's grandfather. The wife strongly loved him, the beloved who fucked her the gigansky dick, but not only because
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Inn "Lonely House", 3 kilometers from an outpost at Berlin. Having gone down to the gloomy general hall, Maanat found Shedri who spread out gun details on "their" table. Gloomy concrete walls of the building sharply contrasted with efficient movement
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It was warm day. You threw with the white dress, a light green scarf and new multi-colored sandals and ran in University. There, on surprise quickly, you coped with the affairs and there was a lot of time which could be given itself. Slowly, you deci
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I woke up soon after dawn, not at once having remembered what occurred yesterday. Not at once I remembered why I laid down in footwear what I have matter a belt that near me, at my place, on my bed, is done by unfamiliar bearded, smelly and quite fat
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Chapter 1. Lyudmilatridesyatoye arose before my look as if from under the earth grew. Here, obviously, it wasn't without sorcery! We drove up to a very tall fence from logs in three grasp and the guard, having made out and having learned the Entertai
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There was in Armyakov' house one more room in which there was the real debauchery. In it Victor's wife Elena, the tall woman with unusually long legs to whose grace and beauty many women on light could envy corrupted two friends of Nikolay — the son
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СинопсисВ the long-term future the mankind was expected by not the lightest days. The nuclear winter which captured the globe forced the remained people to rally in several cities protected from radiation by recent and difficult devices in production
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The event demanded judgment yesterday. On the one hand, all this seemed something wrong and bad. Absolutely precisely I was pushed away by a thought suddenly to turn into the girl. But there was in all this a situation and a positive side: new, impro
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Chapter 6. РазрывС that day we and lived in Katya's room, week. I went to the, only to change clothes. The games, day and night, drove themselves into frenzy, before loss of pulse! Times, at my request, to us allowed Pavel. Then he had to work the ad
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The twilight reigned in Shedri's room. Her hostess was kneeling near a bed, being skillfully stuck by a mouth on the knotty trunk exposed forward long ago demanding a discharge. The second man, having inclined, I caressed her back and a coat hanger,
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Today's morning was remarkable and special, I understood it at once as woke up. First, in a window the bright spring sun shone, from the street joyful chatter of birdies and secondly, today the first day of my deserved and long-awaited holiday reache
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I graduated from the university with honors. I found work in one company on production of underwear by the manager. Belonged to my duties: to study contracts, to find pluses and minuses in these contracts, to report about it to the director, to make
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— I think in this abandoned house there will be something valuable. — I said Luala's companion when they approached the old, gone to pieces building. In spite of the fact that she and the person we were familiar only several hours, the man already un
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The accelerator pedal habitually went down. The engine sniffed and the arrow on a speedometer spread to the right. The city already was behind therefore to trudge sixty there was no wish any more. Afar the dividing strip lasted, trees flashed the aut
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Komsomol — the active assistant and the rezervkommunistichesky party of the Soviet Union which is leading and napravlyayushcheysily the Soviet society... The main task of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League consists:... to develop and stren
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Oleg Pavlovich was the most ordinary person of average age — 43 years, short and slightly gray dark hair, average growth. Five days a week he goes for work to the editorial office of the Voskhod newspaper where worked as the deputy chief editor. Work
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Vadim Dmitrievich sat in the study of the director at a table in a convenient leather chair. Also in this spacious room there was a wide sofa and a minibar, the coffee maker, still the refrigerator. The man held the file on the worker Polina Sergeyev
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In a ban. Katya and Ania were on friendly terms, from the first course, kind of supplementing each other. It is possible to tell, they thrust upon a regional party conference. There was a wish to have a rest from tiresome occupations at institute, we
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The C Nina I got acquainted, approximately in two years prior to the case described below. At the time of acquaintance she executed twenty one. Slender, even little thin, beautiful brown-haired woman. The leanness didn't spoil her at all, and even on
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We lay down a little more, and then went to wash. I had a face, a breast and a stomach in a cum so I had to wash literally. And as water was only in the wash basin over a sink, to make it was difficult. But I, eventually, coped and put on white panti
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The message about storm warning came to five o'clock in the evening. The chief of Lenin office of private security constructed staff. — the hurricane Is expected. The night will be cheerful today — it began — I wish to the operator on the panel patie
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After the trip in the middle of the second year where the destiny pitted Lesya against Oleg, the girl anybody didn't meet year. They left Oleg still then, after five days of thoughtful training of Lesya in art of a fondling of the dick lips, language
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He was very heavy! I dragged him with the last bit of strength. Here, at last, and entrance. It was necessary only to rise by the third floor. Having set it on a shop, I took seat nearby. It was necessary to take rest. I got a cigarette, I lit. And e
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— You where were? — the dissatisfied husband met me. — I, I with the girlfriend in cafe sat... — what to myself I sat, you are on the last legs — the indignant husband lectured me. I trying not to provoke scandal I slipped in the bathroom. There I ha
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— Did you see her naked? — with interest Maxim asked the friend Alexey. Alexey densely reddened and hardly considerably nodded. And Maxim didn't even look at the companion. He with interest considered pencil sketches. There were many drawings. Tens,
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Today I decided to stay at home one. More precisely, so it turned out that remained. And for the whole week. Week of lonely evenings — the best and concerning occasion to appear on light to one timid stranger. The surprising feeling visited me togeth
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All is devoted to Day vlyublennykhdrakula. Otkroveniyanet, to vampires this story has no relation. Dracula is my nickname on the Internet. Well, so — it isn't absolutely ethic, but is epic. Is definitely not worse than what-nibud Axel. Under this nic
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There was it in those far, sweet times when I only just escaped from under a parental wing and lodged in cheerful and unpredictable halls of the polytechnical university. Being a virgin, it was terribly interesting to me to listen a story about love
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On Monday I woke up very much early, though I laid down after midnight. On hours punched five morning. It is necessary to go to the university in two hours. And then I went to a shower which I took. And then I left a shower cabin. It was wiped by a t
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Tanya worked as the pediatrician in Specialized orphanage. 34 years, the husband, the six-year-old child were her. She was very modest girl, very late (in 22 years!) got the first sexual experience with the man. Her present husband was this man, soon
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The message about storm warning came to five o'clock in the evening. The chief of Lenin office of private security constructed staff. — the hurricane Is expected. The night will be cheerful today — it began — I wish to the operator on the panel patie
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From the author: History is rather tangled, but if leaves to tell all — it has to turn out interestingly and originally. And so, there was it in one of the countries of Africa. I won't call the country, I think it not important. I and one more girl n
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Ruehl without hesitation opened a door and glanced in the room. Was nobody. Some cracked wooden beds standing in a row and still some unpretentious furniture. This Beacon was away from the main flow of travelers, and also from any objects, interestin
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In the first of October the collective in which Elena Maksimovna and Valentina Pavlovna worked always left in Ryapolovo on a picnic. If weather allowed, then they celebrated the professional Day outdoors, among the forest beauty touched raznotsvety f
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Andrey slept sluggishly and immoderately, and Masha wildly wanted sex. Cool water of a shower helped the girl to come round. Alcohol disappeared. The reason cleared up a little. — Can not go anywhere, and just be filled up to sleep — Maria sensibly j
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I stand near a mirror and I consider the reflection. A body, still damp after a shower, and hair are disheveled. Small, it nothing that they the first size, sharp breasts with nipples, decent by the size, such like to twist tenderly men. A beautiful
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For some you are Adelina. For others the irresistible girl of Hell. But for me you are a Goddess! Let I for You now — pettiness. You subdued me. And I also am glad to be subdued. Though I am sorry now, sometimes. Especially those nights when You chai
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Everything is copied and zaskrineno. Personal infa it is removed. Screenshots prilagayutsyadl. hostingfailov. com/full/b76f34d034. jpgdl. hostingfailov. com/full/ea250b9e2f. jpgdl. hostingfailov. com/full/cc4bcd6eb4. jpgdl. hostingfailov. com/full/4a
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All next week Tatyana stayed in a condition of a trance, fear, and sometimes the hysterics rolled on her. She bought tests for pregnancy every day and with horror looked — whether appeared the second strip... Soon Tanya understood what carried by. Bu
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Eleana woke up sharply as if from a push. I jumped up on a bed, scaredly looking around. It was in the bedroom in the lock, the sky outside the window began to brighten, the lake birdies sitting on a balustrade, kurlyky, carried on the morning talk.
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I live in the standard panel 9-storey building on the top floor. Our entrance is the last and wasn't initially equipped with the on-door speakerphone therefore as a rule on Saturdays and Sundays he was hung around by any beggars, witnesses of various
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Early in the morning she woke up from his call. Having heard a joyful voice of darling in a tube, she decided not to kill him for so early awakening in her lawful day off — Hi. What plans for today? — Hi, darlings any. I hoped that I will get enough
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This story is written at the request of the reader. My name is Semyon, me now nearly 50 years, my ex-wife is called Dasha, she is younger than me for 2 years. History about which I want to tell I write I occurred about 20 years ago, somewhere in the
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The first opytpervy experience of Lesya was in the train. Children and girls from the first and second year, left for three days on May to other city. Everything happens as it happens, and the most high points for some pass absolutely unnoticed other
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— Dima patiently waited while Tanya rewrote at him abstracts on physics examinations. The girl sat at a table, having thrown a leg on a leg, and so was fond that didn't notice how her skirt jumped up a little, baring beautiful thin legs. They met sev
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I madly love the lower lingerie. Small translucent bras through which fabric illuminate my sharp nipples. Very narrow lacy panties, baud, in a grid and lacy black, and red stockings on garters. Mm... I, can spend a lot of time in shops of underwear.
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All began is banal simply. On the way to the bus the girl sat down, she for some reason chose the place from many empty seats about me nearby, and I sat at a window. We met at once views when she came into the bus, and at me below a stomach all pleas
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And though I was mentally ready to betrayal of the wife how many I during this time changed the mind all, but when I stood at gate garages and listened to the muffled groans of the wife, the last scanty doubts were rejected away. Yes, my Dashka, goes