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It would be time for you and to tell: what everything began with. Christina's history or Margarita's way to slavery. I want to explain that Rita and Christa were crossed only once in the past. But also it was enough what our main character would spoi
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The first that was seen by Liriel having regained consciousness — the sky. "What ceiling beautiful here! — Delightfully she thought. — Interestingly, what artist painted it? It seems that he leaves somewhere afar... "Liriel, suddenly understood that
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We with mother came to have a rest in September. In Hurghada directly to the airport to mother jumped up several Egyptian frontier guards and having grabbed by hands brought out of group of tourists both she and I were frightened, but it appeared mol
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Lesh made a deep inhaling and I held for a while the breath. I extinguished a cigarette in an ashtray crowded with stubs, and blissfully I closed eyes. The young guy pressed the panel button, and on the small room pleasant music floated. He began to
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I am obezbashenny, and obezbashenny it is possible much. Why not to leave on the South, with couple a tyschyonok in a pocket, and hardly familiar company? All the same worse won't think of me, worse just there is no place. And "Mr. perfection" decide
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It was very amusing to see her confusion. Before strangers or from the unexpected order. She so got used to be obedient that make I only a nod the head — will execute. She tried to guess desire, was on the alert. In usual life hardly someone thought
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My God, what this happiness to feel it in itself! As he moves as pulses as suddenly breaks dense viscous liquid! As shivers and it is curved, splashing out remnants of passion and as falls on you, exhausted by it, devastated. To feel his taste on the
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She could fall asleep not soon. The aching buttocks, the excited body which isn't understanding why it suddenly was deprived at the last minute by discharges. However, eventually, she managed to fall asleep, but only soon to be woken: — Get up, you w
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Good afternoon! My name is Sergey, and my wife Sveta. I a usual normal constitution, Sveta — high meter eighty, 3, 5—4 breast size of teardrop shape, slender legs. In other words — I was lucky. We are married nearly three years and our relationship c
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All kind, my name is Alla! I want to tell you the story which happened to me when I studied at institute, Now to me 28, and then there were 22. And so, one night I was late in library after the lectures, there was already late evening and my way lay
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All occurred, not so long ago! Business was in the summer when on the street there was an intolerable heat in the afternoon, and there was a wish for nothing, I just sat, and corresponded on the Internet as suddenly I am written by the unfamiliar gir
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She was called Persefon. But all called her shorter option of her name — Percy. She worked in very big hospital as the nurse. She was very clever and could become the doctor and save lives, but, unfortunately, she was a sexy maniac. Work of the nurse
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From the author: To write this story I shoveled a heap of erotic literature to accumulate experience, and wrote here such story and that from this it turned out to judge to you. — ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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The door on kitchen opened. The husband on kitchen glanced ee, wishing it is visible, to eat. The sister told that we have a conversation, asked to descend to have supper to the parents, at the same time and to look at the child. The door was closed.
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Prolog. "Your ways are inscrutable..." In the tenth class of high school I got acquainted with the girl by the name of Vika. She lived in St. Petersburg, and in my modest Bumfuck got over on family circumstances. Before I to anybody had no warm feeli
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— "Good fellow, girlfriend. Be not lost" — Madina approved Zarina, languidly stretched on a carpet. — "You also praise her!" — Zukhra became angry — "It is necessary to flog you, the little whore. You dishonor the father". Zarina waved away from the
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About how many to us opening chudnykhgotovit the Internet everyday life... And case, god inventor, And idle visionary dreamer... The Yanusritmichny knocking of wheels lulled. Again business trip! Frankly speaking, as they got me, but this, differs fr
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Max saw off the next patient and, yawning, looked for hours. Until the end of the working day there was half of hour. Rather! He looked out in a corridor, very much hoping that for today dirty pezda came to an end, and it will be possible to leave a
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April 5. 1651 from Christmas. Hard times came. Rigid dictatorship and persecutions began to step on those someone lead not absolutely traditional life. In India there was a communication etiquette, the "special" attitude towards the woman and brothel
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I ate. I drank to tea. I said goodbye to owners, Lilia and her relatives, and I thanked for excellent reception. I left the house. I sat down in a car and I went. And I went to the city. I didn't want to go home. Also I had no desire to go home to Mi
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Sea. Evening. Wild beach. Gorgeous landscape! Our sun bed costs in a surf, You lie, being played with the sea! And so a gentle hand, you caress Waves also between legs, the pleasant klitorok, the magic island! You are divinely beautiful! Stark naked
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Passed several weeks from our trip to the sea. Tanechka noted the eighteen-year-old with friends. During the holiday she looked just smartly, in the fitting white dress which very well emphasized her excellent figure and the equal suntan acquired dur
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She sat on a shop and read the book, wonderful weather, the sun made the way through foliage of a tree and she had to change sometimes from edge to edge of a bench, hiding from him. Eyes ran on lines, but the sense wasn't caught as the little shkodni
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Maxim never believed in predictions, horoscopes, and other nonsense. Once, near the subway the Gipsy stuck to it. — Beloveds. Don't pass by. Give the handle, sweet. I will tell fortunes — the Gipsy started singing the song. — I don't believe in all t
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Again morning So we got up, I took away the wife for work. Day flew by even quicker, than Monday. Work wasn't glued again. In the evening I took away the wife from work, and we went home. I was even surprised relatively by tranquility of the wife. Sh
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There passed 2 weeks since the moment of our campaign in a bath. It is difficult to tell as far as this event changed our life. We and before had an excellent sex, a became even more magnificent now. The difference was only that Katya began to treat
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The father of the princess was the big owner. And when his wife died, he decided that he won't leave the daughter as long as will be able. She already was meanwhile 22 years old, and she never before knew men. And I saw them extremely seldom. It were
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Usual Friday. I arrived home after work. Houses of anybody, children at the grandmother, the wife Ania at work. She has an office party, someone's birthday. I ate, I rolled about on a sofa, I decided to call the wife, to learn when to wait for her ho
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Cheril approached the colleague with whom I worked on the project. The workmate was inclined over a table, attentively studying the available data. The girl appraisingly looked at Estelle. The fragile brunette of average height with the dark hair col
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For a nightmare it was too ridiculous, and for an erotic dream... well, it is too ridiculous too. Anyuta was kneeling in a locker room corner; she was surrounded by the little girls who are magnificently dressed on final — but only to a belt; farther
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The first spring month approached March end, and once late at night I was called by uncertain number. Having taken the call, I heard so long-awaited voice, my joy wasn't a side-altar, it was Katya. She asked to leave all affairs and to arrive to one
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I had improbable virtual sex today! Ira to me suggested to become the girl with the dick, and I agreed. The beginning, unfortunately, was gone. Such situation: I checked in, in hotel on Caribs, and went to the beach. And a bit later the hotel adminis
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I went to the next morning to study. As soon as I entered a class, I was surrounded right there by group of my schoolmates who with curiosity asked about accident. As I could tell nothing interesting to them but only I shrugged shoulders, quickly lag
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It is just the author's fiction. You shouldn't trust each word. Just plunge into imaginations and isn't present any more. I began to notice long ago that my daughter has very strange behavior. I understand that it is echoes of the teenage period, but
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The girl watched the movie, sitting at the table. It was the horror film. To her it was terrible, light wasn't, only weak lighting from the monitor screen. At the most terrible moment when the girl hid the face in hands and I switched off a sound, sh
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Bright light of the moon surrounded the blossoming field. The breeze whispered imperceptible whisper, he reminded a breeze of sea water. Only flowers were not blue, but colors of a lilac. Any soul didn't disturb a game of the mysterious composer play
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The fact of treason was, I saw the eyes, saw as the wife was engaged in sex with other man, the truth itself she didn't know about it. but me to admit, there is a strong wish to learn as she would react. I bought tickets in good sanatorium in Krasnod
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The man with a scar... We lay on a bed and stirred. I lay on a back, and he is near on one side, slightly hanging over me. Yesterday he bought a long rope and now joked, is unclear why showing me how to tie different knots. When the conversation desc
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On Friday evening after work, we with colleagues went as usual to club. The four of desperate programmers again in fight. Stay in such institutions became for us habitual for a long time. The sea of alcohol, a positive and very young disco whores whi
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The usual working day in Princeton of Pleynsborough hospital came to an end. Slowly employees left work, it became more silent and more silent. The team of the House, as usual, was engaged all day in paperwork. It to horror was boring. Chase and Form
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This story 50\50. In it there are elements of truth, except names of course. Hi. I am Sveta. I always had remarkable relationship with the sister. We resembled though to her 22, and me 18. We with the sister both high blondes with green eyes. Both ha
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I am Kira. To me 38. I am married to the beloved. Man in every sense. Earns, looks after, loves, has... In a word — the man. Why decided to write? There was a wish to share my adventures. Itself didn't expect that so will turn out, but is very glad t
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Having come into a video chat this time, I came across three guys, one of whom was approximately my age, and two others were a little more senior. — Show boobs — they asked at once, and easy excitement captured me again, expelling apathy from my body
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The case helped to go to the South to us with the wife. So it turned out that I managed to take a vacation. The chief awarded with it me for the successful project which provided employment to firm for two years, well and plus excellent bonus. And wh
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Once there was already easy acquaintance with PD. This is continuation, deepening in a variety of opportunities which are given in this institution by his employees. On the street the sun shone, the heat made the way to the most neprestupy places in
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Light — the modest girl. At least, such she seems to all, including her acquaintances, fellow workers and, of course, the husband. But, first, nobody can tell what goes in another person's mind, secondly, the woman — always a riddle. In the sum two o
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The next cigarette departed to a ballot box of not finished smoking. Alisk was late for half an hour. — It was necessary to powder a nose, and I will go down. Will you wait in the car? Nose, as... She powdered brains to it moreover and is concrete. H
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For you I didn't feel sorry for either money, or forces, Decided that I will achieve by all means. In cafe on a corner, having grown bolder, I invited, There the cook cooks borsch greatly. You sat sadly, keeping coldness, Having rejected pampushkas a
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It was few years ago. We with my wife got out in a long-awaited joint holiday. On the advice of the friends we chose great pyatizvedny hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. We spent the last gray autumn Moscow day at the airport waiting for the charter. After se
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Half a year later... There passed several months since my ill-fated visit to our family gynecologist. I fell into an unenviable position of the girl on a call, is more faithful on a whim. The beldame, probably all life saving the perverted ideas deci
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Christina woke up from understanding that something firm rests against the right hip and desired. Gleb with pleasure snuffled her in a neck, fish soup is slightly lower — his morning erection woke the girl. "Irka of a bough" — she thought of the girl
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She was ready for a lot of things. Almost on everything. Though at the very beginning of our communication anal sex seemed to her such humiliation that it is more and couldn't be. However, as it often happens, lust, debauchery and all hidden that lon
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I regained consciousness sharply as though having come up from where. The unclear state, the head is a little turned, thoughts are confused. Where I? What is with me? Just went home from work on through familiar street in a summer heat, and now? Grad
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3900 godsil of a human sin it is enormous, so enormous that a lot of things can, in vain the Lord allocated soul of the person such silishchy, it, eventually, will play against him. Finally, hell, each of which potentially the legionary of hell alrea
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I am devilishly vindictive. Some can consider it a shortcoming, but I am proud of this quality. I never forgive nothing to anybody, let not at once, let through a wide interval of time, but I will revenge when don't wait for it any more. No, I am not
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She was called Persefon. But all called her shorter option of her name — Percy. She worked in very big hospital as the nurse. She was very clever and could become the doctor and save lives, but, unfortunately, she was a sexy maniac. Work of the nurse
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Looking through a dating site, the questionnaire accidentally comes across. The blonde, is beautiful, with the fourth breast size. Pretty candid photos. In the imaginations I am mentally transferred and I drop before her to knees. Slightly I move apa
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I looked for hours. There was a time a half of the fourth. I got a car. Also I went towards kindergarten to take away Ivanna. Karina already took away Ivanna. And they waited for me near kindergarten. I took away them and brought to Lisa to work. I d
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For the beginning, Vika decided to educate little girls in an occasion of the developed situation. Having pulled off from them earphones, she told them o the plans: — Before all girl, thanks for such fine gift! I promise you that I won't neglect your
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Instead of the introduction: the note on author's vision of physiology дренеев =) by the Word "niala" on dreneysky traditionally designate urine though in a general sense under nialy it is possible to understand any liquid (from the verb nia — to flo