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lightning also I entered the provided hole, having begun to bash out it fiercely. "Still would put out tongue from diligence!" — the Scar, of course, which is generally occupied with feelings from lips and the hostess's language was twisted again. Ho
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If someone waited for continuation — I ask to forgive for a delay. There was a wish to strike the reader. The story contains toilet scenes (including a copra), zoophilia, Gourand and other perversions which aren't recommended to people with weak ment
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When to me it was executed 20, I returned to Ust-kuzminsk. All friends remained in Moscow, the apartment became permeated with the smell of old spirits, the unfinished school pressed on heart. And here when I absolutely despaired and was ready to wor
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Yens.... It was visible how she alerted and accurate as she carefully considers all events. I very clearly tried to let her know that near me she in safety that I won't make anything that will hurt her. Its proximity filled me with sense and pure oxy
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09.08kak also I planned — I begin to keep the diary. A month a persuasive presentiment that this holiday will be unusual. A therefore wants to record everything in memory. I know from experience that on a holiday usually I have failures in memory (al
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In the late afternoon there arrived the aunt with the husband. Mother already woke up and prepared in kitchen. I told them that I went fishing, but caught nothing. — And you in what were engaged? — the aunt Lena asked mother. Suspiciousness notes soa
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I went along snow-covered streets of Kiev, very tired, after the long rehearsal before tomorrow's performance. I was hungry, but not in respect of food, and in respect of sex. I wanted to relax, be delayed, but Zhenya told that if I drink though an a
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The first holiday evening in Tunisia was planned by quiet. We with the girlfriend Marinkaya moved into in hotel closer by the night, tired and sluggish after flight, I personally wanted to fall and fall asleep. The entertainment program is decided to
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At the heart of this story — the real events which took place in the 1980th —... And at last, tovagishch, we can't but obgatit attention to mogalny shape of a tovagishch of Neplyuev! Companion Neplyuev raised the head. More precisely, she rose when s
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The princess Dzhanta with pleasure yawned, stretching a strong slender body on a wide bed. Having dumped on a floor she languidly looked at the white cover from pure silk which was beautifully combined with black skin around. — Good morning, madam —
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— Hello, doctor. — The entered girl closed behind herself a door. — to you slightly not to me, gynecology through couple of offices. — The surprised doctor lifted up on her an amazed look. — Well, the doctor, to you. — With these words the girl raise
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The huge phallus millimeter behind millimeter plunged into Marina's hole. She shouted from pain, understanding that she will be just broken off in half now. When the dick entered almost completely, Eduard Igorevich greased the finger with lubricant a
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continuing to drive slowly the handle on a chink. The man indifferently passed for book racks. Alexander's heart nearly jumped out of a breast, he by miracle restrained not to scream from surprise! In the reading room his Olga sat! Now it recognized
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From the author: I am not sure at all that the place to this story on this website, but I so dispersed, thinking out a new plot that regained consciousness only on the third part. And to write to a table for me how to play a violin, having enclosed a
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After tiresome day at office Tonja awfully wanted to sleep. The head broke up into pieces, and the tortured PMS twisted a stomach. Hardly moving legs Tonja opened a door to the hall, threw keys on a table to Vera Ivanovna and having felt freedom alre
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I met her about three years ago in the city which name I don't remember any more. Then I inspected branches of our company, so that it was necessary to do a bit of traveling over the country. Days were hammered with meetings, checks, meetings, it was
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Which of opponents blew up a nuclear charge in a stratosphere, and remained unclear. Seryogin didn't trust promotion and considered that it was made by ours as weakness. As a result over all northern hemisphere all microelectronics at once came to an
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She went to bed only at 6 in the morning. The girlfriend brought her from a country party and she as was in clothes, fell to a bed and fell asleep. The sharp and persistent call pulled out it from a dream: — I will be in half an hour. Prepare for a b
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Number 306, frankly speaking I worry a little, but for her not for the first time she meets them then when brings them to our city. We knock, the door isn't locked, we come. We are met by two handsome men in the uniform of pilots, got acquainted, we
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My name is Yulya, I want to tell you a story which happened to me not so long ago. For a start a couple of words about. I am 25 years old, I am a brunette, height of 170 cm, a slender constitution, a breast is slightly less than second size, I nevert
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The young man once again got a piece of paper with the address and having made sure that he costs exactly opposite to that house to which it is necessary for him, quickly looked at the watch and came into the first entrance. I rose by the second floo
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"The mystery of eternity mortal isn't allowed to comprehend. What remains to us? Love and wine. The world is eternal or it is created — whether all is equal If we irrevocably are fated to leave?" Instead of the preface: on the earth, underground, on
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Yura with Ania usual couple. They lived together 12 years. At them two daughters of five and four years grew up. They when to Ania was 20, and Jure 26 got married. Their Roman developed quickly therefore the wedding was played after a year of acquain
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With that, memorable event, there passed 2 weeks. During this time I all time visited mother, it was next day after that evening. I then watched closely her behavior. At once was evident that she went somehow not впопад. It and is clear, the smashed
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during acquaintance to you? You aren't sure of yourself a little, you pose as all such correct, but is actually more dissolute than me. You just are afraid to recognize it. That's all. — Yes? Oh, I about you understood something too. You are vainglor
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Still clear starlit night. Full moon. Seven iridescent circles bordering a cold silvery star. Silently ringing space. And — not a soul. Lance it is careful, trying to go silently, I went down on abrupt steps of a wooden wing, softly I passed across t
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Here both New Year's holidays died down and labor bail began. No it doesn't mean at all that it is worth forgetting about rest and to refuse to itself pleasure (I have in view of a sexual discharge) .tak left that 11-go numbers of this month one very
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I will begin this chapter with the preface. Do you remember a box sex of toys? And so, I wasn't abandoned by a thought from where they undertook. Obviously it is a gift, but they aren't stolen? But someone could present so expensive gift. Definitely
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Chapter 2. Speleology. Don't confuse cave explorers and diggers. Both those, and others are engaged same, investigate underground objects. Only research objects are various. Cave explorers investigate natural constructions, and diggers artificial. So
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Lena went driving the brand new mazda 6 and thought only of that kind of not to be late for an interview, so important for her career. Outside the window the car houses and show-windows of the center of Moscow rushed, bright, bright advertizing sloga
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Prolog. Trip to the village. At the end of October, we with mother went to the village. There we were already waited by her sister, my aunt, with the husband. For the present there didn't come severe cold weather, it was necessary to weed a kitchen g
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"You know, probably, you will receive this letter when I already am at home. I specially didn't send it on an elektronka, and bought an envelope and brands. You represent, I smeared them with language. As in the childhood. The girl in the booth told
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Than I thought when попёрлась in this trip... We were reached by data on hazing in one of parts, like nothing unusual, but a part is confidential to horror — trains military for escort of the top officials of the state. Well and as all confidential i
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the girl's nipples, extending them is stronger and stronger... Such stimulation couldn't last infinitely, and here Kelly strained, small began to tremble, and it was pierced by a shattering orgasm. Rachelle saw all this, but without stopping continue
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cums were completely captivated by a mouth of the prostitute. Inga without effort swallowed everything, wiped the cum remains from lips and a mouth, thrust a finger into a mouth, and began to suck it as if Chupa Chups. Having taken the fallen-down di
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Somehow time paid I to mother a visit. The apartment was on the 3rd floor, I rose, got keys and tried to open a door, it was open. There were 7 o'clock in the evening. In a corridor it was dark, but I noticed several pairs of men's boots at a door at
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Parents collected suitcases. In the evening they were waited by the train to Ukraine to the father's relatives who called them to stay for a while. I refused a trip, having referred to study. Outside the window there was a rain, September didn't want
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Behind a window snow fell, softly I fell. Huge shaggy flakes I settled on the guilty earth, spreading wires of trees, roofs of various brands of cars.Nonka I sat at a huge oak table and, without blinking, I looked at snow beauty. In the head, light o
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Very long ago it was! Having gone to a two-day business trip to Yaroslavl, mother left me on care of neighbors. Our neighbors, there were people "from a plow", ordinary, but very benevolent people. As it was necessary, I was put to bed at once, after
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There was an early spring morning. The usual morning which isn't differing from others. Outside the window already life boiled. Joyfully on pools sparrows jumped, the happy fat black cat was heated on the sun, watching sparrows and very clearly showi
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Hello! My name is Dasha, and I am thirty years old. I am a red-haired knave with the fourth breast size. And still I have between legs a dick. I am a trance. And in it there is nothing unusual and extraordinary. Called me to this case Egor. I began t
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Alexander was a little angry when he entered into the lecture audience filled with students. He was asked to read up a course as the constant teacher went to hospital. Need to give the last lectures several moneychanger his plans for the beginning of
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Pyotr's prediction came true, though with him small delay. In one and a half months Konstantin completely got used to everything that occurred in the ill-fated mansion, and accepted punishment of the guilty prostitutes as something due though preferr
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I constantly thought of the finds, of that memorable evening. I wanted still. I began to move me a maniacal syndrome of lust. I wanted to know, than my mother is engaged. And at this moment, staying at home at a computer and "being whipping the cat",
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Khruschev's yard... — Lay down. — And how? They long were attached, span and fussed, delaying the terrible moment. At last Anina clothes was hanged accurately out on a branch, and Ania lay on a back, and the dim lamp lit her vzbukhshy nipples, shaggy
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I feel how her body trembles, giving in to my simple caress. I feel volosiki on a pubis! It is a lot of volosik as though she never shaved them. Her hand greedy caresses my dick reared from desire and excitement. At last we come off lips from each ot
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stretching me from within? How it is possible not to humour him, coiling on own fingers? I can't leave also you without caress, my hips live life, rocking, rising and sticking my trembling body on your dick. And at last, I greedily cum, feeling some
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I watched how there is on all fours Lida, and understood that she wants, it will be pleasant to Elvira, the chief and the hostess probably favourite. It was visible to be told more true in everything in each her action, in that as, having raised the
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I am called, Evgeny. Now to me 44. When I was 25 years old, I worked as the conductor on the train. Trips to Germany, Poland. Houses I, had a girl, but in flight several days. Masturbation of course put easy and pleasant, but there was a wish bigger.
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Friends, I want will share the new visit of theater. In November as usually, I acquired the ticket on this theatrical action again. In the foyer, how to hand over the clothes, standing in turn, I strenuously tried to notice in crowd to myself for the
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Fedorovich Netsvetyuk is the Ukrainian-Russian magnate who is the patron and the sponsor of the "black and white" group. And he very much wanted to know where his ward during the whole month vanished. For explanations he also summoned the blond beaut
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— Lara! — the voice of the girlfriend, apparently, is ready to blow up phone, it is necessary to set aside a tube from an ear — Lara, come to me. He again something did. Oh, My God. And when everything will end? When will this crazy family leave me a
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"All that unexpectedly changes our life, not accident. It — in ourselves also waits only for an external reason for expression by action". (Alexander Green) They say that angels live only in the sky, and devils only in hell. But heroes of our story w
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me? Of course, if strongly you want, I will suck off to your got-up friend, but itself you understand, we won't meet any more. Nastina the frankness discouraged me. I felt a little humiliated and lost. But she understood it, and again took the initia
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Sergey somehow, philosophically grinned and, exhaling smoke, told: — I something to you to a porasskazh that you precisely, won't forget... And so, after history in mountains the brother sustained injuries and married, and I went to Altai. There pass
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It happened to visit to me and those countries customs and which customs caused my bewilderment adjoining on disgust. For example, the country which name will tell nothing to you surprised me with the following customs. First, at a meeting of the man
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My surprising adventure began with such question. At me I was otsypny after change today, but I never spent this day for a dream — 4 hours were enough for me. And today I got up in 9, made to myself to tea, slightly woke up and potopat to the bathroo
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half an hour. He found to Marin the smoker on a bench near an entrance. — You said that you seldom smoke. — For the last two months I smoked less pack so on average it turned out a little — the Marine looked at Oleg, in the end of the street. She her
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Everything stated took place. It happened to my friends, and I learned about it accidentally when I together with the friend took a steam bath in a sauna, and he having got wasted before piggy squeal, in drunk tears told this story. Next day he remem
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That there were no indignant comments from the users who "accidentally" read the story is the story about тентаклях, sex with aliens and just a pure hentayshchina :) Pleasant reading. They arrived in 2024. At first, all thought that to Earth the end