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We with her got to talking. Drank for acquaintance, smoked, chatted there is nothing. And suddenly she began to tell me. At first her story I listened to a vpolukh, but then he interested me. I don't know why she chose me. Perhaps her wasn't with someone to talk any more, and here the stranger whom can more and you won't see. And here her story with some adjustment. I will write from the first person, it is so more convenient to me. There was a Friday, we agreed with girlfriends to meet in cafe after work. Today I was without car. Weather was nasty, at a stop is full of the people. I decided to catch the car. Cars rushed by and when I already lost hope, about me the foreign car stopped. I opened a back door: - To "Lira" you will throw? - No problem! From his voice I shuddered. I learned this voice, I knew to someone it belongs. Heart is speeded up was clogged. Sasha … I sat down on a back seat – he who a little grew old looked at me now with moustaches and a small beard, with a gray hair in hair. But glosses there was the same and eyes too … Heart was ready to jump out outside. But in the head there was a thought – why it is necessary to you now, there passed so many years, you have a husband, children … He looked at me and smiled: - Nadyush, it you?! You almost … I as it is possible more seriously him I interrupted: - You were mistaken. It seems to me, he didn't believe, and looked everything at me. - Maybe all of us will go? - Yes, yes, of course. I turned away to a window, I was afraid to look at it – suddenly I won't sustain … Passed nearly thirty years, and here a casual meeting … That year I graduated from school. I entered the institute on faculty of foreign languages, there wasn't enough some half-point. The father went to institute, with someone talked over – I was taken on correspondence department and as soon as room was made, I was transferred to day. It was not the bad option, it wasn't necessary to wait for the whole year. And in a year nobody guaranteed that he will arrive. It was necessary only to find the work connected with education, such there was a condition revenues to correspondence department. The father tried again and I was hired the laboratorian of an office of physics in school, near the house. Salary is small, but also works not so much. It was especially good in the summer while lessons at school weren't. I studied devices, placed them according to sections. After a lunch I was already at home. In September lessons began, here then all also began … At the beginning of September together with school students students probationers appeared. Among them there was also Sasha. And just he was a physicist. It is impossible to tell that he was a handsome, so the ordinary guy, quite nice, high slender, with the suspended language. Day on the third he tried to flirt with me, but I resolutely stopped his attempt – I had a guy, it is even possible to tell the groom. I so directly also told him. I and the truth had a guy, the truth he was far - did military service (he needed to serve half a year). Sasha switched to others, at school was for someone to flirt except me. Though to be honest, he was pleasant to me, but I promised Mischa (this is my boyfriend) that I will wait for him. We were on friendly terms with him, to army for a long time. We were going to get married when he returns. And our parents were doesn't mind. But everything developed on another and the case is guilty of everything … The first quarter came to an end. Vacation at school students, and the staff of school worked. The list of watches, here was made and to me got in one of days to be on duty at school before arrival of the watchman. That day I had plans – we with girlfriends wanted to organize to ourselves a celebration. I tried to exchange with someone, but all had plans too. I strongly was upset. In laboratorian Sasha came to say goodbye, practice came to an end with the first day of vacation. He had a good mood, at me not really. And I told a word behind a word to it about the trouble. He sympathized and, unexpectedly, suggested to keep me the company. Several hours one didn't want to sit at empty school and I accepted his offer. Agreed when he comes and he left. Already at home I began to doubt that I did right thing. But I couldn't contact him and hoped that for couple of days at him to change plans. In day watch I made couple of salads (just in case), I collected food a little and I went to school. I accepted watch at previous, I closed school and villages at a window. I tensely looked at the street, in me two feelings fought – I at the same time wanted and didn't want that he came. He was late for about fifteen minutes, by this time I already calmed down and decided what he forgot. But he came, I started him, closed a door. We rose in a physics office. Quickly laid a table, it brought a bottle of wine and fruit. We sat stirred, drank wine. I never drank more glass of wine or champagne, and here the whole bottle. Also it was drunk easily as compote. Only soon I understood that I became a little drunk. There was some slackness, I loudly laughed loudly over each his history. It was so good, in himself I felt some excitement. I should have stopped, but so there was a wish to be adult … And when already the bottle was drunk almost up, I approached him villages to him on knees and dropped to his lips. He right there answered my kiss, having clasped with a hand me under a back. I clasped him for a neck, eyes were closed … he another stroke-oared me on hair, a neck, on a cheek. His touches were so pleasant. His hand began to lower below, began to caress my breast. I and Mischa allowed to caress the breast through clothes, but now was at all not as with Mischa. On a body I ran a shiver, I also didn't try to stop it – it was so pleasant. Seeing that I don't react to his actions, he grew bolder and began to undo a blouse. His hand laid down on a stomach. At me even intercepted breath, it everything was a new experience for me (I it didn't allow the guy). He acted more and more safely. From below lickspittles under a bra cup also I raised it up, baring my breast. Then I released the second and I began to rumple them carefully. I leaned back on his hand, I turned the head – roofing felts from drunk, roofing felts from what was done by Sasha. And when he took the fingers a nipple and slightly squeezed him, I was curved, in the head there was fog. He became with me on hands and, having taken couple of steps, lowered me on the next table. I pulled together from me a blouse, I took off the dangling bra. When the back touched a cold table, the shiver captured my body. As in fog I heard a sound of the undone lightning on jeans. Soon I lost jeans, tights, panties. I lay absolutely naked on a table. It carefully parted my legs. I felt his hands on hips, a stomach, a breast. And here sharp pain pierced my body, even tears came into eyes. I even screamed from pain. In myself I felt his dick. It became below wet. Having allowed me to recover a little, I began to move in me back and forth. Didn't cease more painfully – and why to women to be pleasant to these to be engaged? Bol began to abate a little, at the same time the new feeling appeared. And with each his movement it became stronger and stronger. He began to accelerate and soon stood, having nestled on me. I felt as in me something got nervous. I just lay, keeping hands on a cover of a table, forces weren't. - Nadj, you that girl? I opened eyes and looked at him. - Yes. I Was … He looked at me with widely opened eyes. - The devil, - he ran a hand over hair, - how old are you? - Eighteen. Will be soon. In a month … It seemed to me that his face slightly turned white. Under a bottom it was damp, I hardly sat down on a school desk. I ran over her a hand and I looked at her – blood. Here I also became a woman! He helped me to get up, legs badly held me. Then we brought order. Soon the watchman as quickly time flew by came. He took me almost the home, further I didn't want that he went. Somebody could see. Houses I got into a bathtub and long there lay. On a table the letter from Mischa lay in the room. And only now I understood what occurred – I changed the guy. Several days I as couldn't write to it, before it weren't. In several days I met Sasha. More true he waited for me not far from school. When I saw him, at me is speeded up heart was clogged. I slowed down a little, and even wanted to avoid not to meet. But while I reflected, he saw me and met halfway. On his face the smile appeared. - Hi, Nadia. I thought I won't wait for you. It you, - and he stretched me a rose. I was dumbfounded. It were my first flowers. No, of course, I was given flowers – a mimosa, tulips, tacks, but it was for March 8. And this was my first rose presented to me and not for some holiday. - Thanks, Sasha. Next day he waited for me again. We began to meet nearly an every day. Just wandered about streets, walked in parks, sometimes went to the cinema. Every day it became colder, began to come in various places to get warm. In one of days it was especially cold – the cold penetrating wind blew. I absolutely already freezed, but was silent about it. It was pleasant to me with him and so early there was no wish to disperse. And here he offered: - Nadyush, can me we will come? We will be warmed, there is no house anybody. I absolutely froze already by this time, even didn't feel legs and almost at once agreed. His house appeared and isn't so far. Soon, I already sat in his room, with interest examining it. - Hot tea will be the ambulance, - he told, coming into the room, - you strongly froze? I silently nodded, he took my palms in hand. - What didn't you tell at once? I silently shrugged shoulders. He left the room and soon returned back. I covered me with a plaid. I got with legs on a sofa and drew in them under myself. It left again and almost at once returned. In hands it had a glass with brownish drink. - Drink, at once you will be warmed. It is cognac. - I don't want … - You aren't asked you want or not. Give drink. This medicine. I brought a glass and felt an alcohol smell. - I won't be able. He approached me held a nose: - Give, drink! To me burned a mouth, intercepted breath, tears came into eyes. The fiery lump moved down. And as it isn't strange, heat became almost at once will extend on all body. Soon I felt as cheeks lit up. It became so easy, the head became a little strange. He caressed my hair, began to kiss the person. And when his lips touched mine, we merged in a long kiss. Without ceasing to kiss me, it laid me on a back. His hand was on my breast, he carefully stroked her through clothes. I clasped him for a neck. To me it was so good. His hand spread down, lingered on a stomach for some time and continued the way down. I felt as the belt of jeans weakened, then the sound unzipped was heard. In me the heat blazed, I wanted … Here his hand on my pubis, I distinctly felt it. It moved below and I felt as the finger gets between vulvar lips. It touched a clitoris and on a body there passed the desire wave. He began to rub it, I couldn't restrain any more. It became below wet – I didn't have it yet. He got up and pulled together from me jeans together with tights and panties. I strained, thinking that again it will be sore, but was mistaken. This time such pain wasn't any more and surprisingly, the dick quite easily entered me. There was a small discomfort, but also it quickly passed. But with each his movement pleasure derived by me increased and increased. It seemed to me that it proceeded eternity. Then I recovered for a long time. From this day we almost ceased to walk and at once went to him home. We had sex, then he saw off me. So there passed days, but I liked such pastime. Our relationship lasted already nearly half a year and here, in the next letter, Mischa reported that in few weeks he will be at home. I was shocked, I absolutely forgot about it. Something should be done, it was necessary to make a choice - I couldn't meet two at once. But as it is difficult to make it! After several sleepless nights I made it - decided to leave Sasha. This decision was given me very hard. I reported to it that we won't meet any more. He wanted to learn the reason, I didn't tell. We swore, can do it and even to the best. Mischa came in a week. He at once came running to me. Having seen him, I so was delighted. He embraced, kissed me. I lost control over myself and we appeared in a bed. After everything, he with surprise asked: