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Madam Violetta frowned and gesture of a hand stopped the doctor, told: — We won't play diplomacy! I am forty years old, I already saw anything. You are ready to execute my order or rendering the paid service at you is implemented through judicial authorities? — Forgive. The hitch happened for the reason that eighteen-year-old donors at us — very big rarity. You understand, at this age any has still solid potential. We can offer the donor of your age now or is a little younger. — But me only absolutely young donor is necessary! I well paid you. — whether Will accept you the donor at the age of 30 years? However, we at the same time risk to lose the client customer. But she didn't pay the order yet. I think, won't make a complaint. Compromise was reached. Next day madam Violetta came to Medicalfuture with a happy face and confidence that now her boring life of the lonely woman will sharply change to the best. Exchange of a body with the donor happened on the technology which is accurately fulfilled in firm. At first at the client scanned a brain, having rewritten consciousness in the tiny electronic block of memory. Then madam Violetta underwent the procedure of cryogenic preparation. The final was the fact that her frozen body was placed in special storage. Further the body of the donor was defrozen. In a brain of the 30-year-old man wrote down consciousness of madam Violetta. Any miracles! How there in advertizing? "Pay money and receive a body of any donor! Travel from one body to another and enjoy new feelings!" Madam Violetta wished to get sexual feelings of the young man. And it was her first exchange of a body. For the life madam had a set of sexual intercourses with men. But during them she got only the, female, sexual feelings. And she always wanted to understand a body and feelings a men's orgasm. For the sake of it she went to decent financial expenses, having signed the contract under which I received a body of the young man for a period of one month with Medicalfuture. Upon termination of this term madam Violetta had an opportunity to return consciousness to the former body or to choose another. Such situation was many times described by fantasts several centuries in a row. But now there was XXIIIVEK! Madam Violetta less than for an hour moved consciousness to others body. At the exit from firm she looked at herself in a mirror. Yes, handsome! Very attractive face, excellent young body! My God, as women will look, being burned with desire to be given! Of course, she should get used to a male body at first a little. Discrepancies are so far. Here now the hand wanted to correct a brassiere under a t-shirt. Madam Violetta smiled, having looked at the flat breast. Yes, changes are. And very essential. But she wanted to change. Only consciousness in this body women's! Some bifurcation. A body — the man, and the head — the woman! Interestingly, how soon and for what term HE will force out her in the head? And whether will force out? Being burned with curiosity and impatience, madam Violetta hurried home. Having appeared at itself in the apartment, she undid jeans and hasty pulled out a penis from swimming trunks. She many times felt men's body a vagina, held in the hand. But there was then others part of others body. And now it had the dick. Really her dream was executed? The woman carried out by a palm on a hairy pubis, again undertook fingers a soft dick and displaced a lace curtain from a head on a trunk. Yes, real handsome! And the size very good even in a sluggish state. Interestingly, on how many centimeters it will be extended in an erogirovanny look? For the life madam Violetta masturbated the dick to several men. So I had experience. Having clasped a dick with a palm, the woman squeezed a palm in a fist and began the act of onanism. The dick at first didn't react to the movements of a fist in any way, but began "to wake up" soon. The rhythmical movements of a fist back and forth filled a trunk with a pleasant tickling. The delightful accruing itch developed in a head. It resembled an itch which develops in a horney clitoris. And it was the one and only "women's" comparison which madam Violetta managed to make. Further HE for several minutes suppressed female consciousness in the head. But I suppressed not at the mental level, and on especially physiological. Madam Violetta didn't realize any more that she does. There was only strong desire to move and move a fist on a horney dick. It seemed, even for a second - another not to stop these delightful movements. Balls began to be improved in a ball sack to a groin. One more passionate push a fist on the dick, still, still... My God, as pleasantly! The tall man stood in the middle of the room with unbuttoned jeans and the fist working on the dick. And further... occurred here further that. The man became constant visitor a fist, quickly brought the left palm under a head and began to pour out in her a cum. One stream, the second, third! Then I brought a palm to a mouth and I drank a cum. Mental consciousness of madam Violetta slowly was restored to a male body. She with surprise looked at the floor carpeted. The body remembered the high received from an orgasm. But where the poured-out cum? Where did it get to? Strange. Really some men have an orgasm without cum izlitiya? That day madam two more times masturbated the dick. And again I couldn't understand where the cum disappears. And didn't come to the woman to mind that acts of onanism go from dictation of a body of the donor, and in the final the cum streams in a palm with the subsequent ingestion. But madam Violetta perceived an orgasm not only a body of the donor, but also the female consciousness when it began to return. What pleasure from an orgasm! Effect of nirvana! Having a little got used to a body of the donor, the woman decided on walk. Her solitary life in the apartment continued three days. Of course, it is necessary to distract from persuasive masturbation, to get acquainted with any girl or the young woman. The body was eager for sexual intercourse! Madam decided to go out of town. Summer, she has a holiday, she perfectly feels in an attractive body of the young man. In the bus it was close. And for some reason eyes in itself strove to glance in a low neck or undershirts to girls and women. And when ahead there was the riparian forest a daddy of one passenger, madam Violetta couldn't hold a rush and it seems accidentally densely nestled on her the rehouse, feeling as the penis bulks up. What sweet torment to feel as a dick the elastic back of the girl and not to have an opportunity to insert her into the pussy "tool"! And the girl, probably, perfectly understands that the dick is pressed, but isn't removed! After this case madam Violetta specially went in buses to rush hour, winding herself sexual excitement and then hazardously masturbating at home. Sometimes it wasn't possible to keep from the gushed passion. Then she masturbated the dick directly in the elevator, swallowing the poured-out cum from a palm. Several times I masturbated in the park, having taken cover behind trees. It was directly some delusion! In the head desire of sex very often appeared. You go by the subway — on the contrary the girl in a short short skirt accidentally moved apart legs. And there — panties, seductive swellings of big vulvar lips. Au-oh, flour what! And the dick goes to growth at once. Also you hurry to cover from public eyes a fly of jeans with the newspaper that this hillock didn't see the people. Or you go along the street, and ahead any bitch twirls by a bum here and there. And at you the same works a reflex with excitement of the dick. To go crazy! And what to do when every morning you wake up with upright the standing dick? Then him became stupid you jerk off, trying to obtain a desired orgasm. Effect of him just tremendous! No, this fire can begin to be extinguished only real sex. Devastation of eggs manually only kindles thirst of the real sex...... Night was dark. For conceived just right. At midnight the last electric train comes to the station. Almost all arrived leave on well lit road. But someone, wishing to reduce a way, sometimes uses a footpath through the park where a lamp from a lamp quite far. The girl was much stronger, than it was possible to assume. At first she painfully bit by the hand which seized her behind by a neck. Then, when the tyrant got with other hand under a dress into pants, an elbow gave under a groin. And during the next instant the tyrant howled from pain — the girl till it bleeds scratched nails to him the person. Continuing to hold the victim for a neck, the tyrant began to undo hasty a fly on jeans, releasing outside a penis. Some inexplicably the girl was turned out and struck with a knee under balls, and then took to the heels on a footpath... — do you want to refuse our service ahead of schedule? In what the reason, madam Violetta? — You see I was mistaken... Life is obese men not for me. It is too much troubles which aren't covered by effect of others orgasm. Doctor Geys ironically looked at the client, said: — I understand... Your desires not absolutely came true. Possibly, there were serious discrepancies? Madam Violetta densely reddened. This minute on her face traces from the sharp nails which "passed" from a temple to the chin became less noticeable. Madam frowned — the balls which are beaten off at the night still ached. — I can return consciousness to the former body?