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They are so amazing how and fantastic. It seemed so me still yesterday there lived an exemplary favourite woman, but today I understand that only now I had a dream of all my life. My wife whore. She is a charming, matchless whore. She is my darling, it is a dream. At the same time with it I completely began to give myself the report that our history only began. My darling renounced herself every minute plunging into the world of lust and the debauchery created for us by her owner, her master, the owner of her body when her heart entirely belonged to me, to darling who directed her to this thorny putshest months back. There was an evening on the eve of return of darling from a vacation which she spent so the today's owner. The dream didn't go, I lay in a bed and looked in a ceiling. Phone cracked, came a MMS. Number was unfamiliar. Na my wife was a photo, the signature said: "Ne forget to meet my whore. We already said goodbye." Uvidev and having read the message as mad I began to jerk off, instantly hardened dick. Eyes and a mouth of the wife are open, she costs on knees, all person, the breast and a stomach are bedaubed with a cum, the cum follows from corners of a mouth and flows on a body on a chin, hair are tousled and stuck together, an on a forehead is pasted the poker card the peak lady I the dick jerked off, feeling himself in what-to vacuum as suddenly as if the lightning a brain stitched a thought: "One person can't make it!!!". Afterwards insuperable desire to kiss this whore vzasos came as for the first time, to kiss, kiss, kiss I terminated and is exhausted fell to a bed. Tomorrow she will be at home, I fell asleep with these thoughts. Early morning, I on the airport parking. I arrived on an hour earlier, I rushed here as mad. I didn't go out of the mind yesterday's a MMS. The wife was on a holiday four weeks and for the second day of her stay in Spain she told me that the OWNER forbade her to talk so me till the end of a holiday. It was as a thunder among the clear sky. stories about sex She said that she loves me, but can't disobey it and that I have to conduct myself well and not worry therefore that she promises to receive the sea of pleasure and orgasms, as I love all And still she promised to send a smilie each time when terminates. The word not to communicate so me she broke only one time: "Darling, make all that he will tell Ask me to terminate in my whore - I heard a men's voice". I was silent "Please darling, my good ask him to terminate in me I beg please". "Zhenechka, darling, I beg ask him, please "On sounds I understood that he fucks my wife directly now, she whined and groaned, asking me help o. I gave up. "Concha in my wife" — I told. Na that the answer received: "don't order, ask a that I terminated in mine damn!!!" Na this background I heard her squeezed low. "Please fill this whore with the cum, I ask" — I said as the standing dick is delirious nadrachivaya long ago. Communication broke. In several minutes SMS from the wife so a smilie came. And now I waited for her return. I caught myself every second on a thought that I don't represent how there will take place our meeting.ï¯í¿¼an went to me on a meeting in the light fitting dress, on her there was a short leather jacket of black color which is coming to an end above a belt. The slit of a dress emphasized her delightful breast the Lightning passionate kiss, long sweet and damp, she kissed me. It was delightful is fine, feelings of gentle delight overflowed me. I understood that on it from clothes only a dress, a jacket and footwear. — it is pleasant to You as I look? she asked. I could say only two letters. — You are delightful, I love you!!! — I love you too as I missed!!! In a moment we rushed home.I turned attention to lack of the lower linen at the wife what she answered: "The owner says that there is no married whore need to wear linen. And I am with him, my good, it completely agrees! Mine pizda is open for all new", darling joked. — Interestingly, you were other opinion earlier. — Earlier and you didn't ask the man unfamiliar to you to cum in the wife. — I — Relax, the road, everything is good, you correctly made everything. I like to be a whore, it is pleasant to feel different males in the holes. He is right (the wife's owner) I won't be able to stop more, and you surely will support me. So? — Yes, but — Any but, your beloved wife the whore - it should be accepted. And the owner will help us. — How many they were? — don't hurry and don't distract from the road I I will tell everything to you and I will show when it is possible. We already almost arrived