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As a result I decided that it is necessary to walk simply round the yards, the building quite could be inside, approximately as the office of their studio was located in the yard of an old room complex. The girl already called in office, specifying the address, and Sergey answered her that everything is right. Having absolutely despaired, Katya already without special hope passed to the last yard which was in this area. Having come to be among old 4-ekh floor houses, she for a moment inspected them, in search of the index or the address. Judging by numbering, the purpose was somewhere here. Having passed deep into the yard, she once again looked round, and noticed the path conducting somewhere between houses. Several minutes Katya went on this footpath until to her look the small building, with one entrance opened. To the right of an entrance the plate reporting that it is that address necessary to the girl hung. It was rather old three-storyed building which apparently was once something like palace of culture, or pioneer club. The facade looked shaky, plaster somewhere was showered, a part of walls was used up by graffiti. But such house suddenly had very modern door with the on-door speakerphone, and instead of old Soviet windows flaunted modern window "European standard" with a double double-glazed window. Probably, in the building high-quality repair was made, and most likely the various semi-legal enterprises, like "leisure" houses, or pornstudios use such house. Once again, having verified with the address sent by SMS, Katya approached the on-door speakerphone. Having pressed "Call", she began to wait for the answer. The phone was picked up almost at once. — I Listen — was distributed from the on-door speakerphone. — Hello, my name is Katya, I from ****** studio — began the girl. — Yesterday I talked to the person concerning work, he gave me this address. — With someone specifically you communicated? — chilly the male voice took an interest. — With a certain Yerro — it is clear, wait, please. Literally in a minute the peep of the magnetic lock sounded, and the door opened. The low plump man, by sight about forty stood in the aisle. — Hello! — the man gave to the girl a hand. — My name is Leonid, and here someone like the porter. Proydemte to the room, me all ordered to show you — with these words he waved a hand towards pass. Katya followed him. Having come in the building, she went on a ladder, having noted about herself that the entrance was quite tidy, especially against the background of a facade. Having risen by the third floor, she saw how Leonid potters with keys, trying to open one of two doors. After several seconds of manipulations, the lock of a door clicked, and the door opened. — Idemte — the man disappeared in the doorway. The girl followed him, and came to be in the hall. From this room conducted three more doors diversely. — If you like, you can leave outerwear in this room — the porter pointed by a hand to several cases and hangers. — I would prefer to look round at first — the girl refused. — We didn't sign the contract yet, and I can not accept working conditions. — your right — Leonid only made a helpless gesture. — Only put on boot covers, please, they in that box. It wouldn't be desirable to drag street dirt to working rooms. Having nodded, Katya opened a box in which about ten capsules with boot covers really lay. Having taken one, she began to put on legs. Провозившись, some time, she coped with this task. The porter approvingly smiled, began to touch a bunch of keys again, and, having found necessary, opened the central door. Having passed after him, the girl appeared in the spacious room, the size approximately about their office. To the right of a door I was the bar forced by various alcohol is equipped. In the center of the room the sofa before which there were several cozy chairs was located the impressive sizes. Opposite to the sofa, on a wall, the plasma panel froze up the impressive sizes. Slightly farther, the wall opposite to an entrance, had game tables — a kikerny table, a table for poker. In the corner there was a kitchen — there were two refrigerators, one usual, white color, and the second for drinks, like store. He, as well as bar, was forced by a lot of drinks among which Katya made out mineral water, Coca, beer, and several cans of power engineering specialists. At the left, almost closely to a wall there was an oven. Refrigerators were faced by a small table at which, probably, local "hard workers" had dinner. — And so, we have a restroom here — the man was let in explanations. — There are a bar, there a sofa and a TV set, a kartishka, and other is slightly farther there. There — it pointed to a small door to the left of bar — we have a toilet. A bathtub and shower on the second floor if it is interesting to you. Here all of you saw, we will continue an excursion — with these words it was developed and went to an exit to the hall. Katya caught up with him when that pottered with the second door conducting somewhere to the left if to look from the hall. — Here at us — Leonid opened the door. — Your workplace. Katya inspected the small room. Several office tables forced by computers, printers, scanners and the other equipment. A heap of umbrellas for shootings in a corner. The room was lit with a large window from which the view of the area opened. — Look round so far here, and I will call the administration, I will tell that you arrived — the porter told, and I left the room. — Ah yes, nearly I forgot — he seemed in a doorway again. — Spare parts, batteries and other pieces of wons in that iron case. Leonid left the room, and Katya began to examine the place more carefully. Tables were new, near everyone there was modern office chair. At a window, on a window sill the whole pile of papers lay, and on the very brink there was the impressive sizes a cactus. The girl passed deep into rooms, reached an iron case. Having removed a latch, she opened it, and to her look the whole lot of cartridges, batteries, memory cards, USB sticks, lenses and other appeared. "Well a part of promises is already executed" about itself Katya noted. Having spent for studying all valuable about ten minutes, she hardly managed to flop at one of tables as that person entered the room with someone she had a meeting a day earlier.