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We lived in the certain two-room apartment, one room I occupied, another parents. A relationship between my parents was quite normal, well, we were ordinary average family. By that time to me it was already executed 18 though very many things from an intimate part of life remained for me a riddle. No my pussy already perfectly became wet at o thoughts sex, I already often represented how I am engaged in sex with the man, and regularly masturbated. Though, I then had no regular experience yet, everything was limited to loss of virginity and couple urgent perepikhonov with fellow students, but it is absolutely other history. So here, we will return to that memorable evening. Business was in May month, there was as in summer warm weather. There was a Friday. That day as usually, having come from institute, I have dinner and I was engaged in what-to affairs in which girls at this age usually are engaged. Parents returned home about about nine hours of evening to the companies with what-to man. — Hello, the daughter — the father slapped me on a shoulder. — Here, get acquainted, this is the uncle Pasha, my friend on work. — Great — hokhotnul the moustached healthy fellow uncle Pasha also stretched me a hand. I reaped ee. "Fig for silishcha. Such hands of a horseshoe to bend" — it was thought to me while I with interest examined our guest. And it was the real truth: the father's friend was high, broad-shouldered and made the athlete's impression. — Dochur, sorry, we were late a little — mother gave smacking kiss to me in a cheek. — Now we will go to have supper. I looked at mother: she was obviously in good mood and smiled broadly. Ee a voluminous light hair were scattered on shoulders, on her jeans which fitted ee slightly plump hips and a jumper with a high collar were put on. Mother patted me on hair, the father at this moment slightly embraced the wife for a waist and pushed to kitchen: — Not bad to have a bite, a that I will die with hunger now. Through kakoye-to time we had already supper at a table. Mother always prepared perfectly, and the dinner was obviously successful. Adults drank the wine brought with itself, I enjoyed Pepsi Cola. The uncle Pasha was the big joker, and all evening amused parents and me. Behind a window finally darkened, mother already changed clothes in a house dressing gown, all relaxed, one more bottle of wine when the father, having looked for hours, said was open: — Oho, the twelfth hour. In my opinion it is time for someone to sleep — and I winked at me. Having wished all quiet night, I went to myself to the room, undressed and laid down to sleep. No the dream, for some reason didn't go. I span from one side on another, but couldn't fall asleep in any way. Passed already, likely, not less than an hour when I got up and I came to a balcony. There was a warm May night, somewhere windows, the city filled with sounds burned around slowly I calmed down and turned in the den, preparing ko to a dream. I breathed fresh on how many it can be possible in the megalopolis, air hoping that it will help me skoree to fall asleep. It is necessary to tell that in our apartment the exit to a balcony was not only from my room, but and from the room of parents, and now light burned there. Suddenly, it became interesting to me, and I decided to glance: what busy parents in so late hour. The fear that I will be noticed, wasn't, on the street it was already rather dark, an as it is known, from the lit room in darkness nothing is visible. I carefully approached, trying to publish less noise, and looked through a window. Curtains weren't drawn, a through tulle the room was perfectly looked through. To that I saw plunged me into a condition of shock. The father and the uncle Pasha sat in the spacious chairs standing around a round table and sipped wine from glasses. They sat ko to me almost a back. Mother faced in the middle of the room directly men, also a back ko to me. Ee a dress that as time also struck me: on her the short skirt, so short was put on that even till the end I couldn't hide white panties which fitted a mother's bottom. And panties were obviously less necessary size, they fitted so tightly that part of a body which I could see. Wide mother's hips and a bottom with small symptoms of cellulitis which it was impossible to call thick, but large and, judging on everything, soft, we were very seductive. Also on mother I was the indicator on thin straps, the fitting and supporting big boobies which tried to jump out outside, so strongly they were compressed by fabric. Hair at my mother were collected in a bunch and pinned up almost on the top. Suede boots — jack boots on a high heel which reached the middle of hips completed a picture of a mother's dress. Mother stood slightly having sat down in knees and having rested hands against the knees. Ee the back was stuck out, and she moved buttocks from the party to the party directly on eyes at the father and the uncle Pasha. My brain refused to believe in reality of the events, the scene which opened to my look was so dissolute. No in that time it was somehow sweet and attractive as any forbidden fruit, the thought that my mother is capable to put on as model from sex magazines which I sometimes happened to see that not only the father looks at it, but and still foreign man, forced blood to flow to my person. And not only. I felt as the hot wave swept on my body, having filled with weight the stomach bottom as my chink is humidified in panties, my legs as if became wadded, knees were ready to be turned in what-to weakness filled extremities. Now I understand that it was that moment which defined my sexual addictions on all remained life, then I tested only the sharpest mix of excitement, shame and fear, falling to the ocean of lust from which I can't come up also till this day. Yes and not very much that also I want =) I started a hand to myself in a perineum and carried out on her. Pizdenka, and truly, it was hot and damp, I without hurrying I shipped an average finger between sexual lips and, slightly bending it, I began to caress myself. Constraining groan, I leaned against a wall near a window, trying not to miss anything from what occurred in the room. — Go here, lapulya — the father suddenly told, having put the drunk-up glass on a floor about a chair, and invitingly waved to mother a hand. Mother slowly turned to him, coquettishly smiled, carried out by palms on the boobies, on a stomach and, shaking hips, went to men. The uncle Pasha too in a volley drank up wine, put a glass on a floor and put a hand on a hip suited mother. It, continuing to move smoothly and shooting eyes on one, on another, I got on a table around which men sat. Having got up on karachki, mother, again sexually bulged a bum in the party of the uncle Pasha who appeared behind from her, and kissed vzasos the father sitting directly before her. The father's friend began to feel mother's thighs, a bottom. His hands slid on legs, falling to knees, then, rising upward, caressed hips, panties, got further under a skirt. Then he began to caress not only but and to rumple mother's delights what she answered with wagging of the back. The father continued to kiss mother, starting the language to her in a mouth. Their languages met, through an open window leaf was heard as their lips champ. I already just lost a speech gift. So it was me for the first time in life. I didn't expect that my mother can be so lewd that my parents indulge in such joys. It made horney more abruptly a porno which I saw somehow at the girlfriend. And all it occurred in what-to two-trekh meters from me. Mother began to undo one hand a father's shirt and to caress his shoulders. The father, in the turn, began to rumple a mother's breast, he squeezed ee, stroked. In the end of the ends, it pulled together straps from mother's shoulders, shifted an undershirt on a stomach and osvobodilsiski which having shaken, fell out on freedom. They were big, fleshy, slightly drooped, but not lost a form, with big brown circles of nipples. The father took them in hand as if weighing, squeezed as as if wanted to press inside and I released, enjoying how they shook again. The uncle Pasha, suddenly, tastefully slapped mother on a bum, and began to lick mother's halves of a bottom. His language walked on an ass there-syuda, hands continued to caress and rumple mother through pants, sometimes he saw off between legs. It obviously brought to Mame pleasure. She shuddered and moved with the back. The uncle Pasha finally lifted up her a short skirt, sharply pulled together from mother panties down, so that they slipped on tops of boots to the level of knees, and began to move language directly between bottom halves. Na to a mother's bum there was a tattoo: on both halves there was beautifully drawn bow with lace. Mother sighed, was curved, came off the father even more, looked back: — Yes, stay in bed to me everything there, spank me — I didn't learn a mother's voice, so much in it was debauchery. Mother placed legs poshire and shuddered the back why the bow as as if began to move. The uncle Pasha began to pinch from time to time and pat an ass and continued to lick, approaching a mother's pizdenke which was seen between thighs. Na a moment, having come off mother and having licked the index finger, the uncle Pasha started it between mother's sexual lips. — the Cool nipple, juicy and appetizing.