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It was private enterprise which was owned by Ivan Vladimirovich Osipchuk, surprising type about which in the city legends went. Said that he holds in hand nearly all Inta, it is rich as the Devil, grew rich on frauds with gold mines, and his cellars, nearly under a ceiling are forced by the barrels from under a solyara filled by golden sand. Over time I learned that in his juicy fist both the local administration, and police really sits, and all bands he drives, being in them both an owner, and the judge. Here, and the strangest rumor which was spread far away from Inta is that maids to Osipchuk are flown nearly by packs. And in him, the den equipped at a meteorological station, there are at night most real orgies where he is the soloist, his Majesty Osipchuk. First I was skeptical about these rumors. Osipchuk represented the old man, small on the seventh ten, lame, bald, with some darting-about look and obvious orientation to material values. I wore the massive gold watch vyzolochenny from a bracelet — to arrows, it was always scented by very expensive perfume. Clean shirts, the smoothed-out trousers. And pleasure from life which surrounded with a sweet cloud him he inhaled this life, savoured, enjoyed and reveled in it. Nono at everything at the same time, kill me, on my representations he didn't approach for a role of the hero lover in any way, and in the fact that girls it is crazy about him, me, frankly speaking, somehow wasn't trusted. Doors of our rooms: office of our edition and it is a meteorological station director's office, were located that is called a snout in a snout. Somehow Osipchuk, having read fresh my article, I told me: you, Senk, God kissed, at your talent you can live as the king. I then answered in that spirit that two kings shouldn't live in one kingdom, so we made friends. Moreover, it gave me twirls from his baths: — I arrived from Moscow, a business trip, or just I wanted a bath, go, wash. Coppers there under steam round the clock. And I washed with pleasure, taking a steam bath in the heated sweating room on fir-tree shelves, steamed out diving into the pool, ice with crystal water. Somehow in one of my such groundless, bathing heats in a sweating room also naked Osipchuk became hollow: — Senka, you will admit the owner of a bath? And here I was shocked! I saw his dick. It was something. He hanged down nearly to a knee, was much more swarty than other body of the owner, scarlet under a head, was шишкаст, is hilly and twisting relief veins, and, besides, had on a juicy head at the mouth of his seed well to which it was possible to push a pencil, a tattoo in a look is very realistic the executed fly. I remember then on a bath the cleaner in a silly dressing gown with a bucket and a mop was rummaged. From the woman in this fright there were roundish hips, only hardly distinguishable under a dressing gown. And so at Osipchuk right there in several pushes I got up on her, he even didn't touch him: — Were cut off why, Ivan Vladimirovich, you not the Muslim? — And goodness knows, someone I am. I of course, the Western Ukrainian, the native of the Western Ukraine, but that in me ponameshano, I also don't know. But precisely, Jews, Arabs, Slavs, maybe Blacks. All world ethnic culture. And it was cut off when the head naked and rubs about a thigh or trousers, it continuously makes horney. To that it becomes stronger and firmer. — And a fly? — Ha, you won't believe, to me many women admit that at a mouth they feel this fly as if she creeps on their uterus. Drakonit her.Somehow since morning, having become hollow in a bath I saw such picture: naked, lean Osipchuk, having rested one hand against a waist, another, holding the mobile phone at an ear, I allowed to suck away to the young, timid, naked girl with inflamed by a vagina and nipples which was kneeling to him a special bathing flooring, being only in hours and rings, without daring to touch the dick with hands, behind the back I linked them and selflessly I sucked, operating the dick only the mouth. Then, without having restrained, I flushed on shelves, I became cancer as it is possible more widely parted buttocks before the owner, showing the horney pizda, invitingly I beckoned him a hand to myself. But he indifferently put a tube and began to put on. I was late somewhere. Said that in those his bathing orgies of the woman on his dick extending to a root reached frenzy, fought among themselves, seeking to saddle him. Both the uterine okh and groans reaching from his baths were carried nearly on all city. And the stray dogs catching ultraboundary natural sounds responded on these groans by long we howl. Happened that he shaved the females who absolutely went haywire from lust bare. And the husband, receiving in the morning the wife of shaved, I understood that it was with Osipchuk. Somehow I showed him a photo of the young beauty wife Yulia. I just wanted to prove to him, as we not a bast boards and too love beautiful women. You would see what became him. The look was buttered up, the dialect became dense and silent: — She at you in Moscow — he on light lifted the photo — and how many years?