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I watch your beautiful hands which surely hold a wheel … I remember what they strong and gentle as I melted in them. You are silent only furtively you watch me. I feel your caressing look and I understand that in me excitement accrues. - Where we go? - Suffer a little, it is a surprise …. We come out to the highway and you add speed … I get a light a cigarette and I do louder music. I put the palm on your hand and you strong squeeze her. In your eyes such sparks of heat and tenderness familiar to me are lit. We fly by a forest belt, the lake, country houses. Suddenly you move down on a roadside and you stop. You attract me to yourself and you kiss gently. In me everything melts from your caress. You fixedly look to me in the face and you get something black from a glove compartment and kissing me gently you speak "be not afraid the kid, it will be pleasant to you. Let it will be a surprise" you Tie with a scarf to me eyes, you get a light one more cigarette for me and we rush on the route again. Your palm squeezes my hand. In about 15 minutes the car stops and you leave. I hear as you exchange words with the man. Then you open a door and you help me to leave. You take me on hands and you bear. Door scratch, heat, aroma of a tree and flowers. You lower me in a chair. I feel your stare. Remove a bandage native. Slowly I pull together her … the cozy room sheathed by a tree brightly flares a fireplace, the easy table is laid. On a floor several vases and all with flowers. You give me a glass of wine and you sit down at my legs. - did You want it? I saw it on your eyes. - today it will be our small paradise. Thanks darling. Gently you take off from me shoes and you begin to knead to me a foot. Sweet languor covers a body. Your hands slide above and above on my legs, caress knees. I bend to you, I take your person in palms and I begin to kiss you gently. The shiver runs on all your body. You rise entraining me and you begin to kiss greedy having lost the head from passion. Hands wander on my body, the blouse flies on a floor and already your lips slide on my neck, a breast, a tummy. As I want you. You with groan press me to yourself. I am discharged of you, I approach a table and I put an empty glass. Slowly I take off a skirt, you monitor each my movement. I approach you and one strong movement I break off your shirt. Gently I caress your shoulders, a breast, a brawny stomach. I touch by lips your skin … I .procherchivat a path down to a stomach …. You breakthrough lift me and again you kiss. You caress fingers my breast … then you incline the head and you begin to caress gently my breast language. The low moan becomes to you an award. You put me in a chair and you settle at my legs. I slowly part them in the parties and you see thin as a spider line panties. You nestle on them lips….menya begins to shake from desire. Do you gently shift panties aside … fixedly you look to me in the face … - you Want me? - your question sounds as blow of a switch. Groan in reply. Tell, you want me? Do you want my caress? - I am silent … you .lit I coil on a chair. Your fingers begin to caress gently me, go down below and below … caress hot damp flesh. I go crazy and you continue to torment me fixedly looking me in eyes, watching the movements of own fingers. - Tell me how to me to caress you? Gently and painfully or passionately and violently? You gently finger my clitoris and I am already bent by an arch from your caress. You incline the head and I almost fainting from pleasure I feel your gentle lips on the flesh. Slowing down accelerating speed you torment me dangerously bringing to a side but not allowing to explode … I sharply push away your head and I get up from a chair … .tyazhet breathing I approach a table, I pour to myself a glass of wine and slowly I drink it to the bottom. You watch me sitting in a chair. I approach you and roughly kiss you, almost I bite … I throw back your head and I begin to kiss and bite your neck … you love it, I know. I go down below and I begin to caress lips your shoulders, the whole breast … I caress a nipple uvula. Your breath becomes heavy. I lift you and I undo a trouser belt, you discharge me - wait, I am. I observe as your magnificent body is bared, I know on it each birthmark. You approach and strong you embrace me strong nestling on me all over. I caress your back, hips, elastic buttocks. - I can't any more! - you whisper to me … slowly I kneel … .tsely your hips … you are already very horney. I draw near closer and I take gently a uvula on all length, I take lips on a head. Already all shakes you. I swallow a head and I begin to suck accelerating, slowing down movements. I put you in a chair and slowly I fall by you the hot flesh. You groan and you squeeze to me hips. Smoothly shaking hips I begin to kiss gently your lips. You don't maintain, breakthrough you rise from a chair and you lower me on a bed. Having pressed me in a bed the body you get into me more and more deeply, I with pleasure accept your blows, your breath becomes frequent, roll waves of wild, mad pleasure on me. Your movements accelerate, the wild groan flies from your lips and we fly up together shuddering from acute pleasure. There passes time before our breath calms down, you raise the head and you kiss me gently.