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Once I found regularity of appearance of pimples – they develop from sex, to be exact, from an orgasm. Therefore the last half a year I abstained both from sex, and from masturbation. Especially, half a year ago I left the girl – the sex duty before me wasn't. In my class the girl on whose body I sank down a few years ago studies. When Marina came to our class, to get rid of an erection and to think of lessons, it was at first very difficult. The marine takes dancing classes, and has the figure suitable for this purpose – the thin tall girl, with a direct back, narrow hips, a breast of small, but very appetizing size, and unusual buttocks, the small, but tightened, possessing real female form. The marine was accustomed to wear the fitting jeans and liked to bend down therefore I often contemplated as between her legs jeans fit that, sweet place which each guy someone saw her dreamed to touch. Once during a class hour all of us were sent to the assembly hall to be photographed for a final album. Boys and girls were photographed in parallel, by two photographers. I was photographed by the first and instead of waiting for schoolmates, solved will return to a class. Having come into an empty class, on the last a school desk I saw to Marin. It, probably, as well as I, was photographed by the first. She took off shoes, and sat in a T-shirt, the fitting jeans and socks, wrote down something in the diary. The marine during changes was often dragged on a class on hands, it is the easiest girl, and her resistance – light blows by cams on a back, gave even more joy to "tyrants" and she was doesn't mind, treated it with humour. And this time, I approached her in front, and without giving a sign, sharply seized her, and threw through a shoulder. Holding her by legs, I felt how she tries to escape, and as usual, laughs. Her "stop", "will be enough", gave even more desire to drag her on a class, and the type of the buttocks which are directly near me got. And my abstention has an effect. At me, of course, I got up, and I got up a stake. And Marina all was beaten out from my hands, beat with legs me, and is accidental, carrying out by a bare foot on my stomach, fell below, and through trousers concerned my horney dick. She right there took away a leg, having pretended that nothing occurred, and ceased to laugh. I was silent. The awkward silence held on several seconds then she asked: - At you costs there? I wasn't over-modest in such questions. - Yes, and you thought, I can indifferently drag the beautiful girl on a shoulder? After these words, Marina accurately returned a leg on that place. She began to rub my dick. And I, even several times moved forward that she carried out on him by the leg even more often stronger. My hand laid down on her buttocks. I crumpled it, and through her jeans, reached fingers for the sweet place, and began to caress it through clothes. I seated her on a school desk, previously having thrown off the handle, a case and the diary, parted her legs in the parties, and attacked on her. The delightful kiss in which I couldn't and didn't want to lag behind her uvula. Hands I began to rumple boobies, and my dick stopped by clothes rested against the hottest place of her body. I was taken by the edges of her jeans which it is easy, together with panties were pulled together down. And here she, lies before me in socks and a T-shirt, with a clean-shaven pubis, and slightly hesitating, cramps the legs. I asked her will turn and to get up on a school desk on all fours, and itself crept up under her so that we appeared in a pose 69. Before my person there were her buttocks, her slender legs were moved apart, and knees stood directly near my shoulders. My trousers were still buttoned, but through them outlines of my bulked-up dick were obviously visible. I fingered her vagina which was perfection – her sexual sponges were slightly pinkish and dry, and I felt moisture of her allocations only when let go in her the forefinger. Inside everything was wet and smelled of her allocations. By this time, she already approached my dick. Trousers were undone, and I felt how she caresses it hands, and then carefully takes in a mouth, caresses a head a uvula from what I feel easy burning. My dick which was letting out allocations shivered, and she with tenderness felt my balls which were more usual because of abstention. The ball sack was firm, and each contact of her handles almost brought me to an orgasm. I asked to stop to Marin, otherwise I would terminate already in a few minutes. Her vagina was wet only thanks to my saliva which I left on it when licked her clitoris. I slowly drove language on all her pussy, rising to an entrance to a vagina, went deep into him, and slightly licked her inside. The taste of her allocations was fresh and when my language touched her pussies and urethras – saltish. And I rose above. There, where there was her daddy. The marine was the first girl whose buttocks I wanted to lick. I am a fastidious person, but it gave pleasure to both me, and her. I licked her anal, and felt how she squeezes the daddy when I get language inside. In a few minutes, she began to suck beshanno my dick and to groan. I came off her buttocks and saw how from her vagina a thin stream allocations flow. I picked up them language, moved apart fingers an entrance to her vagina, and began to lick her from within. The marine groaned more and stronger, and directed the daddy closer to my person. Meanwhile, itself I jerked off my dick, and I felt that the orgasm is close. I sharply threw off her from myself, laid a back on a school desk, got up before her, and the dick entered her pussy, having begun to fuck her sharply. The marine didn't expect, and it seems, to it it was inconvenient. But in a few minutes a rigid fucking, it began to rub the clitoris. To us was all the same, what will be farther. I wanted to terminate – she wanted to terminate. She began to coil, her vagina was reduced and I understood that she cums. I also was close to it. After long abstention, I shot in her, appear, the stream of a cum won't end – I gave not less than 10 portions of a cum. Still being in her, I felt that in her there is a lot of cum. With my last push in her, also she terminated. Her vagina clenched around my dick, I wanted to leave, but she undertook hands my dick, and pressed it into herself. When she became soft, I left and as soon as the head of my dick appeared outside, from her the cum began to follow. Her was much, and Marina not to soil a table, dressed panties which quickly became wet from our allocations and a cum which poured out from her. She pulled jeans, put on sandals, and without having told a word, left. After this case, we communicated the communicated earlier. She is just my schoolmate, I am just her schoolmate. But only I one, from all, tasted her. About a month more we worried because of possible pregnancy. It had a delay, but fortunately, everything was. For me is one of the most improbable events lately. For her – I don't know. Perhaps, usual day.