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She thought that if he sits down, then by all means she will crush her, but now Shirke was occupied only by a squelch, a scratch and contemplation of the shameless sponges leaving slime on the man's dick and as though not persons interested to let out him from the embraces — they lasted up every time when the equestrian rose. Until recently the faithful wife lying now in the smelly room on a dirty creaking bed Shirke had a rest from the orgasm postponed recently, but already felt a podstupleniye of new. Probably, having been tired of this pose, Big Joe got up knees on the groaning bed, threw thin legs of the girl to himself on forearms and continued to ebstvovat the countess whose head powerlessly dangled here and there in a step to pushes. Soon Shirke began to make upward movement to the partner and to a scratch of a bed which became besides, rocking, to be knocked about a hut wall, shouts of the fucked woman were added: — Yes! Still! Still! More deeply! O... Joe! Still! Still! — she didn't expect that she sometime will behave so shamelessly moreover saying a name not of the husband, but the lover, but today the countess decided to give in to temptation and opened all new horizons. — On, the bitch! Receive! — the groom began to drive already with exasperation in her the dick from what the young woman was few times knocked by the head about a bed headboard, but, having oriented, grasped him with hands and now didn't slide on a sheet under the passionate man. — Yes - and - and-and! — Shirke cumed again, and the groom slowed down speed. Having recovered, the woman felt that the partner began to covet her buttocks: — What? What for? What are you doing? — How that? I want you to fuck in a bum. — No! Please, it isn't necessary! — And че you so were frightened? — He... he at you huge! You to me will tear everything there! — Not ssa, you aren't the first maid whom I unpack a point — and not the last. More better on, suck. The further discussion didn't make sense — the girl understood that her buttocks are doomed and Big Joe's dick began to suck, supporting him in working order. And he meanwhile, greasing fingers in her juice, I began to push them to her in an anus. At first one little finger, then one index... here average also joined index... now her buttocks three fingers of the groom fucked already... And she diligently sucked a dick, having decided to bring it to eruption before he finishes with her buttocks. Having understood her maneuver and having estimated insidiousness, Big Joe under the pretext of what she liked to suck, left her buttocks and, having taken for ears, began to ebstvavat in a throat. Five minutes mad a mouth — at the girl already the jaw fell off, and he didn't cum everything. Having achieved the, the man released the countess and so far she wasn't able to object something articulate, pushed navershy the dick in her buttocks. In reply only rattle and the indignant similarity of low. Then he methodically and slowly entered all dick, allowed her to get used to new feeling of fullness... In a couple of minutes the groom already slowly fucked her back, through five it began to make upward movement. Through ten the girl, fingering a clitoris, I cumed, feeling as her rectum is filled in with hot liquid. On it she fell asleep. Having woken up in embraces of the groom, the countess, trying not to wake him, I put on and I slipped out the hut, I came back home, I made toilet. The next day she avoided the stable, recovering after an orgy. But already I went to the second to the familiar hut in the afternoon, having done in time time when wasn't at home the owner. The woman entered and began to be tidied up. When the groom returned, she already left. Проворковав to him that repaired a bed and a table, and that painfully they shiver yes creak, the countess fluttered out with dirty bed linen and was such is. There came evening. Shirke stands on the doorstep of the hut of the groom again, and he passes it again. First of all the countess decided to lay fresh bed linen which I brought from the house. She bent and began to stack him, preparing a bed and not forgetting to parade the buttocks. Big Joe approached behind, put hands on hips of his woman — she didn't react in any way. Quietly I raised a skirt and I dipped under it a hand. There it was wet... pants on the girl weren't observed. — Here and the clear head — having told it, he accurately collected a maiden skirt at her on a back, spat a hand, smeared saliva on the dick, put a head to damp sexual sponges and began to enter. — T-you are already ready? — Shirke was obviously surprised — she felt safe in this pose at least until itself doesn't put the tool of the lover in action, but, apparently, miscalculated... — I knew that you will come and jerked off before your arrival, a crumb. So move apart legs more widely. The girl recognized the defeat and put legs on width of shoulders, having allowed the groom to force the way freely in herself. So he also fucked her while the countess laid linen on a bed where she will be snoshat soon. When she finished, Big Joe left her. I picked up on hands and I put buttocks on now empty and clean table. It readily spread legs, inviting the man, and it entered her peshcherka with words: — Now we will check whether I coped a table... In about ten minutes the girl, being kneeling, I already put in order a dick from which just I drank everything to a drop. — Well as? — A table you coped... — Lay down on a bed! It got up and the groom loudly slapped it in naked buttocks — the dress remained on a table — the countess, cheerfully giggling, ran where it is told. — Ah! Yes! Yes, darling! Yes! Still! Joe, still! — in a couple of minutes Shirke with might and main jumped on the stallion. And behind this occupation they were caught by Petter who imperceptibly slipped in the room when his madam cumed on the groom, having grabbed a breast and having caved in in a back. Only when she opened eyes in position of the bridge, the woman noticed the young man. — Ouch! — she right there in panic contracted in a lump on Big Joe, having forgotten, the truth to get down from his dick. — What it?. And, it you... Why did come? — D-dzho! Please... — Shirke begged him to cover her though with something. — Yes don't worry you so, a crumb — he is the. — But... — Relax, I told! Also there is nothing to hide the delights, he and not it saw. Having a little more hesitated for a time, red as cancer the girl became straight and somehow raised eyes on the entered young man: — I ask you... To anybody not го... — Not сволнуйтесь, my madam, he told that I the — Petter already took off a raincoat. — And, so I really — with these words he pulled together trousers, having exposed on a review of madam a polueregirovanny dick — thin and long. — About Gods! — the girl turned away again and closed eyes, and the gardener quickly threw off meanwhile the remains of clothes and approached a bed: — Well you, madam Shirke, really to my brother will allow to get warm, and to me isn't present? — speaking he embraced the girl sitting on the dick of the groom who was silent now. That knew that his brother will part the countess now... most likely on blowjob... for a start. Having stroked the npryazhenny girl on a back, St. Petersburg accurately took her for a chin and turned to itself. It was red as cancer and nearly cried, then it gently kissed it on a mouth — is more silent, the baby, everything is good, be not afraid... — he covered her scarlet sponges, cheeks, eyes with kisses, gradually trying to obtain that she relaxed — he managed it. — There now, you see, nothing terrible... — here he put her handle on the dick. She tried to draw aside, but the young man held the palm over her. — Well please, absolutely slightly... I ask you, my madam, I... I... I don't ask much, only touch... — Shirke conceded to the gardener kissing her who began to drive her the handle on the phallus. Then, when she already continued without his persistent hand, Petter began to kiss the girl at first взасос, and then covered with kisses a nose, a forehead... His brother silently observed all this time, throwing the countess who was again brought on the dick, and the young man poured compliments, calling it a crumb, a small fish, madam...She already badly realized the actions. Here she kisses the young man's breast, here and a flat stomach... Through a pleasure veil she sees how the gardener, already standing on a bed and holding her one hand by a nape, another at first carries out by a slippery head of a long dick on lips, the phallus about the face of the countess rubs then... She already catches him sponges and the guy, at last, allows her to receive an entertainment — fills with confident movement the genital body in the eager sponges. A minute later Shirke already jumps on the elder brother, and younger holds it by the head both hands and fucks in a throat, winking at Joe who answers him with a smile: — Here also poznakoaitsya... Soon they replaced a position — St. Petersburg got up on a floor and continued to ebstvovat the countess in a gentle mouth, and Joe pumped up it behind. Then they traded places, only the young man preferred buttocks where he streamed when his brother was thrown up to the girl in a throat. Small smoke break... Here St. Petersburg approaches any more woman who doesn't have nothing against his presence, very quietly pushes her in a mouth that his dick lifted. Then rests against a wall and begins to fuck the countess in buttocks in the face of the brother at whom too already gets up... In half an hour of the man collapsed on a bed, and madam Shirke as if the kitty, lay between Big Joe's legs and pinched traces of his stay in her from his genital body. Here the door to the hut opened again and on a threshold seemed... mister Roland! Girl прошиб cold sweat... not at once having returned a speech power, she uttered indistinctly to already entering count: — I... I... I can explain everything... — though as it is possible to explain that she lies in a bed with the gardener and the groom, licking them balls, she didn't know.