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And here I understood that I never even read such correspondences, and even approximately I don't represent what there needs to be written … But the imagination joined quickly:) Maybe someone will get into the same situation, and he needs it … Generally, read on health:) Я: I approach behind, a finger I run over your neck and having raised a hand hair upward I kiss her several hot touches of lips. You feel my hot breath... She: I nestle on you stronger … I: I approach an ear and slightly I bite and I kiss it. You turn the head and you incline it so that I kissed where it is pleasant to you. My hands caress your breast in clothes at this time, but I feel that there is no brassiere, and I start them under a jacket — I grope already sticking out rough nipples …. She: Mmmm... I closed eyes and turned to you... I stroke-oar your torso … I: I stroke and slightly I squeeze your breast and nipples. I begin too is got and you feel as my dick in trousers hardens at the level of your tummy... She: I lower a hand below and below... Also I put it to you on a fly … I: Having felt your warm handle on the friend I is noisy I inhale and my nostrils are greedy inflated. You feel it and you understand that I just enjoy your smell. (Especially for — I continue to kiss you and slightly I bite a neck, ears, shoulders. And hands go down below on your fine tummy and dive under a belt of a short short skirt. Absolutely unexpectedly there are no panties, I grope and I stroke an elastic pubis and palms fall to wonderful depressions in the ground between legs and a stomach on the right and at the left.... She: Daaa... I begin to rumple your knob stronger … I: I turn you a back. You throw back hands back both having captured my head and having curved by an arch a little back, you are pressed by the daddy and you rub about my hips and camber under my stomach... One hand returns to your boobies and in turn caresses them without allowing to cool down neither that, nor another and equally paying them attention, and another falls to yours to the pussy... It is accurately shaved and responds with each section to touches of my hand... She: Daaaa... I continue to rub about your friend … I closed eyes and I enjoy your actions … I: She already damp and I, having carried out several times by a finger in the middle, and having felt that moisture I start a finger in depth of this bud already enough. My finger dives into depth, is passed on vulvar lips, informing of moisture the bulking-up and hardening clitoris...... but it seems to me that your excitement is insufficiently big, and I having sat down on hunkers, gently I touch your pussy by lips... She: About a daaa... I widely spread legs, I caress your hair … I: You can't suffer more any more, and without restraint you stick into my lips. Our languages begin the, only with it an inherent game. From the jacket disheveled already your fervently sticking out nipples were defiantly and exactingly exposed and, nestling, rubbed about my breast. We with you together hasty began to pull together with me a shirt and, having thrown this occupation halfway, you nestled on me already almost all over. The shirt and hung behind, on one sleeve and to us had no time for it at this moment. I took off from you a jacket and strong pressed to myself having embraced for shoulders and caressing chaotic wandering fast to movements a back. Hands clasped soft round the daddy and I strongly pressed all you to myself, and your pubis to the dick... She: Yes... Take me … I: You hung on me, having embraced for a neck and sowing by buttocks on my hands. So I incurred you on a bed and put on a back. I took off from you the remained clothes then I removed everything from myself and all over with the sticking-out dick walked on your body to a breast. The ball sack softly caressed a breast and the sticking-out nipples on a beautiful body. The dickhead suited already close... She: I take your dick in a hand, I begin to caress it … I caress your balls … I: You began to pull him to closer to the person, but I wasn't given. We played so a little and you nevertheless caught me. I sharply stood and having closed eyes, was given to this improbable caress, but then nevertheless softly was discharged and went down to the pussy who is eager for me again. You exactingly took me for shoulders and pulled to yourself... I understood... She: I take a uvula on a head of your dick … I tease you … I: About Gods... I at pleasure top, but understand what so long can't proceed... I want in you... Also I feel that you want too that I entered somewhat quicker. I enter you a firm dick, to the emphasis, your wet and gentle pussy... She: Daaaa... I embrace you … I caress on a back … I: We selflessly move away to one rhythm, I felt how your nogotochka slightly scratch my back, periodically going down to buttocks and strong squeezing them... As long it proceeded to tell it is impossible... Suddenly you suddenly pull me to the right (I first didn't understand, why) and you get up on to me... She: