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Secondly, this text also all represents herself not "continuous trakhodrom all from the beginning till the end without logic, the purpose and sensible sense", the story in which various sex happens exactly there where it is necessary not to kill an art component, a to decorate with a her. For those to someone it isn't pleasant on this website there is a set of other stories of various stylistics and subject, so that choose your destiny, mortals :) Pleasant reading. Your author. *** — Wake up and sing, Sam! Samantha at last came off a dream chasm in which I looked all night, wiped with cams of an eye and smiled: — With kind morning, the darling. Also it was truly possible to designate this spring morning kind under all articles. Behind a window it was clear: the small room which was inhabited by three magicians was crossed by strips of solar beams in which dust cheerfully curled. Because of a wall cheerful chirping vorobyyov, twisted a nest somewhere under a window peak reached. Samantha felt herself absolutely well-rested because that yesterday I laid down to sleep a bit earlier, a this morning wasn't required to get up very early to her. Except that, morning was kind still and therefore that she woke up not from another loud quarrel of her neighbors in the room — Elia, proud and a little haughty elfin magician, left on an appointment with what-to magician yesterday and, on all visibility, spent the night at him. And, of course, morning was kind therefore that Jannie, a small red-haired miracle, lay directly on her, having put hands on her breast and having approved the lovely attractive face over palms. Samantha admired the picture which opened her. The blanket covered the magician almost with the head, precisely dense hood; from under him several locks framing Jannie's face were beaten out and ridiculously the red bang puffed up. The shining green eyes looking in a face to Samantha reminded two emeralds in a frame from long eyelashes over which weightless strokes eyebrows flew. On cheekbones and slightly hitched up nose someone-to scattered a handful of light freckles. The triangular chin laid on thin fingers was based between hemispheres of boobies of Samantha. Morning was very kind. Looking in the clean, innocent person of her girlfriend as if in transparent water of the forest spring, Samantha felt as her mood rises. And not only mood. In a depression in the ground between Samantha's hips her "boy", the small secret distinguishing the magician Haosa from all other adeptok Academies of Drimondera woke up and began to rise. Being generation of a magic unfortunate case, Samantha possessed not only deep maiden peshcherkoy, but and the impressive sexual dick hanging over her. And this physical feature pulled together her with Jannie. Ryzhenkaya the girlfriend always emphasized a double sex of the beloved, calling her Sam .dzhenni felt awakening of "boy" too, on lips the cunning smile blurred, emerald eyes blinked the eyes: — How about a mug of the warm, invigorating morning sex, m? — Again you for the — whimsically stretched Samantha and smiled, it is clear showing that on the business she jokes. Jannie answered with it affectedly-kapriznym tone: — Well yesterday I didn't begin to awake you for the sake of it, a means, time to make up for missed! — To all the time. For the beginning — a breakfast in a bed. — I will be your breakfast — heatedly whispered to Jannie, cast away a blanket in the party and, having moved forward, took Samantha's face in palms and kissed her. Hardly woken up magician Haosa willingly answered a kiss. One her hand tousled these fine red hair, another began to stroke their owner between shovels, on hardly acting knobs of vertebras. After minute caress Jannie was slightly discharged of Samantha and with unusual gravity looked with her in eyes: — I want you. Terribly, madly I want. Here and now. — Of course, darling. — Samantha rose on pillows, and Jannie felt as the head of "boy" invitingly caresses gate her already strongly povlazhnevshey "peshcherki". The open temper of the red magician and rather free relationship between girlfriends were expressed that not only Samantha's dick had the right to visit this sacral place, but he always was the most desired guest here. Still having slightly removed, Jannie smoothly entered "boy" into "girl", helping herself a hand, and grew stout in a smile from pleasure: — O, yes-a-asamanta is sympathizing put hands on a waist of the magician and Jannie helped for the first time smoothly to rise and fall on an elastic core. Further speed was quickly taken by red "equestrian", shaking hips and having thrown back the head. The room was filled with passionate groans: — M-mm of O-okh M-m-mdva of a ball of the third size with ostrenkimi nipples quickly jumped before Samantha's face up-down. Her hands moved to these delights, began to mass boobies, to slightly clamp nipples. The red magician began to groan on higher notes. Straining a press, Samantha began to move a basin, pushing a dick is farther in the insatiable pussy Jannie, loudly slapping balls in buttocks of the partner. — Yes! Akh! As it is good! Sam! Sam! Continue! Ne osta navlivaysya! — in all voice the red magician in frenzy of a mad gallop shouted. In difference from Samantha quietly groaning from satisfaction, Jannie always I was the shouter who isn't hiding emotions at the culmination moments of sex. O what it just about will terminate was learned not only by Samantha, but and neighbors in the female hostel behind walls of their room. Some of them were even brought by Jannie's shouts, and they began to masturbate under this loud song of pleasure, finishing in a race together with the red magician and secretly envying her. Well a those someone didn't like passionate sound registration willingly changed rooms with more patient adherents. Feeling what also just about will terminate, Samantha seized Jannie by shoulders and, the power movement having pressed her to herself, several time the strengthened breakthroughs was driven by the dick in the magician, having at the same time squeezed teeth a lobe of her ear. The checked reception which always affected red smoothly. — A-a-a-a-a!!! Jannie screamed on such high note that she was heard for certain not only by neighbors, but and distant neighbors in the hostel. The dick brought to a limit exploded in a subsoil of her bosom the powerful fountain of a hot cum, a towards to him the pussy extorted a plentiful stream of women's juice. For what-to share of second in peshcherke became so damp that the "cocktail" which filled her was splashed out outside, generously irrigating Samantha's balls, perineums of both magicians and a sheet under them.