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I met her in April in the city park who is thrilled in the first warm beams. Her hand with a pencil he is sometimes lazy I ran according to an album leaf and faded; in slightly blinked look — mesozoic thoughtfulness. I wasn't quite a person when descended from asphalt on the making the way grass and sat down with it nearby; I was conducted by more ancient feeling — that, has to be which pushed the world's first males to the world's first females till the Cenozoic still long before. Feeling it was more ancient that language wasn't necessary to it, and I was silent; then the Small lizard, having thrown me strange eyes, prozhurchala: "To draw you?" We slept with her for the first time behind the city, in meadows, having thrown a plaid on a grass. The small lizard undressed itself somehow on surprise quickly — just slipped out the sundress and hung it is necessary me stretched on a back, naked. Her small nipples touched my breast, a bright fingers slipped there where it was already so firm and hot. Almost till the end she blinked, looked to me icily, a was suddenly curved then on-zverinomu, and the sky was reflected in her eyes. I managed to think that she as if would listen to what-to words of support in unknown heavenly language — say, keep, the babe, the Mesozoic here, the Mesozoic with you. A a second later I already o couldn't think anything, except her taste and a smell. The small lizard was a row, drew strange pictures and didn't refuse to me anything, I couldn't understand a what I am jealous her of. So it also sounded in the head — to what, a has nobody. Ne by the Mesozoic? We were familiar month three when I called her to make to me the company on day of the birth of Jannie, my former classmate and good girlfriend. There was a red wine, both white wine, and whisky, and what-to sweet strong liqueur By an o'clock of night guests dispersed from the unpronounceable name, a we with the Small lizard all remained — to us was cozy, and I knew that our society doesn't constrain Jannie. "Include someone-nibud music, I want to dance!" — the ringing drunk voice the Small lizard asked. Jannie brought a laptop, and played that-to slowly, it seems, east, with a languid female vocal. "Kto-nibud will be so me?" — the Small lizard offered, but we with the hostess of the apartment seated, drunk and weakened, on a sofa, and the Small lizard began one. The hips fitted by her tight jeans smoothly were rolled, chestnut hair streamed on shoulders. Having thrown off a fliska, she remained in a tiny topic, and I observed with pleasure as her slender waist is bent in a step to music, reflecting gentle soft light of a high floor lamp. — it is badly visible to Me! — exactingly Jannie burst out laughing — Approach closer! The small lizard smiled somehow on surprise humbly, and, without interrupting dance, approached my girlfriend. Her hands everything so easy and smoothly coiled around her body, and all hips so rocked, but now I saw: she dances for Jannie. — All still is badly visible — the spectator grinned — Probably, stirs a topic. — So more better? — the Small lizard responded, pulling together a black scrap of fabric through the head. The brassiere on her was black, lacy too. — we Will look. Dance. Following behind a brassiere also jeans went, and here already the Small lizard coiled before us in one lower linen, gleaming drunk black eyes my girl forced to undress directly on my eyes, but I didn't want to interfere and stop — the events were beautiful, and that here to hide, exciting. — Podoydi-ka now here — Jannie who was obviously brought too by this unexpected game demanded. The small lizard obediently made couple of steps forward and stood with what-to absolutely unreadable expression in eyes. Jannie surely embraced her for a waist and seated to herself on knees. An instant — and her palm slipped in a cup of a black brassiere, squeezing such acquaintance to me a small nipple there. The small lizard quietly moaned, throwing back the head back and having a snack on a pink chubby lip.— To remove from you this rag? — by the teasing voice I asked Jannie. — Yes, please — the Small lizard the hoarse thrilled whisper immediately responded. The breath which is broken on groan filled the room when Jannie's hands, having released boobies of my girl, began to stroke them gently. — It seems, I yet here touched not everything — and sure fingers slipped to the Small lizard in pants. sexytales Ta quietly screamed and nestled on Jannie. I couldn't already just watch it is the hand my itself slipped by a lightning on Jannie's jeans, having seen it, modulatingly burst out laughing. — It seems, you are too selfish, the lovely girl — addressed she the Small lizard. — And I, and your friend are too dressed. Sdelay-ka with it that-nibud, and pobystree! Thin and brisk hands of my nice girl quickly ran on buttons on Jannie's shirt; then the Small lizard slid off on a floor, and, having got up before Jannie on knees, quickly dealt with a lightning of her trousers; then the turn of fasteners of a bra came. Having remained in only one panties, Jannie sharply got up, and the Small lizard looking at her from below up slowly pulled this lacy white rag I down tried to catch her look, but she looked only at the show opening her — absolutely not so as she usually looked at me — I would Want to feel directly now here your uvula — it is languid murlyknula Jannie — No you have to make something else. The small lizard got up and suited ko to me; she undressed me extraordinary dexterously, and when her warm fingers as if accidentally would touch the crimson bulked-up head of my dick, the languid hot wave swept on my body. I from all forces pressed her to myself; my pulsing dick rested her against a stomach, and it was very pleasant, but there was a wish bigger, there was a wish inside, is deeper — Go-ka ko to me, the beauty! — impatiently Jannie sitting on a sofa with widely divorced legs called and the sexual reptile slipped out in what-to incomprehensible way my embraces. The instant — and she on knees before Jannie, her uvula flies around a red clitoris of that, and that, having thrown back the head, groans lingeringly and dissolutely. My fingers clasped my dick which swelled from intolerable desire when the birthday girl, for a second having come up from the sweet nirvana, called me: — A of what it nobody fucks my gentle girl, a? She so tries!