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Katya was a dream of each boy, guy and man at school where she studied. Modest at heart and well well-mannered, she didn't even pay attention to lewd grease views which she was daily seen off by men where she wouldn't pass. She trusted in true love and took care for this purpose the only thing with someone she will want to spend all rest of life... But her other destiny was prepared absolutely. This year her class graduated from school and Katya very much wanted to get over from the small provincial town where she lived to Moscow, but for this purpose she needed only the best estimates in the certificate and ideal result on the USE - in higher education institution where she gathered there was very big competition. All eleventh class Katya persistently studied, having achieved ideal result on all objects. Everything, except physics. This science wasn't given it at all, kind of strongly she didn't try to understand her and to understand everything. She was threatened by the three in the certificate on physics. The only three in her certificate. Katya even dread to think about what will be if she doesn't manage to correct everything and in two weeks until the end of academic year she went to the teacher to agree. A teacher of physics in their class was Alexey Fyodorovich - the young-looking brought-up man of years of thirty five who loved the subject and always tried that pupils didn't start missing. Katya came into an office and it turned out that in it there was only Alexey Fyodorovich: all other debtors handed over everything and hurried to leave home. Without a word Katya approached a teacher's table, feeling as her heart without restraint beats. - Alexey Petrovich... I came to talk concerning the total assessment. You said that today it can come and try to correct. - Aaa, Katya! Yes, of course! - he cheerfully smiled - I am sure that today at you everything will turn out! Hold a leaf with tasks, sit down at a school desk and solve! Katya took a leaf, sat down at a school desk and began to study tasks on which solution all her future depended. Several minutes later she understood that she doesn't know how to solve in general something though prepared all last week. Not in forces so quickly to recognize defeat she remained to sit, trying to remember at least something. On her eyes burning tears of rage on themselves and offenses acted. So Katya stayed more than forty minutes until Alexey Petrovich approached her and didn't sit down nearby. - What, in general in any way? - No...-Katya, you understand that everything that I can deliver to you is the three. You asked about the five, but it is absolutely impossible, kind of I wanted. - Alexey Petrovich... But the only assessment is lower than the five which I will have this year! I can't receive it, in any way in any way! - Katya reddened, and on cheeks already a stream tears began to flow. Alexey Petrovich suddenly sharply became serious and half-whisper asked: - What you are ready for the sake of this five for? - On everything, it is absolute on everything! - from unexpectedly appeared chance the head began to be turned at her. Really it is still possible to correct? - On everything? Are you sure? - Yes, Alexey Petrovich! Just tell what needs to be done. - Katya, yet you need to do nothing. I will make everything... - Alexey Petrovich sharply got up, raised Katya for a blouse, having in passing torn her, and tumbled down a breast on a table. - That you... What are you doing? - Katya understood nothing, she was in absolutely shock and couldn't comprehend the events. - Become silent more better. Just become silent. You told that you are ready for everything. I will prevail and I will give your an excellent. I thought of it long ago, but couldn't afford it. But you are ready for everything...One hand he pressed Katya to a table though she didn't even try to escape, and the second tore off her lacy turquoise panties, baring chubby sexual sponges between which there were gentle pink petals. The bottom of her stomach was accurately shaved and the ideal pussy completely corresponded to Katina of ideal appearance. - Oh, as improbable pussy... - in Alexey Petrovich's voice something animal was heard, primitive. He hastily began to take off trousers and to lower pants. His big strong dick already strong stood and shook from excitement a little. It brought a head to her lower lips and began to rub slowly. Katya felt intolerable heat, fear and, the most shameful, the itching bottom of a stomach which already began to emit juice. - PLEASE, it isn't NECESSARY! PLEASE! STOP! - Katya shouted and began to escape, but Alexey strong held her, without allowing and to move. - Already late, girl... To escape too late. Also you can not shout - nobody will hear you, all left school for a long time. - I beg you, don't do it! Don't touch my pussy! - Katya already in all sobbed - not to touch? It is good how you will tell... - And Alexey Petrovich drove with one sharp movement the dick into her buttocks, feeling as hardly the ringlet of an anus clasps the hilly shivering trunk. - AAOOOOAA! - Only also Catia could say. She felt that she is hollowed to the back as the last whore as the dirty whore. She couldn't present that her first time will be such. She felt in herself a healthy penis and couldn't do anything else with herself: it was tumbled down all over on a school desk and I began to moan from pain and pleasure. - There now you see, Katenka, not so all and is terrible. You will learn much today, today - you became a woman. - Alexey Petrovich took out a dick from Katina of buttocks and began to enter him into incredibly narrow pussy, feeling that he won't be able long to restrain. He moved ahead slowly, slowly, accurately understanding that he was the first here. Having felt resistance at some point he strengthened a pressure and tore Katina to a plev. - Akhkhkhkh... Holy Christ... Please... Don't stop... - To Katya was painfully, but together with it she felt pleasure of which she and couldn't think earlier. She completely ceased to resist and thought only of that this dick continued is in her. Having begun slowly, and then accelerating quicker and quicker, Alexey fucked the schoolgirl directly on a school desk, in the office. There was an absolute silence and only rhythmical slaps of flesh about flesh and sweet groans of the girl were heard. To constrain Sil itself wasn't any more and having got the member Alexey violently terminated directly on Katin sexual sponges which strongly bulked up and reddened. The cum slowly flew down from them, dripping on a floor. - All right, Katin. Let us call it a day. I will give you the excellent directly today, but you need to learn a lot. It is good that to your final we still have time to work over it. And tell nobody about our occupations, otherwise problems will be not only at me, but also at you. Did you understand everything? - Alexey Petrovich told trying to restore breath after this wild gallop. - Yes... All... - Without having departed from shock yet Katya silently gathered, put on and left, having thrust the torn panties into a school bag. On her legs the hot seed of her teacher still flowed. She was waited by the big future, now she precisely knew it...