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Having mentally estimated time, he came to a conclusion that New Year's vacation – a great time to get enough sleep. Though till the fixed time it is even more than three hours, you shouldn't have razlezhivatsya at all. The shower and personal hygiene, twenty more – cooking and the use of a breakfast took twenty minutes (though, technically, it was the lunch). Dima looked for hours – two more hours, quite we keep within even if to represent Baltic rapid response team. Having looked at a weather forecast, Dima happily smiled – despite December, weather was very warm, and it was possible to manage a scarf and a jacket. Not for long gathering, Dima exhaled, and took a step for an apartment threshold. Half-affairs it is made - Dima grinned. Just imagine – I am going to carry out the thirty first of December with the girl! Girl of the dream! My most courageous imaginations are turned into reality! Entertaining itself such thoughts and listening to the snow crackling under soles, Dima went along the street. Having almost reached the treasured house, Dima curtailed into flower shop that stood nearby. - Hello, you will advise some bouquet? – Dima nice devushku-Chto asked, gathered for an appointment? – the shop assistant - Yes, to the most beautiful girl smiled! – Dima said, slowly becoming covered by a flush - Oh, yes at you everything is serious, - the shop assistant burst out laughing. – Here, take this bouquet, in your case just right! – I winked devushka-Klass, I will take him! – the Dima-Derzhi, the fellow was delighted. Look be not late! – the girl naposledok-Horosho told! With coming you! Having inhaled a sweetish smell of flowers, Dima admired a bouquet. He didn't understand flowers, but looked very beautifully. She likes be pleasant – Dima thought. Though, it is remembered, mother said to me that the main thing not a bouquet, but the paid attention … The closer Dima approached to Inna's door, the his heart knocked stronger. He inhaled more deeply and exhaled, trying to calm down. Helped a little. Having stood couple of seconds before a door, Dima pressed a call. Through couple of moments behind a door steps were distributed and the familiar voice asked: "Someone there?" Having smiled, Dima answered in the style: "And guess someone there hard brought!" The key in the lock was turned, the door was opened. Inna dressed in cut-offs and a t-shirt that didn't reduce her appeal at all looked at Dima. She didn't gather yet? She is usually punctual, and in that case – especially! - Well got up on a threshold, come rather – Inna burst out laughing, looking at the stood gaping Dima-and, well – Dimaperestupivshego through a threshold Dima suddenly hesitated embraced hands, and Inna gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek. Being coated, Dima embraced her too and kissed on a cheek too. - Here, it to you – Dima told, and stretched to her buket-Oy what beautiful! I will put them in water now, you be undressed so far, well? – I told Inna, and I escaped on кухнюРаздевшись, Dima passed to the living room, gradually looking round in the apartment. Having heard for itself steps, Dima turned back and saw mysteriously smiling Inna. His look wasn't escaped by the fact that the girl didn't put on under a brassiere t-shirt, and vershinka of her breasts were looked through through t-shirt fabric. Having hardly looked away, Dima pretended that he considers the photo in a frame. - It where are you? – Dima asked, pointing to photo By summer vacation went to Turkey, there quite good beaches and hotels comfortable – Inna smiled, being obviously had on several months ago. Having looked at the photo, Dima not without pleasure noted that Inna is very good herself. Long slender legs, a flat tummy and the small, but attracting breast – what else is necessary for the lonely guy? - So where we will go? – Dima asked, having sat down on a sofa. – We already obviously don't get on well at cinema … - Hm, I have an idea more best – again Inna mysteriously smiled, and again left on kukhnyuchy? Dima didn't manage to finish thinking about a thought as the room was entered by Inna with a bottle of wine and two glasses. It is already more interesting to become … - At me parents left to relatives, to meet New Year – Inna-and smiled … and you why remained? – Dima-well asked, I officially stayed at home to be treated for flu – Innagrippa laughed? - Yes don't worry, I am just good actress – Inna calmed Dima, looking at his person Nadeau how coincided … - Dima-you about what murmured? - my parents to the sister went, she won something against herself in University there. And I was left at home to watch the house and a cat – Dima-that told, it is direct and left? - Well, so to say, I am able to select arguments – Dima smiled this time. Inna burst out laughing and poured wine on glasses. - Then we meet New Year together? - Together - Dimaoni firmly told clinked glasses with glasses, and drained them. On hours there were four days. About notorious New Year it was still far. Dima with Inna just sat on a sofa, stirring about that and about this, quietly devastating a bottle. And here just hit Dima – he has no gift for Inna! As he could forget about it! Feverishly thinking, Dima suddenly remembered that he on phone has a function of a false call, than he also simulated a call from parents. - Yes, I will look now how I will find – I will call back, well? – Dima - finished a lime call What happened? – Inna asked, decently carried her from the drunk wine and therefore the smile didn't leave her face. - I now quickly to the apartment run, it is necessary to find houses some documents, – Dima told. – don't get bored here, I in a trice! - Consider, I am not responsible for safety of contents of this bottle! – I burst out laughing Innachmoknuv Inna in a cheek, he quickly put on and ran in the nearest shops in search of a gift. Dima looked for hours and quietly swore – was already a half of the seventh evening, chances to find something suitable were minimum. Походив about half an hour on shops, Dimin the eye was fixed for the sign of department store which still worked. Having quickly passed by eyes according to the list of shops, he saw children's shop. Can work! There for certain are soft toys!