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I right there kneeled in a pool at an entrance and began to lick it a boot, after it, laughing loudly, kicked me with him and left home. I long still, on amazement by the passerby, remained in a pool on a lap. It then rejected me, but I was young and full of hopes. And now hopes came true. We sit together at a wedding table, and she is my bride. My God! Thank you! What happiness! The wedding was magnificent and very fast. To pull time wasn't, just about forms, characteristic of pregnant women, began already was to appear, and the child's father flatly refused both the child and it, however, accepted our wedding invitation and even, playing a role of the witness, sat down near her on the left side, as well as it is necessary to the witness. In the autumn rainy afternoon she knocked to me. — You will be my official husband, today we go to submit the application but of any sex don't even dream, at a wedding we will only kiss for decency before guests, and that the dirty language in a mouth to me didn't push, my mouth not for your slizky language, all! — it sounded also, as well as eight years ago, in the same rainy and dirty November afternoon when I heard from her the first order — "lick!". She knocked to my house when I buried already all the hopes for her. The whole years of my attempts to achieve from her at least a little attention didn't bear fruits. She laughed over me, she was always cold, she had friends, boyfriends, and with all she behaved also haughty cold, she considered herself the queen, the goddess... but... until she wasn't given a ride on a disco on black BMW by the local bandit, is more senior than her for 10 years. What is the local bandit on "bekha" at the beginning of the dashing nineties of years people of my age remember. And this was also is more senior than it, so is more skilled moreover the authority, both cool and known on the area. In a brown leather jacket, a huge gold cross on a breast on a gold chain, behind a belt on jeans a trunk with a full holder plus an abrupt wheelbarrow, all on the area know him, all in full poverty, all shiver, outside besides the dashing nineties where to me was to him? She fell in love with him at once. She was fascinated by him instantly and also rapidly quickly became pregnant from him, but as I already told, he wasn't going to marry her and the child to him was absolutely to anything, she was afraid of abortions and didn't want. The guy he abrupt, she thought, for certain there will be a son and so cool on life as well as his father, a sin to kill. And I solved. Well, and not to produce fatherlessness and in public that all (still the Soviet education affected) had everything as for a role of the husband and official father of the child she chose me. I was out of myself with happiness. Under the first shouts "bitterly!" there were my first and last happy kisses in life. I didn't put out tongue as she to me also ordered, but I touched by lips her fine lips. I still live on this the most concerning reminiscence of the life. After the official part passed, all formalities are executed both all traditional and useless toasts said and guests rushed someone to dances someone in alcoholism someone in a fight, everyone on the aspiration and taste, my bride, without being too soft, and even without having vouchsafed will retire as it is usually accepted in such cases, simply bent by a lightning on trousers of the witness and biological father of future child, and without taking off a veil, a hand in white openwork gloves pulled out an impressive dick of the bandit and right there took him in a mouth. Remained to me silently, sitting in a place of honor of the groom, all this humble to suffer and observe side sight as my bride, and now the legal wife, the dick of the neighbor in a holiday table and the most authoritative bandit on the area sucks... He cumed violently and even with groans. A half of the hall saw and heard this picture, but the situation was too cheerful and someone even shouted "bitterly!", on what my bride and now the wife, having swallowed a last straw of a cum, rose, turned in my party with a smile, slightly corrected a veil and without having wiped a lip napkin on which it was smeared and the fresh cum of foreign man hanged down, I touched with lips mine. Then a hand with which just I held foreign dick the spouse squeezed to me mouth corners, thereby having let know that she wishes that I slightly opened the mouth that I immediately both made, and poured out to me in a mouth the remains of a seed of the lover, together with the saliva. And all this occurred under the account of guests accepted at weddings after a signal "bitterly!". To me it was really bitter to accept a cum of the lover of the wife from the wife, bitterly and in a disgusting way, but I accepted! Farther all including the wife with the lover, drank and had a snack, danced, congratulated spouses, even gave gifts. Everything it was cheerful, everything, except me though I realized, something what I dreamed all the adult life of, that is about a wedding with her, came true, so what else to wish, so from what to me it is so bitter!? Well, you will think, my bride and already the wife spitted out to me in a mouth a cum of the lover from whom it is pregnant now! Well, you will think that of any sex my bride and the wife even forbade to think to me! What we gentle that we can't accept this quietly when you all life also dreamed only of it! Began to disperse after midnight. Under some foolish parting words, jokes and humourous catchphrases we were led to the room for newly married where I the wife young was told to light all candles and to sit down very quietly in a corner. The lover of the young wife came, without waiting so far all guests will be calmed down and will disperse especially as the majority it was necessary to sleep right there, at me in the house a vpovalka, is drunk snoring and snuffling. Washing, now the lawful wife and her now the lover and the real father of our future with her of the child, wildly groaned, sweated, in a word — еблись as the first or last time, he fucked her on anything, in dim blinking of a candle it was visible as the wife sucks, then substitutes him the back, later lays down on a back and spreads legs and pushes pushes pushes... and only at daybreak they fell asleep. Soon also I dozed off, modestly sitting on a stool in secluded to a bedchamber corner for newly married. So there passed my first marriage night. Later, as well as most of bandits of the 90th, killed the lover of the wife, having enclosed explosive under his bekha. Thank God that day he was driving. Usually he to me allowed to earn additionally at him the driver as the close friend of family and the witness at a wedding. No other work in our town then existed, and I needed to feed somehow family — my wife and, the daughter of this bandit who was born soon after the wedding therefore I was glad also to such earnings. Now at us everything was more or less stabilized. I began to earn not bad and I still love the spouse. From our daughter we try to hide history of her birth, and I treat her absolutely as to native. But my most precious wife still refuses to me love, alas.