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Na to a wall the big poster with Hitler hung, the wall had a book case (Mari made out on backs of books of the name "Main Kampf" and other Nazi waste paper), the window was stood by a table and several chairs from a set not more young than the eighteenth century near. Na one of chairs the Nazi form put so by all German pedantry lay. The owner dressed only in black pants carelessly collapsed on a huge bed in the center of the room. Mari with interest inspected a well-muscled lean body Kurz background Noymanna, having estimated wide shoulders and beefy bicepses on advantage and, nesmotrya on danger of the situation, mentally licked lips. — You are still dressed? — discontentedly I told background Noymann. — Forgive, mister commandant — representing a fright, Mari began to pull together a dress. The German examined ee chocolate delights and on his person the grease smile blurred. — Go here — he said and Mari made several steps forward. — Ne so — Kurz background Noymann frowned — it is a lot of honor for the subhuman to go directly. Creaking teeth from humiliation, Mari fell by all fours and spread forward, trying to look in haughty blue eyes with as it is possible big servility. Kurz, that time, sat down on beds, having lowered legs on a floor. Gesture he showed on a groin and Mari, having raised hands, began to pull down slowly from the German pants. The mulatto was low opinion of o men's advantages white earlier, but now she had to collect all force of will not to burst out laughing at a species of the little white worm who was hardly looking out of light hair. She quickly looked up — the German looked at her with such expression on a face that the afroamerican instantly understood that ee waits if she though than-to gives the feelings. Having with captation smiled to background Noymannu, the mulatto stretched full lips to a white shoot. Having wrapped up flexible language around a small head, Mari quickly began to nod the head, feeling as the white worm comes to life in ee to a mouth. From above slightly audible groan was heard and she grinned about herself — probably, background Noymann met such caress for the first time. Having released a hand Mari began to stroke the Nazi's balls slowly. "You in vain admitted me so close to the balls, the bastard" — she thought and, having widely opened a mouth, at once involved in him men's economy of the German. Ee licked language and lips, sucked round genitals, in that time as black fingers carefully stroked brawny hips. Mari heard deaf groans, felt how background Noymann shivers as if the hobbled horse and I smiled, feeling herself as the hostess of situation. Greedy swallowing a dick as if wishing to eat him entirely, Mari brought Kurz to the culmination. — O Main Gott — screamed the German when the dick began to be reduced, throwing out a cum in the girl's mouth. Mari exhausted the last drops from an uric opening as if finishing drinking cocktail from a straw after what I opened a mouth, showing the pathetic tea spoon of a cum which is splashed out by her on language. With captation looking in the eyes of the German which are made oily from pleasure, Mari swallowed his seed and again opened a mouth, showing that it is clean. Kurz so groan collapsed on a bed. — For the black bitch you greatly suck — he exhaled. — We kept something from the French — Mari servilely smiled. — I see — Kurz grinned — go here! He showed on the fallen-down dick and Mari obediently climbed up a bed. Ne background Noymann as it, having developed to it by a back, threw a leg through a wide breast of "Aryan" managed to come round. Ee intense nipples concerned a firm press, an of a lip were again closed on a white dick. She sucked greedy smacking the lips, licking small balls and feeling as under ee lips elastic flesh wakens again. However the German was silent that forced Mari to be nervous — she remembered that ee the bum and a perineum are in several centimeters from the face of the Nazi. Whether Ne he will consider so close contemplation of a black pizda "racial insult"? In that time the feeling of danger of all events incredibly made horney Mari and she felt how ee a vagina becomes wet, dropping lubricant drops on a white breast. The hot exhalation blew in ee the pussy and Mari felt as strong palms clasped ee of a hip and greedy language rushed into a juicy crevice. As if the German sheep-dog who is broken from a lead, background Noymann greedy licked ee damp pulp and sucked a clitoris. This caress was obviously in a novelty to the Nazi, but he compensated for the experience deficiency indisputable diligence, probably, having forgotten that he licks to "the subhuman's female". Mari silently burst out laughing and with the doubled force began to suck the white dick which hardened not only from blowjob but and from the fact that his owner was made horney lizha a black pizda. Mari rotated hips, being wiped with a wet vagina on the face of the Nazi and, having been fond, advanced hips slightly further, than follows. With dying down of heart the mulatto felt as language of the German concerned ee of an anal opening. She waited for explosion of indignation, but Kurz with not smaller enthusiasm was screwed in in a hard hole as if having seized upon a delicious dish. Having gone mad from lust, he kissed elastic chocolate buttocks, greedy licking ee a perineum from a clitoris to an anus. Mari that time swallowed of the cum streams escaping from convulsively reduced dick. For all this night both terminated three times — and Mari filled in with the women's juice the face of the Nazi. Under the end Kurz everything decided to fuck ee, having put dog-fashion and having entered behind. The German worked with a dick far worse, than language, so that all ee actor's talent was necessary for Mari to represent passion and desire. She voluptuously groaned, so furiously making upward movement the movements of male hips that Kurz soon terminated and in full exhaustion fell off on a bed. Sluggish gesture he ordered to clean up to the mulatto. Mari obediently picked up a dress, putting on on the course. — If you to someone-nibud tell — the voice background Noymanna found ee at doors. He didn't finish, but Mari already understood o than the speech — the SS-man didn't want that his subordinates knew that he licked a pizda and a bum to the Black woman. — I won't dare, mister commandant — Mari told — someone I am such is precisely — background Noymann burst out laughing — it is fine, I went! — Well, mister commandant — Mari told, slipping out for a door. — Ha-ha-ha! So you speak at him absolutely small?! Sigrun sat on kortochkakh before a hospital bed on which naked Mari imposingly collapsed. After that as the mulatto returned from the commandant, Danish medsestrichka took away ee from chamber in a staffroom under a medical examination pretext. Now she diligently massed black legs, greedy listening to the story by Mari o a visit to background Noymannu. — Well, tell? — Sigrun stuck. — He told that if I blab out to me not sdobrovat — Mari grinned, blissfully stretching under skillful fingers of the Dane — aaakhkhkh, and still here here, it is so good — I will tell nobody — Sigrun told — well, so what at him?