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He rose with her on the elevator, and she didn't notice how he carefully came behind her afterwards to ee the floor. Yes and what difference where also someone goes in the multystoried house, truly? No it should have unlocked the apartment lock — it pushed ee inside, squeezed afterwards. He pressed ee to a wall, one hand having intercepted ee of a hand, an other palm clamping her a mouth that she didn't shout. The door behind him was covered, but the lock so and remained open. In darkness of a corridor Ania didn't see his person, only his huge silhouette, powerful and frightening. "Thief!" — she thought, having remembered that a few days ago as time robbed the neighboring apartment and having taken him for the room thief. Ania decided here that she will give him everything — if only only he left ee in live. He as if understood that she won't shout, and slowly took away a palm with mouth ee. The truth, before, than it that-to thought, it under edges slightly stuck a knife edge, and Ania, and without that already reconciled to what ee will plunder, began with fear to shake small. — Ne kill me, please! — she asked half-whisper — I will give everything, everything that is, don't kill! He hemmed, removed a knife. I developed Ania to a wall, having painfully broken her hands. Ania squealed from surprise and pain, but here became silent, being afraid of the stranger. Several seconds later with amazement Ania felt as on ee wrists strong fetters of a rope drag on! — What do you do? — she set a silly question in this situation. He didn't answer. Having pulled together a silk scarf with neck ee, he tied her eyes. — Take everything that is, I resolve! Also leave! Please, don't touch me! — Ania begged, having raised a voice. — Ne shout, the girl. — threateningly he said and she contracted for fear. In the head o thoughts what now to do and that with her will be done by the stranger rushed. Mind Ania understood already that it needs no jewelry, and it came, on all visibility, for ee a young, slender body, but heart refused to trust in it. Under a convoy of the uninvited guest she passed to own bathing room — she would learn this way from one thousand, but now everything was not so as always, and each step of ee frightened. He seated ee on the washing machine and parted with the persistent movement leg ee in the parties. Ee long, thin legs convulsively tried to contract, but the stranger was much stronger than Ania. She tried to take herself in hand and to cease to shiver. I gathered with spirit. — I Ask you, release me. — she exhaled — I will pay! I will well pay, I have money! He ignored ee entreaty, having been accepted rastegivat small buttons on ee to the thin shirt filled in not an especially short, but sexual skirt in a fold. Cold steel touched skin and on all ee to a body ran a shiver. She with horror understood that it is a knife. The bandage on eyes prevented to see actions of the torturer, and it strengthened ee fear. Ania tried to cramp again instinctively knees, but between ee of legs there was the immovable rock of a strong constitution a man. He carried out by a knife tip from neck ee by a naked part of a breast which especially and wasn't hidden by a beautiful bra (she bought this set of linen to please the guy, but today the guy as time cancelled an appointment). Having slightly touched white ee lace of linen on a breast, he a knife went down below on a stomach, and then carried out on the internal party of ee of a hip, forcing ee for fear to contract and to breathe unevenly. His warm fingers which suddenly replaced a knife edge caused considerable simplification in Ania. First he caressed leg ee, a breast, a tummy gently and hardly concerning, and her even, nesmotrya on all strangeness of a situation, the beginning it is pleasant. That the truth, it wouldn't admit it also to itself — well in the business it couldn't get pleasure from tenderness of the one someone obviously intended ee to rape! When it lifted up on her a skirt and began to consider ee panties, suddenly it became very a shame to her. Ania schuffled in attempt to hide as more from this absolutely foreign man is possible. No, she, of course, wasn't a virgin, but always ee previous were guided in the first turn of ee by opinion and desires. This person wanted to spit what is wanted by her. — Release! — she asked already more courageous, than in last time. In the answer to it it broke own panties which are hung up there after washing from the dryer ee and stopped up with her a mouth them. Ania tried to resist or object, but it was useless. His movements became more courageous. He without work undid ee a brassiere, unfastened shoulder straps and dumped a detail of ee of the lower linen on a tiled floor. Ee is small, but very appetizing breast I appeared before it in all beauty. Ania since youth had complex about a breast. She had a small size, the tiny sticking-out nipples absolutely almost without areolov ee just enraged — she always wanted to become as all. No with years, on a background of other women whose breast drooped an of a nipple began to look shabby and worn out, Ania so the breast to look became much younger. She had neither extensions, nor excess folds anywhere, the sticking-out small nipples created illusion of an innocent maiden body. Rough, calloused fingers of the stranger touched ee of gentle skin on a breast. The man both palms took ee a breast, slightly pressed, released and here began to finger ee nipples fingers. However the body didn't react to this caress of ee, and suddenly it quite sharply from tendernesses passed to tougher actions. It unscrewed ee small nipples so that it was curved and lowed through a gag.