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A figure watch A what, directly fine-molded, it was lucky Igor Gennadyevich, fucks such wife, I gave birth, ee to the son 3 years now. I love brunettes stroynenkikh, especially teachers. The blouse is white, the skirt black is slightly higher than knees and a shoe on hairpins. Class! Will give odds to all our maids! Boobs of the third size as jump-to beautifully. I with her danced, nearly terminated when nestled on them. At me even the hillock in trousers was inflated, I a dick nestled on her, nothing, wasn't discharged, only looked so attentively at me. A as you think, it in stockings or tights? To check You for certain too would be not against ee to fuck. Yes it is fine, I saw as you buttocks stared at ee at lectures when she on a board writes. Interestingly, students fucked ee or isn't present. A step ee could and detain after the occupations in audience and on a table to spread out. Ooh if in stockings, yes on shoulders to itself to throw such legs. Listen, my thought appeared. Give to A we ee finally vyebem, a? A that it? Wait a moment, wait a moment, I thought up it seems. We carry out ee with gifts to the house, I by car. On the road and vyebem, I will prepare ee. You fotik don't forget A, it is useful. A that she fucked us on processing of oil and gas, now we are ee. Our teacher Nadezhda Vasilyevna our whore, precisely will be. So that you don't lean on vodka, I will go it I will mix champagne with vodka, "Northern shine", here that it is necessary for her. Nadezhda Vasilyevna, idemte to us! You hold champagne, let's drink on farewell. I can't, at a wheel, only Sasha here of vodka will drink juice, a. Well, give, to a bottom, to a bottom, vooot and otlichnenko. What, did the head begin to spin? I will support you, don't worry. Okh, a waist at you osinaya, is convenient to embrace. No, no, it is accidentally the hand on buttocks slipped. A what it at you cool Well nothing, we will just stand, I poobnimayu you. Still the head is turned? It is simply stuffy here, give still sparkling fuzherchik. To a bottom, to a bottom, vooot the good girl. What? Strong champagne? Ne can be Well here waters wash down. At once to steam of drinks Oh someone-to in a wine glass of vodka poured. Daaa, the vodka wine glass, yes after "Northern shine", perhaps will be enough for you, the girl. What? No, I not to you, so, argue about myself. Keep more strong on legs, oh, you keep, of course, only on you, on you. Time home to you? We with Sasha will see off A you. It is necessary to help to carry flowers and gifts home. What was presented to you? Vase, tea service and whole heap of bouquets. Ne you will reach the house? Of course we and the car at your order in any time. We will roll you with Sasha on couple. A? No, we will take for a drive of course, we won't roll a, to you was heard. Well that, went? No, you on a front seat, a Sasha with boxes and flowers back. Ne hurry, Sasha, all we will be in time. Mudflows? Well went. Okh as at you beautifully the skirt was lifted up. Yes I accidentally on a leg carried out by a hand, I should switch speed, a your knees nearby. A what Igor Gennadyevich isn't visible? Akh, it went to Orsk, to host a session at the Orsk students. Ponyatnenko. One I left such wife, okh, was mistaken it as it was mistaken as not in time. Well nothing, itself I am guilty. Do you what there, Nadia, fall asleep what whether? Overcame you? Well you, you, look what you sensitive. Hardly language turns, a there: "I am a teacher, I ask on you". Ha, we will look what you davatelnitsa on you. We will manage to pass on you. Hold, Sasha, ee a handbag and a briefcase. It was lucky us, ee the apartment at our order is similar. Ээй, Nadia, don't sleep! Sash, give her on cheeks that woke up. Well why it is so strong-to, here as it is necessary. The devil, I went too far too. But I woke up. What eyes you clap, arrived already. Someone doesn't know where you live, all students in a course. Listen, a where your sonny Kostya, a? Akh, you to his mother brought. With spending the night? Well as knew that with us you will return. A Igor when will return from Orsk? In a week? Nuuu, absolutely the class, all bruises will already descend. There are no bruises? Will be, my good, will be. The place Na your handbag, at us. Well, we will open an entrance, in your handbag we will rummage, here and keys. Give, take a door, we are bouquets and we will bring boxes. What floor, the seventh? Na elevator? Well isn't present, went peshochkom we will walk. To you it won't be harmful to recover a little bit, yes more interestingly so, at an entrance to communicate to you. Slowly we will go, you ahead, we behind, a sin not to admire such beautiful legs as at you. That you hide such beauty. Of course I like you, yes and Sasha too. Yes and many would like to fuck you. Yes it is fine to you, don't take offense, I tell the truth to you, an unless is unpleasant to you? Unless women don't want that they were fucked? What forms at you appetizing, I am ready directly here you and to fuck. Well it isn't necessary to banish us. Your handbag with keys and phone at me, so that close a mouth. Where it we? Between the fifth and sixth floor? Quite will approach. Sasha, we put freight so far, let's have a rest we will stand. By the way, Nadka, a you in stockings or in tights? All day this question interests us. How it not our business? Very much even ours. As it will be more convenient to us to fuck you, to take off tights or directly in stockings to push to you. There was a wish in stockings that you were. Well you won't tell, we will check. Go here, well. Get up on couple of steps povyshe that more conveniently we undo the Coat, we undo that you twitch. I to you will remove, itself take away hands! Quietly, quietly, quietly. Nu-ka we will check that at you under the Mmmmm skirt what thighs hot Yes don't pull you a skirt down, you will tear still. Sasha, take elbows to her that I didn't interfere with hands. Ooookh what legs gladenkiye in kapron, look Sashok. Mmmmmm, what on oshchup priyatnenkiye. Vooot, we will stroke from boots above, above, above Oh, pizda what hot, even through pants, and in my opinion wet already, a, Nadia? Okh, after all tights. Get up directly. Exactly stand, squeeze legs more densely, I between your thighs in tights potrakhat want you. Okh, is good as. The porn stories the Good fellow is pleasant, I calmed down. Nu-ka bend down a crustacean. Yes don't twitch any more, ours now you. Na a handrail lean the elbows-ka. Nothing, blyadeshka, in the following time you will put on stockings before a meeting with us. How not blyadeshka? Well, absolutely we will correct it soon. Give-ka we yours pizdenku we will stroke. Give, itself take off tights with pants to knees. Sama-sama, vooot. Well a you can kiss Sasha so far. You see as he hurries, even tears off buttons on a blouse. Well let's him your boobs rumple yes to lick, I then, I so far to you will thrust fingers into your pizda. What, moaned? Do you low? Means we to your husband of horns branchy today we will set. To thigh A what nezagorelye, give-ka I them I will kiss a little bit. Well move apart poshire, the bitch! Akh, tights disturb? Well let me take off them absolutely. Boots at first, taaak, now one leg, yes and pants too to us to anything now. Wow, beauty what! A is wet everything, flows directly. Fingers as easily in a pizda pass what the head you wind, pleasantly? A pizda-to shaven, directly the whore ready, a you build of yourself the faithful wife, the virgin. Well everything began to flow, you low from pleasure, it is time to fuck you. Okh you what you what you, got nervous everything, moaned, on legs began to flow Kooonchila, my good, it is visible you love when fingers enter you, yes still and Sashok language fingers nipples. Well here and the first hickeys appeared on boobs, with an initiative. You together were fucked at once sometime? Isn't present? The premiere means at you today. Neee, not here, to you we will go. Also don't ask. Time it is possible to fuck with comfort why at a dirty entrance we have to remain? To you, on a matrimonial bed. Well unless only get up on knees, undo to us trousers and suck, can we will change the mind. No, don't lower a skirt, let remains lifted up to a belt, and don't put on a blouse, the brassiere so the thrown-off shoulder-straps very beautifully looks, and boobs at you super, beautiful and on oshchup pleasant. Well give, suck away. Okh, the good girl as cool you work with language. And what we in institutene fucked you earlier, fools? Such nipple cool. Now to Sasha suck. A I will take a picture of you so far. Here, stood, Sasha, half take out a dick at her from a mouth. So, now in a cheek thrust a from within. Perfectly the whore-teacher-nitse bulged a cheek to her, our darling. How not the whore? Well tell A: "I am a whore for students". Don't you want to be hit A on an attractive face still? To show photo A to Igor? At institute them to distribute A? Ne I hear, more loudly, even more loudly. Well here, the good fellow, the whore for students. And still tell "I, Nadezhda Vasilyevna is a student's whore". Perfectly, at once I understood. Well went now further to you home, get up. Yes so also go, here now drag a box with a service itself, a we are your belongings and we will take flowers. And magic pendel to you for speed. So, here we and houses, pass. A you, Nadia, change the shoes in shoes on a hairpin, you on heels very much even appetizing, we directly on heels also will fuck you. Yes and without heels too. What means "boys it isn't necessary, boys will be enough"? Get up exactly, the bitch, I will photograph you as you home come from work. Hang up a handbag on a shoulder, absolutely take off a brassiere, everything is equal under boobs dangles. With course take a briefcase in a hand, slightly lower a skirt that I closed your pizda, voot, and place legs slightly. Smile, remarkably. Beauty, whore student's Nadezhda Vasilyevna. Anything here, uyutnenko. Three-room. Went to the bedroom at once. Students fuck you at institute? Ne to lie, the bitch! Tell the truth someone fucked you at institute? It is strange that nobody, we the first that whether? Pizda probably very narrow, undeveloped. Now we learn. Nu-ka give fingers I will thrust to you into a pizda. Get up before a bed, directly stand, place legs. Yes, tesnenko at you in pizde, we will develop a hole now. We you still and at institute vyebem. You, probably, it is pleasant to spread out on a table, or to a table to bend over. We will try there differently. You from the house bring a blanket kakoye-nibud that on a table it wasn't rigid to you. A get up on knees before us now and give, hands to us jerk off. Grease handles with cream. And slowly, don't hurry, the good fellow. To me look in the face, I shoot video. Now take in a mouth. At first at me, so, now at Sasha. In turn to us suck, slowly. Good girl. A now vyebem you on a matrimonial bed. Today you pizdoy treat us with the. Here put on stockings, pants it isn't necessary, shoes, and for the beginning as at institute, put on a skirt and a blouse. Choose someone the first will fuck you, I or Sasha? Well, Sasha so Sasha. Will you be protected, Sash? Hold an elastic band, put on. Decided to bend over ee on a bed? Well forward, give. I will take a picture of you so far. Otlichnenko. Give boobs I will rumple yours. Give so far Sasha behind fucks you, I in front to you will insert into a mouth. Oooookh, class! Give, my good, give sosalochka cool. Do you cum already, Sasha? Well give, I will depart, I won't disturb. All? Good fellows, children, now my turn. A where your place and where Igor sleeps? Here also lay down on the place, on a back, so. Give, place legs more widely, still, as it is possible more widely. Probably I did gymnastics, directly developed corner. Ballet? Super! So, we to you upward will lift up a skirt, a blouse down with with a brassiere. Give still I will caress your milkings. Ooh, what they at you pleasant. What? How to Igor will you look in the face? Yes it is normal as he to you looks. Do you think, an angel he at you? We when organic chemistry he was handed over, in a sauna drove him, I, Sasha and he. There our girls served him, Oleska so Svetka. Okh as it tore up them, or they pretended to be shouted, I don't know. Well and we too them potrakhali a little bit. The main thing was your husband to humour, he is happy remained. Yes and other students speak poyebyvayet he. So that don't break, substitute a pizda under my dick. Here so, well. By easy stages, to a half at first. Now at all length, still time, more often, more feasible. Yes that you squeal-to at once and you twitch. Nadka, you constantly cum. Here it damn! At you in pizde even everything champs, all in lubricant. Let me lay down on a back, jump you on me. Okh, a class, don't hurry, slowly, deeply give. Ooooo as it is healthy. You that a mouth didn't stand idle, suck Sashke. Give, get up dog-fashion on a floor to a bed. Sasha, lay down on Igor's place, Nadka to you will suck, an I behind want to pull down ee properly. Here so, here so, all wet, a dick slips out a pizda. Give, give, here, here, at all length, so, so what you shout, you can't cum more quietly? Well it is fine, shout, groan as you want, a creature homeless. Here to you on an ass, in bruises you will be of course, but me to spit that you will tell Igor. Turn over on a back, the whore that the head from a bed hanged down. Sasha, give, fuck ee of companies whorish. I in a pizda to it want to terminate A. Ooookh, give, give, the bitch, make upward movement, aaaaa, you are cool fucked, so, so, terminated? Now I, blyayayayayayayay! Konchaaaaaaaa! Ooh, I terminated, your mother, well you are a skank, Nadka. I poured a full pizda. Now listen to me attentively and remember. I want that you from me gave rise, understood? To me to spit on your plans. Now February. You will give rise in October somewhere. If the daughter is born, you will name Ania. Let there will be Anna Igorevna, we-to know someone you fucked on the business. Na, lick my dick that clean I was. Qualitatively give, too lick balls. It would be time to pass to us to kitchen. What will you treat with? Konyachok you speak is? Normally. We will drink perhaps. Well give and you are with us. Na knees ko to me sit down. You know, a we don't hurry with Sasha anywhere. Maybe we will spend the night at you. When to us in institute now? In a week? I joke, now we will leave. Now about institute. On Thursdays you will go to work to a dress, in stockings and without pants. It is possible also in a skirt, but not in trousers. We will fuck you if we want, well can still someone-nibud we will treat with you, you don't show off, let's someone tell, understood? Hold the holes on call. We can fuck in audience, in a toilet, in your office. A can and just till a way home we will bring to bushes. And that accepted us with a smile as beloveds. Well everything, went, you will see off us, it is time already for us. Na knees stand until the door is closed behind us. Well so far, student's whore Nadezhda Vasilyevna.