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Not, of course he didn't complain of the size and fortress of the fists, but we will tell, it will hardly be possible to fill up a bull or a rhinoceros and it wasn't necessary to forget about the flying opponents. With them how to be? After all, some trunk has to be here. Anyway has to. Sam looked round. He faced an entrance to quite wide valley a bottom of which covered a carpet of juicy-green vegetation, and on low stony slopes places scattered a bush, places small groves of trees with curved tables and branchy kroner. Ahead, somewhere in couple hundreds steps from that place where he stood, were, judging by characteristic gloss metal containers. Huge such. Five pieces. As it didn't make sense to stick out on the place, Sam went towards these containers. Around them in a grass something flashed. Aha! Pieces ten golden бронепластин and couple of small first-aid kits. It calmed Sam. In total as usual. Means and weapon somewhere nearby has to be. For certain in these boxes. Having reached, at last containers, Sam once again marveled to their sizes. Everyone in height of meters five, in width three, and not less than ten meters in length. Around there was a silence. And not a soul. He carefully touched the first container, without knowing what to expect. And right there I drew aside a hand. Because of an armored wall strange sounds reached: howling, скулёж, fast footfall. What for a hogwash there such? Dog perhaps? Probably it is necessary to open this damned box. That there inside wasn't, trunks there, too for certain were. Having inspected a container once again, Sam found the small lever on the right wall. Aha! Here its that also should be pulled. Sam pulled. Buzz sounded, then hissing of hydraulics and a front wall of a container I began to fall like a ramp. Up puffs of vapor shot up, compressed air began to escape with whistle from side valves. Gosh darn! Sam suddenly paid attention that these valves are made in the form of sphincters. What for a hogwash that? At last the wall with a roar bryaknutsya on the earth. Through a veil of steam line it wasn't visible. Sam to gripes in eyes peered at the opened dark pass. Here, some stir in depth seemed to him. Well precisely! Something live made the way to an exit. And a trunk, even he didn't see the most zadripezny. At least chainsaw what. Yes though stick, her mother! And here something outside jumped out. Sam stared having seen it is wonderful юдо! Of the size of good such male pig. The body is cyanotic, naked, as at the plucked chicken. Two long-legged sharp-clawed legs between which the dick with balls dangles not sickly sizes. Instead of wings thin hands, and instead of a neck... One more dick! Thick, long, shining, pulsing veins, topped instead of the head with a huge head. — This an animal! — the shaken Sam exclaimed. — At Mental absolutely the roof went? It was necessary to think up it... It... He and has words that suitable at once was. The animal meanwhile vividly turned the head head towards our hero and published familiar already skuleny. In this sound Sam clearly sorted notes of unsatiable desire. And it wasn't pleasant to him. Very much it wasn't pleasant. The creature meanwhile jumped up, well is direct as chicken, really and rushed towards the struck dumb Sam. — Hey! Hey! — he exclaimed moving back. — I went away! Faugh! Faugh! Chicken chlenogol (so his Sam after all christened) and I didn't think to stop. I didn't react to the team "Faugh!". And all I strove to come to Sam for a back. Both dicks at the same time both lower and top were poured by blood and pulsed from clear desire. Sam grew cold when understood where this creature aimed. — Ah you shit! The fist was rigidly put in the top head. Chicken chlenogol I took a nap and I started back back. — Faugh! Mother remother! Sam's fingers were covered by some sticky rubbish. What is it? And it is clear! The ugly creature was just crowded with a cum. Sam fastidiously wiped the palm back about the undershirt. It is necessary to cut below again not to be soiled. But this time I cut chicken chlenogol. He put in Sam in a stomach such kick that also press cubes didn't help. Sam began to wheeze and was bent in half. The quick creature didn't miss an opportunity to drop in for a back of the hero Galaktiki and... Sam evaded during the last moment and didn't allow to humiliate himself. Probably, he after all would cope with this freak, would strangle barehanded, but here from a container appeared same. And then also the third ugly mug jumped out. They whining, grunting, publishing spiteful and sexual and hungry peep began to surround. — your mother! Sam needed to do nothing how to run. But it didn't make sense to run back. There was nothing, except already closed transition from other level. To run forward on the open field? Well isn't present. Chicken chlenogolova rushed, like mad. As damned ostriches! There, they in a moment will catch him and otymet. Sam ran around an open container. And about a miracle! On the other hand I saw a gun and a couple of holders to it. Blockhead! Numskull! It was necessary to bypass at first these containers, and then to open the first of them.