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But then Liel remembered what she made with the girlfriend yesterday, and understood that it will be superfluous. Soon came for them. People of their owner ordered them to rise and follow them. They obeyed, Siel, passing by the princess, looked down and didn't look at her. Elfs were taken away to a hozin. That sat at a small, but massive table, thoughtfully playing occasionally a dagger, hardly looked at comers. — Listen to me, prick-eared... Today you will be carried on the slave market. I want to receive for you as much as possible gold, and it means that you have to behave in the market so that you wanted to buy. It is clear? If you do something... My children will bring you back, you will be punished, and then you will already precisely sell... So, for you it is more best not to do anything of that kind, clearly? Elfs silently inclined the heads. — Good fellows, and will take away you now in a steam room, make toilet before a trip. He gave the sign them to take away, again having plunged into own thoughts. In pair Liel it was quickly washed and I put the hair in order. Siel remained inside still after the princess left, and that had to wait for her. Having left a steam room, they found the clothes left for them — clean linen shirts and trousers, and light jackets. Having changed clothes, they returned to the shed. However, already soon they were taken away from there. Elfs were caged, fixed on the vehicle, the driver started... Except them, was in a cage some more women, not Elfs. In the market the set to the people crowded. Elfs together with other women were taken away on the special scaffold intended for sale of slaves at once. People generally crowded before this scaffold to take a look at unfortunate. Occasionally from the middle of crowd dirt lumps, one of which got Liel on a leg, arrived. However, some gapers quickly were replaced by others, and the person who brought them continued to paint the goods on all square. The sun already drooped, the people in the market began to disperse gradually. Liel, spent all this time for the sun, was hot in her new clothes, she felt how sweat streams flows down on her back, leaving marks on a shirt. Besides, at her the head began to be turned. Having glanced at Siel, the princess saw that that costs, having leaned against a column and having closed eyes. Before a scaffold the group of several people stopped. One, in the center — it is obvious, the dealer, judging by clothes. Quite old, low and corpulent, dressed in rich clothes. The others — his bodyguards. High, stately, dressed in an easy armor, at everyone on a sword on a belt. Some time the dealer attentively examined the women standing on a scaffold then addressed their seller: — And of what these animals are capable? — Oh — the seller grew stout in a smile — with them it is possible to do anything. These so obedient dumb creatures that will obey to any order. This — he grabbed Liel by an elbow — will humour you when you want and as you will want! The dealer stood, deliberating something. — No, I am interested in that, behind her — he pointed a finger thick at Siel. The seller seized Siel and brought her forward, she continued to stand, having hung the head. The dealer said: — Let will undress, I want to see her. Siel, having heard it, I lifted up eyes on him. She, fluctuating, I looked at the seller. That gave the sign. Probably, having remembered the words of the person with a scar, the Elf obeyed. She slowly undid a jacket, having left her on a floor, then got rid also of a shirt, having bared the charming white breast. In crowd of policemen of the dealer the approving whisper was heard. Then after a shirt also trousers followed. Siel remained completely naked before people. The dealer considered her, having slightly reddened. Then I spoke: — I want to look at this whore in business, to test.Their seller, having hesitated, approvingly I nodded. In the next second three security guards of the fat dealer went to a scaffold. Siel scaredly watched them, human slaves recoiled from her, having hidden in a far corner. One of security guards began to touch the Elf. His huge hand so strongly squeezed her small breast that Siel quietly screamed and twitched aside, not in forces, however, to escape from their strong hands.