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Ee of a hand were strong recorded behind, but nobody held ee on knees, physically she could allow itself to rise, run and ask help o. No understanding that she had no right to move and at possible disobedience punishment would be poseryeznee, than ee present situation, forced ee to suffer and pray that soon to her will allow to return back to the world. She was ready for everything, for pain, for humiliations on what it is necessary that would allow her to feel itself live. These several minutes so far nobody touched her, seemed her eternity, at last she felt strong touches, she hoped that it was Jacques, so as someone else could be it? To her it became terrible, but nothing remained how to obey. He grabbed with ee by a neck and inclined, she rested against something firm similar to a bench or a chair, she didn't see and didn't hear how this subject was brought to her, but she precisely knew that to that as ee deprived of hearing and his sight there wasn't. Soon she felt as ee of a leg parted poshire, and fastened to support of this design — below about knees above directly under buttocks. Further ee a body arranged on the inclined plane, so, that ee the head almost touched a floor, she understood it on a smell of the dust flying her in a nose. Ee fastened in two places: in the region of a waist and is slightly higher under armpits having stretched belts under ee strong connected hands. In result she appeared in a dog pose on knees with highly lifted up bum, the neck and the head weren't recorded in any way, obviously, they need mobility in this part. It wasn't difficult to Masha to guess why. And as strange ee the new pose made horney ee, she began to represent how now will begin to fill hole ee. Suddenly she felt, a pungent menthol smell, what-to scattered her directly in a nose, depriving of ee of the last feeling — now the sense of smell was also disconnected, so as the smell of menthol was so strong that blocked all that she felt earlier. Here she didn't expect it, she involuntarily sneezed and began to wrinkle a nose, trying to restore work of the last body of feelings which remained with her. They surprised with ee the refinement again and left at rest which now she wanted most less. She didn't know that occurred around and didn't know that on the stage preparation for ee to the following test was well under way. My God, as she wanted to cry. She panted and didn't even suspect that the hall stood together with her in an anticipation. Through some time Masha felt a strong hand of Jacques as he grabbed with ee the head, raised and lowered on a narrow and long dick. How in I am mute blood pulsed, Masha understood that he was live, a not plastic, but his sizes and a form seemed to her strange. I brought the burning blow by a switch on a bum which forced ee out of thoughts of ee to begin to drive the head up and down on the dick. What at all was difficult, considering that hands were behind and without support to her it was necessary, strongly to strain a neck. Therefore she was grateful to Jacques who, in the end of the ends, again strong grabbed with ee by the head and forced to move all quicker and quicker. Soon to great amazement of Masha the dick at her in a mouth began to grow and be rounded. At this moment the instinct worked and she tried to be discharged, but Jacques strong pressed down ee the head to a bottom, without giving such opportunity. She had no time to think again and understand what occurs, ee of companies was filled with a cum of this being soon, and already quite obviously inhuman. When the dick accepted back the initial sizes, ee raised the head and lowered on a floor in a pool of slimy weight which followed from mouth ee. When understanding of the event began to settle in ee to a brain, Masha fell into panic. She began to escape, turn and shout that was forces. She didn't hear herself, but knew that she shouts very loudly. Ee didn't concern the blows pouring on ee to a bum the fact that she everything equally couldn't be released and did only to itself painfully. She wanted to leave from there, she didn't want that ee were fucked by animals! Soon to her pushed something round in a mouth and rubber that forced ee to become silent, more definitely not to become silent, an is simple now everything that escaped from mouth ee - it is the muffled low. At this moment she felt that-to she damp at the perineum and stood. Ee with what-to plentifully greased an anus and a vagina after what she felt as someone-to began to lick this ointment from ee of openings. She began to wag a bum, in a measure of the fact that she was allowed by hard belts the fixing ee to the place, trying to drive away a being from herself. Thus it was impossible to call happening to her what-to unpleasant, but for fear, she couldn't enjoy one of the most penetrating cunnilingus which she ever had. On a measure of how warm long slippery tongue easily got into ee the stretched holes, she understood that not one human language wasn't capable of it, a means ee the back now licked an animal, skoree all a dog. By this time menthol tincture which deprived of ee of feeling of sense of smell began to weaken and she began to feel a dog smell distinctly. She didn't escape any more, not therefore that was eager for the events, a therefore that understood that she will be able to change nothing, an also that dogs had not only language, but and very sharp teeth and shouldn't have angered them. Soon she felt at an entrance to the vagina not language, an a head of the dick which easily got into ee a wide hole, and ee began never to fuck, so as earlier. Sharply, quickly without stop, she didn't manage to recover as this dick was also rounded and streamed in ee a hole. After it nobody gave her any more opportunities to take rest or even to think in what situation she appeared. The following dick entered back pass, she in horror waited that he will break off ee when it was rounded, but ee a bum coped also with it. So ee also fucked in one hole in another. She panted with a rubber plug in a mouth, but without looking on I began to move anything to a step soon. Now it was clear to all that she reconciled so the fate of the bitch and won't shout more. Therefore ee of companies exempted from a plug and she felt a dog dick before a nose and not long thinking clasped him with lips. On former it was difficult to it to move the head in such pose without support of hands and she was grateful when the head grabbed with ee again and began to stick on a dog dick. She didn't know how many was dogs, but fucked ee long, she got off so accounts, was possible dogs not so much, but they fucked ee on several time everyone. At last it stopped, because of a suit she didn't feel how on ee to hips the cum flew down, but she suspected that under her there was already the whole pool and besides other she was impatient to pee again. At this moment of ee sharply slapped in a bum, Masha started without understanding that wanted from her. She couldn't do anything neither hear, nor see, slaps on a bum were the only means of communication with her. Then she felt as someone-to a finger drove on ee to a buttock. Reached her that it was not chaotic driving, letter a. erotic stories After the next painful slap, she became more attentive to monitor movements and understood that a finger on a bum wrote to her "Gav". She slightly shook the head without understanding that wanted from her and earned one more slap. Here she screamed and thought and if ee the person isn't covered by a mask, then all saw how it swam away red paint with shame. One more slap forced ee to scream not only but and is hardly heard to bark. No it appeared a little, now ee painfully knocked the handle of a lash and she desperately loudly began a bark as the bitch, thus each time when she hotelaostanovitsya, ee beat and she continued to bark and bark. What to tell on the truth, was quite logical completion of transformation of ee into the bitch.It in the next time began to be filled in with bark when received a lash on a perineum and became silent, probably all were bothered by ee sounds. Ee unfastened from a bench and lifted on knees, released hands and lowered on all fours after what enjoin somewhere. Order long, on a smell and more cool air it understood that ee brought out of the building. When they stopped, grabbed with ee by shoulders and put on knees, then the sharp movement broke a mask from a face. She screamed from pain when the stuck cum as if broke skin with ee of the person, and by that was glad to feel freedom not less again. No when she hardly opened the stuck together eyes, she wasn't delighted to that where it appeared. They faced one of numerous dog open-air cages which stretched along a long corridor of a big barn. In some of them there were lodgers of different breeds, a some were empty. In the next open-air cage the big German sheep-dog, an in left the Caucasian sheep-dog of a bigger size slept on the right. Having hardly torn off a look from the future neighbors, she inspected the small open-air cage which they faced and which skoree all intended for her. It was two by two meters in size, from thick metal rods, height slightly more than a meter, it would force ee to be there on all fours, in one corner the small shot glass of hay lay, an in another stood two bowls, one with water, a second with a dry dog feed. She devilishly wanted to eat, but it was at all not what she hoped for. Jacques pulled out from ee of ears of an earplug and the world was filled with sounds, in the basic dog bark and fight. No she turned pale for fear when she saw a knife in his hands. She didn't manage even to scream as he one sharp movement unstitched ee a latex suit across a breast, in result of what of ee big boobs fell out outside. He worked still slightly over a new opening, having made him more and ordered to be developed and bend down her that she obediently executed, having exposed the bum up. He increased a section for bum ee so that both buttocks entirely appeared now on freedom. Masha involuntarily released a simplification exhalation for what earned a painful slap on a bum and bit a lip. Further Jacques took from hands of the assistant accompanying him something similar to a dog tail, since other end it was the anal stopper enough impressive sizes. He easily pushed ee in ee the opening stretched and moistened with a cum and having slapped in a bum ordered to wag a bottom that Masha also made, feeling as the shaggy tail began to beat with ee naked buttocks. — Now be developed and thank the owner as and it befits the real bitch! Masha quickly began to remember how usually conducted themselves dogs when received that-to tasty or at a meeting with the owner. Having drawn an accurate picture in mind that she needed to make she it was developed on all fours to Jacques and I began to wag joyfully a bottom as and it befitted such bitch as she, thus periodically panting and throwing out language outside, it was filled in with bark, showing the appreciation. The boobs sharpening from the crack which is cut through in latex shivered at ee joyful jumps. In that time she in horror thought what came to. Jacques with astonishment smiled, without expecting that the slave so quickly and with such enthusiasm will enter a role of a dog, considering as strongly she shouted when she understood that the dog fucked ee in a mouth. He slightly clapped ee on the head for obedience, then sharply slapped in a bum, hinting that she came into the new dwelling. Masha lowered the head and obeyed. No only when Jacques slammed an iron lattice and locked the lock, Masha remembered that she didn't ask to urinate, she would definitely not sustain a till the morning. She approached in dense a lattice and began to bark and howl.