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She passed further. It was the most real temple of dolls. They were everywhere. It seemed to her that they look at her bright eyes and smile. "That for the mystic", - she thought once again called: - Whether there is somebody houses? She sat down in a beautiful ancient chair and decided to wait for the master. Yesterday she talked to the Master in the park and agreed about a meeting. Svetlana was graphic designer at City puppet theater. She wanted to show to the Master sketches of dolls which she did for theater. He promised to look at them. His councils would be very useful. She sat in a chair, considering dolls which lay, sat, hung on strings on all workshop. Again began to seem to her that dolls consider her as she is them. She was already sure that their views transferred different mood. In their look the smile and grief, grief and joy, love and tenderness was read. What surprised Svetlana, all of them were naked. Their suits and dresses were near them. These dolls without suits were beautiful, causing strange feeling. Svetlana felt as cheeks lit up and is speeded up heart was clogged. She got up and approached a doll in whom I recognized Malvina, the girl with blue hair. Her fine dress lay near her. She was beautiful and sat in such pose that Svetlana was sure, she will recover now and will be engaged in passionate love with the lying number of Piero which lay nearby and his look was turned on beautiful Malvina. In this look the love and expectation was read. Svetlana smiled to the imaginations, but felt as her cheeks flared, and on all body the passion wave ran. She mechanically undid a button of a jacket and ran a hand over the bulked-up breast nipples. On a body the feeling of unknown pleasure rushed. She completely undid a jacket and strong squeezed a breast, enjoying playing with nipples. Rotating and squeezing, stroking and kissing them. Suddenly she came round that came to a workshop and buttoned a jacket. But the feeling which was some minutes ago didn't leave her. She looked at Malvina again and was surprised. The doll replaced the pose, and her small breast literally rose up and down. Piero having nestled on her also I kissed her плечико. Svetlana began to consider other dolls. She saw the Sleeping Beauty who in an erotic pose lay on the bed having closed eyes. Around her bed dolls Musketeers, Princes, Hussars, Athletes lay. They lay as the dead after slaughter. She liked this comparison and she smiled. But from the beautiful naked Sleeping Beauty it was impossible to tear off a look. Her fine body attracted to itself. Svetlana felt increase breath again. Her hand fell on a tummy under a short skirt. On a body heat spread. She looked at the Cinderella and the Goldilocks who sat in front of the mirror and as if admired the bodies. And Prinze, caressing and kissing her leg of the Cinderella, with love I put on a shoe. She felt that dolls will recover now. She wanted to be dissolved in this Doll city, to merge with it and to become his part. Svetlana looked at an ancient big mirror which stood in a dark corner of the room. She saw in a mirror reflection young the naked girl. The fine figure, a charming breast, long slender legs as if it was she, but persons Svetlana couldn't make out. She wanted to approach closer and to look. Near a mirror she noticed a doll. It was the beautiful young Girl. The doll lay on a pier glass, near a mirror and too was without dress. Heart it was clogged, the wave ran on a body, having caused excitement explosion. Повинуясь to a sudden impulse, she began to undress slowly. This impulse brought her into fury. She took off a jacket, pulled together a short skirt and panties, throwing everything on a floor, and kept the eyes glued from the doll lying on a pier glass. Svetlana learned in this beauty doll of. She wanted to touch her. She gave a hand and carried out by a palm on a doll, and carrying out another in own way to a naked body. I felt that a doll warm, Svetlana understood that dolls recovered. She saw around a set of the most different dolls which were engaged in passionate love. Fire of passion ran on all body. Having squeezed the bulked-up nipples, it began to fall by a floor. Her hands reached for a groin. The finger touched the bulked-up clitoris butonchik that caused a new attack of excitement. Ready to rush into the love orgy fighting around she closed eyes and her consciousness was disconnected. Svetlana opened eyes from touch to a hand. She sat in a chair, and she was faced by the master. - Excuse me for delay. I went to shop behind milk. I thought that I will be in time before your arrival. It is good that you waited for me. - Yes, of course, - Svetlana answered and I looked around. Around there was a set of dolls which all were in suits. Instantly, but with regret she had a thought: "All this there was a dream!". They talked to the master about dolls for theater and discussed her sketches. Already late at night Svetlana came home. She was constantly not abandoned by thoughts of that dream. She sat down in a chair and having opened a handbag where sketches lay, saw a doll. It was that doll from a workshop that lay on a pier glass, the beautiful young Girl without suit. Having touched her, Svetlana felt warmly human body, and the doll as if smiled in reply.