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Every new day I am stronger and stronger I fall in love with you. It would seem already far further, but there is no limit for love... Reveling in my love, you give me the, the love not less strongly accruing... We already approach our hotel... Fresh air slightly aired our intoxicated heads... Time was already far заполночь, but there was no wish to go to number at all... You took me by an arm and we went on an alleyka. To us was all the same where she will bring us... Slightly aside there was a pool. I suggested to bathe and having taken you by hand went towards the pool... You told that on you an evening dress, but not a bathing suit. - Well and that - I told and I began to take off quickly from myself clothes, throwing it on a sun bed... Having remained naked I dived into the pool... Water was warm, not in time to cool down after hot day... Having come up from water, I smiling, a finger I beckoned you to myself. Having a little stood, looking around and having noticed none of casual witnesses, you gracefully took off the dress and remained in some panties. Soon and they laid down, after a dress on a sun bed... You went down in water on a short flight of stairs, slowly, fading for a moment on each step... I is bewitched I looked at your lungs, beautiful movements. I can't still believe that all this beauty belongs only to me... I dived and under water floated in your party. Having rested hands against your legs, I came up. In the pool there was a few water, somewhere to me up to a breast and I quietly stood on his bottom... Having picked up you on hands, I incurred to the middle of the pool. My hands held you carefully, slightly shook as if lulled the child... Your hands twisted my neck, looked eyes with tenderness in my face... You whispered - I love you - and kissed a long gentle kiss... My lips hot answered yours... My language made the way through your slightly opened lips, reached your language and began to be turned around it, slightly adjoining... In the head the weakness, but any more not from alcohol, and from your kiss, your attracting body was again felt... You slid off my hands and completely plunged into water. Hands still didn't release my neck. At the bottom you stood on socks... My hands caressed your desired body. My fingers squeezed your buttocks and raised your body up... Your legs strong twisted my waist.... I easily keep you in water... Your breast is at the level of my person and I greedy catch lips your nipple... Your head leans back back, eyes are covered from pleasure... My lips, alternating with language, continue to caress your breast... My horney dick lasted up, kind of accidentally touching your hips... My hands hold you from below by a bottom, fingers accurately open an entrance to your cave of desires. Grope a clitoris and slightly mass it... Your hands lay down to me on shoulders... You raise the body and then slowly you fall, sticking yourself on my horney penis... I a hand send him to your perineum... You begin to move the body, I help you only a little, supporting from below your buttocks... My dick already completely plunges into your vagina... Your hands strong clasped my neck... Lips are whispered to me on an ear of a word of love. From time to time from them the weak groan escapes... You completely fell by my penis and began to rotate hips... Your breast waves opposite to my person, alluring my lips to itself... I clasp with lips your bulked-up nipple and I begin him to suck greedy, to bite slightly... I incurred you to the opposite edge of the pool, there waters was even less, almost on a belt... Your legs twisted my hips, hands strong clasped my neck... I hold you by buttocks and gradually quicker and quicker I move hips... My dick completely plunges into your "peshcherka of passion"... You pick up my speed and we merge in a single whole... Your groans are louder and louder... Your body shivers in my hands... You are horney to a limit... Your hands release my neck and you lay down a back on water... My hands hold you for a waist and more and stronger attract you to me... At first I entered you slowly and deeply, now my movements fast and short... You cast away hands over the head up... Your eyes are covered... Your body coils in my hands. The breast smoothly waves... Hands you hold the region of the pool, helping a body to keep over water... It very much makes horney me... I move very quickly. Water begins to rage under us... Your groans developed into shout... I raise your body of water... You twist with hands my neck, trying as it is possible to nestle stronger on me all over... The kiss I muffle your groans... Your body fights in convulsion... You try as it is possible to sit down on my dick more deeply... Your vagina is often reduced, starting up love juice on a head of my penis... Some more movements and your body are weakened became soft in my embraces... Your head laid down to me on a shoulder... You whispered - Thanks, native! To me it is so good with you! I love you!. Having a little stood, I left you... I picked up you on hands and I took out on steps from the pool. Carefully I put on a sun bed and I sat down nearby, stroking your wet hair... So we stayed some time. Admired with each other... About something talked, cheerfully laughed... You gave to me hands... I embraced... Also I attracted to myself for a kiss... Your kiss was easy, gentle... Having slightly discharged, you whispered to me on an ear - I still want! After your words the impetuous wave of excitement gushed over me... I zatselovovat your person, I stick into the flaring lips... My language promptly rushes on search of yours... My hands wander on all your body... Slow down, on a breast, go down on hips... My hand slides on inside of your hip... You slightly spread legs passing her to the pussy... My fingers move apart her petals... In you already everything flares from new desire... My fingers become covered with your nectar... I grope your clitoris and slowly I mass it slightly pressing... You shudder at each my touch... Your hips nestle to each other... I come off your lips... Whole neck... I go down to a breast... I catch lips a nipple and I involve it, at the same time caressing language... Your body caved in from the gushed pleasure... Already and your second nipple within my power, is exposed to my caress... I go down below and below, to the treasured purpose... You stop me... Dexterously you dodge and you force me to lay down on a back, with words - Now my turn to humour you... You playfully look in my face and slowly, with kisses you go down my body... Your hand laid down on my horney penis... I stroked it up-down... Slightly I squeezed balls and again I began to caress... Your sponges approached a head... Gave smacking kiss it... Your uvula quickly licked a head... You raised the head and smiling looked at me... Without tearing off a look you repeated the actions and again smiled... My body began to tremble from excitement... Your lips were closed on a head and began to slide on a trunk... I moved to you towards... My head slid on your rough uvula... Your hands also took part in caress... Fingers were closed around the dick and quickly slid on him. The uvula caressed a head... My hand squeezed your breast. The finger fingered a firm nipple... Having played enough with my friend you threw a leg through me and saddled me... I took a hand my penis and I entered it into the perineum... Gradually you sat down below and below until already completely the dick plunged into you... You sat down hips on my hips and began to do circular motions... Your hands rest against my breast, slightly squeezing it a marigold... You move forward now - back, having nestled on my pubis... My thumb masses your clitoris... Your movements become sharper... You get the hands back and you put them on my legs... Your head is cast away back... The back caved in, giving a breast forward... My hand right there squeezes it. From excitement your breast very elastic... My finger caresses your clitoris more and more intensively... You shudder... Having sharply stopped and having slid off me, you bent to my penis and began to caress it lips... I told that I want to caress you too... You climbed up knees a trestle bed, having brought the pussy to my person. Itself at the same time the dick took a hand and I began to lick a head... My fingers stuck into your buttocks... Language slides on a vagina, continually caressing a clitoris... Now my finger approached your button of happiness... Quickly fingers... My language slides off your pussy and caresses an anus... He contracts from each my touch... At you breath fades... To you just doesn't gasp from the gushed excitement... Your hand quickly slides on my dick... Lips densely squeeze and suck a head... My language returned to your pussy again, trying to make the way inside as it is possible more deeply... You all shiver... You move a body to me towards... I feel saltish taste of your pleasure in the language... Your hand strongly squeezed my dick and quicker and quicker moved on it... Your sponges are slightly opened, waiting for my final... Here from me the first splash in my pleasure escaped... You lips nestled on a head and you swallow of each drop of my cum... I am beaten by a shiver... I move towards to you... Your lips stuck into a head, exhausting everything, to a last straw a cum... We reached an orgasm at the same time... It is pleasure peak... I almost didn't have forces at all... You were developed and laid down on a flank near me... Your look loving and in too time grateful, for all examinees of caress... You kiss me gently... Your hand caresses my hair... I embrace you and strong I press to myself... So we lay, embraced, kissed... Suddenly in the distance some noise sounded... We bethought... Having looked back, we noticed what already began to dawn... And service staff of hotel left to clean the territory... We jumped up and began to put on... Did it laughing, helping each other... Having put on we examined each other... Daaaa... The look still was that))) We joined hands and ran in hotel... There was a wish to take a shower and to be filled up to sleep......