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The reason said to me that I am not guilty of the event (on an extreme measure, not I one), but shame gradually made the way under skin. It was necessary for me in a shower, and I slipped from a bed in side of the bathing room, trying not to look at the guy. Accurately I covered for myself a door, and, having made water pogoryachey, I stepped in a cabin. The dressing gown so also remained to lie before a bed. I wanted to wash and return somewhat quicker to the husband to talk — this uncertainty irritated me. Yes and to be Vika caught here too didn't smile to me. Hot elastic streams began to patter on naked skin. I took gel from the shelf and clicked a cap. Suddenly the door of a shower cabin slipped in the party, having frightened me, and ko to me Alex stepped. I instinctively tried to be covered. — Alex Dai, I will be washed quietly, please! He didn't answer and, having just stretched ko to me hands, pressed to the naked body. It was already absolutely wrong. In number I was waited by the husband, and I tried to protest. No Alex, having raised to itself my face for a chin, I pressed the lips to mine a long kiss and I thawed. The body was stronger than me. My nipples responded on soft touches of his fingers. Squeezing my boobies under streams of hot water, Alex washed away from me the cum smooth circular movements. His palms slid on wet skin along a body to buttocks, pressing me to the groin. There at him everything strained, too smoothly and powerfully. I ceased to twitch, and, having relaxed, accepted caress. Answering his kisses, I unconsciously stretched a hand to his penis, and clasped it with fingers. Alex took away from me gel for a shower and a moment later I felt how his cool fingers apply slippery liquid on my back. He soaped me without hurrying, without stopping kissing on lips. Palms slid on my skin, pounding gel and washing away it. The man's dick in my hand became slippery. The head was bared. Having lowered eyes, I looked at his tool. From feeling of heavy elasticity in a hand in my legs the weakness appeared. Already when I decided to become on knees to caress it a mouth, the guy stopped me and developed to himself a back. Together in a cabin it was close, I rested hands against translucent plastic. The soaped fingers slid on buttocks and between them now. I in languor was curved, wishing continuation. Think of o the spouse who now for certain sat in number, expecting me, for a second I wasn't abandoned. No now they began to bring me kakoye-to special sophisticated pleasure. Let will wait it was his idea Alex's Fingers caressed my stomach, touching the ornament in a navel presented by the husband and went down in a perineum. Fingers, slippery from soap, massed sexual lips, got between buttocks. Now one finger began to turn on a hole of the weakened anus, pushes making the way inside. It was pleasant, but when the finger was replaced by what-to thick and elastic, I was turned out from Alex's embraces: — Ne it is necessary — I wasn't ready to such sex and didn't want it now. Absolutely in other place the damp fire burned now, demanding what-to thick and long. Alex roughly developed me again to himself a bottom, but didn't do any more attempts to enter not there where it is necessary. Instead of it, the heavy palm forced me to cave in in a waist, and rigid how many piston was pressed into me and rested between vagina lips. Крутнув a bottom, I let in him myself. The man entered everything at once, having densely nestled ko to me. The dick was so deeply in me that touched what-to new zones which I in time of sex didn't feel earlier. Having begun movements, the guy squeezed out from me low uterine groan, having forced for time to forget where I someone I am and that I do. Kakoye-to time measured and smooth movements pumped up me, turning into the senseless female given to the main instinct. When Alex completely entered me, he did the sharp movement by a basin, and then I felt sponges his elastic balls. My bottom rested against his rigid groin, buttocks I felt stones of his basin — the guy had no gram of excess fat. It was so sweet to feel behind this lean trained body. Alex's hands ceased to caress my boobies, and clasped a waist, having rigidly squeezed. At the same time movements became sharper and more often. My feelings accelerated and became aggravated absolutely synchronously — I felt approach of an orgasm. The slippery, soap big finger of his hand, slipped in an anus, at once having entered deeply, on the basis. I quietly began to whimper. There was a feeling that in me at once two dicks. The finger and the dick moved separately, strengthening this feeling. At the most important moment when having arisen deeply inside, ecstasy already covered me everything, Alex suddenly jumped out of me and force крутнув me on the place, put on knees. Looking at the inflated head aiming directly to me in a face I caught the escaping orgasm for a tail, and terminated, sitting on knees, widely opened eyes observing a fabulous picture of ejaculation. The cum shot to me at a face, forcing to shudder, thus my own interior pulsed in an orgasm. Drops fell in widely opened mouth, on cheeks and a breast. Madness of this debauchery prolonged my orgasm, forcing to squeeze convulsively the breast hands. Our groans filled a shower cabin, and, probably, all number. Streams of a shower washed away a cum from a body, carrying away muddy whitish drops in discharge. The last chord the dick entered between my lips, having brought saltish smack of my falling. Such raunchy and outright sex in my life wasn't yet, and now as if in gratitude, I gently sucked and I caressed the relaxing body, throwing views of the guy, trying to remember his person, a look and this feeling in the smallest details. Looking to me in eyes, Alex, having taken the dick a hand, I took him from my mouth, and I pressed to lips as if forcing to kiss. Moe excitement gradually left, and such caress forced me to feel overdue shame. Having lowered a look, I was discharged and rose by the shivering legs. For some reason now he didn't want to look in eyes, and I pushed out him from a cabin. Alex, having received the, I didn't resist, and, having thrown on me a puzzled look, I left me one, to bring the uncombed thoughts and feelings into an order. In the head and in soul the full mess was created. The only thought was as it is possible to reach quicker the husband and to speak. I didn't know yet that I will tell him and that I will hear, but now so there was a wish to be somewhat quicker a row with this stability and tranquility under the name of spouses that I fast finished ablution and jumped out of the bathroom. Having picked up a dressing gown, I pulled it on a naked body. Shortly I looked at Alex. He reclined on one elbow, is quiet me examining. Having met my look, he encouragingly smiled. At me it didn't turn out to answer him with that. — You, probably, think that I — I faltered, without wishing to sound the opposite word characterizing my act. — Yes, throw you! What here it? — he tried to calm me, and it was pleasant — you will tell the husband that with Vika became engrossed in talking and sat with us a little. It is clear. He thought that I take a steam bath as the husband wouldn't find out about tricks of the wife. What, let so also thinks. I pulled together a belt on a waist. It was necessary that-to to tell the guy on proshchanye, but in the head it was empty, as in church for new year. Seeing my confusion, he rose and came nearer to kiss me. I was awkwardly discharged, having rested a palm to him against a breast. — Excuse I will go. We will meet still. Alex silently saw me to a door. His large sinewy end dangled when walking from the party in the party, and, nesmotrya on the experiences, I couldn't constrain a silly smile.Dverraspakhnulas earlier, than I undertook the handle. Na a threshold there was Vika. She was already dressed, ee of an eye were dry, the person — angry. Behind her loomed what-to girl, with curiosity looking in number through ee a shoulder. Precisely, she with the girlfriend has a rest! I had now no slightest desire to get acquainted and speak therefore I silently slipped by them in a corridor. Behind I heard silly "Vick, hi" from Alex. Well, yes. I though was in a dressing gown. A it looked really silly now. Having suppressed a nervous snicker, I approached a door of the number and turned the handle. The husband sat on a bed, looking before himself. Having heard my steps, he lifted on me a look, and I involuntarily shuddered: he as if grew old for about five years. In eyes stiffened what-to expression of sad confusion. Only now, having seen it it, I sharply felt the fault, and at me at the lump drove to a throat. I wanted what-to to tell, but was afraid that the voice won't obey me, and I will burst into tears. Such fast change of scenery! Only that I sank in euphoria of an orgasm and absolutely new feelings from sex, and now I was smothered by fault and feeling of loss. I suddenly understood that our relationship any more will never be former. Never! Even if everything is good that-to new will forever lodge between us. I sat down on a bed with him nearby and silently put the head to him on a shoulder. Andrey heaved a deep sigh: — Don't meet him any more