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The rigid covering scratches gentle skin, from driving I that and business fight luggage carrier wall o (the connected extremities don't give me neither to keep, nor to rest about what). I see nothing: no ray of light gets here. My consciousness is obscured from lust. At last the car stops. Click — and I screw up eyes: light seems dazzling though then I understand that on the business here the twilight. Mister takes me for a collar and breakthrough pulls out from a luggage carrier. The rigid strip is pressed into a throat, blocking breath. Connected, I turn out on a floor with the divorced legs, so, that all bum and a vagina are easily available. Fingers in a leather glove get in a vagina with the squelching sound, the tip of a finger fingers to me a uterus neck, and I feel how what-to in a stomach contracts and unclenched. "You flow, the whore" — is distributed it is necessary me a derisive voice from which the vagina shudders still time. Mister unties on me ropes, I climb his team, but my legs became numb from long stay in one pose, in eyes darkens, knees are turned in, and I fall back on cold concrete in a garage. The body burns pain, and I notice a stack in a favourite palm. "Well that, creep then for me. So it is even more best." And one more blow falls upon my boobies. At last we appear in a chimney hall. Fire already brightly flares. The room is almost empty. The only piece of furniture is the wide Voltairian chair, on a floor at a fireplace is thrown what-to skin of an animal, not sheep, not a camel. I, probably, could already go, legs departed a little, but I continue to creep, nestling on a floor while mister doesn't show the sign to stop. He removes a brandy bottle from the chimney shelf, pours a little in a glass, settles in a chair poudobney and allows me will approach him. Coiling and wagging the back, I creep up to his legs. I want to show to the mister as strongly I want him. I take off from him boots and socks. Mister derisively hems to my initiative, and I by the way think what punishment it will cost to me. The strong, imperious hand removes a gag ball. In a groin everything simply burns when I kiss it a foot, pulling in lips each finger in turn, I take language between fingers of the Leg become a little damp from my saliva, and he wipes their o my person, a breast and a stomach. I moan and I try to be rubbed by a groin of o of his foot, but the owner stops me weak blow of a heel in a stomach. I obediently fade under his legs. I breakthrough, for hair am lifted up. Mister inspects me enough, heating a glass in a palm. — Somehow you relaxed, the bitch. In a pose. I become on all fours, and the strong blow of a stack falls to me upon a back. I shudder, constraining shout. Follows the first blow following, and following They collapse on I sing a back and a bum, steam an even gets on sexual lips. There is a wish to shout, I twitch and coil all body. Suddenly blows stop, and my owner takes me for hips, and is rigid, strongly enters my vagina. From exciting means and flogging my sensitivity is brought to a limit. The groan after all breaks from lips. The firm, powerful dick moves in me, ramming a uterus neck, between legs at me everything squelches and I feel in the back pass a stopper now especially strongly, is even painful. As it is pleasant to me! All world is narrowed to strong pushes in a stomach bottom, I am taken for hair and I obediently curve a back back. Mister literally sticks me on a dick. The bottom of a stomach begins to pulse, and I cum with lingering groan, the reality floats, but the strong breakthrough for hair doesn't allow me to lose consciousness finally. Mister's dick becomes even firmer and hotter, and the stream of a cum strikes to me in a uterus neck. the porn stories I is plaintive and in that time lewdly I sob. The man some time is late in me and incentively pats on buttocks which respond sweet pain on any touch after flogging. I feel that traces from a stack already managed to swell up slightly, and koe where there have to be grazes. I begin to thank the mister. Suddenly ko to all feelings new pain increases — it from me took out an anal stopper. I fade. — What you stopped? It seems someone-to told me thanks? I feel how still the firm dick enters my bum. — Thanks, my mister. My bottom is stuck on a dick, and I slightly moan. — Thanks for what? I diligently make upward movement. — Thanks that fucked menyakhozyain claps me on a bottom and on a back. — A still? The piston in me goes there and back. — Thanks for what was allowed aaa to terminate! I try to watch that the anus remained weakened. — A still? Waves of heat disperse on a body. — For the fact that aaakhkh allowed to move and stonaaatmuzhchina develops me to itself, I obediently take in a mouth and I swallow of a saltish cum, nestling a forehead on his groin. — I Thank, gospodinon, with with a smile clasps a fly and sits down back in a chair, drinks from a glass and leans back on a back. — we have even all night ahead, my girl. I notice on a wall behind his back shackles and several metal hooks. Under them the solid hank of a rope lies.