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I was the not from new feelings. Through couple of days I looked at him still time. When viewing I tried to masturbate, but because of small experience sense no what turned out. I began to play with myself in the bathroom or at night in beds, tried to implant fingers, but it was sick. On the Internet I read about virginity and decided to lose ee. I chose the moment when at home I am one, I included a porno and laid down. I began to caress myself when my pussy began to flow I I took carrot which I put on condom and I began to insert ee to myself. It was sick, carrot rested in plevu, I tried to insert ee further, but nothing left. Then I decided to try to sit down on her from above. Carrot gradually entered, pain became more severe. I strengthened pressure, I was pierced by sharp pain and carrot entered more deeply. Here blood began to flow, I ran in the bathroom to wash. I was happy that not the virgin. By 18 years when there was first history which o I will tell you now. I was an ordinary girl of average growth, not thick the only thing, than I was presented by the nature in surplus it is a breast of the fourth size. I already had the whole collection of a porn. I liked to look group, bi and the Lesbian porn, but especially made horney me for some reason a porn where the adult man fucked the very young girl. I often represented myself on the place of these girls. Once, when I on the Internet was engaged in search of a new porno I came across the website with private photos there were acquaintances. I decided to create the questionnaire. Business was not difficult. Having loaded couple of the erofoto, I loved myself pofotat in different erotic poses. I specified in the questionnaire that I am 18 years old and I look for communication, a can also bigger with the adult man. Having stopped conjuring with the questionnaire, I went to a toilet. Having returned, I saw that I already have a letter. I was captured by a shiver for nervousness. I was written by the man of 52 years, he named himself Henri. — Hello I am called Anatoly. Call me Henri more better. I am 52 years old. I look for the girl for sex, an is more best for sessions in BDSM style. — Hello I am Tanya, I am 18 years old. — Very pleasantly, a that or someone you look for here? — The man skilled for sex. No I am afraid and hesitate a little. — Yes of what to be afraid? In sex what would like to try? — Well, whether it isn't enough what. In sex there are a lot of desires. — I suggest to meet at me during a lunch tomorrow. We will sit, we will talk, can, and I will help than. — Well I don't know. — Kuybyshevo 26 — 14. Ne be afraid. Ne you will want, at me we can, in cafe to go. — I will Well try to come. — Well, here you see and it isn't terrible. Na the next day, in the marked time I faced his door. All shook me. I all as didn't decide to press the call button. Na to me there was a skirt, a blouse, stockings. I wanted, but was afraid. At last I pressed the call button. Steps were heard, a clang of the lock and a door I opened. Henri stood in a dressing gown. He invited me to enter and carried out to the room. I sat down on a sofa. Nearby a porn magazines lay. He sat down in a chair. — Look through magazines. Tell what was pleasant what would like. I began to consider magazines. Oh, what there was only not. He left and returned with two glasses and a bottle of cognac. I poured it in glasses. — Give. For courage, a that you all tryasetya took a glass and drank. Cognac spread on my body, to me it became not so terrible. — Well as? What was pleasant? — Here all such interesting. We drank still. — Let's play one game? — In what? — I will tie to myself eyes, you will look at a, you will touch that it is interesting to you. — Well. He tied eyes and was stretched in a chair. I got up, approached him. sexytales Ya shivered for nervousness and impatience. Having pulled for a dressing gown belt, I untied him and opened. It was thickish, with a stomach and hairy. His dick lay, the head is slightly opened. I fell by knees and touched him. I bared a head, I began to consider. The head was big. Having gathered courage, I licked ee. Then still and still. The dick began to grow at me in a hand. He a hand pressed to me on the head, and the head entered my mouth. I tried to suck ee as Chupa Chups. He took away a hand and I having cast away the head saw him in standing situation. Na a look he was centimeters 20, with a big head. He reminded a mushroom.