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Today and right now, I will very intelligibly explain someone I am as I and that I do... First, I thank those readers who like to read what I write, thank you, that you find time for my creations. Secondly, I thank also those someone "блюёт" from my stories. It would be strange and isn't logical if my works were pleasant also to judges of a sensuality, and that someone I will culturally say "artificially merges" on sexual sample consumer goods. It is impossible to please all to readers, tastes and lust at all different, and I liked never to please specially, I don't love and I will never not love any more. Remember, respectable perversions: I, and only I, will decide that I to me to write and as to write me because I am not beginning author, and know how it is more best to me to state this or that scene, in this or that story. I don't work for drocher, I write an intellectual sensuality as I see it. But anyway it is pleasant to me that me is read, sympathize and that from me is vomited). Because my stories and articles, have both sexual and informative orientation. Sex is accepted easily, and the truth and reproaches hard. It is normal. Someone am I such?... What for an element?... Really truth troll live?...) Or appeared as one of readers counted me, "a purulent star in a firmament "Sexy. tales"?...) Or the pseudo-psychologist who masturbates to drocher brains?. And everything to genius is simple and original... I actually, Yury Skuratov, and on a photo, real I. I never compose anything. And what for?. I write stories and articles for a long time, for more than 10 years. Whether professional I? Writer? No, because I still didn't write that it was pleasant to me. But I create not only sex, I have things about love, about life, about god... That is, that it is more important than dicks and a cum. In passing with the fact that I write stories I am engaged in psychology, I practice this difficult science in serious speed since 2003. I didn't gain the abilities, I with them was born and developed them. I refused academies and institutes, and I made it it is based, conscious, perfectly having understood their imperfection and delusion in many sincere questions. Honestly I will tell you, psychologists normal aren't enough, but many want to be them because it is very fashionable, convenient to confuse brains for money with a sweet lie. About the most important. I speak and repeat distinctly. Stories my all from life. All my stories published on this website are that other as real my stories of acquaintances and friends. I not always am a character of any narration because not all women with whom I had something want shines in my literary memoirs, for the reason, that many of them I am married, and I don't change names and events. Stories to this website, I give in special versions, that is I write them in easily available form of presentation, and I try to give out no more than two pages, this volume is easy and convenient in reading. The spelling and grammar to me not an essence are important, and here the punctuation though seems a time uneven, but she corresponds to emotions of heroes. In the novel "The Love Brother at the Sister" I described romantic passion of one my client to his sister. I agreed with Alexander that I will describe his history, his feelings, but I will insert the author's editing into dialogues on psychological reflection to an incest subject. And I made it, beautifully, lyrically. An incest — a subject very deep, sharp and tempting, and I still will mention it. I don't deny that it is necessary to love the person, the brother, the sister, mother and the father, but it is necessary to have brain crinkles and to move with them validly in relation to the one someone to you native by birth. It is necessary to know border but not to "peret" the dick everything that moves and makes horney. Parents who decline seducing of the children on sex and children of the forcing parents — need to be isolated because they are dangerous. The problem of stepfathers and stepdaughters isn't so serious. Someone wants to bring down and brings down on a bed of the sisters, daughters and mothers, these are not healthy people. In principle, in all my works published on Sexy. Tales I don't open anything new, I speak about elementary things, I only show in the simplified and beautiful view. Each normal person who is correctly conceived, successfully mature, given rise properly and brought up in kind spirit — knows that it is impossible to stick the dick there where it is unhealthy. Also there is no sense him to drive a hand in empty. To trust in it or not — your business. On this website, I laid out only one story about myself, "Desire is stronger than a sin". Dirty? I agree, but in too time it is beautiful, unusual and if to think, history reflects life, objects her, and contains sharpness. I never invent anything from the head as any imagination, in my understanding, leads to considerable losses of interest of her reading. We will tell me, it isn't interesting to read what wasn't actually. But this my opinion. The imagination is written on the fan. In case of an onanistsky genre, the imagination means a certain refinement, a certain trick, but, sex is created not for a trick and for pleasure and contemplation. I not "have head in the clouds", I create chronology, I write down lived быль if it something deserves the place in literature. I don't share opinion of those authors who dream of women, on inconceivable sick perversions, write down the inflamed requirements in detail and jerk off on them, then give "works" to other readers for a drochka. And it is called literature?) Such relation to literature, at least improbable. It is clear to me that school students want to pour out sexual maturing, and the pornwebsites the cheapest way where it is possible to make it, there is a wish to become the writer, it abruptly, but nevertheless it is necessary to understand, realize what needs to be written and what isn't necessary. In any history it is necessary to put heart and soul, and not just emotions. I am not a supporter of incest, that is an incest therefore my novel "The Love Brother at the Sister" is written to convict this phenomenon, to allow to see that it is wrong. Also I don't welcome a golden shower, gays, a sado-maso, zoophilia and an execution. Categorically against offensive language, a slang and a prison slang as all these words hearts speak about poor or negative development of the person and give unpleasant effect. The mat makes sense at expressions of some definitions of black situations, but it doesn't give a reason to stick him in each paragraph and dialogue. My stories for those someone are able to read them, but it isn't stupid to take out primitive sex from the text and to pull a hand. It is frank to me to spit on the fact that school students, perversions and the morons who aren't knowing that such real pleasure think of me. I don't pursue an appreciation for the works, I am not a child, to me understanding but not points for a vozbuzhdayemost is important. Concerning estimates, there is a wish to advise the website, to put so-called "coefficients of value" to each story to administrators. Because the mood of many beginners of talents, often despairs on unfair court of readers for which art and others work equals to preparation of fried eggs. And comments let write all as to someone will take in head. Is represented to me strange here what moment on many websites including on this native. There are readers and authors saying that the porn is a dirt. Many believe that on a porn the websites by definition some sit anxious as a porno it also is a porno, business frivolous, bad, not worthy the decent citizen... I won't agree with this opinion in any way. The porn, doesn't mean dirt, and it isn't important as this concept is interpreted by encyclopedic dictionaries (they in many respects give not to accuracy). The porn, doesn't mean that sex in a bottom, or in a mouth — it is bad, izvrashchyonno and obscenely. By my definition, the porn is an outright sex, detailed demonstration of sexual intercourse. And dirt, is what is added by someone someone perverts something someone humiliates, subordinates, beats. Not a porn, a pornography, and those authors who prepare it). The sensuality and elements of sex is a hint on sexual intercourse and transfer of some of his parts, that is the partial, or veiled description and representation. But all this, at all not to a svinyachya a stall from perepyokha without interruption. The porn, is not deformation of mind and a body, exhaustion and a competition of dicks. On the contrary! The porn, a sensuality and sex, is a part of the integral human life. Nobody can live without sex as it is physiological bread. And it means what shouldn't mean him by something obscene. Also it isn't necessary to say that a porn the website, is a garbage can. If it a garbage can, then turns out also people in general garbage? It is necessary to think what to write and how to write, it isn't necessary to turn sex into decay, to mix it with animal herd. All dirt and purity depends on how people of appreciate and respect. And the last. I never offended anybody, I listened, to undeserved insults here. Someone can call, send someone far away not for good reason, that is no more than shit. You don't like any section, don't come, don't read, I don't read about aged or gays, I don't need it, I spoil to nobody a high. Why to defile someone's hobby? I don't accept a lot of things, but I don't abuse and I don't forbid. Don't accept you the story, thumb through further to what to wear it? Doesn't affect me any more no whose diarrhea, just I speak about it, from logic of things, not respecting someone — respects itself.