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At school we were even teased with the groom and the bride. For it to someone sometimes got. The only time when we weren't together is military service. After army we got married at once, parents were inexpressibly glad to this event. In family at us it is good, there are no what problems. We have a son, will go to school soon. My wife Christina just the beauty — the brunette of average height, with big brown eyes, with a good figure, with a beautiful breast 2 sizes, with appetizing buttocks and slender legs. I often try to catch delighted looks of men, it is so pleasant and slightly my vanity tickles. The big apartment, in her purchase parents made a big contribution, the car, not bad work. And in the sexual plan everything is just fine, we have quite stormy sexual life. We adore sex without elastic band, it is pleasant to it when I cum in her, she adores sucking a dick, the only thing that she doesn't love it an anal. I not absolutely correctly said, she doesn't accept an anal. For sharpness of feelings, we sometimes dream, representing various situations. Especially strongly we are excited fantasies with treason, just takes down the head. I represent on the place someone the friends. Why I also don't know friends, but it so strongly makes horney me. During sex I fill up her with questions — you like to fool around, you like foreign dicks and others similar, on the same subject. Christina accompanies me, speaking "yes". I call her the whore, б... ю, skank. It terribly makes horney her (from her words). And the more we dream on this subject, the stronger it captures them. But dreaming in a bed, we didn't take what actions, for the embodiment of these imaginations in life. But imaginations, as well as dreams, are sometimes executed. Everything began it is quite banal, from phone call. Rashad, my army friend called. We together were in an uchebka, then together got to one company and served farther to the demobee. Somehow it turned out so that we made friends at once. Why? It is hard to say, we perfectly understood each other, helped out and supported each other. No, I was on friendly terms not only him, but with Rashad there was a special case how to be told, we were don't pour water. And then our ways paths dispersed. Over time we found each other in the Internet and began to communicate when it is simple letters when on Skype. Almost all knew about each other... It turned out that Rashad in a business trip in the neighboring city and he would like to come to us on a visit. It strongly pleased me, and I joy invited him. On Friday, in the late afternoon, I met Rashad at the station. Then we stopped by at shop — bought cognac to ourselves and wine the wife, and with a stock not to run, snack. To our arrival Christina laid a table. At first drank for a meeting, for acquaintance (Christina and Rashad), it wasn't without toast for the hostess. And then memoirs went. It was the meeting of two friends who were long not seeing with each other, we with him couldn't have a good long talk in any way. At a table the phrase continually sounded: — And you remember... Christina listened to us with interest. Sometimes she abandoned us, again came back, and all of us spoke and spoke. Christina managed to put away not the necessary ware and to wash her, to put to bed the son and even to change clothes, having replaced a dress with a dressing gown. And we sat, drank and remembered, occasionally jumping out on a balcony to smoke. Time passed quickly, was already late and all drank already decently. It was time to be brief, but we with Rashad spoke and spoke until Christina dispersed us: — Everything, boys, for today enough! Tomorrow since morning continue. All to sleep! Rashad, I to you will lay here, in the hall. Objections weren't. While she laid to him a bed, we with Rashad carried the ware remains on kitchen. Rashad remained in the hall, Christina closed a door not to stir. Itself went to kitchen, I followed it. It began to wash the dishes. — Chris, we will go to sleep. Tomorrow we will wash. Went, I want... — Sam (so my name is the wife and close friends), go, lay down... I am quickly... I still a couple of minutes was twisted in kitchen, then slightly slapped her on buttocks, went to the bedroom. I laid down on a bed, I lay and waited for it and somehow imperceptibly dozed off. I woke up, there is no wife nearby, in the apartment silence. I got up, I left in a corridor. The door to the hall is open, I approached to the door. In the room Rashad wasn't. I moved along the corridor, light burned only in kitchen. Through corrugated glass of a kitchen door, nothing was visible. Sounds, but I as couldn't understand them were heard. Any nonsense got into the head at once. My wife and his friend... From this thoughts went hot. I wanted to enter, but something constrained me. I faced in indecision a door also didn't know what to do. If I entered further everything went on other course, but I didn't make it. Coming on kitchen, I sharply turned, passed through the bedroom on a balcony (we have a long balcony occupying the bedroom and kitchen, the door was in the bedroom, and the kitchen left a window), approached a window of kitchen and carefully glanced. At once went away from heart — Chris and Rashad sat at a table and had tea. How could I think?! Idiot! As I only didn't abuse myself mentally. Rashad told something, Christina mysteriously smiled. What they spoke about, I couldn't understand in any way how many I didn't strain hearing. I stood, looked at them, trying at the same time what they wouldn't notice me. Still then will tell that I spied upon them. I already absolutely calmed down and even began to play a trick on myself mentally. Rashad lit, Chris removed cups, cookies from a table, erased crumbs and began to wash the dishes. He smoked, deeply dragging on and not coming off looked at Christina. I extinguished a cigarette, I left because of a table. Here I slightly oh... I ate, he was in some pants! Rashad approached Christina, embraced her behind, then developed and stuck lips into her lips. Her hands slipped on his hands, shoulders and... she clasped with hands his neck. Chris didn't even resist!