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Niala is the brunette of average height with a slim figure as if turned from a stone by the best masters Ancient. Her legs bewitched elegance and ease of gait, and small a foot in fine shoes attracted to imprint on them at least one kiss. Niala's boobies it was obviously close in light, slightly transparent jacket - on each sigh it threatened to escape from the restricting fetters. The waist of the girl was strong pressed by Niar's hand – the fair-haired young man, growth is slightly higher than Niala, quite strong. On his belt I was приторочен the blade which is poured fires and rare flashes of small lightnings. In the opinion of young couple of magicians also tranquility was read a pacification. But it only in eyes, in soul at them the whole fire blazed and they surely went on one remarkable clearing, is so far from people as soon as it is possible. Niala and Niar – Nini as them called friends were unseparable and it seemed to all as if their relationship whether just friendly, whether passed into that stage when friendship is more important, but notice them someone now – he would be very surprised. They often stopped, merging in passionate kisses. Niar's hands slid on the girl's body, caressing her gentle skin, squeezed her thin camp strongly, but is very gentle, sometimes rising up, caressing Niala's breast, and at times fell down granting to a bosom tenderness, and at times slightly roughly pressing him. Niala wasn't in debt, not less passionately, frequent nails walking on the young man's body. At once her hand slipped for a belt and squeezed already firm dick in hands, playing with him … But they ended a kiss soon, panting because the purpose of their travel was not far any more. Through several such stops they reached at last a glade in the heart of the wood Anir. In her center there was a small lake – transparent, deep and warm. Having got from a backpack of the considerable sizes a cloth – such that it was convenient to two to lie (and not only to lie), Niar spread it on the bank of the lake, having slowly and accurately straightened all roughnesses. Then, he unfastened a blade from a belt and rejected him, having cunning looked at the girl. That examined multi-colored small fishes in the lake, without suspecting about craftiness of the beloved. The young man seized with the fast, imperceptible movement Niala, having tumbled down it on a cloth and began to kiss – at first a neck, slowly and easily biting her. Niala at first on resisted for decency, and then closed eyes and gave vent to chuvtsva. Niar took off from her a jacket and a brassiere, rejected aside and strongly clung to the girl's breast. He caressed her language, the edge, hardly touching the bulked-up nipples, he bit them very gently, alternating tenderness and rigidity. Niala couldn't think of anything, except gentle Bays Niara, his strong hands, and still something … Meanwhile, the young man left a breast and began to go down kissing a tummy. Having reached panties, Niala he didn't begin to remove them so far, he just kissed and nestled on them at the level of the girl's bosom, and then went down, to her ступням. Having taken off shoes he began to kiss her a foot and to caress them language, sometimes biting them. Having played enough with them he took off trousers and panties from the girl and broke to kissing of her bosom and internal surface of hips. Niala moved forward, hinting at more active actions, but Niar so just wasn't going to pass to them. The young man was discharged and waved a hand over the girl's body. Her hands and legs entangled the ropes weaved out of gentle wind. They were soft, but also it wouldn't be succeeded to escape from them. However, Niala was also not going to do it. She was very horney. A body the easy shiver beat, fingers grew dumb, and the brain disciplined by a set of magic trainings refused to obey. It was entirely in the power of Niar and felt only the burning, gentle and trembling flame that spread on a body, granting an udovlstviye. The legs recorded by ropes from wind were moved quite widely apart and the young man went down to the girl's bosom. At first slowly, as if uncertainly I kissed her clitoris and the fact that below it. Then, I carried out several times around, having visited a uvula an entrance to a bosom. Niala moaned, she couldn't constrain feelings that overflowed her. The young man was discharged again and began to drive over the girl's body a palm. From her warm and gentle wind broke that caressed Niala's body as if in thousands of such favourite fingers and Bays Niara. The young man began to lower a palm from a neck, to a breast. The breeze from his palm demented the girl. As if gentle hands caress her, give heat, but in too time нахоядсь on the very brink of reality. This feeling made horney her even stronger, she groaned and coiled, her body demanded tougher actions, but Niar didn't cease to torment her. The girl wanted that this torture never stopped. When Niar's palm went down to the girl's bosom from fingers small, thin lightnings began to break that crashing into a clitoris of the girl gave her an improbable udovlstviye. They as if pressed him and odnvoremenno weakened, forcing содрагатся all body. Niar waved a hand and the girl поднявшисс in air again and turned over on a stomach then accurately I landed on a cloth. Vervki still didn't allow her to move. The young man began to kiss her back, driving on it language and kissing it. He went down to her buttocks and having not for long played with it a uvula slipped to a bosom. Suddenly Niar came off the girl, took a backpack and took from him a certain subject that width I was sensitive less than his fist and the dick reminded in a form. Then I returned to the girl and I began to caress her bosom, at the same time accurately and slowly placing a subject to her in buttocks. The girl began to groan even stronger, at all without controlling herself. Niar caressed her bosom, thrusting a uvula inside, pressing a clitoris and accurately moved a subject in her buttocks. Then, he accurately touching fingers of a free hand I began to place them in Niala's bosom. He acted slowly, having placed at first two, then three fingers and having found a point in her vagina began to massirvoat it, touching fingers. After a while in a bosom of the girl I slipped also chetverta a finger. Niala groaned, shouted, consciousness was ready to abandon her from a pressure of feelings, but nevertheless kept so far. Having played enough much, Niar вынял perdmt from her buttocks and fingers from a bosom and pulled together from himself trousers and linen. Then having raised her hips slowly I entered it. Having slightly entered her, he extended a dick, then is again sensitive entered and extended him, and then sharp the movement entered up to the end. Niala screamed from pleasure, and the young man began to fuck her, accelerating, slowing down, and at times at all stopping, allowing to have a rest itself and the girl. Niar waved a hand and ropes of wind were gone. They sat down, having embraced the person to each other and Niala slowly began sits down on his dick. They kissed and looked at each other. The whole world didn't matter for them. Panting Niar told that he loves her on what received the answer about reciprocity and they merged in a long, strong kiss again. Niala slightly pushed him in a breast and the young man laid down on a back. Niala sat down on him in a pose of the equestrian and began slowly, being shaken to move. With each movement the warm wave rolled on it, threatening to cover with the head. Then Niala changed situation, having developed in the same pose of the equestrian but a back to the young man and accurately sat down buttocks on his dick. Niar having taken in hand perdmt I entered him into the girl's vagina. Niala began to move slowly again, slowly accelerating. The movement behind the movement, a wave behind a wave of udovlsvtiye spread over them. Suddenly Niar suspended her and having taken on hands entered warm water. At first they completely entered water. The lake presented to tired lovers new forces. Niala clung from all forces to the young man's lips, caressing his body and began to kiss his neck, and then took him by hand and they otshagnut to the coast, standing not really deeply in water. Niala kneeled an inachala to kiss Niar's dick. That strained even more though it and seemed impossible. The girl began to caress him language, carrying out from balls to a head, embracing lips to som a head and driving on her language. Then she took him in a mouth and began to move. Niar blinked from pleasure, groaning a slekg and panting. The girl slowed down and accelerated, without allowing even to take rest slightly to the young man. Lovers moved to the coast, on a cloth and Niar laid down on земь. Niala settled a vagina over his lips, and itself held a mouth about the dick. Niar stuck lips and slightly teeth into her vagina, entering a uvula inside, the girl took a dick in a mouth, is so deep as could, and then began to play with him language, lips. She felt that the end is already close and the wave of pleasure filled her more and more … The orgasm came suddenly. Tender lips and a gentle uvula of Niar made the. The wave overtook her. She closed and absorbed her consciousness completely, having drunk till force rest. It lasted, it seemed the whole eternity and she wanted that it proceeded still eternity, and then one more, and one more … Without controlling itself she took a dick in a mouth and began to mastrubirovat him. Niar strained from an udovltsviya, it filled his consciousness and they merged in a uniform, strong orgasm. They didn't control themselves and around wind and fiery tornadoes was swept up. The lake rose by several meters and fell down, among the clear sky thunder peals were heard. Many miles around people heard violence of elements and couldn't understand the reason … And Niar and Niala lay having embraced on the bank of the forest lake, weakened and should about about what …