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All they are selling cunning creatures! The place on the earth shouldn't be it. Playing hearts of blockheads in love, betray, ruthlessly crushing feelings, tear hearts in shreds. Therefore he has to exterminate them. It is his mission in this world. The last hunting was unsuccessful. The maiden escaped. And voyt goes on a trace again. Therefore it is necessary to hide and wait. To patiently wait for the convenient moment. Having come to a snow-covered edge, the Ghoul stopped, involving nostrils frosty air. It was a row, but not one. It unmistakably caught a smell of the enemy. Having raised hands up, I jumped forward as if diving into deep snow, and I addressed in a wolf. The enormous red animal with shrill blue eyes stood on a forest glade. Red wool seemed a flame on virgin silver of the snow sparkling in light of the moon. *** once old grandfather warned him. — the Sonny, you have to know that it is a gift and a damnation of our sort — the old man said. — Whether No there will be that in the benefit or in the evil, you have to solve. Ne cross a side, and it will become a gift. You will be able to feel that to others it is inaccessible. You will hear any sound, you will guess a smell. No if you give to an animal will over the person, then you will lose yourself. Remember it, the Wolf. No now he couldn't think soberly. The offense overflowed everything. To that he considered the earlier, took away from him. No, not just took away, betrayed him. Crushed his love, took out and broke soul. Branches painfully whipped on the person, but he didn't notice it and persistently moved forward, without sorting the road. The beauty As it could how dared?! Fists were clenched so that nails stuck into calloused palms. Wide eyebrows agreed on a nose bridge, and the heavy look uneasily rushed about as if trying to find that-to. It was always on the mind, her person, her body with pink sharp tops of the boobies excited and which strained from his lips, the fiery hair swept on the beds attracting flexible hands with thin fingers — all it shamelessly stretched, languished from his caress, tired with it for long sleepless night. — How you could?! — having hardly entered a log hut, he threw this question to it into a face and to pain squeezed her shoulders. — You are o what? — The beauty opened eyes, trying to represent surprise, but the fear rushed about on the bottom of green eyes. — the Snake! — he roared and shook it so that povoynik flew about the heads and two thick red braids precisely snakes slipped on shoulders. Then I pressed it to myself, animal intuition unmistakably catching a smell of other man, and at once, struck by an improbable guess, panting, I pushed away on a bench. At him intercepted breath, and he understood that he has no forces now to constrain that there were his the second I. — the Wolf! — she rushed to him and, having fallen on knees, embraced him legs. — A wolf, I not neon one breakthrough lifted the wife and crumpled her lips a violent, evil kiss. She, choking, I began to escape. No he, having picked up, I overturned her on the bed standing behind the oven. Having squeezed erotic stories of sexytales knees of her leg that didn't kick, sharply I lifted up a hem and here I untied a belt of the ports. His dick, having slightly bent, heavy and powerful I towered in a nest of a thick black hair. The beauty looked several moments at it as if bewitched by this show. A then, having raised the green eyes overflowed with tears on the husband I whispered by hoarsely broken voice: — A wolf, I ask you not so! I can't — will Be able! — he roared. — You will be able if the husband wishes! Having pressed down her itself, I started a hand in red silk of hair and I forced to throw back the head. I involved nostrils her smell. She smelled not of it. And though unmistakably I learned this spirit, it everything still fed hope for a mistake. I licked her throat and I growled: — Tell that it is a lie! I beg, tell - It is the truth! Yes! Yes! I was with him! — the Beauty cried, doing attempts to escape, it seemed her darkened eyes tried to burn it the look, full lips were bent in a contemptuous smile. — I hate! — I filtered hoarsely and I admitted: — I love him! Its one! Hateful you to me! From our first day hateful! For you I went that to him poblizhe to be! You and a finger don't cost him! From him I want to incur! — she laughed loudly, continuing to look him in eyes. His person turned black from rage. Having begun to roar, he turned Beauty backwards, so, that buried her person in a pillow. She wanted to rise and slightly turned in legs in knees, but he, having squeezed her hips, one breakthrough rushed into a dry bosom. Shout took off from her throat. And when it began to enter to an emphasis, hitting o her perineum the loins, again to leave, shouts began to alternate with impetuous sobbings. He pressed her head into a pillow stronger, trying to muffle these sounds which tormented with the cutting pain him hearing. After several measured movements I shuddered, cuming, and I released her. The body of the woman became soft. — Now you will remember me — he croaked the turned white lips, pulling trousers.